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ICYP Chapter 6


Tong Che’s first thought was that he was still in a dream. He subconsciously reached out and pinched his thigh hard.

The white skin instantly tinged red, and the pain immediately hit his head along with his thigh.

It really, really hurts. It wasn’t a dream!

“Little Che?” Over there, Lou Gui was unsure. “What’s wrong with you? Did you fall asleep again? “

“No,” Tong Che returned to his senses, bending down and blowing lightly on the pinch mark before saying, “I just thought I was dreaming.”

“Hahahahaha,” Lou Guo laughed, “When I first received this news, I thought I was dreaming too! Little Che, tell Brother Lou the truth: after that day’s dinner party, did you have contact with Emperor Mu? “

Tong Che: “… “

He wanted to say that they were in very close contact every night and had even been marked twice.

Only, it was just in his dreams.

Of course, this was something Tong Che was only thinking about, he wouldn’t really say it to Lou Gui.

“No,” Tong Che said matter-of-factly.

Lou Gui obviously didn’t quite believe it, “Really?”

Tong Che sighed, “Brother Lou, do you think too highly of me or do you think too low of Teacher Mu?”

In reality, he had only had two contacts with Mu Hanfeng.

The first, was after he said in an interview that Mu Hanfeng was his idol, they met at the company and Mu Hanfeng didn’t even give him a perfunctory “hmm”.

The second time was at a dinner party on the same day, when he spilled grape juice on Mu Hanfeng’s suit. Mu Hanfeng gave him some words of charity, and his tone was as cold as ice.

Mu Hanfeng didn’t hate him and didn’t target him, Tong Che was already thankful. How could he possibly ask for a connection?

“I…” hearing Tong Che say this, Lou Gui also felt that he had lost his head. But he still couldn’t help but hold on to a little bit of unrealistic hope, “I just thought, maybe Emperor Mu fell for that face of yours?”

Once again, Tong Che sighed that it was a miracle that Lou Gui had been an agent for so long.

“Brother Lou,” Tong Che’s voice showed a bit of impatience, “You’re thinking too much, I don’t have any contact with Mr. Mu, and I don’t know why he would suddenly take on this variety show.”

“I know, I know,” Lou Gui, now completely convinced, said, “Do you still have to catch up on your notices? I’ll think about what to do as you go about your business. “

When Tong Che heard this, his heart fluttered, and he wanted to say something else. But then a knock came on his bedroom door, and Ruan Tang’s voice came from outside, “Brother Che, are you awake? It’s late! “

Tong Che could only answer “yes” first, and then put down his phone.

“I’m awake,” Tong Che said as he rushed to the door. “I’m going to wash up.”

As he said that, he headed for the bathroom, his head still spinning with thoughts of Mu Hanfeng.

This morning had really been too magical. First, there was that magical dream, and then there was Lou Gui’s phone call. Both were related to Mu Hanfeng!

While brushing his teeth, Tong Che couldn’t help but open the search bar on his mobile phone and typed a line: If an omega was temporarily marked in a dream, would there be a reaction in reality?

A comment immediately popped up at the bottom, but only the first line was displayed: “Of course it does!”

The words after that were folded up, and Tong Che’s eyes lit up as he immediately clicked in:

In reality, the reaction will be very strong. The specific effects will be that the eyes are full of spring, the face is flushed, and one cannot close the legs with yearning. commonly known as “having a wet dream.”

“Pah,” Tong Che’s mobile phone fell directly to the ground.

Fuck you for having wet dreams. Your whole family is having wet dreams!

Tong Che was angry and ashamed. Cursing in his heart, he picked his phone up and exited the search box without looking again.

The mouths of netizens are full of lies!

He washed his face with cool water before he felt a little calmer.

Who cared if it was magical or not? Tong Che did not feel any loss when he was bitten by his idol in a dream and woke up to save on suppressants. After he figured this out, Tong Che felt his breathing was much smoother. He pulled open the bedroom door and headed out, but then he remembered the phone call with Lou Gui just now.

