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ICYP Chapter 4


It was not just a literal bite, but the kind of bite that goes far deeper and lasts longer than this action. The scientific name is “temporary marking.”

While curling his toes in shame and burying his entire head in the pillow, Tong Che couldn’t help but reminisce about the dream. The dream was actually very short, so short that there was no cause and passage, only a result. Maybe it was because he came into contact with Mu Hanfeng at a banquet yesterday, but the background of Tong Che’s dream was a dinner party.

But what was different from reality was that in the dream, as soon as Mu Hanfeng entered the door of the banquet hall, he saw Tong Che, and after that, without saying a word, he tugged him by the wrist and went to the corner.

Tong Che also found it unbelievable in his dream and was about to ask Mu Hanfeng what he wanted to do, when he saw that his always cold iceberg face had a smile that was almost gentle, but at this moment, this smile smelled dangerous, and before Tong Che could react, he listened to Mu Hanfeng speak, as he said with bewitching eyes: “Tongtong, you are so fragrant, I really want to bite you. “

Tong Che didn’t know whether he was confused by Mu Hanfeng in the dream, or whether he didn’t actually reject it in his heart, but in any case, when he reacted, his whole body was already clasped in Mu Hanfeng’s arms, and the neck collar used to suppress pheromones was also removed by Mu Hanfeng.

Then, after that, there was an unprecedented tingling pain at the back of his neck. Although Tong Che could not see, he could clearly feel something very sharp piercing his glands. It was Mu Hanfeng’s canine teeth.

The air was instantly filled with the smell of the sea and green coconut as if he was on a summer beach.

The sea must have been the smell of Mu Hanfeng’s pheromones; while Tong Che’s own pheromones, on the other hand, were green coconut.

It was light and sweet.

Omega’s physical instincts made the dreaming Tong Che have the urge to run, but he couldn’t run at all, and only when he had the intention of running, the hand that was wrapped around his waist tightened silently.

As if to pacify him, the Alpha behind him paused for a moment, after which Tong Che clearly felt his glands being gently licked by Mu Hanfeng. It was just a light and quick lick, followed by the canine teeth piercing his gland once more.

This time, however, Tong Che felt that the stinging sensation was getting weaker and weaker, replaced by a feeling he had never experienced before-like floating on a cloud. His head was heavy, yet his body was so light that it felt like it could fly.

This feeling was unfamiliar, but it didn’t make him feel disgusted; on the contrary, it had a different kind of excitement that made Tong Che’s scalp tingle.


The alarm clock woke Tong Che up just as he was feeling euphoric. He couldn’t help but raise his hand and touch the back of his neck. At a certain moment, a strange thought came to Tong Che’s head. It was as if he thought he’d really feel the teeth marks on the back of his neck.

However, the truth was that the skin on the back of his neck was perfectly clean and the glands were intact. In fact, it wasn’t that Tong Che had strange thoughts; it was really because this dream felt so real. Whether it was Mu Hanfeng’s smile, Mu Hanfeng’s hug, the smell of Mu Hanfeng’s pheromones, or the feeling of being temporarily marked…

It all felt very real.

Tong Che was so engrossed in his dream that he didn’t even notice that the bedroom door had been opened. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “So it feels so good to be marked.”

“What’s so good?” Ruan Tang’s voice suddenly rang out, startling Tong Che.

Tong Che sat up sharply and looked at Ruan Tang standing by the bed, saying, “When did you… when did you come in?”

“Just now,” Ruan Tang looked at Tong Che strangely, “I even knocked on the door and said I was coming in, but I didn’t hear your answer, so I thought you were still sleeping.”

Although Ruan Tang was Tong Che’s assistant, she didn’t live with him. She only came to Tong Che’s house every morning to cook breakfast for him and take care of the daily chores.

Tong Che had a very busy schedule and would set his alarm clock for 7:30am when he had to catch up on his morning notices. But occasionally, he would just hit the alarm clock and fall back to bed because he was too sleepy.

He then made a deal with Ruan Tang that if she came in at seven forty and found out he wasn’t up yet, she could just come into the bedroom and wake him up.

“No,” Tong Che felt even more ashamed when he realised he had been so engrossed in his dream that he hadn’t noticed Ruan Tang walking in. With these words, Tong Che jumped out of bed and prepared to go into the bathroom to wash up.

Who knew that as soon as the bathroom door was opened, Ruan Tang asked from the back, “Brother Che, what were you talking about?”

Tong Che slipped on his feet and almost fell on the floor, but fortunately, he reacted quickly and held onto the wall in time, saying, “Nothing. I said that it would be great if I could sleep and wake up naturally.”

This was a very reasonable and realistic statement, and Ruan Tang believed it. She did not forget to admonish him, “Be careful, Brother Che. Look how sleepy you are. You were about to fall down.”

