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ICYP Chapter 5


Tong Che had a bad premonition. He repeated, “Love and cohabitation variety show?”

“That’s right,” Lou Gui said as if he didn’t hear that Tong Che’s tone was wrong, or maybe he was pretending not to hear it. He spoke a couple more times, “It’s the recently popular ” Nth Power of Love”. It is recorded for a month and broadcast in eight instalments after editing.”

Tong Che knew about this variety show because it was the latest relationship variety show launched by Strawberry TV, and the first season had only wrapped up last week with satisfying results. What Lou Gui was talking about now should be its second season.

Originally, it was not bad to participate in such a hot variety show, but the nature of this variety show…

Sure enough, before Tong Che could say anything, he heard Lou Gui continue, “Your brother Lou, has gone through a lot of trouble this time and finally snatched two spots, one for you and one for Han Xu. What do you think, little Che?”

Lou Gui’s mouth said, “What about it?” But his tone was not at all one of consulting.

Han Xu and Tong Che knew each other, and they had a “deep connection,” as he was also an artist in Lou Gui’s hands.

He is an alpha, two years older than Tong Che. Although he is not as popular as Tong Che is now, he is also quite famous and does not have the usual arrogant or masculine persona of an Alpha. He is rather the sunny big brother next door, which has gained him a lot of sister fans.

Although Luo Gui didn’t say it clearly, Tong Che knew exactly what he meant: two artists under the same company or even the same manager, one A and one O, are participating in a relationship variety show together. What else could it be if it’s not to speculate on CP? But the only person who would benefit from this hype is Han Xu, who is not as popular as Tong Che.

The real beneficiaries are Lou Gui and the executives of their company.

Tong Che didn’t want to compromise. He paused and said, “Brother Lou, I’ve already been on three variety shows this year. Didn’t you say before that you wanted to give me another drama?”

Variety shows are less time-consuming and quicker to make money than dramas, and at the same time, they are very suitable for a traffic star like him. But if he could, Tong Che would really like to be like Mu Hanfeng and just be an actor who acts cleanly. Of course, reality would strike a blow to his heart and only give Tong Che three words: you are dreaming.

“Of course I want to pick up on a drama,” Lou Gui said hypocritically, “But has a good script been found yet? You’re at least a top streamer now, and Brother Lou doesn’t want you to go to those kinds of small dramas. Just listen to Brother Lou. Take this variety show first, and you will get a good wave of fans at the end of the year. Next year, would you still be worried about not having good scripts coming to you?”

When Tong Che listened to Lou Gui’s words, he only wanted to sneer. He thought Lou Gui was so good at babbling. He might as well go sell insurance!

“I know,” Tong Che replied, his eyes downcast, “then brother Lou, can you let me reconsider?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with that,” Lou Gui laughed, but the words that came out were ironic to his laughing tone, “As long as you still remember the betting agreement with the company, it’s fine.”

Tong Che’s heart froze, and he subconsciously gripped his phone tightly, not saying anything else for a while. 

Until the “beep” sound was heard on the other side, Tong Che still kept his grip on the phone without moving.

That’s right, the betting agreement. It was in May this year that he took the initiative to sign a betting agreement with the company after he found out that he had become popular. Within a year, the company will give him priority in terms of resources. If he earns over 100 million, all the extra money will be his. But if it’s less than 100 million, he has to still mark it up and pay the company.

Now it is almost mid-November, with less than half a year to go until the agreement will be one year old. The amount of revenue that Tong Che had cleared out at the end of last month was just over 50 million. In other words, if he doesn’t continue to work hard to make money now, he will be lucky to earn exactly 100 million by May, and any worse than that, it will even have to be paid out of his own pocket.

He was indeed not willing to go on this variety show, and could turn it down. It was just a matter of working harder to catch up on lost revenue.

But the real problem is that if he turns down this variety show now, against the wishes of Lou Gui and even the company’s executives, he could get stuck with all kinds of notices from the company and Lou Gui in the future, with or without his consent.

The threat in Lou Gui’s words just now was already very strong, and Tong Che had no doubt that Lou Gui would do such a thing. If it really came to that, what was the point of working so hard this year?

Tong Che put his hand in his pocket and wanted to find his cigarettes again. He said he didn’t want to compromise and wanted to think about it, but Tong Che understood very well that he didn’t have the capital to not compromise.

“Brother Che,” his hand had only just touched the cigarette case when he saw Ruan Tang turn around, “We’re getting there!”

Tong Che suddenly returned to his senses, pulled his hand out of his pocket and nodded his head, “hmm”.

Ruan Tang could see that he didn’t look right, and remembering the phone call she had just heard, she asked carefully, “Brother Che, did Brother Lou give you a variety show that you don’t like?”

“It’s not whether I like it or not,” Tong Che didn’t want to hide it from her, this variety show had to be on sooner or later anyway, so he said it straight out, “It’s just a love and cohabitation variety show.”

