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ICYP Chapter 24


If not for being certified, Mu Hanfeng’s Weibo would have looked like a zombie account.

The last tweet before this one was in May of that year, more than half a year ago, retweeting the official announcement of the film crew’s opening ceremony.

But even if this person’s Weibo was so boring, his number of followers had broken 90 million.

It couldn’t be helped. The face value was too high, and the acting strength was too strong.

The fans keep bombarding Mu Han Feng’s last Weibo post, and they want to burn incense and worship Buddha to beg Mu the movie star to post another Weibo.

Mu Han Feng made another post, probably because the fans’ hard work finally touched the heavens. Although it was still a “retweet”, it was obviously a hundred times more powerful than retweeting the opening ceremony!

The comments exploded in no time…

“Husband, what are you talking about? Blink if you’ve been kidnapped! “

“Wake up upstairs! Who dares steal the account of the Ice God (fans’ favorite name for Mu Han Feng)? Unless they no longer want to be alive and happy?”

” Wuuu is brother standing up for Tong Che? I’m so touched! “

“My husband actually called that little demon O Tong Tong! I am the reincarnation of a vinegar spirit! “

“Husband, you can’t be fooled by that little fairy! You’ve only been recording for less than a week, so he probably hasn’t shown his true form yet! “

“Tong Che, that little bitch. It’s not enough to climb into the bed of some old man, but now you dare to seduce my husband! “

“Upstairs, please open your eyes and see clearly. It’s you, Mu Han Feng, who’s trying to stick up for our Che Che! Our Che-Che’s the only beauty! “

” The little O that I liked is being falsely accused. And now the big A has gone into the battlefield to help him. Good job! “

“Aww! Big brother Mu uses his strength to protect his wife [blush]”

“Fuck! The show hasn’t even started yet, but I’m already paying my respects! Mu Hanfeng-Tong Che, best CP “FengChe”! “

” I can use this CP name!”

” Am I the only one who reads the grievance in this sentence from Emperor Mu?”

“Hahaha upstairs, you are not alone! I also feel, hahaha, that the Movie Emperor is like an unchosen outcast. I don’t even know what nonsense I am babbling about! “

“Hahahaha Ice God’s last sentence! Am I not worthy? If I don’t deserve it, no one deserves it!]

“You deserve it! Emperor Mu, the only gold master! “

“You deserve to go straight to the top as a veteran attacker. What other gold masters!”


Mu Hanfeng’s fans and Tong Che’s fans tore at each other. Ordinary fans ate vinegar; CP fans were born; passer-by fans played funny jokes. The comment area was lively, and within five minutes, Mu Han Feng’s Weibo had become a hot search, and the tag was #Mu Hanfeng is not worthy of it! #

At the same time, Mu Hanfeng himself received “cordial greetings” from his agent, Yun Su.

Looking at the little Omega who was sitting beside him earnestly thinking of songs, Mu Hanfeng rejected the call from Yun Su without hesitation. He moved his finger and sent a WeChat message: “It’s inconvenient to talk, just type.”

The Yun Su at the other end was so angry that he almost spat blood: “Mu Han Feng! This is the bullshit PR plan you came up with? Do you think I’m too idle that you have to give me a whole lot of trouble to deal with? “

Mu Han Feng calmly typed: “What is the hurry? This is just the beginning.”

After a pause, he added a sentence: “Moreover, isn’t what I said not all true?”

Yun Su sent a long series of ellipses: “Facts my ass! What’s the matter, he didn’t climb into your bed and you’re feeling pitiful, right? “

Mu Hanfeng groaned, sent over an emoji, and then simply admitted: “I am indeed quite regretful.”

Yun Su didn’t send a message for two minutes. Maybe he was really angry with Mu Han Feng or was thinking about something, but when he sent a message, it was a question from his soul.

Mu Hanfeng, your attitude makes me panic. Are you really in love with that little O?

The moment he saw this sentence, Mu Han Feng’s fingers slightly stalled, and the smile on his face instantly died down.

After a long time, he coldly threw over four words: “You think too much.”

From the moment Tong Che was called out by Wang Qi, every word he said and every step he had taken was just him following his heart. Mu Hanfeng didn’t think of the reason why he had to do this, or why he couldn’t see Tong Che sad. Why did he seem to have endless patience with Tong Che and wanted to coax and beg him to help solve his problems.

