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ICYP Chapter 30


Underneath each title was a picture that was as bizarre as it could get.

Tong Che:”…..”

He knew the program team had bad intentions!

“Are you afraid, Tong Tong?” Mu Hanfeng’s low voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

Tong Che pursed his lips, looked at the camera in front of him, and said, as lightly as possible, “It’s all fake. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

However, even though he said this, his body unconsciously leaned towards Mu Hanfeng’s side.

The small movement certainly did not escape Mu Hanfeng’s eyes, and it added a smile to his eyes. He naturally reached out his hand, wrapped it around Tong Che’s waist, and brought the omega into his arms, “Well, it’s okay if you’re afraid, Teacher Mu will protect you.”

Tong Che’s ears felt mushy, his waist felt soft, and his whole body was softening. He was screaming like crazy in his heart…

Ah, ah ah, can teacher Mu be any cooler? My cool persona is about to fall apart!

Luckily, Wang Qi spoke up just in time, pulling Tong Che back from the brink of having his persona fall apart.

“How is it?” Wang Qi had a gleeful smile on his face and asked, “Do you think these three themes are exciting enough?”

Mi Beibei was already burrowing into Ning Ran’s arms, pouting, “No, I don’t want to play!”

Ning Ran patted her back and coaxed her softly, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here. I’ll always hold your hand, okay?”

Hearing their conversation, Mu Hanfeng’s fingers at his side moved slightly, as if he wanted to do something, but after raising his eyes to look at the camera, he only gave a soft “tsk” and did not move.

Tong Che’s attention was on the three themes on the big screen that were so scary just by looking at the names that he didn’t notice Mu Hanfeng’s intentions.

Yin Lan and Xiao Yao, two steel A’s, had the advantage this time.

“Hmm,” Yin Lan muddledly waved his hand, his eyes full of disdain, “is that all?”

Xiao Yao took over, “The haunted house I played in when I was 10 years old was called “A Hundred Ghosts at Night.”

However, Wang Qi was not put off by their attitude. He held out his index finger and waved it in front of his eyes, pretending to be deep. “No, no, no, I haven’t finished yet. The full name of our escape room is “Reason Immersion Escape Room”. Since you have to reason, it means you have to bring your brains. Just being brave is not enough. “

The alpha duo, who had been all confused when in the children’s maze: “……”

They felt offended.

“Okay, okay,” Wang Qi clapped his hands, “After last week’s recording, so far, each of the three groups has a gold coin, so it’s a tie. Today, we’ll once again play a guessing game to choose the theme of the escape room! “

Tong Che: “?”

Why are we guessing again?

But now that he has become more familiar with Mu Hanfeng, he dared to make suggestions on this matter, “Teacher Mu, are you okay to guess this time?”

Mu Hanfeng had a smile on the corner of his mouth and said, “Yes, it’s fine. But I warn you in advance, my luck in guessing is actually very bad. “

Tong Che showed his dimples, “It’s okay.”

What Tong Che cared about was whether the bad result was caused by himself. He didn’t really care about the actual result.

Obviously, Mu Hanfeng could understand him.

And as it turned out, Mu Hanfeng’s luck in guessing was not as bad as he said; it was at least better than Tong Che’s.

The winners this time were Yin Lan and Xiao Yao. The two steel A’s went the other way and chose “Mysterious Girls’ School.”

In Yin Lan’s words, “The ghost stories at school are the same old routines over and over again, so it’s easy to crack!”

It was clear that these two were very self-aware of their own brains.

The second winner was Mu Hanfeng, who did not make a decision directly, but turned to Tong Che, “Tong Tong, which one do you want to choose?”

Tong Che pursed his lips and cried out in his heart, “I don’t want to choose any of them!

But, of course, it was not up to him.

After hesitating for a second, Tong Che looked at Mi Beibei, who was shrinking in Ning Ran’s arms, and said hesitantly, “Hundred Ghosts singinh?”

Judging from the name, “Fright in the Rainy Night” was not as scary as this. After all, there were not so many “ghosts”.

Although Tong Che was also scared himself, he felt the need to take care of the only Omega girl.

How could Mu Hanfeng not understand what the little Omega was thinking?

He pondered for a moment and then suddenly said, “Tong Tong, you can’t be so arbitrary.”

Mu Hanfeng had a point. After all, they were only looking at the names now, and no one knew which one was scarier until they actually went in.

When Tong Che was torn again, Mu Hanfeng simply said, “Why don’t we let Beibei and Ning Ran choose first?”

This was a good suggestion, and Tong Che nodded immediately.

Mi Beibei and Ning Ran didn’t refuse. They just thanked them, but in the end, they also chose “The Hundred Ghosts Singing.”

Each person had their own thoughts and, to Mi Beibei, the word “fright” in the other theme, was frightening enough!

So, Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng finally settled on ‘Fright in the Rainy Night’.

Having decided on the theme, Wang Qi took the lead and left the B&B, followed by Tong Che and the others.

It was now daytime, and the buildings around them were clearly visible.

