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ICYP Chapter 23


“Xiao Che,” Lou Gui called out when he didn’t hear Tong Che’s voice, “Are you listening?”

Tong Che took a deep breath, managed to stand up and steady himself, before answering, “Yes, I’m listening.”

Hearing his answer, Lou Gui immediately cursed, “If you ask me, this Han Qing is really a wolf dog. I remember when you really thought of him as a friend.”


At that time, out of the ten trainees, Lou Gui paid the most attention to Tong Che, of course, because he was good-looking and wanted to send him to the gold master’s bed. However, because of this attention, Lou Gui remembered that Tong Che and Han Qing were always inseparable from each other.

Tong Che didn’t say anything, but his eyes were filled with mockery. He didn’t understand how a person like Lou Gui had the face to call someone else a wolf dog.

Lou Gui scolded for a while before noticing that Tong Che hadn’t said anything, so he stopped talking. He then remembered something and asked again. “But little Che, have you noticed anything wrong in the past two days? For example, have you received some strange phone calls or something like that? “

Qi Xie had obviously prepared for this blackout of Tong Che, but Lou Gui still wanted to know whether there was any warning beforehand.

He wanted to say “no,” but in a flash, he remembered the missed call on his phone last night. He didn’t know who the person was, and most people wouldn’t care about a missed call from a strange number. But after all, Tong Che is really popular now, and it is difficult for others to know his mobile phone number except those in the circle or someone deliberately looking for it.

Pursing his lips, Tong Che still said, “No.”

He couldn’t trust Lou Gui and didn’t want to say too much to him.

Lou Gui did not doubt it, and turned to talking about the PR plan, “Xiao Che, the company executives, and I came to the same conclusion. You also know that this time the black material blew up with sufficient evidence. Forcing a whitewash by saying that you had not taken the inducer would be of little use. It is better to admit it and say that you were framed by Han Qing in the first place, and now Han Qing and Qi Xie have joined hands to trap you. It just so happens that we now have…”

Lou Gui wanted to say that they already had the evidence that Han Qing had provided Qi Xie with the video, plus the marketing number to run through the whole thing again, so it would not only cleanse Tong Che, but also sell a wave of misery and attract another group of fans, which was perfect.

However, before the latter words could be spoken, they were interrupted by Tong Che. Tong Che’s voice was not too loud, and his tone was not strong, but it clearly conveyed his heart’s determination, “I don’t agree.”

Lou Gui suddenly had a momentary trance. He remembered four years ago, when Tong Che was still a trainee, and he first proposed to Tong Che that he should find a gold-owner. At the time, the younger and more youthful little Omega, just like now, changed his usual good and sensible nature. Without hesitation, he said four words, “I don’t want to.”

At this moment, Lou Gui felt a little regretful. If he had known that Tong Che could be so popular now, he might not have done that in the first place.

But reality didn’t sell pills of regret, so it was good that there was still room to turn things around.

It was just that…

“Xiao Che,” Lou Gui was a bit anxious, “This is the best plan. It can cleanse you off properly. Why are you still dissatisfied? “

“Even if the video was passed on by Han Qing,” Tong Che’s tone was cold, but with a stubborn seriousness, “You and I both know very well that he wasn’t the one who gave me the induction agent in the first place. If he didn’t, wouldn’t it still be a frame-up? “

“Little Che!” Lou Gui felt that Tong Che was unbelievable and said, “What frame-up or not, you’re not being kind anymore, you’re being stupid! “How come you can’t be unjust to him?”


Tong Che fell silent. After a long time, he clenched his phone and said in one breath, “Brother Lou, it’s because I don’t want to be the same as you.”

Just like you, you can frame and plant others with impunity for your own benefit.

Lou Gui’s breath stagnated, and the sound of “Brother Lou” seemed to be slapped on his face, making him so hot that he didn’t speak for a while.

“I’ll think of something, “Tong Che continued, “and I’ll contact you when I’ve thought of it. But don’t respond until then, or I’ll keep my word. “

Keeping which word? Of course, it was to hold a press conference to make the truth clear and to die with Lou Gui.

