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ICYP Chapter 28


Because in this room, there was only one bed!

And it was all pink, with big roses embroidered on the sheets, quilt, and pillowcases!

It was really vulgar and really shameful to look at.

Tong Che stood by the door, his shoulders straightened, and his whole body was as hot as a small furnace.

Mu Hanfeng reacted first. He raised his hand and pushed up his glasses, exhaled, and said as calmly as he could, “Tong Tong, you… wait for me.”

After saying this, he turned around and walked out to knock on the door of Ning Ran’s room.

Tong Che’s eyes followed over. Only when the door to the room opened and Ning Ran’s figure peeked out did Tong Che reluctantly come back to his senses and realise what Mu Hanfeng had gone to do.

There, Ning Ran asked in confusion, “Is there something wrong with Teacher Mu?”

Mu Hanfeng gave a “hmmm” and did not look into the room, but just looked at Ning Ran and said, “I want to ask, is your room one bed or two?”

“One.” Ning Ran replied, her expression even more puzzled.

Mu Hanfeng’s face stiffened for a rare moment, and he responded, ready to leave.

Just as he turned around, Ning Ran reacted to something and called out to him, “What’s wrong? Did you and Xiao Che have a fight?”

This time Mu Hanfeng was confused. He didn’t know how Ning Ran came to this conclusion and turned back to look at her, his face full of bewilderment.

Ning Ran had a righteous face and said, “Why would Xiao Che want to sleep in a separate bed from you if you didn’t have a fight?”

Mu Hanfeng: “..”

Did Queen Ning have some kind of misunderstanding about her relationship with Little Omega?

Mu Hanfeng was too lazy to explain, but he was concerned about Little Omega’s reputation, so he had to open his mouth and say, “Tong Tong and I are not the kind of relationship you think we are. We…”

“Okay, okay,” Ning Ran interrupted impatiently, “save your official words for the others. Why don’t you go and coax little Che? If he really doesn’t like it, why don’t you sleep on the floor? “

After finishing her sentence, without waiting for Mu Hanfeng to say anything else, Ning Ran closed the door with a snap.

Mu Hanfeng was left standing alone outside the door, staring at it with a paralysed face for three seconds.

The two rooms were some distance apart, and the sound of Mu Hanfeng and Ning Ran talking just now was not too loud, so Tong Che could not hear what they were saying, but he could see Mu Hanfeng standing alone at the door of his room, dryly facing a closed door.

He then called out loudly, “Teacher Mu?”

Mu Hanfeng returned to his senses, turned around and walked over, making a decision straight away, “Their room only has one bed too. I guess all B&Bs are like this. I’ll go to the ground floor and sleep on the sofa.

Tong Che became anxious when he heard this. Teacher Mu was an alpha, almost 1.9m tall and had such long legs. How uncomfortable would it be to sleep on the sofa?

Besides, Mr. Mu also had serious insomnia, so he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep on the sofa.

So he made an immediate decision and said, “No, Mr. Mu, you sleep here. I’ll sleep on the sofa. “

With that, Tong Che actually went to pull the suitcase.

Mu Hanfeng was simply furious. He blocked the doorway, reached out and tugged on Tong Che’s wrist, “Tong Tong, what are you kidding me? I’m a thick-skinned Alpha who doesn’t sleep on the couch, and I’m letting you, an Omega, sleep there? “

Tong Che felt that he understood Mu Hanfeng’s thoughts, but still advised, “Mr. Mu, I know you have a gentleman’s demeanour, but it really doesn’t matter. I’m not picky about where I sleep; I can sleep anywhere.

What Tong Che said was the truth. Before, he hadn’t entered this circle back then, when he was going to school and working odd jobs at the same time, not to mention the sofa, when he was really tired, he could fall asleep even if he was given a random table.

Mu Hanfeng even said this just to prove that he really had no problem sleeping on the sofa, but Mu Hanfeng only felt a stab in his heart.

Only a child who has suffered will not be fussy about anything.

Mu Hanfeng took a deep breath, suppressing the stinging pain at the tip of his heart, and moved closer to Tong Che’s ear, whispering, “Tong Tong, do you want me to make it more clear? Understand? “Not letting you sleep on the sofa is not a gentleman’s act; it’s just that I can’t bear to let you suffer.

