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ICYP Chapter 29


The tingling sensation of electricity rushed straight to his scalp, and in just a moment, all of Mu Hanfeng’s restraint over the past twenty-eight years were wiped out.

The burning fire of desire in his heart caused the sudden rise of the Alpha evil factor. Mu Hanfeng’s lips rose up, not only did he not withdraw his finger, but he even stirred it gently in Tong Che’s mouth!


Tong Che was still dreaming.

In the dream, it was the same seaside as it had been for ten years, but for some reason, there was no one again.

In the dream, Tong Che is walking barefoot along the seashore, as if he was looking for something, but also just wandering aimlessly.

He was walking nicely, but somehow, a lollipop suddenly appeared in his mouth!


Tong Che sucked on the lollipop, and he felt it was sweet.

But the next moment, something even more amazing happened:

The lollipop in his mouth moved of its own accord, swiping across his lips and tangling with his tongue!

A feeling he had never felt before made his legs go weak, and he couldn’t help but sit on a large reef, his neck raised subconsciously and his toes curling.

As the lollipop stirred, Tong Che’s breathing became more and more unstable, and finally, unable to resist, a soft gasp escaped from between his lips.

But it was this gasp that suddenly brought Mu Hanfeng to his senses. His fingers stopped abruptly, and he stared at the little Omega beside him. The cheeks were scarlet, and his neck was raised like a little swan begging for pleasure.

He rushed off to the bathroom and, after fastening the door, Mu Hanfeng propped his hands on the sink and raised his eyes to look at the mirror.

The image in the mirror did not look any different from his usual self, but a closer look would have shown the dark and fierce lust under his eyes.

Mu Hanfeng’s two hands on the sink were unconsciously exerted force, and his fingers even turned white.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly let go, lowered his gaze, and laughed.

Sometimes he wondered if this little Omega had been sent by the gods to defeat him.

Why else had he become so unlike himself when he met him?

He was originally born with a cold temperament and seldom aroused interest, rarely able to empathise with other people’s emotions, seldom felt longing, and seldom, so irrational, and so unable to control himself.

But after meeting Tong Che, it seems that everything has changed.

He was always interested in Tong Che, always wanting to get closer and closer; he could not see Tong Che cry, or even frown. But at a certain bad moment, he wanted to see him cry; he thought he could control himself very well, but because of a small unconscious gesture in Tong Che’s dream, he was almost out of control.

What’s more, even though he had changed so much since he met Tong Che, he found that he was not tired of this change. On the contrary, he was happy with it.

He was probably really crazy.

With another tug on his lips, Mu Hanfeng recessed his thoughts and looked down. His gaze landed on something for a couple of seconds before turning around and walking under the shower. He turned on the cold water again with no expression on his face.

The cold water poured down on him, and Mu Hanfeng felt a lot calmer. He was half joking and half mocking himself in his heart.

You have to hold back. Even if you become a ninja turtle, you can’t be like that man, an animal ruled by lust...


Outside the bathroom, Tong Che was still sleeping soundly, unaware of everything that had happened.

The only thing was that the lollipop he had been eating in his dream had suddenly disappeared. His heart was filled with a strange emotion, an inexplicable combination of impatience, grievance, and emptiness. He sat slumped on the reef, not wanting to move at all, as if waiting for something to appear. Maybe a lollipop, or something else.

After a full quarter of an hour under cold water, Mu Hanfeng finally managed to suppress the fire churning in his body and put on all his pyjamas before stepping out of the bathroom.

This time, Mu Hanfeng did not look at Tong Che. He walked straight to the other side of the bed and laid down with his back to Tong Che, keeping a distance of nearly one metre between them.

The sleeping pills he had taken before finally took effect. Mu Hanfeng closed his eyes and gradually fell asleep.

In his dream, Tong Che sat on the big rock for a long time, but he never waited for the lollipop, instead he waited for Mu Hanfeng.

It was as if he had a subconscious feeling, Tong Che felt that he was happier than ever to see Mu Hanfeng and wanted to be closer to him.

He was completely at ease, so he jumped down from the big rock straight into Mu Hanfeng’s arms without hesitation.

He was happy after being held in those powerful arms. He tilted his head up and gently rubbed his lips against Mu Hanfeng’s thin lips.


It was soft and sweet, even better than the taste of a lollipop!

Tong Che couldn’t resist and rubbed their lips again.

However, in the next second, he felt the arm around his waist increase in strength, and his chin was lifted by Mu Hanfeng, forcing him to tilt his head up.