Tong Che nodded vaguely and hurriedly went into the bathroom before closing the door. After being stirred up by Ruan Tang, the ambiguous emotions brought on by the dream earlier were dispersed. He even had the time to sigh that the dream was indeed a dream. He was clearly not in heat at all in the dream, but he could still be marked by Mu Hanfeng without any problem. In practical terms, it is usually when an Omega is in heat that he can be marked by an Alpha, otherwise, it would be very painful and uncomfortable.

However, when it comes to the issue of heat: Tong Che habitually counted the date of his last suppressant hit as he brushed his teeth. He would be in heat every day, but he didn’t need to take the suppressant every day. The suppressant he is using now is the enhanced version that Solace introduced last year. Previously, with ordinary suppressants, one-shot lasted for three days, but with the one Tong Che is using now, one shot lasts for a week.

The last time he took the suppressant was on the 5th of November, and today, the 11th, was exactly the seventh day.

On the seventh day, the suppressant would still be working and would not expire until the morning of the eighth day. But he wanted to be on the safe side. By the seventh day, his body would have already begun to show some of the symptoms of estrus, such as excessive sweating, hotness, tightness in the chest, and even difficulty in breathing, though not very obvious. Therefore, normally, Tong Che would not wait until the morning of the eighth day to make up for the suppressant but would give himself another shot on the seventh day.

After brushing his teeth, Tong Che set up his electric toothbrush on the sink, remembering that he would have to take the suppressant after washing up later while looking down and turning on the tap to wash his face. But the moment he lowered his head, he suddenly paused. It was the seventh day, but he didn’t have any symptoms at all!

Tong Che turned off the tap, slowly straightened up, and turned his back to look in the mirror behind him in an awkward position. But once again, it turned out that there was really nothing unusual about the back of his neck. He couldn’t resist bouncing three times on the spot, but found that he still didn’t feel any discomfort and even had more energy and strength than yesterday as if he had just taken an antidepressant!

This realisation surprised and puzzled Tong Che at the same time.

“Brother Che-” Ruan Tang’s trailing voice from outside the door inquired, “Did you sleep in the bathroom?”Come out quickly, my breakfast is about to be ready-“

Tong Che returned to his senses and replied, “I’ll be right there,” and walked out after he had hurriedly washed his face. He picked up a slice of whole wheat bread and took a bite, but his mind was still spinning about his estrus.

Probably because he was so absorbed in his thoughts, Ruan Tang could see it and casually asked him, “Brother Che, what are you meditating on early in the morning?”

Tong Che subconsciously said, “Hmm?” He originally didn’t want to say anything, but then he thought that Ruan Tang was also an Omega, so he tried to speak up, “Nothing. I was just wondering if there were any other means to suppress our estrus period besides suppressants.”

“Other means? Ruan Tang didn’t eat a sandwich today: instead, she ate thick toast coated with strawberry jam. She had something in her mouth and her speech was a bit slurred, “Yes, there is one. You must know about it, Brother Che.”

Tong Che hurriedly asked, “What is it?”

At this point, Tong Che hadn’t thought at all about what Ruan Tang was talking about. He really thought there was some way he didn’t know and maybe he had used it by mistake in the past two days to keep himself from having estrus. Ruan Tang swallowed the contents of her mouth and took another large sip of hot chocolate before saying, “It’s just a temporary marking, ah.”

Tong Che: “… “

Tong Che couldn’t say anything. This he naturally knew. This was something that would be taught in the first class of a junior high school physiology class. Basically, there wouldn’t be any Omegas who didn’t know.

But, how could he be temporarily marked?!

However, in the next second, Tong Che disproved himself. Oh, it wasn’t impossible, although it was just a dream…

The temporary marking by Mu Hanfeng in his dream was surprisingly effective, even in reality.

Tong Che didn’t believe that something so magical could happen, but somehow a voice in the back of his mind kept repeating: yes, that’s it! It’s that magical!

Tong Che shook his head and raised his hand and pressed his brow twice. He thought he was probably crazy from that dream last night.

Ruan Tang looked at him worriedly and said, “What’s wrong with you, Brother Che? Did you get another headache? “

“No,” replied Tong Che as he took a sip of soy milk, “I slept early yesterday, so I’m still in good spirits today.”

Ruan Tang’s hanging heart settled a little, and she continued to eat again.

After eating breakfast, Tong Che went back to his bedroom. He took out an unopened suppressant from the bedside table. He hesitated for a while but did not open it in the end, only to put it directly into his pocket.

He was feeling very fine now, and he really wanted to know how long the absence of heat would last. Besides, he would also wear a neck collar, so even if he were to have temporary heat outside, he would only need to find a bathroom to refill his inhibitor.