If it were any other Omega than Tong Che, Mu Hanfeng would have made the same decision today, and it was indeed out of basic cultivation as an Alpha, but with Tong Che, it was different.

Tong Che’s eyelashes fluttered, the tips of his ears turned red, and after a long time, he cooed, “But I can’t let Teacher Mu sleep on the sofa either.”

Hearing what he said, Mu Hanfeng’s breathing suddenly became heavy.

Damn it. Invisible sultry is the deadliest thing in the world!

If anyone else had said such things tonight, Mu Hanfeng would have thought that person was deliberately hitting on him.

However, the person who said this was Tong Che, who had been so good that Mu Hanfeng felt his heart being poked into a sour and soft piece.

Rarely anxious, he raised his hand and undid the top two buttons of his shirt. Mu Hanfeng felt his breathing was a little smoother before he said, “Tong Tong, neither of us will let the other sleep on the couch, so what do you think?”

When Tong Che lifted his eyes, he saw Mu Hanfeng’s sharp Adam’s apple, his smooth collarbone lines, and a small piece of his sturdy chest, and immediately felt his whole body get even hotter.

He dropped his eyes in panic, closed his eyes, stumbled and said, “Mu… Teacher Mu, I think…” I think this bed is quite big enough. Enough for both of us to sleep! “

He was not expecting Tong Che to say this, and he froze for a moment, then suddenly took a step inside and closed the door with all his strength, staring down at the little Omega, who was blushing with embarrassment and did not dare look up at him. He asked dumbly, “Tong Tong, do you know what you are…?”

Do you know you are leading the wolf into the house? Do you really believe in my restraint? And if there was a different Alpha today, would you want him to stay too?

Mu Hanfeng had many things he wanted to ask, but he didn’t ask any of them in the end.

He knew that he was in the wrong state. Alphas were always like that, easily getting into strange and weird bullheadedness.

Afraid of scaring the little Omega, Mu Hanfeng took a step back and leaned against the door. His hands, hanging at the sides, clenched into fists and then slowly unclenched.

Of course, Tong Che also noticed that Mu Hanfeng was not quite right. He vaguely felt that he understood, but seemed to not understand so much, torn for half a day, but only asked in a small voice, “Teacher Mu, you… what do you want to ask me?”

Mu Hanfeng did not make a sound; he raised his hand and five fingers swept back in his hair in two random strokes. In a hoarse voice, “Nothing. But Tong Tong, remember, if it was another Alpha today, you must not be soft-hearted. You must not let him sleep with you in the same bed. Alphas are very dangerous, understand? “

Whether it was for the sake of little Omega’s safety or for the sake of his own crazy possessiveness, Mu Hanfeng still spoke these words.

He was ready to listen to the little Omega’s sarcastic comments, such as “You’re an Alpha, aren’t you?”, and was ready to further ensure that he could control himself or simply sleep on the floor, but he didn’t expect…

Tong Che raised his head when he heard this, blinked blankly, and asked, “How could I possibly ask another Alpha to sleep in the same bed with me?”

Mu Hanfeng froze, staring at the little Omega for a couple of seconds. His mood suddenly brightened up beyond belief.

Tong Che probably didn’t realise how double-standard he was, nor did he realise what this double standard really meant.

But the double standard itself was enough to put Mu Hanfeng in a good mood.

All the anxiety was dissipated in this moment, and Mu Hanfeng took another step forward, gently brushing the top of Tong Che’s hair, and seriously complimented him, “You’re so good.”

Tong Che was already so embarrassed that he quickly dropped the words, “I’m going to take a shower first, Mr. Mu,” and hurriedly rushed into the bathroom with his pyjamas in his arms.

The corner of Mu Hanfeng’s lips picked up little by little as he looked at the little Omega’s almost fleeing back.


Tong Che took a shower as he silently recited the Heart Sutra. When he came out of the shower, Mu Hanfeng was standing by the window smoking as usual.

He then put out the cigarette after a quick face-to-face and went into the bathroom without a word.

There was still undissipated warm steam in the bathroom, hazy and with some kind of indefinable charm. Mu Hanfeng lightly “tsked” and did not hesitate to turn on the cold water.

When he came out, Tong Che had already dried his hair and was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Teacher Mu,” Tong Che still hung his head and didn’t look at him, but only reached out and patted the bed next to him, “Lie down, I’ll sing to you first.”