The alpha then lowered his head and kissed him on the lips, gently smoothing them twice and coaxing him in a hoarse voice, “Be good, open your mouth.”

Tong Che had already been so distracted by this sudden kiss that he couldn’t think at all, he just did as he was told and opened his mouth slightly.

Mu Hanfeng’s kiss became fierce in a flash, his tongue slipping in and licking across Tong Che’s teeth, then entangling Tong Che’s tongue, attacking and not letting go of the slightest gap…

Tong Che’s eyes were dazed, his body was so soft from the kiss, and the two hands on Mu Hanfeng’s back gripped even tighter.

It was only when his breathing became more and more rapid that he could not help but let out two groans like a little kitten.

Mu Hanfeng paused for a moment, finally willing to let go of this little fool who couldn’t breath after kissing for awhile. But within a second, he changed their posture and had Tong Che’s legs wrapped around his waist.


Tong Che seemed to like this position very much. He buried his head and rubbed it against Mu Hanfeng’s neck, and suddenly asked, “Teacher Mu, do you like sleeping with me?”

When he said this, Tong Che felt a familiar sense of danger, and a sudden surge of oceanic aura wrapped around him.

Mu Hanfeng did not say anything, but answered him with a direct action –

In this posture, without hesitation, he lowered his head and bit the back of Tong Che’s neck!

He didn’t use his canine teeth directly, but instead, he poked out the tip of his tongue and licked the reddish skin, asking in a low voice, “Tong Tong, do you think I like it or not?”

The gland is the most fragile and sensitive part of an Omega’s body, so when he was licked, Tong Che’s whole body trembled lightly, and the ends of his eyes looked like peach blossom petals.

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows and gave him another malicious lick, deliberately slowing down his speech, “Tong Tong, you haven’t answered my question.”

At this moment, Tong Che had completely lost the ability to think and blurted out, “I like it, I like it a lot.”

However, Mu Hanfeng still did not relent, “Hmm? What do you like? “

Tong Che had completely forgotten that he was the one asking Mu Hanfeng the question, and instead of calming him down, the oceanic air that filled him made him dizzy, and he replied in a soft tone, “I like… like being bitten by Mr. Mu.”

The moment he said this, he felt the oceanic breath surrounding him become even more intense.

Mu Hanfeng could not hold back any longer, and his sharp canine teeth pierced straight into the fragile glands that exuded the tempting coconut scent.


Tong Che felt that his body seemed to be getting more and more used to being marked by Mu Hanfeng. The pain became shorter and thinner each time. On the contrary, the sense of pleasure was longer and heavier.

And this time seemed to be different from the previous ones, as there was a certain spot on the lower part of his body that seemed to be more responsive this time.

It hadn’t even touched, but it was swollen and wet.

Wet… wet… wet!

Tong Che woke up with a start.

His first reaction was to turn his head and look to the side. He found that Mu Hanfeng’s back was turned to him and his breathing was still even, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

He gently lifted the blanket and got out of bed, tiptoeing into the bathroom.

When he heard the door click, Mu Hanfeng opened his eyes, but remained in his original position.

After a long time, he gently lifted the blanket and looked down at little Hanfeng, who had raised his head again. He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Who knew that dreaming had become a sweet torture?

What he wanted to do in reality but couldn’t, could be done in dreams without any fear.

But the consequence of this recklessness is that he had to suffer in reality!

At this time, Mu Hanfeng probably didn’t know that in the bathroom, separated by a door, Tong Che was also thinking the same thing.


The next morning, Mu Hanfeng woke up before Tong Che and went into the bathroom to wash up. He saw a pair of blue and white-checked underwear on the drying rod.

He also remembered that in the middle of the night, the little Omega suddenly got up and dawdled in the bathroom for 20 minutes, with the sound of water running continuously.

Mu Hanfeng understood what Tong Che was doing at that time, and the corners of his lips rose uncontrollably, and he thought to himself, “These blue and white pants are really nice. I should buy two boxes of them when I go back.”

When Tong Che was woken up by the alarm clock, he wandered into the bathroom in a daze and saw Mu Hanfeng looking at his underwear with his lips curled.

Tong Che instantly woke up and shouted out in a loud voice, “T-t-teacher Mu!”

Mu Hanfeng looked back and smiled in a good mood, “Tong Tong, good morning.”

Tong Che continued to stutter, “Good-good morning!”

His mind was racing, thinking about how to answer if Mr. Mu asked him about his underwear, but he found that Mr. Mu Hanfeng didn’t seem to have any intention of asking.