Probably because he subconsciously felt that he was interested in Tong Che and that Tong Che could make him feel happy. So, in turn, he didn’t mind making Tong Che happy within the scope of his ability.

As for other things, whether he likes him or not…

The word “like” was too heavy for people like him to bear.

“Teacher Mu-Mu…” the little Omega stammered, bringing Mu Han Feng back to reality.

Mu Hanfeng inclined his head to look over and coincidentally swept into Tong Che’s cell phone interface, which had somehow changed from a song list to the microblog he had just posted.

Conquering his erratic thoughts, Mu Hanfeng smiled, “You’ve seen?”

Tong Che nodded his head dumbly.

Mu Hanfeng found it interesting to see his silly look, and asked, “Scared?”

Tong Che shook his head, “No… I am not scared. It’s just… Is it really okay for you to say that? “

“Why can’t I? Is there any problem with it? ” Mu Hanfeng flicked his finger on Tong Che’s forehead and suddenly asked, “Do you believe in Teacher Mu?”

Tong Che didn’t know why Mu Hanfeng suddenly asked this, but he only froze for a moment and then nodded seriously, “Of course I do.”

The smile under Mu Han Feng’s eyes deepened, and he reached out to rub a hand on Tong Che’s head again, “Well, believing in me is right. I will definitely solve it for you. “

The two of them were talking when a round figure came from not far away. It was Wang Qi who came.

Tong Che called out, “Director Wang.”

Wang Qi answered and smiled, “It’s so cold outside. Why don’t you go inside first?”

Tong Che hesitated for a moment. His problems were not yet solved, so he probably wouldn’t be able to record the show properly as he was not in good form after he went in. And it would affect everyone.

But before he could say this, Mu Hanfeng nodded his head, “Okay.”

Tong Che looked up at him, “Teacher Mu…”

Mu Hanfeng stretched out his hand and touched Tong Che’s cheek naturally, then said with a frown, “Your face is frozen. Why don’t you go in?”

Tong Che did not say anything. He rubbed his face hard, only to feel that the small piece of cheek touched by Mu Han Feng, suddenly started to burn.

Mu Hanfeng walked ahead of him, and Tong Che hurriedly followed him.

He had been standing outside for such a long time, but because his mind was completely occupied, he couldn’t feel the cold. But now that he relaxed, he felt that the cold wind of late autumn could seep into his bones.

Tong Che did not try to be brave, and he tightened the lapels of his coat, quickening his pace.

Wang Qi sighed as he walked, “Tsk, it seems that little prince Che is only listening to teacher Mu’s words na.”

He hesitated when he came and told him to go in, but when Mu Hanfeng said it, he quickly did it!

Tong Che’s face was red, but before he could speak, he saw Mu Han Feng glance at Wang Qi with his eyebrows raised, and a smug look, “Of course, Tong Tong only listens to me.”

Wang Qi: “……”

Now that there is no camera on, he really does not want to eat dog food here!

Tong Che secretly laughed. His phone vibrated, so he took it out and glanced at it, and the smile on his face disappeared again. It was a string of messages from Lou Gui-

Lou Gui: ” Emperor Mu actually tweeted on Weibo to back you up!”

Lou Gui: “It seems that he treats you very differently, this is simply a favor!”

Lou Gui: “Not bad, not bad, Che. Good job! “

Lou Gui: ” Why don’t you say two good words to him, so that he can do good deeds and help you again?”

Tong Che pursed his lips, thought about it, and returned: “You don’t even have to care about the follow-up this time. I will take care of it. Mr. Mu is not different towards me. I just made a deal with him. “

Tong Che was about to send the message when Mu Hanfeng’s voice sounded in his ear. He chuckled lightly, “I’m sorry, I accidentally caught a glimpse. Tong Tong, you just want to distance yourself from me?”

Tong Che paused. He realised that Mu Han Feng had misunderstood. He shook his head in a panic and hurriedly explained, “No teacher Mu, I just… I just can’t let him know that you are good to me. “

If he knew that Mu Hanfeng really treated him differently, he would want to drag Mu Hanfeng into everything in the future. Even if Mu Hanfeng didn’t respond, Lou Gui would brag about it outside under the banner of Emperor Mu. For being so kind to him, Tong Che would never drag a clean person like Teacher Mu down into the quagmire.