Lou Gui knew that Tong Che was serious and that he could do what he said. So, he didn’t dare to say anything more. He just sighed softly, “I really don’t see what is there in that Han Qing that is worth losing your future. “

Tong Che thought in his heart, not for Han Qing’s sake, but for his own bottom line.

He was not a saintly mother; the revenge he should have taken would be repaid, and the kindness he should remember, he could not forget. It was just that there was no need to explain any of this to Lou Gui. A person like Lou Gui would never understand.

“I’m hanging up.” Tong Che spat out the last words and hung up the phone straight away.

Putting away the phone, Tong Che tilted his head towards the side, as if he had only just reacted to the fact that Mu Hanfeng had listened to the whole thing. In this second, the little Omega, who had been so cold to the core the previous second, blushed again.He looked at Mu Hanfeng with some blush and asked softly, “Teacher Mu, do you also think I’m stupid?”

In fact, when Lou Gui initially came up with that PR plan, Mu Hanfeng did think it was not bad.

He is not Tong Che. He is not so kind-hearted; once in the circle before, in order to have a place in the Mu family, in order to have an early chip to compete with his so-called father, in order to have enough capital to retaliate against those who wanted to retaliate, he also had to do whatever it took.

Not to mention that this Han Qing that Lou Gui said, to Mu Hanfeng’s ears, hadn’t done anything good for him.

Mu Hanfeng would not be soft if it could clean up the little Omega. However, listening to Tong Che’s calm but firm reply, Mu Hanfeng suddenly changed his mind again.

The little Omega had his own ideas and judgments, his own principles and boundaries that he always insisted on. He was so clear about his grudges and grievances. Although the little omega was different from him, wasn’t it precisely this kind of Tong Che that attracted him? Thus, Mu Hanfeng smiled, gently rubbed the top of Tong Che’s hair again, and seriously replied, “Not silly, Tong Che is doing very well.”

However, praise is praise, but the Alpha’s desire for possession and victory can sometimes come without any reasoning.

Without waiting for Tong Che to say anything, Mu Hanfeng added, “But Tong Tong, that what’s-his-name Han Qing, is he the one whose leg trousers you pulled in the video?”

Tong Che gave a start, not knowing if it was his illusion, but he actually heard two sour notes in Mu Hanfeng’s tone of voice in this sentence!

Trying his best to ignore this strange thought, Tong Che nodded his head and pulled out a self-deprecating smile, “Yes, Han Qing was, what I just told you, my roommate at that time, and also a good friend.”

Mu Hanfeng only felt a fishy sweetness in his throat, even more than before .

First, he was pitied by his own manager, and then he was betrayed by his so-called best friend. The little Omega was obviously so good, obviously deserving of a straight path, so why did he have to suffer all this?

“But,” Tong Che hung his head and stared at the dead branches on the ground, his voice a little softer, “but I think that maybe he is having some difficulties.”

On one hand, from a rational analysis, if Han Qing had really recorded the video on purpose at that time, it made absolutely no sense to wait until now for Qi Xie to find him before releasing it.

He had come all the way to four years now; that is, he had been popular for almost a year. It had been such a long time, and Han Qing could have blackened him whenever he wanted to. Why did he have to wait so long?

On the other hand, emotionally, Tong Che still feels that at the beginning, Han Qing really did treat him as a friend too. Since he was a child, Tong Che was already sensitive because of his family, and he could clearly tell whether people treated him with sincerity or not.

What’s more, Han Qing could pretend for a while, but it’s hard to pretend for three years. He and Han Qing had known each other since their first day as trainees, and the two of them had been in the same dormitory. Eating together, training together, and sleeping together every day. The night he was given an induction drug by Lou Gui, it was Han Qing who carried him back to the dormitory, gave him a suppressant, and stayed up to take care of him the whole night.

This kindness was always remembered by Tong Che. If it hadn’t been for Han Qing, Tong Che really didn’t know what would have happened to him that night.

