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ICYP Chapter 8


Mu Hanfeng ground his teeth. He didn’t expect this little Omega to be so good at pretending.

The Great Film: Emperor Mu was so confident that he didn’t think that everything could just have been his own imagination. Instead, deciding that this was Tong Che’s true face. However, he was in no hurry to expose him. Besides, who could compete with him, a three-time golden movie emperor, when it came to acting?

No matter how many thoughts were going through his mind, Mu Hanfeng’s face was still the same ice-faced expression that had been unchanged for years. With sharp angles that were almost harsh. He didn’t speak slowly, his voice was cold as frost, “Hello, it’s our first time meeting.”

One said, “I’ve heard a lot about you” and the other, “It is our first time meeting”. The two of them used just a few words, tacitly covering up the brief contact they had had.

Mi Beibei whispered to Ning Ran, “Mr. Mu is really cool. Now that I see him up close, I think his aura is even stronger than through the screen!”

Ning Ran laughed and didn’t answer, but her eyes bounced off Mu Hanfeng and Tong Che. If one looked closely, they could find that her eyes were hiding something akin to intrigue.

Among the six people here, Ning Ran knew Mu Hanfeng the best. After all, they were both in the big screen circle. One is a movie emperor, the other a movie queen. The curiosity is the same. The two of them had even co-starred in rival scenes. At that time, Ning Ran felt that Mu Hanfeng was a deeply rooted person who was difficult to approach.

Perhaps it was because of this familiarity, or perhaps because of her instincts as an Alpha, but now, Ning Ran was acutely aware that Mu Hanfeng seemed to be a little different to the little Omega in front of her.

After speaking to Tong Che, Mu Hanfeng withdrew his gaze, and turned to face the other four, saying briefly, “Hello, you guys.”

Mi Beibei seemed a bit afraid of him. Xiao Yao and Yin Lan were not familiar with him, so the three of them just greeted each other politely. Only Ning Ran said one more thing, “Which gust of wind has blown our Great Film Emperor Mu here?”

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows and said in return, “Isn’t the movie Queen Ning also here?”

Ning Ran, like Mu Hanfeng, had never appeared on a variety show.

“Can Mu the Film Emperor be the same as me?” Ning Ran unabashedly wrapped her arm around Mi Beibei’s waist and laughed, “I’m here to show my love to the public.”

Mi Beibei’s face turned red, but she remained obediently held by Ning Ran and didn’t struggle.

Mu Hanfeng let out an “oh” and suddenly asked, “Then how do you know I’m not?”

He said this in his usual cold tone, so much so that for a moment, no one reacted. The atmosphere froze for about two seconds. Tong Che understood afterwards, and he looked at Ning Ran, who had narrowed her eyes, and then looked at Mu Hanfeng, who was naturally bowing his head as he poured tea. The tips of his ears once again reddened.

Tong Che silently completed Mu Hanfeng’s sentence in his heart: “Then how do you know I’m not here to show my love?”

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Show love….

Show love?!

With whom, with him?

Tong Che wanted to burn himself and was trying to recite the Heart Clearing mantra in his heart when he saw the program team coming to his rescue with a series of video equipment. He quietly breathed a sigh of relief and quickly adjusted his facial expression. He was still too ashamed to look at Mu Hanfeng, so he naturally didn’t know that Mu Hanfeng had been watching him from the corner of his eye.

It was not the time to be open and touch his abs like in the dream, but Mu Hanfeng let out a light tsk, not expecting him to be so reserved in reality. However, seeing the tips of the ears that were as white and tender as a bunny’s once again tinged with red, Mu Hanfeng’s eyes darkened. He lowered his eyes and lifted his cup to take a sip of tea.

“Everyone is here.”

A round-looking man standing at the front spoke up, drawing everyone’s attention back. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Wang Qi. I’m the general director of “The Nth Power of Love,” and I’d like to welcome everyone here once again!”

With that, he led the applause. The crowd of staff behind him all followed suit and applauded.

“Without further ado,” Wang Qi continued, “It’s now 8 pm, November 20, Yangcheng time. I hereby announce that the second season of ‘The Nth Power of Love’ has officially started recording!”

A total of three small cameras and one large overhead camera were switched on at the same time, aiming at six people.

Each small camera filmed two people, giving each one a close-up first. Wang Qi then continued to speak, “Let’s all head to our first stop, Yangcheng Yunshan Resort.

Tong Che had already known that they were going to this place before he arrived. Yunshan Resort was located on the outskirts of Yangcheng. It’s only about an hour’s drive from the city centre. People in Yangcheng usually take a break, especially in summer, to drive there for a short holiday.

Although Tong Che was born and raised in Yangcheng, he had never been to the resort even once.

