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ICYP Chapter 22


Mu Hanfeng: “…”

He only felt that the breath he halted was stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t get it up or down.

Tong Che waited for two seconds but did not get an answer from Mu Hanfeng. He looked up and found that his expression was inexplicable. Tong Che was at a loss, clutching his fingers and carefully calling out, “Teacher Mu?”

Mu Hanfeng returned to his senses, raised his hand and pressed the corner of his forehead twice, then looked down at Tong Che. His tone unconsciously contained two hints of admonishment: “What are you smoking for a child?”

Tong Che was stunned. He did not expect Mu Hanfeng to say this.

If it were a normal time, Tong Che would have said, “Okay, I won’t smoke anymore,” but not now. His head was too confused and he needed nicotine to calm down.

So Tong Che mustered up the courage to explain, “Teacher Mu, I can smoke.”

“You can smoke?” Mu Hanfeng took a puff of his cigarette, tilted his head and exhaled a smoke ring, “I haven’t seen you smoke at all.”

Tong Che was a bit anxious. “No, I don’t have any addictions, but now, now I…”

The more anxious he was, the more he stumbled over his words.

But Mu Hanfeng still understood.

If he said he could smoke, he really could. He usually didn’t smoke because he wasn’t addicted, but now he was in a bad mood and needed to smoke.

Mu Hanfeng could understand. But understanding doesn’t mean that he would condone it. Smoking was not a good habit, and Mu Hanfeng did not want to let the little Omega dabble too much.

He took another cigarette out of the box and fed it directly to Tong Che’s mouth, saying succinctly, “Only half a cigarette is allowed.”

Tong Che couldn’t help but laugh and cry. But half a cigarette was better than nothing.

When Mu Hanfeng saw the little Omega nodding obediently, he fished out his lighter again and prepared to light his cigarette.

This time, Tong Che was really shocked, and hurriedly turned his head to avoid it, “No, no need, Mr. Mu, I’ll do it myself.”

In his twenty-eight-years of living, this was the first time he offered to light someone a cigarette only to be rejected. The alpha factors that had been suppressed a little bit popped out again. He simply put away the lighter, his usual indifferent face showing a bit of anger, “Tong Tong, you won’t let me use a lighter. Do you want me to give you something like this?”

As he said that, he stretched out his hand and wrapped the back of Tong Che’s head to prevent him from moving. He lowered his head and used the cigarette butt that was burning beside his mouth to touch the cigarette beside Tong Che’s mouth.

The tobacco burned, making a very subtle “squeak” sound, Mu Hanfeng was too close, and his breath was lingering in front of him.
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It was like an ambiguous kiss.

It was as if Tong Che had been under an immobilisation spell. Mu Hanfeng had already straightened up before he choked on a mouthful of smoke.

He coughed, and then took another big puff of smoke in an attempt to hide the heat on his cheeks with the smoke.

As if he had no intention of doing what he just did, Mu Hanfeng changed the subject back to business and asked again, “What’s wrong?”

Tong Che pursed his lips. As if being poured on a basin of cold water, his temperature instantly cooled down.

“Teacher Mu… I…”

Tong Che subconsciously began to clutch his fingers again. He didn’t know how to tell Mu Hanfeng. To be precise, he didn’t dare tell him.

He didn’t dare imagine what Mu Hanfeng would think of him when he saw that video and those descriptions.

Tong Che originally thought that he didn’t care what others thought of him, as long as he had a clear conscience.

But Teacher Mu seemed to be different from everyone else.

But why exactly was he different, Tong Che couldn’t quite tell.

Maybe it was because Mr. Mu was his idol, but he felt that it was not just because of that.

Maybe it was because Mr. Mu treated him very well and he always appeared in his dreams. Maybe it was also because Mr. Mu would touch his head and pinch his ears, because of that late night hug, because of Mr. Mu’s face when he was doing push-ups, because Mr. Mu had just lowered his head and lit his cigarette in that way…

Anyway, no matter what the reason was, Tong Che found himself unable to think about what kind of thoughts Mr. Mu would have when he saw those tweets, and what kind of look he would show.