Of course, Mu Hanfeng understood Tong Che’s thoughts. What he said was meant to just tease the little Omega on purpose.

But looking at his serious explanation, Mu Hanfeng couldn’t help but feel his heart soften. He reached out and took away Tong Che’s cell phone. He deleted the line that Tong Che had typed but not sent out, and then made a call directly.

His tone had returned to his usual indifference, and even implied a warning, “You’re right, I’m just supporting Tongtong, and I treat him differently from others. So, in the future, before you try to make any calculations, remember to think about me first. “

Mu Hanfeng simply couldn’t restrain his anger when he remembered that Tong Che had been injected with an inducer and sent to another Alpha’s bed by Lou Gui. If he could, he wanted to change Tong Che’s agent immediately, and even wanted to settle accounts with him right down. But now is not a good opportunity.

The relationship between artists and managers is very delicate, because it is assumed that they are familiar with each other.

It is for this reason that if the artist and the manager fall apart and don’t pick a good time to do it, the artist is likely to get a backlash from the manager. Many artists’ reputations had been ruined and could be used as lessons in the circle, as most had been exposed by their managers or had a lot of negative information fabricated against them.

Mu Hanfeng will not let Tong Che become one of these.

However, he is very vengeful. He will remember this, Lou Gui. When he finds a suitable opportunity, he will not be soft-hearted.

As for now…

Now what Mu Han Feng wants to do is to tell Lou Gui bluntly that he will support Tong Che in the future, so that Lou Gui will be afraid.

Lou Gui obviously didn’t expect to suddenly hear the ” master” speak. He trembled for a long time, then came back to his senses and shakily said: “Yes, I will listen to you!”

Mu Hanfeng returned the phone to Tong Che, but saw that the little Omega had frozen up again. He reached out and snapped his fingers in front of Tong Che’s eyes, “I’m sorry, I made my own decision. Do you mind?”

Tong Che came back to his senses, and the tip of his heart overflowed with warmth and surprise. Of course, he knew that Mu Hanfeng was saying this to him, so how could he possibly mind?

Shaking his head, he smiled at Mu Hanfeng and said, “Teacher Mu, thank you very much.”

Finally, walking back to the door of the cabin, Wang Qi opened the door and rushed in as if he were fleeing. He was a single dog, tired of the dog food!

In the house, Mi Beibei and Ning Ran, Yin Lan, and Xiao Yao had all temporarily obtained their mobile phones, and they naturally saw the “grand occasion” on Weibo. As soon as Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng entered, they received meaningful gazes from four people and eight eyes. However, Mi Beibei was the first to react. She skipped the intriguing gossip between the two and said sincerely, “Brother Che, if there is anything we can help you with, just mention it.”

“That’s right,” Ning Ran took over, “I know the director of that ancient web show you were in before, I can contact him if I need to.”

Yin Lan also half-joked, “Yes, Xiao Che, who bullied you? You must say it, I and Xiao will go beat him! “

Xiao Yao followed and nodded, rolling up his sleeves to show off his muscles.

Obviously, they all did not misunderstand Tong Che just because of that kind of hot search. For one thing, they were in the same circle, and could see things more clearly than netizens; second, Tong Che was an upstanding person, and everyone could see it with their eyes.

Tong Che was grateful and said, “Thank you guys, I really appreciate it, but…”

Tong Che paused, turned his head to look at Mu Hanfeng, and said, with shyness and joy, “Mr. Mu has already promised to help me.”

This little look of his fell in Mu Hanfeng’s eyes, simply tickling his heart.

Mu Hanfeng could not restrain himself. He reached out and gently pinched on Tong Che’s earlobe, and as he wished, he saw a blush tint there.

Everyone laughed and made good-natured coaxing sounds.

Mu Hanfeng still had to continue dealing with the follow-up, Tong Che wanted to follow him but was held back by the shoulders and pressed in place, “I said leave it all to me, you just play with them.”

Mi Beibei hurriedly handed over a milk candy and pointed to the cards piled up on the small coffee table, “Brother Che, Mr. Mu can definitely handle it. You just play board games with us, okay?”