When he was a child, no one took him there, and when he grew up, he was too busy to go himself. Therefore, when he found out that the first location was set here, Tong Che was quite happy and looked up a lot of information about the resort in private.

The director’s assistant guided the group outside and onto a small tour bus. The assistant held a small speaker to guide them, “The guest teachers are in pairs, sitting in the first three rows to the left.”

Xiao Yao and Yin Lan walked to the front and sat in the first row.

Ning Ran and Mi Beibei sat in the second row, and she deliberately let Mi Beibei sit inside by the window.

Only the third row was reserved for Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng.

Tong Che looked at Mu Hanfeng, who had kept a large distance from him the whole way over. He asked in a small voice, “Mu… Teacher Mu, do you want to sit on the inside or outside?”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t answer, he looked like he was in a daze and hadn’t heard from Tong Che.

Tong Che looked at the distance between the two of them and at Mu Hanfeng’s indifferent expression. So he tentatively raised his voice a little and asked once more, “Teacher Mu, if you’re used to sitting alone, then I’ll go and talk to the director…”

With that, he really wanted to turn around and go to Wang Qi.

Mu Hanfeng finally came back to his senses. He subconsciously reached out and pulled Tong Che’s wrist, “No, I’ll sit on the outside.”

Tong Che was stunned and said, “Oh,” before obediently sitting down. But he still didn’t dare get too close to Mu Hanfeng and did his best to shrink towards the car window.

Mu Hanfeng noticed it, and he pursed his lips, but didn’t say anything in the end. In fact, excluding the need for filming, this was the first time he had been in such close contact with an Omega. No matter how close they got to the dream, it was still just a dream. In his opinion, before really figuring out each other’s boundaries, keeping a certain spatial distance is a courtesy and upbringing that an Alpha must abide by.

Tong Che didn’t know what was going through Mu Hanfeng’s mind. He looked down at his wrist and remembered that Mu Hanfeng had just held it. It was a very brief moment, probably less than two seconds, and not even close to words like ambiguous and intimate. But it didn’t stop Tong Che from sensing Mu Hanfeng’s slightly cool fingertips.

Mu Hanfeng’s fingertips were the same temperature as his, but Tong Che felt that the wrist that Mu Hanfeng held was hot.

“It will take us about an hour to arrive at Yunshan Resort.” Everyone was already seated and the car started. Director Wang Qi stood at the front and went through the general process.

“Using the time in the car, I will first give you a brief explanation of the general arrangements for the coming weeks. “

As soon as he heard that it was time to get down to business, Tong Che immediately sat up straight and even fished out his mobile phone to open up a memo. He looked like a primary school student who was attending class for the first time. He was about to listen carefully to what Wang Qi was going to say, when he caught a glimpse of Mu Hanfeng from the corner of his eye. It looked like the corners of his lips were raised in a smile!

He was stunned and subconsciously twisted his head to look over. But Mu Hanfeng’s eyes were looking straight ahead, not at him at all, and the corners of his lips were pressed flat as usual.

“So it was just my eyes,” Tong Che muttered to himself, “of course, how could Teacher Mu be smiling…”

“What did you say?” A cold voice suddenly sounded above his head, startling Tong Che. He looked up and froze for two seconds before he realised that Mu Hanfeng was staring at him.

Mu Hanfeng was wearing a pair of thin-rimmed glasses, which he usually took off only when acting. Tong Che couldn’t figure out whether he was mildly short-sighted or if he just wanted a pair of glasses to neutralise the sharpness.

After all, even through the pair of glasses, Tong Che didn’t dare meet his eyes.

Mu Hanfeng’s eyes were a deep colour, like a deep pool. As if he couldn’t help but be sucked in just by looking at it.

“How much longer do you plan to stare?” Mu Hanfeng’s thin lips moved slightly and asked again, “Want to etch it into your memory?”

Tong Che abruptly returned to his senses, and he whispered, “I want to remember.” He hurriedly turned his head away. He was holding his phone with his head buried very low. The more he thought about it, the more ashamed he was, and he wanted to dive right into the phone screen.

He was staring at Teacher Mu in fascination again! How shameful!

Tong Che was so focused on his own shame that he didn’t notice Mu Hanfeng’s Adam’s apple sliding up and down. And the corners of his lips were raised to an even higher curve than before. The camera, on the other hand, faithfully recorded the whole process.

Wang Qi began to speak. Tong Che patted his face, then reluctantly turned his attention back to the business.

They said they were recording for 30 days, but in fact, minus today, and the last day of closing, there were only 28 days to record. That was exactly four weeks ago.

One theme a week, one location a week.

The three-day shooting and editing consisted of one episode. Two episodes were shot a week, divided into upper and lower parts. There was no shooting task every Sunday, which was free time.

For the rest of the time, except for sleeping and special needs, the camera will follow the whole process.

