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ICYP Chapter 25


Tong Che: “!”

Without the glasses, Mu Han Feng’s aggression, which belongs exclusively to a top alpha, leaked out from the bottom of his eyes without reservation.

Originally, Mu Han Feng’s posture and the look in his eyes would certainly have evoked Tong Che’s previous bad memories and further made him feel afraid. But now, probably because of the words Mu Hanfeng said, or just because the person in front of him was Mu Hanfeng, in short, Tong Che found his heart beating very fast, but it had nothing to do with fear.

One second, Mr. Mu was so domineering and calm as he solved all his problems in an orderly manner, and the next second, he took off his glasses and said those words to him. Who could resist this?

Probably because he had been in a daze for a long time, Mu Han Feng smiled, put the glasses back on, and stood up straight, resuming the original “safe” distance, and said in a relaxed tone, “It’s okay, I am just teasing you. If you don’t want to call…”

He wanted to say, “If you don’t want to call it, forget it,” but the last words were stuck in his throat.

He saw that Tong Che, who was standing beside him, had returned to his senses at some point, and was looking up at him with clean eyes. He then called out in a clean, small voice, “Brother…”

Mu Han Feng: “……”

Fuck! This is killing people!

At this moment, the Great Movie Emperor actually understood Qi Xie’s current mood: what it means to shoot yourself in the foot!

His Adam’s apple moved up and down. He tilted his head as if trying to hide it. After a long while, he uttered in a hoarse voice, “Good.”

The old rogue Mu Hanfeng lost a soldier, but not the battle. He was teased to the point that he could not stand it anymore, but he could still “kill” Tong Che with one word.

Tong Che nodded wholeheartedly, the tips of his ears so red that they could bleed.

Wang Qi called at the right time and rescued both of them, “Come, come, let’s continue recording the show and proceed to the second level!”

Tong Che returned to his senses first. His footsteps flew towards that end, like a small white rabbit being fiercely chased by the big bad wolf.

Mu Hanfeng, the big-bad-wolf, looked at the little white rabbit who was running away in a hurry, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and he trailed behind unhurriedly.


The recording was delayed by nearly two hours because of a special problem that Tong Che had temporarily encountered before. Even though they rushed, the closing time was still pushed back by an hour to ten o’clock.

When Tong Che was on his way back to the hotel, he whispered to Mu Hanfeng, “Teacher Mu, I… I want to treat everyone to a snack. Do you think it’s okay?”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t understand Tong Che’s meaning and glanced at him, “What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s just that…” Tong Che explained, “It’s the money for treating everyone to a snack. Now we have to pay together. If you wait for this Sunday off, I’ll treat you to dinner, okay? “

They did not have their own money during the recording. Now their relationship link was okay, the program team did not let them pay for their own rooms anymore, and the normal three meals a day were managed. But the snacks were obviously not in the scope.

If Tong Che wanted to treat the other guests, he had to use the money they had saved from the previous cohabitation session. That was the money he and Teacher Mu earned together. Tong Che felt it was necessary to discuss it with Teacher Mu first.

Mu Hanfeng understood now, and was about to be mad at him. Sometimes he really felt that this little Omega was like a kitten that he didn’t know well.

It was just this morning that he heard so many things about his past that he had never told anyone about, and also heard him call “brother”. Mu Hanfeng thought that his relationship with the little Omega was at least one step closer, but it hadn’t been a day yet and this kitten started to distance himself over a simple late-night snack, and planned to return the favor.

Mu Hanfeng was rarely so frustrated. He sighed helplessly, wanting to say that there was no need to be so polite, and that he really didn’t care about the money.

But the words stopped at his lips, and then he turned around. He looked seriously into Tong Che’s eyes, and what he said was, “Tong Tong, I said it a long time ago that you are in charge of the money. Are you not listening to my words at all? “

Tong Che gave a start and did not make a sound. He really did not listen to it. To be precise, he did not dare listen to it. Even if he knew that the money was only from the program, and that it was indeed very little, he still only took it as Mu Hanfeng’s words to make him happy.

Seeing the appearance of the little Omega with his head bowed, Mu Hanfeng couldn’t bear to say heavy words anymore. After a while, he just stretched out his hand and squeezed lightly on his tender face, and said solemnly, “Tong Tong, you can listen to and believe what I say to you. I don’t joke around with people, understand? “

Tong Che’s cheeks burned from Mu Han Feng’s pinching, and he subconsciously nodded his head and replied in a small voice, “Got it… got it.”