Ruan Tang immediately understood. She had been with Tong Che for so long that she had already discovered Tong Che’s character. Tong Che was one of those people who had a very high level of sophistication, or in other words, could probably be called noble.

He would rather work harder and catch two more notices. He has always disliked, and even disdained, profiting off of other people’s popularity or by speculating on CP with others.

But even if Tong Che didn’t say it, Ruan Tang understood that there are many things that one can’t avoid just because they don’t like them, especially when one is in this circle. Ruan Tang didn’t know what to say for a while, but it was a good coincidence that they had also arrived at their destination, so she could only hurriedly say, “Brother Che, let’s wait until tonight to think about the variety show. First, shoot this commercial properly.”

Tong Che smiled at her in response. He knew what he was doing. He would not let his personal emotions affect his work. So, from the moment he entered the studio, he had already restrained all unnecessary emotions.

The shooting of the chocolate advertisement went smoothly, and Tong Che had a great time. After all, it was a rare opportunity to eat dessert in the name of work.

The photographer, a foreigner, kept complimenting Tong Che in a mixture of Chinese and English, “Oh, my dear, you are so excellent.” I can tell from your expression that this chocolate is really yummy!

Tong Che was so embarrassed by the praise. In fact, the expression on his face when he ate the chocolate was not an act at all, but because this chocolate was really delicious!

Before he had to rush off to his next appointment, Tong Che went to the washroom to check his health again and confirmed that he really didn’t have any signs of being in heat before he hurriedly got into the car again.

Time always flies when you are busy, and it was already past ten o’clock at night when Tong Che arrived home. But he had already gotten used to this kind of life, so he didn’t feel anything. Tong Che reluctantly thought about the matter of the variety show. The worst thing he could do was to treat the variety show as a drama, to work with Han Xu before the camera, and not to disturb each other off-camera.

The only thing on his mind was that he hadn’t really been in heat all day today!

Tong Che couldn’t figure it out, so he just didn’t think about it, as he had saved himself a day of inhibitions anyway.

He took a shower and lay down on the bed, cuddling up to the little fat bear on his pillow and closing his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, an inexplicable feeling of anticipation and excitement rose in Tong Che’s heart.

Would he still dream about Mu Hanfeng tonight? Would Mu Hanfeng still bite him?

With such anticipation and excitement, Tong Che gradually fell asleep. And he really dreamed about Mu Hanfeng again.

This time, the place in his dream became his own nanny car. In the dream, Mu Hanfeng was sitting in the back of the car with him, and the two of them were so close to each other that Tong Che could clearly smell the scent of the sea on Mu Hanfeng’s body.

Maybe because it was in the dream, but Tong Che found that the smell of the sea on Mu Hanfeng’s body was not quite the same as the calm and gentle beach he had imagined before. It was more like the sea before the tide rises, with huge rolling waves rolling under the calm water. Of course, this thought was only fleeting as Tong Che’s mobile phone quickly vibrated. Itt was Lou Gui calling, saying the same things as he did in reality. However, unlike in reality, after hanging up the phone in the dream, Tong Che turned his head and found Mu Hanfeng looking at him.

When he saw him looking over, Mu Hanfeng even reached out his hand and gently rubbed the corner of his lips with his thumb, asking in a low voice, “What’s wrong? Not happy?”

In reality, Tong Che would never have said anything to Mu Hanfeng, and of course, Mu Hanfeng would not have asked this at all.

But people say that dreams are the deepest subconscious in one’s mind, which cannot be controlled by reason. Therefore, Tong Che only hesitated a little before nodding his head, his tone rarely revealing two points of aggression, “Yes, I am very unhappy.” I don’t want to participate in any love and cohabitation variety show. I don’t want to speculate on CP with others, and I don’t want to live with others.”

After hearing this, Mu Hanfeng was silent for two seconds and didn’t comfort or persuade Tong Che, but only asked rhetorically, “Then what if it’s with me?”

Tong Che was stunned. He didn’t expect Mu Hanfeng to ask that, but before he could give an answer, the alarm clock went off and he woke up with it.

After staring at the ceiling for two seconds, Tong Che felt Mu Hanfeng’s magnetic low voice was still echoing in his ears, and he even felt the tickling sensation of Mu Hanfeng’s warm breath spraying on his ears in his dream. He uncomfortably rubbed his ears. He thought again about the question Mu Hanfeng had asked in the dream. If it was with Mu Hanfeng, Tong Che thought, he would probably be very willing to do so.

It wasn’t because Mu Hanfeng was more popular than him or more powerful. It was just because that person was his idol, it was Mu Hanfeng.

But how could that be possible?

Just like knowing that Mu Hanfeng almost never attends social dinners, everyone in the circle also knows that Mu Hanfeng never takes part in any variety shows, let alone this kind of relationship and cohabitation variety show where he is tied to someone to speculate on a CP.