Tong Che thought, “He would probably be disgusted.”

However, Tong Che knew very well that even if he didn’t say anything now, at the latest tonight, when Mu Hanfeng got his phone, he would see it himself. Tong Che’s fingers clenched tighter, and his frown deepened.

Seeing his appearance, Mu Hanfeng sighed silently. Unable to get an answer, he had to confess himself, “Tong Che, in fact, I have just read all the microblogs.”

The white skin was instantly burned red, but he seemed to be unaware of it, only looking at Mu Hanfeng in a daze. His lips moved, but no sound came out.

Mu Hanfeng’s heart was aching. He dropped the cigarette he was holding, and lifted his hand over. His index and middle fingers caught the remaining half of the cigarette that was burning in Tong Che’s hand, and he held it to his lips in his hand.

At a normal time, Tong Che would have screamed in his heart when he saw this action by Mu Hanfeng. But now, Tong Che only felt that his mind was stuck. His head was full of only one thought-it’s over, Mr. Mu has seen it, he has seen it all, it’s over…

Mu Hanfeng was holding the cigarette in one hand, and with the other hand, he took Tong Che’s hand that had just been burned and put it to his mouth, blowing gently, “Why are you so stupid?”

Tong Che was jolted back to his senses and subconsciously retracted his hand.

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows, “What? You now won’t let me touch it? “

Tong Che shook his head and took two deep breaths, struggling to get the words out of his throat, “No, it’s just that, it’s just that Teacher Mu, you’ve seen it all.”

“Yes, I saw it all,” Mu Hanfeng also straightened his expression and asked seriously, “So, who was the person who gave you the induction agent in the first place?”

In fact, he wanted to go on to ask, who was the person who recorded the video and who was the person who made you so dependent?

However, Mu Hanfeng knew the reason why he couldn’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, and didn’t want to push the little Omega too hard like a barrage of cannons.

As if he hadn’t expected Mu Hanfeng to ask this at all, Tong Che’s body flinched as if it had been electrified. He looked straight at Mu Hanfeng, unable to make a sound again, his eyes hot and large tears instantly started rolling down his face.

Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of Teacher Mu, Tong Che turned his head away and raised his hand to wipe his face haphazardly.

Mu Hanfeng also didn’t expect Tong Che to suddenly cry, and it made his heart ache, as each tear felt like it was smashing into his heart.

The Alpha, who had always been calm and rarely panicked, said, “Tong Tong, don’t cry, I won’t ask if you don’t want to talk.”

Tong Che didn’t know what he was doing. He really didn’t like to cry, let alone in front of people. But just now, when he saw that Mr. Mu’s face didn’t show the disgusted look he originally thought it would, and even heard Mr. Mu ask him without the slightest doubt who had given him the induction drug in the first place, Tong Che suddenly couldn’t help himself.

How should he describe this feeling?

It was like expecting a knife, but instead, you got a ball of candy floss.

Tong Che raised his hand again, rubbed the tears off his cheeks with all his might, steadied his breathing, and shook his head, “No, it’s not that I don’t want to talk about it. I just didn’t think…I didn’t think you would… you would believe in me so much. “

Finally connecting with Tong Che’s brain circuit, Mu Hanfeng sighed helplessly again. He lowered his head and looked into Tong Che’s eyes seriously, and said word for word, “Tong Tong, remember this. I said I was willing to spend time understanding you. And today I have added another sentence: I have senses and my own judgement, I will not understand you through other people’s mouths. Got it? “

Tong Che shuddered. The nerves that had been tense since he got his phone and saw those messages finally relaxed at this moment. He felt like a fish on the verge of death from lack of water, returning to the water.