Tong Che looked at Mu Han Feng again. The latter gave him a reassuring look, so he nodded, “Okay, but I don’t play very well.”

“That’s okay,” Yin Lan immediately said, “I’m good at board games, I’ll teach you.”

The atmosphere was lively, and Wang Qi opened a camera to record the footage.

On the other hand, Mu Hanfeng went to a corner and contacted Yunsu to make the studio work. He didn’t stay idle either and kept contacting his contacts.


Noon was a small peak time for traffic on a weekday.

A marketing account named “Entertainment Circle Melon Eater” sent out a microblog.

“The news about the fresh meat Tong Che today can be said to be boisterous. This melon eater couldn’t hold back and contacted Tong Che’s former co-trainee, Zhang Yang, and finally learned the truth of the matter!

The purpose of the video was to make a short film to really bring in the character! That’s right, the video you see is a small part of the original internal short film he was supposed to act out! I have to say, at that time, little prince Che was already so dedicated [thumbs up].

This Weibo came out, and Zhang Yang, with four or five artists who were trainees with Tong Che at the time, and are also doing well now, retweeted and affirmed this statement. They all mentioned that Tong Che had been working very hard back then…

Netizens were still sceptical about this statement.

But Mu Hanfeng didn’t intend for them to believe it now. He had the studio secretly change the wind direction, shifting the focus to “Tong Che’s dedication and hard work” and “Tong Che’s good acting skills.”

A quarter of an hour later, the director of “Fengyu Dynasty” also posted a blog…

” I didn’t know Tong Che when he was a trainee, so I don’t have the right to speak. But I can still tell you some of my opinions about him since he joined the group last year and we met.

Tong Che is an Omega actor, I don’t mean to discriminate against omegas in any way, I just want to say the truth.

Compared with an alpha, his physical fitness is relatively weaker, and his skin is more tender. But when we were filming, the July scorching sun was in the sky and he was wearing four or five layers of costumes, but he never complained of the “heat”; he never shouted in “pain”. With this tenacity, I would never believe that he was someone who would take shortcuts through special means.

In addition, there are comments on the internet claiming that Tong Che got this role through unjustifiable means. This is not only an insult to Tong Che, but also an insult to me! As a director, I can tell you responsibly that this is simply nonsense! Today, I’m making an exception and releasing a clip of Tong Che’s original audition for everyone to see. Tong Che is a newcomer with great potential, and he deserves more trust and recognition!”

Below the tweet, there was a video attached, which was an excerpt of Tong Che’s audition at that time.

Anyone who knew a little about acting could feel it. In this video, Tong Che’s acting was very agile. Although his skills were indeed not mature enough, the aura was really rare.

Even those who didn’t know how to act couldn’t help but be impressed by Tong Che after watching this short video.

This post was soon forwarded by the other creators and stars of “Fengyu Dynasty.” Most of them praised both Tong Che’s acting skills and personality.

Of course, this did not include Qi Xie.

While the heat was boiling up, Mi Beibei and Ning Ran, Yin Lan, and Xiao Yao also spoke out together, making it clear that they all believed in Tong Che.

By this time, the netizens had already changed their minds about Tong Che for the most part. If Tong Che was really that bad of a person, why would there be so many big names coming out to speak for him?

If this is all by the golden master, then this golden master is too awesome. They all want it!

A few moments later, Mu Hanfeng looked at the latest message from Yun Su, and the corners of his lips hooked up in a mocking smile.

He got up, walked to Tong Che’s side, and called out, “Tong Tong.”

Tong Che had just finished a game and was waiting for Yin Lan to deal out the cards. When he heard Mu Han Feng call him, he looked up and was about to stand up, “Teacher Mu? Is there something you need me to do? “

“No,” Mu Hanfeng gently pressed on his shoulder, “No need to stand up. I just want to show you something.”

Mu Hanfeng put the phone screen in front of Tong Che’s eyes.

Tong Che followed and looked over, and couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise.

On the screen was a side view picture of two people. One of whom was a bald man with a fat body and was holding the waist of the other.

And the other one turned out to be Qi Xie!

The most shocking thing was that, above the heads of the two, was a signboard with big words clearly on it: Zishu Hotel.

No matter how good and simple Tong Che is, he has been in the circle for four years. If he still can’t understand this kind of photo, he is a real fool.