Is Mu Hanfeng really going to be on the same relationship variety show as him?

Was the dream he had that day really that spiritual?

“Brother Che, Brother Che!”

Just as he arrived in the dining room, he saw Ruan Tang roll out of the kitchen like a little whirlwind, her eyes full of excitement, “The variety show that Brother Lou took you on before, wasn’t it ‘The Nth Power of Love’ !”

Tong Che nodded, “What’s wrong?”

Although it had been set and signed, there had been no official announcement yet. And Lou Gui had not informed him that he needed to retweet the Weibo.

“Brother Che, you’re simply blessed by the disaster!” Ruan Tang said excitedly, “The program team just made an official announcement that Emperor Mu will also be participating!”

Tong Che: “…. ” The program team is really fast.

Seeing that there was no expression on his face, Ruan Tang was surprised, “Brother Che, aren’t you excited? Didn’t you say that Film Emperor Mu is your idol!”

“I was excited…” Tong Che’s face was expressionless. “Brother Lou just called me and told me about it.”

“Ohh, so that’s it!” Ruan Tang giggled, “It’s good that you know!”

After saying that, she turned and swept into the kitchen with another whirlwind and went on to make breakfast.

Tong Che watched her back with a light smile on the corner of his mouth.

He nestled into the soft sofa and fished out his phone, clicking on Weibo. Sure enough, the number one hot search was extraordinarily simple and brutal: “Mu Hanfeng-The Nth power of love!”

The tag was followed by a black and red word “Explosion”.

He clicked in. At the top of the list was the official announcement from the program team.

# The Nth Power of love#Love is me and you stacked together for the Nth time#! It’s coming! It’s coming! It’s coming with season 2! The first mystery guest for Season 2, our Alpha actor with both good looks and acting skills, is @muhanfeng!

Tong Che casually scrolled down to the comments.

[Ahhhhhhhhh! I can’t believe my husband is participating in a relationship variety show!!!]

[Mu Hanfeng? Is that the Mu Hanfeng I know? I’m afraid it would be someone with the same name in the entertainment industry!]

[Back upstairs: There can be people with the same name, but an Alpha-like hubby, who has both the best looks and acting skills, is definitely the only one in the entertainment industry!]

[Ice fans upstairs, don’t exaggerate so much…]

[Black fans, take a step back!Mr. Mu has always used his strength to speak; he has no time to talk to small people!]

[When is it going to be broadcast? I’m asking for the third time! I’m going to follow this show! I can’t wait!]


[+ID number!]

Am I the only one who’s wondering why my husband is suddenly appearing on a relationship show? It’s a relationship show where you have to live together? What kind of fairy is my husband hooked on? I’m crying so loudly!]

[I’m waiting for the other guests to be announced! I want to see who my husband’s partner is going to be!]

[You’re all guessing who the fairy O is, but not me. I think the husband is the real fairy! Let me ask. Which little O meets my husband and fails to fall into estrus on the spot?! ]


Tong Che was caught off guard by this last comment. Something came to his mind, and suddenly the phone in his hand felt so hot that he violently locked the screen and threw it aside.

Ruan Tang happened to come out with his breakfast and was startled to see Tong Che, “Brother Che, why is your face so red? Do you have a fever?”

“No,” Tong Che hung his head and waved his hands in a panic, vaguely saying, “I’m not sick, I’m just a bit hot.”

As he said this, the redness on his face had spread back to the tips of his ears.

It was all because of that colourful comment!

Ruan Tang was persuaded and didn’t pursue the matter any further, simply saying, “The meal is ready, Brother Che; come and eat it.”

Tong Che nodded, rubbing his face hard before standing up from the soft sofa and walking over to the dining table.

As he took a bite from a slice of whole wheat bread, Tong Che was still thinking about Mu Hanfeng. The excitement and inexplicable sense of shame of “a dream come true” gradually faded away, and Tong Che unconsciously felt a sense of unease in his heart.