But after nodding his head, Tong Che recalled the many words Mu Hanfeng had said to him, such as praising him as cute and saying he was a good boy…

There were also many words where he thought Mu Hanfeng was just teasing him, but they turned out to be true?

When he saw that he was about to walk to the entrance of the hotel, but the little Omega was still dazed, Mu Hanfeng had to remind him and called out, “Kitten.”


When Tong Che came back to his senses, he was stunned again. “Mu… teacher Mu, what did you call me?”

“Kitten,” Mu Hanfeng’s lips curled up and called out again, “Didn’t you say you were going to treat everyone to a snack?”

Tong Che didn’t know how he suddenly got a new name, but looking at Mu Hanfeng’s lack of intention to explain, and the time being very tight, he had to turn his head and shout at the front, “Wait a minute! Wang and the teachers are free now. I’ll treat you to a snack! “

After a hard day of recording, someone offering to buy snacks was such a good thing. Of course, no one would refuse.

But considering that they were, after all, public figures, it was not very convenient for them to appear in the night market of the resort together. Wang Qi then waved his hand and let his assistant run errands to buy food. The money was deducted from the accounts of Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng, and he invited all six people to his presidential suite.

At night in the resort, one can only buy barbecue food.

Not long after, the assistant carried the whole four big pockets back.

Chicken wings, fatty beef rolls, squid flowers, enoki mushrooms, potato slices, baby vegetables, baked rice cakes …

The variety was rich, crispy, and excellent.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable as they ate and chatted.

It was not until after midnight that they left Wang Qi’s presidential suite with their stomachs still full.

When Tong Che and Mu Han Feng returned to their room, they took a shower one after another, and Tong Che sat by the bed with bright eyes and waited, “Teacher Mu, lie down quickly. I will sing for you.”

Mu Hanfeng, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, cooperated. He took off his glasses and laid down, closing his eyes.

Tong Che started a tune and hummed softly.

“The diamond-shaped lights overhead are flashing.”

Like you are watching me?

The tops of the trees were filled with coconuts.

firmly surrounded by the sea breeze.

The wind is blowing again.

Blowing the scattered daylight down

Can I invite you to stop together? “

The song he was singing had a very light rhythm. With his cool voice, it evoked a kind of summer seaside cool taste, and the lyrics were vivid images.

However, there were images of ” coconut” and “sea breeze” from it…

Mu Hanfeng’s heart fluttered slightly, his thin lips moving as he asked, “Tong Tong, who wrote this song?”

Tong Che paused and didn’t answer directly, but first asked, “Teacher Mu, do you think it sounds good?”

Mu Hanfeng probably had an answer in his heart, so he didn’t hesitate to give a “hmm”, “It’s very nice, Mr. Mu likes it very much.”

Sure enough, Tong Che laughed out his dimples. After laughing, he rubbed his nose as if he was embarrassed, before whispering, “I just came up with it myself today, and it’s only this small section…”

“Tong Tong is really great,” Mu Hanfeng did not mince his words in praise, “Teacher Mu is looking forward to your finished product.”

Tong Che’s eyes brightened even more. He nodded his head and said in a cheerful tone, “When I’m all done, you’ll definitely be the first I give it to.”

When Tong Che was a trainee, they sang and danced as a group, so he rarely had the opportunity to write and compose songs by himself. Later, he became popular because of his acting, and he was busy with various commercial announcements every day. There was no time to write songs.

Now that he had come to participate in this variety show, it had become a rare time for him to relax.

And Tong Che found that as long as Teacher Mu was around, he would be very creative.

Seeing that the little Omega had somehow launched himself into a daze again, Mu Hanfeng laughed lightly, “Tong Kitten, are you not singing anymore?”

Tong Che instantly returned to his senses, but after a pause, he still couldn’t resist asking, “Teacher Mu, you… why did you call me kitten?”

Mu Hanfeng was silent for a moment. Many thoughts passed through his mind, but in the end, what came out was, “I just think you’re as cute as a kitten.”

Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to talk to the little Omega about his bad habit of being too polite and too well-defined in boundaries, but when the words came to his mouth, he changed his mind.

Maybe if you’re a little bit nicer to this kitten, it will allow you to feed it well.

Tong Che was shy again for a while, and seeing that Mu Hanfeng had closed his eyes and didn’t want to chat anymore, he calmed down and continued to sing.

Once again, Mu Hanfeng did not take sleeping pills and managed to fall asleep to Tong Che’s clear singing, soothing his mind.

Tong Che stopped, took a sip of water, and couldn’t help staring at Mu Hanfeng through the soft light on the bedside.

When Mu Hanfeng was awake, Tong Che was often embarrassed to even look at him. Of course, now that there was a rare opportunity, Tong Che would not let it go.

Tong Che’s gaze unconsciously moved downward…

Alphas indeed have a physical advantage. The room had warm air conditioning, and Mu Han Feng’s quilt was casually placed around his waist So his upper body was revealed in front of Tong Che.

He was wearing black silk pyjamas, and the fabric was smooth and thin. And at this time, because he was lying down, the collar was wide open, exposing the sexy Adam’s apple and lean, sharp collarbones.

Tong Che stared unconsciously, and even reached out with his hands uncontrollably, wanting to touch it.

But just as his hand reached half-way, Mu Hanfeng suddenly moved.

Tong Che’s heart froze. He woke from his daze, and quickly withdrew his hand.

He held his breath and stared closely at Mu Hanfeng, not daring to move.

After staring for a while, he confirmed that Mu Hanfeng just rolled over and did not wake up.

Tong Che exhaled heavily, but he no longer dared to continue ogling. He immediately got into the bed and turned his back.

It was already quite late, and the day had a lot of emotional ups and downs. There had been many things to do before, and he did not feel sleepy. But when the head finally touched the pillow, not long after, Tong Che also drifted off to sleep.

Perhaps because of what happened during the day, as soon as he fell asleep, Tong Che actually dreamt of the night four years ago when he was drunk and given an induction drug by Lou Gui.

The feelings in the dream were very realistic. The feeling of powerlessness came as the mind was confused and the whole body had no strength. The anger in his heart kept colliding, which made Tong Che breathe even harder. The picture in the dream changed and the scene became a hotel room.

It is not the room they were living in now, but the room where Lou Gui sent him. The light was dim and ambiguous, the air filled with the tangled mixture of his pheromones and some kind of unknown ecstasy incense.

Tong Che exerted all his strength and struggled to sit up in bed. Just as he was about to try to jump out of the bed, a shadow suddenly fell over him.

A tall and strong Alpha with fierce looking features leaned closer with a dark light in his eyes and extended his hand towards him…

Tong Che started to struggle.

But this time, unlike the memory, he didn’t struggle for long before he heard another loud sound coming from the entrance of the room. The movement was so loud that both Tong Che and the Alpha in front of him froze.

Immediately after that, Tong Che saw a person walk in through the doorway. He was tall and long-legged, walking like he was carrying the wind, and his cold aura seemed to be able to freeze people on the spot.

The moment he saw that person, it was as if Tong Che couldn’t even breathe.

The person who came was none other than Mu Han Feng!

Mu Han Feng came closer, reached out and tugged on the Alpha’s back collar, roughly dragging him to the corner with one hand. He then came back and stood by the bed, bending down. Tong Che once again fell into the embrace filled with the scent of the ocean.

In the dream, Tong Che couldn’t tell what kind of feeling his heart felt when he saw and was picked up by Mu Hanfeng. It felt like seeing a superhero, or a superhero who came to save him.

But when he was carried out of the room by Mu Hanfeng, the heart-wrenching emotions seemed to fade away slowly, and the dream seemed to change in flavor.

In the dream, he was buried in Mu Han Feng’s arms. Tong Che slightly tilted his head and saw the sexy Adam’s apple half-hidden under the buttons of the black shirt.

Tong Che stared at it for two seconds, after which he made a very bold and daring move that he would never dare to do in reality anyway–

He raised his hand, using his index finger and thumb, and neatly undid the top buttons of Mu Hanfeng’s shirt.

After that, Tong Che made an effort to raise his neck to get closer, his lips covered the raised adam’s apple, and after a short pause, he quietly stuck out a little bit of tongue and licked it gently.

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