It was because of this kindness that Tong Che did not agree to Lou Gui’s proposal.

He and Han Qing had been inseparable for three years, until last summer, when Lou Gui helped him get an audition slot for that ancient We drama, and he actually auditioned successfully for the team.

Han Qing, on the other hand, remained a trainee at the company, waiting for a chance to make a name for himself.

For the first half month after he joined the group, Tong Che talked to Han Qing every night, as if they were still working together as trainees.

But then, gradually, Han Qing stopped contacting him, and when Tong Che contacted him, only one of the three calls he made would get through, and even when they did, Han Qing would hang up on the pretext of various things. Tong Che asked him many times if something was wrong, but he always said nothing was wrong.

At that time, Tong Che himself was working hard every day filming a movie, and gradually, the contact between the two of them became less and less.

When Tong Che finished shooting, the first thing on his mind was to go back to the company to look for Han Qing. But when he returned, he was told that Han Qing had already quit the team, or one could say that he had quit the circle.

And before that, Han Qing hadn’t even sent him a single message.

Tong Che sent messages to Han Qing, but found that Han Qing had already blacklisted him. He even looked for the home address that Han Qing had left when he first registered, but the house had long since changed owners, saying that they did not know Han Qing.

Later on, Tong Che began to catch up with notices day and night, running around busily.

Only when he couldn’t sleep at night did Tong Che have time to think about his time as a trainee and the only good friend he ever had.

It was strange that Tong Che couldn’t really contact Han Qing anymore, even though his social skills were so advanced. He didn’t want to talk about these things to anyone, and there was no one to talk to. But perhaps it was because he had been holding it in his heart for too long, or perhaps Mu Hanfeng looked too gentle today. In any case, Tong Che only hesitated for a moment and then told Mu Hanfeng all about it.

After listening, Mu Hanfeng was silent for a long time. He wanted to comfort Tong Che, but he didn’t know what he could say. Words are always too pale and powerless at such times, so it would be better to have something more practical.

So, Mu Hanfeng said in a deep voice, “If you want to look for him, I can help.”

Tong Che shook his head and spoke again about the missed call from last night.

Mu Hanfeng understood what he meant, “You are thinking that it could be Han Qing who called you?”

Tong Che nodded his head.

Mu Hanfeng then asked again, “Do you want to call then?”

This time, Tong Che paused for a longer time. As if he had made up his mind, he nodded again, and at the same time, his finger crossed to the unfamiliar number on his mobile phone screen. After a second’s delay, he finally called back.

The moment the “beep” sounded, Tong Che subconsciously held his breath.

Mu Hanfeng held Tong Che’s back and gave him two gentle pats to soothe him. He actually felt a little more at ease and quietly waited for the call to be answered.

However, the “beep” sounded for a long time, so long that Tong Che was ready to give up, but the phone suddenly came through.

Tong Che’s breath instantly tightened, and he paused before tentatively saying “hello.”

It took another two seconds before a familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar soft call came out of the phone, “Che bao.”

Tong Che couldn’t hold it in any longer. He bit his lip and let out a cry, angry and aggrieved, “Han Qing, you still know to call me! Why don’t you just vanish forever? “

“I’m sorry,” Han Qing’s tone was heavy with guilt and pain, “I’m really sorry, I’m really desperate. My mother has been in the hospital for almost a year, I really need the money, otherwise my mother will soon be taken off her medication! “


He took a breath and asked in a soft voice, “When did Auntie get sick?”

Han Qing’s voice paused, as if he was hesitating whether to tell Tong Che, but he finally said, “It was during the time you were filming last year.”

He subconsciously clutched Mu Hanfeng’s wrist, barely holding himself up from falling to the ground, his lips trembling as he asked incredulously, “Then why didn’t you tell me at that time?”