Mu Hanfeng gave a “hmm” and went over to lie down.

The bed was actually big enough, not the size of an ordinary big bed. Mu Hanfeng estimated that it was at least 2 metres wide. Even if he and Tong Che were both tall and long-legged, they could still lie down without touching each other.

Moreover, there were two quilts, although they were pink with roses…

What’s more, they didn’t fall asleep at the same time; Tong Che sang to him and he would fall asleep first, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Mu Hanfeng thought well, but obviously, he still overestimated his restraint, or underestimated Tong Che’s attraction to him.

Apart from last night, when he requested the song “Cloudy Sky”, he listened to whatever Tong Che sang at all other times.
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So Tong Che was singing children’s rhymes tonight.

In theory, it was really easy for him to relax his mind and fall asleep when he listened to Little Omega sing.

But today, as soon as he thought that little Omega was now sitting next to his bed, and that the two of them were sleeping in the same bed at night,

As soon as he closed his eyes, little Omega’s beautiful features, his long and delicate neck, and the crimson glands kept coming back to him.

And the cool voice in his ears became a dazzling hooker!

After about twenty minutes of torment, Mu Hanfeng opened his eyes and sat up. He pinched his brow twice. His voice was thick and deep, “Tong Tong, you sleep first. Don’t worry about me. I’m going to have a cigarette.”

He got up, touched his cigarette case, and went towards the window.

Tong Che said, “Oh,” hugging his teddy bear and sitting on the bed, but not lying down. His eyes were still following Mu Hanfeng’s back.

In fact, he was far from being as calm as he seemed.

The thought of Mr. Mu sleeping in the same bed with him made Tong Che feel like a hundred rabbits were living in his heart, jumping around wildly.


He was nervous and shy, but also secretly excited and happy.

How could he possibly sleep with all these emotions together?

After a moment’s hesitation, Tong Che simply put the teddy bear aside, jumped out of bed and went to Mu Hanfeng’s side, calling him softly, “Teacher Mu, I… I want to have a cigarette too.”

Mu Hanfeng tilted his head and his eyebrows narrowed. “Why do you want to smoke again?”

The last time the little Omega asked him for a cigarette, it was because of the incident that came out of a hot search.

Tong Che was too embarrassed to say that he also wanted to calm down, so he panted for half a day and only said dryly, “I just… just smelled it and wanted to smoke.”

Mu Hanfeng narrowed his eyes, looking at the little Omega’s subconsciously twisted fingers, and he laughed silently.

This kitten was really good at lying.

But Mu Hanfeng did not intend to break him down today. After all, the little cat was thin-skinned, not to mention that if there were words that were broken down too much, it would be him who would end up being teased and suffering.

So, Mu Hanfeng just took another cigarette out of the cigarette box and handed it to Tong Che’s mouth, admonishing him like last time, “Only half a cigarette is allowed.”

But this time, instead of using his own cigarette to light Tong Che’s cigarette like last time, he handed the lighter directly to him.

If he did it again like last time, he could not guarantee that he could resist taking a step closer and something would really happen.

Tong Che took it, lit the cigarette and took a deep puff.

Neither of them spoke again, and the silence did not seem awkward, but rather there was a subtle ambiguity that flowed through the air.

Mu Hanfeng’s breath unconsciously became a little tighter again, and he wanted to raise his hand to undo his buttons, but found that he was now only wearing a thin robe.

He had no choice but to take another puff of his cigarette.

He kept his eyes on Tong Che and found that he was really good and obedient. When there was still half a cigarette left, Tong Che stopped himself and put it out in the ashtray.

Mu Hanfeng’s hands itched, but he restrained himself from making a move, only curling his fingertips slightly, lifting his chin towards the bed, and whispering, “Go to bed if you’re done smoking.”

In fact, half a cigarette really wasn’t enough to relieve anything, but Tong Che was too embarrassed to ask for more. He meekly turned around and went to bed.

However, after lying down and closing his eyes, Tong Che felt as if he was not comfortable, and he had to move and wiggle around.

Mu Hanfeng couldn’t bear to watch, so he sighed and asked, “Tong Che, can’t sleep?”

Tong Che gave a start, but after struggling for only half a second, he poked his little head out of the blanket and nodded honestly.

Mu Hanfeng dragged a soft chair over and sat down. His tone relaxed, “Then how about we chat?”