He only saw Mu Hanfeng put away his toiletries, saying “I’m done,” and walking out of the bathroom.

Tong Che turned to his side to make way for him and let out his breath.

Mu Hanfeng stopped by him, raised his hand and gently pressed the top of his hair, smiling in his voice, “Don’t be shy. Kitten has grown up and men have normal reactions, Mr. Mu understands. “


Tong Che: “……”

I blame myself!

The kitten rolled over and begged for death.

Because of this little incident, precisely because of Mu Hanfeng’s words, until after washing up and going downstairs to have breakfast, Tong Che was still completely out of it, not daring to look at Mu Hanfeng at all.

However, in the eyes of Ning Ran, who thought she knew the truth, this had a different meaning.

It must be Mu Hanfeng, the old dog. He didn’t coax the angry little Omega into a good mood all night!

While the camera was still off, Ning Ran pulled Tong Che aside and asked him in a low voice, “Did Xiao Che not sleep well last night?”

Tong Che rubbed his slightly red eyes and nodded without much effort, “Not too good.”

Ning Ran showed an expression of “I knew it!”, “Did Mu Hanfeng bully you?”

Tong Che was stunned, thinking that Ning Ran was referring to Mu Hanfeng’s fussy sleeping habits, which had caused him to have trouble sleeping as well. So he hurriedly explained, “No, it’s my own problem.”

When Ning Ran heard this, she felt that Mu Hanfeng was even more inhuman. Look at this, Tong Che was still speaking for him and taking all the blame for his own mistakes. She immediately became righteous, “Little Che, what’s the problem? Be free to say it and don’t hold back. I will go beat and scold him for you. “

Tong Che was now completely confused. He vaguely felt that Ning Ran seemed to have misunderstood something, but he couldn’t figure out what it was, and his own mind was still confused. He couldn’t help but mumble, “This… how can I not keep it to myself? I’m the wreck. How can I blame Teacher Mu?”

Luckily, his voice was so small that Ning Ran didn’t hear him and asked, “What did you say?”

Tong Che was stunned and shook his head as he came back to his senses, “Nothing! I said… I..I understand. Thank you for your concern! “

Ning Ran wanted to say something else, but Wang Qi clapped his hands, informing them that the recording was ready to start, which ended this chat.

The cameras were all turned on, and Tong Che took a deep breath, putting aside all the confusing thoughts in his head for the moment and stabilising himself.

Wang Qi said his usual lines, “It’s now 9am Yang Cheng time on November 28th, and the second week of The Power of Love for the Nth time” , has officially started!” First of all, I’d like to ask all the guest teachers to pose as each CP to say hello! “

The biggest camera is from left to right, and the first couple were Yin Lan and Xiao Yao. Xiao Yao’s hand on Yin Lan’s shoulder and Yin Lan’s hand was around Xiao Yao’s waist. They looked like good lovers.

The camera moved to the right and aimed at Mi Bei Bei and Ning Ran, who were standing in the middle, and they each raised one arm and made a big gesture of love together.

The camera finally moved to the front of Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng.

Tong Che hadn’t thought about what to do yet, so he subconsciously turned to look at Mu Hanfeng.

Mu Hanfeng just hooked his lips, and then he suddenly reached his right hand out and rubbed the lobe of Tong Che’s ear, not too lightly but not too heavily.


The camera then faithfully recorded the whole process of the cool and clean little prince’s ear turning red in a second.

The thoughts that he had easily left behind immediately came rushing back to his mind, and Tong Che was screaming like a groundhog in his heart, but he managed to keep from losing his composure because the camera was right in front of him.

But soon, Tong Che had no more time to think, because Wang Qi threw out a big bomb: “Okay, I already reminded you last night. Now let me reveal the theme of this week’s recording: excitement and acquaintance!

From last week’s experience, they all knew that these two words must have nothing to do with each other again, with ‘exciting’ being the theme of the cohabitation session and “getting to know each other” being the theme of the love session.

The latter is easy to understand, but the former, how will it be exciting?

Wang Qi didn’t intentionally try to wet everyone’s appetite. He directly explained, “It’s exciting. In my opinion, nothing is more exciting than escaping from a secret room, don’t you think?”

“Escape room?” Yin Lan said, “That shouldn’t be called exciting; it’s just brain-burning and puzzle-solving.”

But Tong Che was not so optimistic. He had a premonition.

Sure enough, in the next second, three lines popped up on the big screen with the names of the three secret rooms –

“Fright in the rain”

“The Mysterious Girls School”

“A Hundred Ghosts Singing”

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