Han Qing let out a bitter laugh, “At that time, you had only been in the group for a short while, and you didn’t have much money. Not to mention that filming was still so tiring, so if I had told you, it would have only added to your burden of worry. What else would it have done? “

Tong Che’s voice went mute and he yelled out in a rare rage, “Even if it was useless at that time, but when I became popular and had money, why didn’t you contact me? Why didn’t you say anything? “

Han Qing’s voice sounded tired as he murmured, “My mother’s illness burns money, really burns money. It’s like a bottomless pit. You’ve been suffering for three years. You’ve barely made it out. How can I drag you into this and become a burden to you? Besides, I was the one who fought to the death not to tell you in the first place, and I was the one who unilaterally broke off contact with you, so how could I have the face to ask you to lend me money afterwards? “

Tong Che’s eyes were red and he was about to vomit blood as he questioned, word for word, “Han Qing, if you don’t have the face to ask me for money, how can you have the face to betray me for money?”

It was as if Han Qing had been poked at a painful point inside his heart, and his breathing instantly sharpened, as if he wanted to say a lot of things, but in the end, all that came out was a crying “I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry.”

Tong Che was clutching his mobile phone. His knuckles were so hard that they turned white, his heart was suddenly filled with a wave of speechless exhaustion, and with a strong breath, he asked, “Han Qing, that video, did you record it on purpose in the first place?”

The moment these words left his mouth, Tong Che held his breath in disbelief.

The next second, he heard Han Qing reply, “No.”

“Chebao,” Han Qing slowed down and repeated, “It really wasn’t. I know you won’t believe me anymore, but at the beginning, I really treated you as a friend, and I really didn’t want to harm you. “

Tong Che bit his lower lip and said two words in a dumb voice, “I believe.”

He believed that Han Qing was telling the truth, but he also felt a little bit of remorse. He regretted why he hadn’t been more assertive, more perceptive, and more resolute in the first place. If he had known that Han Qing’s mother was sick and they had worked together to find a way, they wouldn’t have ended up in this situation today.

But more than remorse, Tong Che was still angry.

In the end, he was angry that Han Qing had chosen to betray him, even if he really had deep-seated misery.

Tong Che asked himself if, if their positions were switched, he would never have treated Han Qing like this.
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As if he hadn’t expected him to say that, Han Qing’s breath hitched and he couldn’t control his tears any longer, “Chebao, it’s all my fault. I’m really a bad person… When Qi Xie found me, it was all because I was so deluded and larded up! “

He cursed himself unmercifully for many unpleasant words before he broke off to tell what had happened.

There was really nothing to tell, it was just as Tong Che thought.

When Qi Xie first found him, he had already found out that Tong Che had been given an induction agent. Although that incident did not stir up any water at that time, after all, there was no impervious wall, so if one had the will to investigate, they could always find out.

But although he found it, he had only “heard of such a thing”. There was no so-called “real hammer,” so he contacted Han Qing, who was said to be very close to Tong Che at the time.

Tong Che had to admit that Qi Xie is much more attentive to this kind of thing than his acting.

He didn’t take the risk of contacting Han Qing, but did his homework and found out that Han Qing had indeed retired from the industry and had a mother who had been sick and in the hospital. He then checked on Tong Che’s side and found out that he had a full schedule every day after Han Qing’s retirement from the industry, and no paparazzi had taken any photos of him going to the hospital once.

From this, Qi Xie made an inference: -Tong Che and Han Qing had most likely fallen apart.

Although he didn’t know why they had fallen out, it was obviously to his advantage. So he approached Han Qing and asked him if he knew anything about Tong Che’s use of induction drugs and whether there was any evidence left behind, and offered him a very high price.

Han Qing initially refused.

He did have evidence in his hands, namely the video. But that video, indeed, was not intentionally recorded by him in the first place.

On the night when Tong Che was given the inducer, he was practising in his practise room, and they would habitually turn on the video equipment when they were practicing. He went to get some water in the middle of the session and left the video camera on, and came back to find that Tong Che had already appeared in his practise room.

At that time, Han Qing was so focused on Tong Che that he didn’t care about the video recorder. And later on, the two of them had indeed completely forgotten that there was a video recorder.