Qi Xie whether popular or not, was also in the circle anyway. And his looks were excellent, so there was no reason for finding a greasy man like the one in the photo for anything besides money.

Tong Che pursed his lips, not knowing what to say for a while.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

Compared with anger, at this moment, Tong Che felt more amused. Qi Xie himself was unscrupulous for money. He could keep his respect, and not be concerned with Tong Che. But this person even threw the same dirty water on him. It was really incomprehensible.

“I’m going to find a marketing account to put this photo out,” Mu Han Feng took back his phone and gently pinched the bridge of Tong Che’s nose, “What does Tong Tong think?”

Tong Che didn’t answer in a hurry, as if he was thinking about something. Mu Hanfeng thought that Tong Che was being soft again and advised in a low voice, “Tong Tong, there is no need for you to be soft with this person, Qi Xie.”

“No,” Tong Che smiled, “I am not thinking about that. I am thinking about whether the person behind this Qi Xie is powerful. Won’t it affect you? “

Tong Che did not know the greasy big man in the photo. But in his opinion, since he was a gold master, albeit a small star, he should be wealthy and powerful.

Mu Han Feng understood that the little Omega was worried about him. The corners of his lips rose up again. He reached out and gently patted the top of Tong Che’s hair, half serious and half coaxing, “Don’t worry, I am much more powerful than him.”

Tong Che’s only hint of concern was dispelled just like that. He nodded, “Well, I’ll listen to you.”


Within a few minutes, at 12:30 p.m., a new wave of revelations appeared, completely turning the situation around.

This wave of news had nothing to do with Tong Che; it was all about Qi Xie.

The evidence that Qi Xie deliberately blackened Tong Che this time, and the photos where Qi Xie was with a bald Alpha man going in and out of the hotel, were all released in one breath.

The reversal was so shocking that netizens were dumbfounded, and after they recovered, the internet exploded.

“Fuck! What kind of unbelievable reversal is this? Even TV dramas don’t dare shoot like this! “

“My mom, I’m dumb! This melon today is so exciting, I feel like a wild animal jumping up and down in the melon field! “

“So Qi Xie himself hugged a golden thigh, but even turned around and framed Tong Che. Is it possible to have a backhanded rake?Is this brain circuit human? “

“Qi Xie’ trash! You’re lying in the trash, and you want to drag our Che-Che into it too! “

“Qi Xie, get out of the entertainment industry!”

“Qi Xie out of the entertainment industry, +1!”

“+ ID number! I used to think he was a good guy… eww. This is what it’s like to eat shit! “


At this point, Tong Che’s PR crisis was completely lifted, and the desired goal was fully achieved – to return Tong Che to a clean slate, without mentioning Han Qing.

Qi Xie probably never thought, after working so hard to get all that material on Tong Che, it would be cleverly resolved and made it that he lifted a stone and smashed himself to death.

There, Qi Xie tried to grab the last straw and kept contacting the gold master, but found that the other party had already blocked him.

He could not do anything but go mad at his manager’s assistant and a group of staff.

Tong Che did not care about him anymore.

For Han Qing, Tong Che softened his heart because he really treated him better. He would not forgive Han Qing, but he did not want to take revenge on him. However, they could not be friends again, even if the grudge was cleared.

But for Qi Xie, Tong Che would not be soft-hearted. He really has no conscience. From the beginning to the end he did not do anything wrong to Qi Xie. With this ending, it was completely self-inflicted and Qi Xie deserved it.

Lou Gui still had a psychological shadow from hearing Mu Hanfeng’s voice before. So he didn’t dare to talk nonsense, and only told Tong Che that Solace had contacted him again, saying that the cooperation was as usual, and confirmed the signing of the contract again.

After all the problems were solved, Tong Che ran to Mu Hanfeng’s side, wanting to give him another thank you.

But before he opened his mouth to call out “Teacher Mu,” Mu Hanfeng interrupted him as if he had expected it, “Tong Tong, don’t always say “thank you”. How about a different word? “

Tong Che blinked blankly, ” Which word?”

Mu Han Feng had been so focused on the problem at hand, but now that he was completely relaxed, he couldn’t help but look at such a silly little Omega.

He took off his glasses, came close to Tong Che as he smiled, and said in a low voice, “Come on, call me brother, and I hear.”

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