The dream was short and sweet. Mu Hanfeng had asked him, “What if it’s with me?”

But even if the dream was good, Tong Che knew that, in the end, it was only a thought brought by his subconscious. Even if he had that magical and realistic dream, Tong Che still wouldn’t be so narcissistic as to think that Mu Hanfeng suddenly taking up this variety show would have anything to do with him. Not to mention the fact that Mu Hanfeng wouldn’t even know what was in his heart. And even if he did, Mu Hanfeng would certainly not take on such a variety show just for him.

That would really be a fool’s errand.

So, who was Mu Hanfeng really doing this for?

Tong Che didn’t really care about who Mu Hanfeng was going to be partnered with or who he wanted to form a CP with. What he cared about was that Mu Hanfeng had replaced Han Xu, so who would he have to partner with?

He now felt that it would have been better if it had been Han Xu. After all, they had the same manager and knew each other well, so it would save him a lot of unnecessary trouble.

As he was thinking this, his phone vibrated again.

Tong Che swallowed the whole wheat bread with the soy milk and picked it up, “Brother Lou.”

“Xiao Che,” Lou Gui’s tone sounded a bit strange, “I just confirmed again, in this second season of the variety show, there are a total of six guests, including you. Mu Hanfeng replaced Han Xu, but the other pairings remained the same. I’ll send you the list. You’ll understand what I mean with a glance. “

Tong Che answered, clicked on WeChat, and saw the guest list sent by Lou Gui.

Mu Hanfeng, Tong Che, Xiao Yao, Yin Lan, Ning Ran, Mi Beibei.

The list of guests included all the people that Tong Che knew, including their situations in general. He fell into silence for a while.

Xiao Yao and Yin Lan, both male Alphas, were a duo. From their debut until now, this pair of double A’s has always been popular. Although AA love is still not fully recognised and the two have never said anything officially, nor by accident in their speeches, everyone is more or less resigned to it. As the attitude of the two was considered a kind of default admittance.

Ning Ran and Mi Beibei are both girls. Ning Ran was an Alpha and a top actress in the circle, while Mi Beibei was an Omega. The two previously appeared in a costume drama together, and it is said that Ning Ran took good care of Mi Beibei while they were on the same crew.Their CP has been built up since then.

Looking at the situation, there were a total of six guests, and four had already become CPswith each other. Only Mu Hanfeng and himself were left.


“Mu Hanfeng!”

At Mu Hanfeng’s studio, Mr. Yun Su, who was always known for his elegance and nobility, was roaring at his outstanding artist, “You are great. You’re even playing the first-come-first-serve routine with me? “

Mu Hanfeng leaned back on the leather sofa, holding a cigarette, his expression light. “Don’t get so angry. Being angry will affect your beauty. “

Yun Su choked and wanted to punch him, ” And who is the cause of my anger? When have I disobeyed you on any kind of drama you wanted to take or decline since your debut?If you really wanted to be on a relationship show, why not just tell me? I’m your manager, and I still had to find out from the official announcement of the show that you’ve taken up a variety show! “Yun Su said so much in one breath that his mouth was dry and he was gasping for breath. Mu Hanfeng also knew that this time he had provoked Yun Su’s anger and he was really in the wrong. He stood up and poured Yun Su a cup of warm water and explained a bit more, “Don’t be angry, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I just happened to know their investor, so I called him on a whim. “

Yun Su’s anger finally subsided after drinking the water that Emperor Mu poured with his own hands and hearing him say so. He gave a “humph” and didn’t yell at him anymore, but said, “Then you can tell me now. Did you really do this on the spur of the moment? “

Mu Hanfeng’s hand flicked the ashes and he narrowed his eyes as if remembering something very interesting. The tip of his tongue licked the back of his teeth. His tone was light, but what he threw out was a bomb; “For a little pervert who is not what he seems.”

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