He nodded heavily and tried to give Mu Hanfeng a smile. His voice still carried two nasal sounds because he had just cried, and it had a hint of softness, “Teacher Mu, thank you! Really, really thank you very much. “

Thank you for believing in me so much.

Mu Hanfeng raised his hand and gently rubbed the top of Tong Che’s hair, asking in a slow voice, “So now, can you tell me?”

Tong Che’s fingertips curled slightly, and after a long time, as if he had made up his mind, he said softly, “It’s Lou Gui, my manager.”


Mu Hanfeng’s body snapped, and a fishy sweetness rose in his throat.

He finally understood why Tong Che had looked so disoriented when he first came out, and why Tong Che was so afraid that he didn’t believe him.

Originally, in Mu Hanfeng’s opinion, such a thing wasn’t difficult to PR.

Yun Su was right; it was hard to prove that he hadn’t taken the induction drug.

But on the flip side, if he admitted that he did take the shot, but was framed, then as long as the person who framed him was identified and the evidence was conclusive, he would be able to clean himself up.

This was what Mu Hanfeng had thought of from the moment he saw those hot searches. The little Omega must have been framed by someone in the first place.

Therefore, when he first thought of helping Tong Che, he thought that since he had a stronger background and a wider network of contacts, he would be able to find out everything for him.

However, he didn’t expect that this person would be Tong Che’s manager!

Not to mention the fans and passersby outside the circle, many people in the circle feel that the words and actions of artists and their agents are most of the time the same.

For example, in this case, the normal situation would be that the agent and the artist had discussed the matter and wanted to induce heat by means of induction and later climb into the bed of some golden master.

Rarely is there a case like Tong Che’s, where the agent does the whole thing and the artist falls in without knowing anything. If it wasn’t Tong Che, if it was someone else in the circle, probably not even Mu Hanfeng, would have believed it.

The original plan to find the person who framed Tong Che and clear his name was completely ruined. This person should have been anyone but the manager.

Even if that were the truth, it would be difficult to convince the public, and it would be better if the public was not convinced. Otherwise, people would think that Tong Che had deliberately pushed his agent out to take the blame in order to protect himself.

He was obviously the victim, but he would be speculated to be the perpetrator.

Mu Hanfeng closed his eyes. Afraid of scaring the little Omega, he desperately suppressed the violence that was welling up in his heart that wanted to rip apart that Lou Gui agent, and asked in a low voice, “What did he do… at that time?”

Mu Hanfeng knew it was cruel to ask Tong Che to remember this now, but he had to be cruel. If he wanted to help Tong Che better, he had to know the truth of the matter.

Luckily, Tong Che did not resist very much. Probably because the most difficult words had already been said, the latter ones flowed smoothly instead, “It was at a drinking party…”

At that time, Tong Che was not yet twenty years old and had just entered the circle as a trainee.

At that time, Lou Gui had a total of 10 trainees under him. There was no doubt that among the 10, Tong Che was the best in terms of looks, stature, singing and dancing talent.

However, this circle is so cruel that you cannot be popular just because you are qualified. Not to mention the fact that he had a manager like Lou Gui who was not up to standard in business and only thought of crooked ways.

During that period of time, Lou Gui frequently took Tong Che to various drinking parties on the pretext of helping him make connections.

Although Tong Che did not really trust Lou Gui, he was still too young and did not have enough exposure to this circle.

He did not believe that Lou Gui would really help him sincerely, but he also never thought that Lou Gui would harm him.

He didn’t like going to those drinking parties, but he couldn’t refuse at all. The good thing was that most of them only asked him to eat with them, and occasionally pour drinks for the so-called high and powerful people and sing a song for fun, nothing too excessive.

After a while, Lou Gui suddenly asked him if he was willing to find a golden master, and said that with his qualifications, he would definitely be able to hook up with a golden master of high quality. When the time came, he would naturally have a lot of resources at his disposal, and it would be smooth sailing.

It wasn’t that Tong Che hadn’t heard of such things at that time, but it was just that. Everyone had everyone’s choice, and he didn’t think there was anything wrong with someone doing that, but he had never thought of doing it himself.