With his decision made, Tong Che left the house with Ruan Tang.

The first notice of the day was another commercial shoot, this one for a chocolate commercial.

On the way there, Ruan Tang’s mobile phone vibrated twice, and after she read it, she turned her head to ask Tong Che, “Brother Che, did someone bully you at the dinner party yesterday?”

Tong Che was stunned and subconsciously denied, “No, what’s wrong?”

Ruan Tang looked unconvinced, waving her phone at him and bristling, “Then why did Brother Lou send me a message asking me how I was feeling?”

Tong Che paused, somewhat helpless. Ever since he had become popular, Lou Gui had always been like this.

When he was aggrieved by something in the circle, Lou Gui would not go to get it back for him, nor would he be allowed to do so himself. He could only half-heartedly care about his mood through Ruan Tang, and then let Ruan Tang comfort him, and the matter would just go away.

As for the time before he became a star…

Tong Che closed his eyes and laughed at himself. Before he became popular, he was just thankful that Lou Gui didn’t give him any grievances.

Seeing that his expression was not good even if he didn’t speak, Ruan Tang became more anxious, “Brother Che, tell me, who is the one who bullied you!”

Tong Che knew that Ruan Tang was a very curious person with a big imagination. If he didn’t explain it, this little girl would make a bunch of mess on her own, and pull him aside to ask questions all the time.

The thought of it made his head spin, so Tong Che had no choice but to briefly talk about what Qi Xie had done at the dinner party yesterday.

Ruan Tang exploded after hearing this, and her delicate voice popped out with an expletive, “Fuck! This Qi Xie guy is so disgusting! He can’t make it on his own, so why is he holding a grudge against you? You even helped him on the set in the first place. What a wolf’s heart! I’m so angry! “

“Don’t be angry,” Tong Che smiled when he saw how angry Ruan Tang was, and even reassured her in turn, “I didn’t really do him any favours in the first place.”

It was just walking him through many scenes, as Qi Xie was always in a state of crazy NGs for some reason.

Tong Che didn’t feel that this was helping Qi Xie; it was just that the scenes Qi Xie NG just happened to be their rival scenes.

“How come it doesn’t count?” Ruan Tang argued, “He should have found his state on his own if he had an NG. Just like he could have gone through the scenes himself. You could have just used that time for resting! “

Ruan Tang was right in saying this, because an NG is caused by the personal state of the actor. It was really not right to even drag the other party to follow through the scene over and over again.

Tong Che laughed again, not refuting, just saying, “It’s been so long ago, there’s nothing to say.”

“It’s okay not to talk about that, ” Ruan Tang was obviously still fuming, “Then let’s talk about last night. Brother Che, you should have, should have poured a glass of wine directly on his head at that time! “

Hearing Ruan Tang say this, the smile under Tong Che’s eyes deepened. He knew that Ruan Tang was just angry. She definitely didn’t want him to do that. But he also knew that she was genuinely angry at him.

Knowing this, it was enough.

“Don’t be angry,” Tong Che reached out and rubbed a hand on Ruan Tang’s head, “Hateful people are pitiful.”

People often say that poor people are always hateful. On the contrary, Tong Che felt that it was not unreasonable.

Qi Xie is three years older than him and will be twenty-six this year. He also started his career two years earlier than him and has been in the industry for six years. But when he was playing a second actor, he was still pressured by him, a fifth actor, and now he was still not popular.

Ruan Tang barely managed to calm down. She still couldn’t help but chant, “Brother Che, you’re just too soft-hearted!”

Tong Che did not say anything more and turned his head to look out of the window. He knew that he wasn’t soft-hearted, but he just didn’t have the courage.

Because it was always clear that no one would back him up, and because it was also clear that he was not strong enough, and that every step he took in this circle was like walking on thin ice. So, when he was aggrieved, he could only suffer.

Tong Che secretly thought, “He must try to become more, and more powerful. So that at least one day, he can make those who have done the things that made him angry pay.

The phone suddenly vibrated, interrupting Tong Che’s thoughts. He fished it out of his pocket and found that it was Lou Gui calling.

Tong Che adjusted his mood and punched the answer button, “Brother Lou.”

“Xiao Che,” Lou Gui said and got straight to the point, “I’ve got a new variety show for you.”

Tong Che let out a “hm” and waited for Lou Gui to say more.

In less than a year since he had become popular, Lou Gui had already given him three variety shows. If there wasn’t something special about this variety show, Lou Gui wouldn’t have made a special call.

As expected, the next sentence from Lou Gui was, “The nature of this variety show is different from the ones you’ve participated in before. This is a cohabitation variety show, to be precise, a love cohabitation variety show.”

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