When Han Qing saw the video again, it was already the year when he decided to quit the business and packing up his things at the company.

At that time, he did not delete the video, not to keep it to blacken Tong Che, but because he felt that it was also a memory that he and Tong Che had, and that he might not be able to be friends again in the future, but he wanted to keep every memory.

But time had changed, and Han Qing was, in the end, worn out by reality, by his mother’s declining health, and by the increasingly high medical bills.

When he first refused, Qi Xie didn’t give up immediately and even raised the price, asking him to think about it.

Han Qing thought he would still refuse, but it was at that same time that he was called by the doctor and signed the liability letter. His mother was going to have another operation, and this was the first time he had signed this in almost a year. He was also reminded by the doctor that there was not enough money on his card.

Han Qing hadn’t seen his dad since he was a kid. He heard that he was a keen gambler and had ended up gambling himself in. He had always been dependent on his mother, and at times like these, he couldn’t stand by and watch his mother leave him too. So, in the end, he found the video, cut out the back of the footage with himself in it, and sent the front of the video, which was “solid” enough to send to Qi Xie.

As for the phone call he made to Tong Che last night, he couldn’t resist, but it was just his conscience after he had done something wrong.

Other people sold their bodies to bury their fathers, while he, Han Qing, sold his friends to save his mother.

“Che… Che Bao,” Han Qing finally finished speaking, already sobbing, “I’m telling you this, not to excuse myself, I know I’m really sorry. I just want you to know that, at the beginning, I really didn’t want to harm you either. “

After hearing the whole story, Tong Che became calmer. He opened his mouth, one sentence at a time, “Han Qing, when Qi Xie was looking for you, you should have contacted me. Even if you used that video to threaten me and ask me for money, it was better than betraying me directly. “

But now all this talk has become empty talk after all. Things had already happened, and there was no way to change them.

They are all adults now. Han Qing was silent for a long time. He slowed down a bit, stopped crying, and turned to say, “Has Lou already found out about me? Is he trying to put all the blame on my head? Don’t be stubborn and just listen to him, okay? I’ve already got all the money from Qi Xie, and I’m not likely to be in the circle anymore. Besides, it’s true that I’ve wronged you; I owe you. “

Tong Che’s nails sank into his palm so hard that the pain made him slightly awake. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, Tong Che’s tone returned to cold and indifferent, “Han Qing, listen carefully. I won’t do this, but I won’t forgive you either.”

Han Qing lost his voice again, and after a long time, he let out a long sigh, his tone almost extravagant, “Che Bao, can I see you again?”

Tong Che suddenly turned around and threw himself into Mu Hanfeng’s arms, his head buried tightly in the crook of his neck, suppressing his sobs. “We’ll see.”

After that, he simply hung up the phone and put it back into his pocket in an almost panicked manner. Mu Hanfeng, on the other hand, was not as pleased.He felt the side of his neck was already wet. Every tear from little Omega’s eyes fell on the nape of his neck, but even more so on his heart, making him feel a dull ache at the tip of his heart.

Before this, Mu Hanfeng had never really known that he could feel hurt for someone to such an extent.

Mu Hanfeng no longer wanted to hold back, no longer needed the little Omega to say a few words or a soft word to him. He even thought that, as long as little Omega could smile again, it would be fine to pick the moon for him.

Mu Hanfeng patted Tong Che’s back and coaxed in a low voice, “Tong Tong, I am here. I am here to solve it all according to your idea, okay?”

However, Mu Hanfeng did not expect that the little Omega in his arms would tremble violently when he finished saying this sentence.

Tong Che even stopped his tears for a moment. He lifted his head from Mu Hanfeng’s embrace and looked at Mu Hanfeng in a daze. His lips moved, “Mu… Teacher Mu, are you saying you’re serious?”

Mu Hanfeng only thought it was because Tong Che didn’t believe him, and his tone was even more gentle, “Of course it’s true.”