Tong Che’s eyes lit up, and he continued to nod.

“Did Tong Tong…?” Mu Hanfeng inquired, “Have you ever learned to sing professionally?”

In fact, his head was now full of scraps, and his non-vegetarian thoughts had already gone round and round. He only dared to talk about some irrelevant and serious topics, barely keeping hold of the string called sanity.

Mu Hanfeng heard Tong Che’s answer: “It’s not really professional,” Tong Che said, “it’s just that when I used to be a trainee, I had to learn how to sing and dance.”

When he mentioned “dancing,” Mu Hanfeng’s mind started spinning with the image of little Omega wearing his big shirt, vacuuming underneath, and doing all kinds of difficult dance moves.

Just the thought of it made him blow away!

The tip of his tongue pressed against the back of his teeth, and Mu Hanfeng bit down hard. The clear pain barely cleared his head for a moment before he threw out another question, “So… which do you like better, singing or dancing?”

Tong Che touched his nose and smiled a little blushingly, “Actually, both of them are similar.” I still like acting the most. “

It was only because he was really short of money and, by chance, was recruited as a trainee, so he ran for it.

Hearing this answer, Mu Hanfeng was a bit stunned, but he didn’t ask any more questions. He just smiled and said, “Then if I come across a suitable movie in the future, Teacher Mu will recommend you.”

Tong Che laughed along with him.

The two of them were chatting like this, and Mu Hanfeng couldn’t help but have an echo in his mind of Tong Che’s cool voice when he sang. For a certain moment, he really felt that Tong Che’s voice was very similar to the voice of the radio anchor he had once listened to.

For ten years before he met Tong Che, that was the only voice that could make him sleep peacefully without sleeping pills.
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But what about that anchor…

Mu Hanfeng’s gaze became somewhat long at a certain moment, as if he had drifted back many years ago.

That child back then, if he had grown up until now, would probably be about the same age as Tong Che, right?

But the world was so big, and it wasn’t like he was acting, so Mu Hanfeng didn’t think it would be such a coincidence.

It was just that his mind was thinking this way, but his mouth seemed to have a thought of its own, and when Mu Hanfeng came back to his senses, he had already asked, “Tong Che, did you… used to be a radio anchor?”

The moment he asked this question, Mu Hanfeng subconsciously held his breath.

But after waiting for a long time, he did not get Tong Che’s answer.

Mu Hanfeng was stunned. He got up and walked to the bed, only to find that little Omega’s face was buried in the pillow, hugging the teddy bear and already asleep.

Looking at little Omega’s sleeping face for a long time, Mu Hanfeng’s lips curled into a somewhat helpless and relieved smile.

After retrieving the sleeping pills from his suitcase and swallowing two of them with cold water, he also gently got into bed and laid down.

After turning off the overhead light and the bedside lamp on his side, the only light source in the entire room was the one above Tong Che’s bed.

A soft halo enveloped the little Omega’s face, looking unbelievably beautiful.

He was not sure if Tong Che was really unsuspecting or if he was too unsuspecting of him. The slender neck, which always had a transparent neck collar, was exposed to his eyes, uncovered.

Mu Hanfeng could not resist looking at it twice, and felt that he had smoked all night for nothing. The blood was rushing down his body, and there was only one sentence in his mind: he wanted to bite.

He couldn’t bear it and turned his back on Tong Che.

He couldn’t see him, but he could still hear the soft and shallow breathing of the little Omega, which somehow tickled his heart in the silence of the room.

Mu Hanfeng closed his eyes and tried to ignore the villain behind him, but within two minutes, he couldn’t stand it any longer and rolled back over again.

As if he wanted to let off steam but had to restrain himself, Mu Hanfeng raised his hand, stretched out his index finger and touched Tong Che’s soft lips, rubbing them lightly.

The soft touch instantly invaded his body along with his fingertips, and Mu Hanfeng felt like a drug addict. In this brief moment, instead of relieving the fire of desire at the tip of his heart, it burned even hotter.

Sighing in resignation, he was about to withdraw his hand to take another cold shower when his body jerked to a halt.

He felt the softness suddenly become warmer and moister, and even a fine itch was forming… Mu Hanfeng lowered his eyes and saw Tong Che open his mouth in a daze and take in his fingertips.


There was a slight pause for a second, and then, as if he had tasted something sweet, he gently sucked on it.

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