“It’s getting late. So, to make sure everyone gets enough sleep, we’re going to use the time in the car to do two tasks. The first is to check everyone’s luggage to see if anyone has contraband on them. The second is to decide on a room so that you can check in right away when you arrive.”

Tong Che was carefully taking notes when he heard Wang Qi name him, “Like this little Prince Che! The mobile phone you are holding now is a forbidden item!”

With a jolt, Tong Che subconsciously threw his mobile phone forward, as if he had been caught by the head teacher during his school days.

Only after throwing it did Tong Che remember that he was in a fucking car and the front was not a desk hole at all!

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The poor mobile phone had already fallen freely and slid to the front seat, under Mi Beibei’s feet.

Everyone in the car laughed.

Ning Ran turned her head over and joked, “Little Che, how much of a psychological shadow did you leave behind from your school days!”

Tong Che blushed and scratched his hair, explaining, “It’s quite deep. Director Wang looks a bit like my high school dean…”

When he said this, everyone laughed even louder. They all thought that this little Omega was a treasure. He looked so calm and cool, but when he opened his mouth, he was quite funny!

Wang Qi was also amused as he watched Mi Beibei bend down to pick up Tong Che’s phone. She was about to give it back to him, and he deliberately said, in the standard tone of a dean, “Don’t give it back to him! It’s confiscated! “

Mi Beibei looked at him and then at Tong Che. She finally gave in to Wang Qi’s principal-like authority and handed the phone to him.

Tong Che bit his lower lip, his face full of grievances, and the camera immediately gave a big close-up of his expression.

After the fun, Wang Qi, of course, still handed the phone back to Tong Che, but said with a straight face, “The phone is indeed a forbidden item, but nature is special. Every morning before we start recording, we will collect them uniformly. They will be returned to you at night before you go to bed. Is that humane enough? “

Everyone nodded their heads in support.

After that, Wang Qi asked his assistant to quickly start checking everyone’s luggage again.

Tong Che remembered something and panicked for a moment before quickly calming down. He first looked up to observe the front and found that everyone’s attention was still on the first row, Xiao Yao and Yin Lan’s luggage. He also looked at the camera that was following them. By his judgement, that camera was currently pointed at his and Mu Hanfeng’s faces, and should not be able to film the lower parts.

Without further hesitation, Tong Che maintained his posture of looking straight ahead, but his hands slowly reached down to quietly pull open his case by a small slit. He quickly pulled out the blue cloth bag and dropped it under his seat, ready to pack it back in when the inspection was over and no one was looking.

In one fell swoop, Tong Che sighed with relief.

Luckily, no one noticed.

As he was thinking this, he unconsciously tilted his head to the right and saw that Mu Hanfeng was sitting in a strange position; his body was slightly turned inwards. His upper body was straight, but one of his legs was close to his suitcase.

Tong Che froze and realised that Mu Hanfeng had already discovered his small movements. But, not only had he discovered them, but he seemed to be covering up for him?

Without waiting for Tong Che to think further, Mu Hanfeng resumed his original sitting position and kept some distance from him.

The assistant had just finished checking the second row. Tong Che was unsure if Mu Hanfeng had just been helping him cover up, so he hesitated for a while, but still whispered to Mu Hanfeng’s ear seriously, “Teacher Mu, thank you just now.”

The little Omega’s breath was warm. When he spoke in such a low voice, it was inexplicably soft to the ears. Mu Hanfeng swallowed inaudibly, and he suddenly said, in a mischievous way, “Then tell me, what is inside that? If you tell me, I will keep your secret; otherwise…”

He didn’t finish the rest of his sentence, but merely glanced at the assistant.

The meaning was obvious; otherwise I’ll report you.

Tong Che panicked for a moment, “I…that…Mr. Mu, you…”

He stammered for a while, but couldn’t come up with a clear answer. Seeing that the assistant had already finished checking the second row and was about to reach them, Tong Che was just about to speak up when Mu Hanfeng interrupted. “Okay, I’m just teasing you.”

Tong Che opened his mouth, dumbfounded.

The assistant had already walked over. He checked Mu Hanfeng’s first and then Tong Che’s, neither of which were found with any prohibited items.

“Wow, everyone’s amazing this season!” The assistant clapped his hands in exaggeration, “Six people, and not a single one of them has any forbidden items! Very commendable!”

“Since we’re so good,” Mi Beibei spoke sweetly, “will the show give us any rewards?”

Yin Lan, in the first row, whistled, “Reward! Yes, give us one! “

“Reward! Give us one! Give us one! “

Everyone shouted along.

Tong Che did not take part in this. He quickly glanced at Mu Hanfeng, thinking of him covering up for him and thinking of the words “I’m just teasing you”. Tong Che suddenly felt that Teacher Mu did not really seem to be as cold as he seemed.

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