But a flash of fear crossed Tong Che’s eyes, and he subconsciously took a step backwards, withdrawing from Mu Hanfeng’s embrace, shaking his head in panic, “No, there’s no need for Teacher Mu to help me.”

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows. He found that this little Omega was really interesting.

Always refusing to give in to what others begged for.

But the good thing was that he had patience. Mu Hanfeng looked down into Tong Che’s eyes. His tone was good. “Then tell me, why don’t you want Teacher Mu’s help?”

Tong Che’s face was white, his cheeks were still streaked with tears, and his hair was messy.

He pursed his lips and subconsciously clenched his fingers again, as if organising his words, “Teacher Mu, I’m not telling you all this just to ask you to help me. I’m not trying to play the pity game with you… I, I just… “

He wanted to say that he had just really been alone and under pressure for too long. Whether it was when Lou Gui had given him the induction while he was drunk, or later when Han Qing had suddenly left without saying goodbye, he could only keep it buried deep in his heart.

He was too busy every day, too busy catching up on notices, too busy making money, too busy running forward, too busy to remember the past, too busy to feel sad, too busy to feel sorry for himself.

But the presence of Mr. Mu beside him today was like a gaping hole suddenly opened in his heart, and that phone call just now was like a bomb that blew up everything he had buried deep in his heart. So explosive that he could no longer hold back and let it out on Mu Hanfeng.

If Mu Hanfeng could not dislike him, be willing to listen to him, and be willing to lend him his shoulder, Tong Che was already really grateful.

Anything more, he had never thought about it.

But these words were too long. Tong Che’s head was so chaotic right now that he couldn’t even say them, so he could only pick the most important ones and say, “Teacher Mu, really, really thank you. Believe it or not, but, I really never wanted you to help me from the beginning to the end. This is my own quagmire, I can’t drag you into it as well.”


After saying that, Tong Che even bent down and wanted to give Mu Hanfeng a bow.

But just as he lowered his head, his shoulders were steadily held by a pair of strong hands, and Mu Hanfeng’s voice was low and concise, “Tong Tong, I believe you, but can you think about it?”

Tong Che’s body stalled. He slowly raised his head and looked at Mu Hanfeng, as if he couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

This expression fell on Mu Hanfeng’s eyes, and it made him almost breathless again.

At this moment, Mu Hanfeng really wanted to know how Tong Che had come all this way, how he had grown so big, whether no one had ever treated him well, or just this little kindness. When it came to Tong Che, how did it seem to become a great kindness?

Mu Hanfeng closed his eyes, and his tone was as relaxed and gentle as possible. “Tong Tong, we are…”

As if searching for the right word, he paused before picking up again, “We are a CP. It’s completely reasonable for me to help you. Besides, it’s not a difficult task for me. “

Mu Hanfeng really wasn’t talking big, he already had a preliminary PR plan in mind, one that would whitewash Tong Che and still meet Tong Che’s requirements-not involving Han Qing.

But Tong Che still shook his head, “Teacher Mu, I really don’t want to bother you. I… I can figure out a way on my own.”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t answer. He lit another cigarette and took a hard drag before suddenly asking Tong Che, “Tong Tong, what are you worried about?”

As if he had been poked in the heart, Tong Che lowered his head in panic and stopped looking at Mu Hanfeng. He did not make a sound. He was indeed worried, but he didn’t want to say it out loud to let Mu Hanfeng know. Before this, Mu Hanfeng had been kind to him, and he knew it and accepted it gladly.

Because all the previous “goodness” was within the circle that Tong Che had drawn for himself, it did not make him feel frightened. But now, Mu Hanfeng’s offer to help him solve such a big problem, such a big “good”, was already was beyond the boundaries of his circle.

Just like if a person gives him a piece of chocolate, he won’t be afraid. But when this person buys an entire chocolate factory and gives it to him, Tong Che won’t dare to take it.

It was too great a favor, and Tong Che was afraid that he could not stand it, could not afford it, and would have to give more in exchange.

It’s not that he couldn’t trust Mu Hanfeng, he just couldn’t trust that he deserved to be treated well by someone who didn’t ask for anything in return.