Only then did Tong Che realise that they were living near the “Scream Valley”.

Scream Valley was a famous amusement park in Yangcheng, and as its name suggests, the various attractions are designed to make people scream.

So, one could imagine the escape rooms in this place…

That way, even before he entered, Tong Che’s face had already turned white.

He was just a little Omega who had to leave a light on, even to sleep!

Mu Hanfeng noticed it and moved closer to Tong Che’s ear, whispering soothingly, “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

Maybe because Mu Hanfeng’s tone was too calm, or if it was just because Mu Hanfeng was the one standing beside Tong Che and saying these words to him, but in any case, the moment he heard it, Tong Che was really relieved.

Five minutes later, the car stopped in front of a Gothic-style building with two big words on the door: “Escape Room.”

The crew had already agreed with the administration that there would only be the necessary staff in the chamber and no other tourists.

As soon as they got out of the car, a staff member came out and took Tong Che and his team up to the first floor.

The staff member was a middle-aged Beta, with a small flat face, and did not look overly excited to see so many so-called stars. He led the group to a storage cabinet and said, “The chamber is rather confined and the temperature is high, so we suggest you take off your coats and store them here. In addition, the teachers should store their phones here. No lighting equipment is allowed in the room. “

The six of them were not the types to play bigy, so when they heard what he said, they cooperated and put the outdated phones and coats they had been given into the locker.

There was one key per person, and each was attached to a rubber ring. The ring was a bit too big and wobbly on Tong Che’s tiny arm, so it could easily fall off.

Mu Hanfeng glanced at it and took the rubber band off of Tong Che’s wrist and put it on his own wrist to keep it for him.

Wang Qi looked on in amazement. “Is Emperor Mu Hanfeng’s talent for being a “man-wife” already lit up?

Another group of staff gave out pager-like devices and instructed, “If you have an accident, you can use this to contact us, but you can’t ask for help or solve puzzles.”

Yin Lan wailed, “I can’t believe you can’t ask for help!”

Wang Qi gave him a sidelong glance and said, half-mockingly, “What’s the point of asking for help when all we want is for you to use your own intelligence?”

Yin Lan: “…..”

Wang Qi concluded, “It’s the old rule. The first one out gets a reward and the last one out gets punished, so go ducks! “

At this point in time, none of the six wanted to give him a laugh at all and indifferently followed the staff to the front of the room.

The three escape rooms were in the same row, with their own themes hanging on the doors.

The one for Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng was the third one, and when the other four had gone in and it was their turn, the staff gave them each an extra raincoat, saying, “The scene inside needs this, so put it on before you go in.”

Tong Che didn’t expect the escape room to be so realistic, but he didn’t ask too many questions and put on the raincoat obediently.

The camera man also wore a raincoat and gave the camera a transparent rainproof bag, and followed the two into the chamber.

The next second, Tong Che felt a gust of wind blowing behind him, and with a “bang,” the door of the room slammed shut.

He unconsciously leaned towards Mu Hanfeng again.

Mu Hanfeng gently tugged on Tong Che’s wrist and took a step forward.

He followed suit and took a step forward.

A heavy rain poured down in an instant, much heavier than Tong Che had imagined before. Fortunately, he was wearing a raincoat.

The wind, the rain, and the thunder coming from the stereo made the environment all very realistic.

Tong Che mentally said, “It’s all fake” three times, but found that it was useless, so he couldn’t help but call out, “Teacher Mu.”

“Yes,” Mu Hanfeng answered with a smile, “Teacher Mu is here.”

Immediately, Tong Che felt more confident.

Through the rain screen, Tong Che took a serious look at the room.

The room was generally dimly lit, but not to the extent of not being able to see five fingers.

After a cursory glance, Tong Che found that the only light source in the room was the car lights not far away.

Tong Che was taken aback. “There’s a car?” he inquired.

“It could be a model,” Mu Hanfeng said. “You can walk over and take a look.”

With that, he took a step towards that side, and Tong Che hurriedly followed him.

The two of them were not walking very fast, and while they were walking, they were carefully observing their surroundings.

But the “rain” was too heavy and the light too dim, so the surroundings were basically unclear. The only thing that was clear was the small area directly under the headlights.

It looked like a large obstacle, like a rockery.

Only when he got closer did Tong Che realise that the front end of the car was completely deformed.

Thinking of something, Tong Che asked, “Is this… a car accident?”

“It’s possible.”

Mu Hanfeng pushed up his glasses and bent down to examine the front of the car.

Looking at Tong Che’s serious and thoughtful appearance, the camera brother sighed casually, “Is little Prince Che not scared anymore?”

“Fortunately,” said Tong Che, clenching his fingers and trying to stay calm, “In the end, the most important thing is to find clues after all.”

With these words, he took another step forward and looked into the car to see what the situation was.

The next moment, he was confronted by a pair of big, black eyes with no white space in the irises.

The cameraman looked helplessly at the “not afraid-clues are more important” Tong Che reflexively uses his limbs at a fast speed and climbs onto Mu Hanfeng’s body…

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