Mu Hanfeng had the capital to say “no”.

Tong Che smiled and sighed, “It’s really a dream,” and didn’t think any more about it, getting up to go into the bathroom to wash up.

But as soon as he got out of bed, he stood still again. Tong Che found that he was still not in heat, nor did he show any signs of being on the verge of heat.

But after yesterday’s experience, Tong Che wasn’t too surprised and even had a vague thought in the back of his mind…Maybe the temporary marker Mu Hanfeng had given him in the dream was really useful; maybe it was the same as a suppressant, and one bite would last a week.

And soon, Tong Che’s idea was confirmed. For the next six days, he was not in heat.

But for the next five days after the last dream, Tong Che’s dreams turned back to the beach. Only, the boy by the sea turned into Mu Hanfeng by the sea.

In fact, in this dream, Mu Hanfeng’s figure was not very clear to Tong Che, but he was sure that that person was Mu Hanfeng. He didn’t speak to the man; he didn’t even let Mu Hanfeng see him. He just stood quietly alone in the distance, looking at Mu Hanfeng’s silhouette, just like in the dream he had over the past ten years, looking at the silhouette of the teenager on the beach. 

Until the seventh night, and a week had passed since the last time he was temporarily marked by Mu Hanfeng in his dream.

When Tong Che returned home after a day of catching up on notices, he had just laid down when he was hit by a wave of dizziness. At first, he thought it was because he was too tired and had low blood sugar, but soon, Tong Che felt his body getting hotter and hotter, a fine layer of sweat permeated his forehead, and his breathing became more and more rapid.

Only then did Tong Che realise, as if he was in heat.

When he reached for the drawer of the nightstand next to him, and when he had the inhibitor in his hand, Tong Che stopped short and did not open it.

He wanted to confirm one thing.

The feeling of being in the heat was not pleasant, but as Tong Che had been used to it for many years, he closed his eyes and slowly endured it and fell asleep.

In the dream, still at the seaside, Mu Hanfeng turned to face him, looking at the sea, but Tong Che could not see his expression.

Probably because his subconscious desire was too strong, this time instead of standing to the side and just watching, Tong Che walked up to Mu Hanfeng’s side. When he got closer, Tong Che realised that Mu Hanfeng was only wearing a pair of black swimming trunks, revealing his long legs with perfect muscle lines, and his slender upper body.

The physical qualities of a top Alpha were revealed at this moment. An Adam’s apple, the collarbone, the chest, the waist, and the abdomen…Every line was beautiful to the extreme, and under the sunlight on the beach, Mu Hanfeng’s entire body looked like a finely carved work of art.

This was the first time he had seen such a Mu Hanfeng without looking through the screen, so Tong Che unconsciously stared straight at his body. When he regained his senses, his hands were already covering Mu Hanfeng’s abs!

Tong Che had a jolt and was just about to withdraw his hands when his wrists were suddenly caught by Mu Hanfeng, and a low laugh sounded above his head, “Are they good?”

Even in his dream, Tong Che felt incredibly ashamed, but he still nodded uncontrollably and said what was in his heart, “Very good.”

Mu Hanfeng let out another laugh. His hand that was originally holding Tong Che’s wrist suddenly moved, turning into one hand clasping the back of Tong Che’s head, the other hand pressing Tong Che’s back, enclosing his entire body in his arms.

Mu Hanfeng lowered his head, the tip of his tongue lightly swept over the glands on the back of Tong Che’s neck, his tone bewitching, “Give me a bite, and you will feel good.”

Tong Che’s head went “boom” and his whole body felt like the pause button had been pressed.

In the next instant, he felt the tingling pain that gave rise to a sense of familiarity. The smell of the sea that lingered at the tip of his nose became more and more turbulent, and Tong Che could no longer tell whether it was the original smell of the sea or Mu Hanfeng’s pheromones. He felt like he had turned into a small coconut, dangling and swinging in the sea.

Swinging and swinging, then…

Tong Che woke up with a start and rolled over to sit up. After feeling carefully, Tong Che confirmed that this was not an illusion- he no longer felt dizzy, wasn’t sweating, and his breathing was smoother than ever. He was finally sure of something that was beyond magic: The temporary markings Mu Hanfeng had given him in the dream really worked in reality too!

Tong Che was lost in this magical reality when his mobile phone buzzed. He was taken aback and took a couple of seconds before fumbling with the phone.

It was Lou Gui calling again. He wondered what was going on at this early hour.

Tong Che frowned and picked it up, “Brother Lou?”

“Little Che, are you awake?” Lou Gui’s voice sounded explosive.

Tong Che answered, “Just woke up.” What’s wrong?”

Tong Che, who asked this, was still completely unaware that he would be hearing a second magical reality from this morning.

“Xiao Che, about that variety show, Han Xu was pushed off! Do you know who pushed him off?” Lou Gui’s tone was exaggerated as he asked, “It was Mu Hanfeng!”

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