But he could not say all of this out loud.

What if Mr. Mu misunderstood, misunderstood that he couldn’t trust him, and thought that he didn’t know any better?

The more Tong Che thought about it, the sadder he became. He then heard Mu Hanfeng speak again, “Tong Tong, you don’t believe in me, do you?”

Tong Che’s breath tightened. He was really afraid of what would happen.

He shook his head desperately, his throat dry with anxiety, “No, Teacher Mu, I don’t, ahem… I don’t believe you. I… ahem.. ahem.. “

Mu Hanfeng pondered Tong Che’s thought process carefully. His guess was probably 10% accurate. Of course, he knew that Tong Che believed in him, and he asked for this sentence so that the little Omega could speak and keep on talking.

But even so, Mu Hanfeng hadn’t expected Tong Che to react so strongly, and he instantly regretted that he hadn’t used a gentler method.

“Got it,” Mu Hanfeng said softly as he patted Tong Che on the back.He thought about it, and tentatively released a little bit of pheromone, wrapping it around Tong Che’s whole body as he coaxed, in a low voice, “I know you believe in me. Just relax, be good. “

Mu Hanfeng’s movements, voice, and even pheromones were all full of soothing meaning, and Tong Che finally slowly calmed down.

He quietly sighed in relief and added, “Tong Che, you don’t have to think too much. I’m not helping you unconditionally either. “

Tong Che was stunned, but his eyes brightened up. It was better to have a conditional deal than to accept a kindness that he could not afford to pay back.

Tong Che hurriedly said, “Teacher Mu, you say it!”

Mu Hanfeng clenched his fist against his lips and coughed falsely, hiding the slight smile that rose to the corners of his lips, “Tong Tong, you sang to me last night and I slept well. From tonight until the end of the recording, you will have to sing to me every night, okay?”

When Tong Che heard this “request” from Mu Hanfeng, his eyes that had brightened up a little dimmed down again. He whispered, “Teacher Mu, I can sing for you every night, but…but that’s too easy, and you have to do me a big favor, it’s not fair.”

Mu Hanfeng took another puff of his cigarette, lightly pressing the corner of his forehead twice, and picked it up again, “I think it’s fair. Whether I help you with your PR or you sing for me, we have exactly the same purpose. We both help each other with the trouble at hand. Isn’t that enough? “

Tong Che froze. He felt that there was some truth in what Mr. Mu said, yet he vaguely felt that something wasn’t quite right. But he couldn’t figure out what it exactly was at the moment.

But how could Mu Hanfeng give him the chance to understand?

He would only strike while the iron was hot, “Alright, just figure it out later. From now on, leave this matter completely to me. Tong Tong’s task is to think of what song to sing for me tonight. “

Tong Che’s mind was indeed completely carried away by Mu Hanfeng, and he actually started thinking seriously about what song he would sing at night. He then asked Mu Hanfeng, “Teacher Mu, do you still want to listen to nursery rhymes?”

He was caught off guard by Tong Che’s question and choked on a mouthful of cigarette smoke, coughing violently before answering in a slightly hoarse voice, “Whatever you want. I’ll listen to whatever Tong Tong sings. “

Tong Che tugged at the corners of his lips, revealing little dimples, and thought hard again.

Mu Hanfeng raised his hand and pinched his brow again, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

After entering the circle, Mu Hanfeng became accustomed to people begging him for help. For the first time, he was doing the begging to actually help, and he felt that it was more difficult than negotiating a business deal.

But fortunately, the result was not bad.

Looking at the little Omega’s face as he seriously thought about what song to sing, he was in a good mood again. He fished out his phone, tapped into Weibo, and retweeted the topic # 2 on the current hot search, #Tong Che induced estrus to climb into bed# and neatly matched it with his own sentence.

“What a load of crap! If he is really this kind of person, how come he didn’t come to climb into my bed? Is it because I, Mu Hanfeng, am not worthy of being the golden master? “

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