He had his bottom line and his insistence, even if it never became a hit.

So, when he heard Lou Gui propose this, Tong Che naturally refused without hesitation and righteously.

Lou Gui tried to persuade him a bit more, but seeing that he was too determined, he gave up. After that, Lou Gui had cold feet for two days before he started taking him to drinking parties again.

He then thought that the matter had passed.

But at that day’s drinking party, Lou Gui made him drink uncharacteristically, on the grounds that the other party was a “big shot.”

At that time, Tong Che was still a bit young and was not sufficiently wary of Lou Gui. When Lou Gui asked him to drink, he really drank. But Tong Che was already a very poor drinker. After only one cup, he was already drunk to the point of unconsciousness.

What happened afterwards was obvious.

Lou Gui took advantage of his lack of sobriety and lack of ability to resist and gave him a direct injection of the induction agent.

The double effect of the alcohol and the estrus was so unpleasant that Tong Che managed to come to his senses. But by then, he had already been taken into the hotel room by the so-called “big shot,” and his good manager, Lou Gui, had long since disappeared.

Tong Che didn’t even have time to mourn for himself and could only struggle.

In fact, the so-called struggle was only what he thought he was doing, for an alpha could have easily subdued him. But fortunately, the Alpha wasn’t too bad, or perhaps he had numerous bed-climbers, and seeing that he was too resistant, he didn’t force him. He just left him alone in the room and didn’t take revenge on him afterwards.

Tong Che finally got a moment to breathe. It was the first time he was so thankful for the fact that he was in estrus every day and needed to have a suppressant on hand at all times. He immediately gave himself an injection of the suppressant. But this kind of induced heat, or induced heat after drinking, was much stronger than normal physical heat, and it needed at least two injections of the inhibitor to completely suppress it.

Tong Che only had one injection with him, so he waited until he had calmed down a bit. He then braced himself, left the hotel, and called a car to go back to the company.

It is said that no blessing comes without a curse.

It was only after Tong Che returned that he discovered that he had gone out in such a hurry and had forgotten to bring his dormitory key. The dormitory happened to be empty at that time.

It was already very late, so Tong Che had to drag his legs back to the practise rooms to try his luck.

Although they were not popular at that time, the company did not treat them badly, as they had a large practice room and a smaller practice room for each of them.

Tong Che’s own practice room key, of course, was hung together with the dormitory key, but he was lucky and actually stumbled upon a practice room with an open door. Coincidentally, that practice room happened to belong to his Omega roommate at the time, who was also his best friend.

Tong Che walked in, his last ounce of strength depleted, and sat down directly on the floor.


When he first started telling this story, Tong Che was not too stable emotionally, but as he continued to speak, he gradually calmed down. But the calmer he was, the more Mu Hanfeng felt that his internal organs were being torn apart and hurt.

With his eyes downcast, Mu Hanfeng gathered both of Tong Che’s hands in his palm, wanting to give him a little comfort that was so long overdue. He carefully controlled the force, afraid of hurting him and scaring him.

After a long period of silence, Mu Hanfeng suddenly asked, “Then who was the person who recorded that video?”

Tong Che was stunned. This was also the question he had been thinking about. He had just watched that video, and he was sure that it was recorded in the practise room, from a top-down view.

He had just gone over the whole thing again, and Tong Che vaguely felt that he had a clue, but before he could think about it, his phone vibrated suddenly.

It was Lou Gui calling.

Tong Che punched the answer button, but hesitated for a moment before pressing the speakerphone.

Lou Gui’s voice came out through the phone with an inexplicable sense of relief and excitement, “Tong Tong, we found the video! It was sent from Han Qing’s place! “

Tong Che’s head exploded. His body swayed, and in the next second, he was steadily held by a strong hand.

But he still felt that the sky was spinning…Han Qing was none other than his Omega roommate, his best friend at the time.

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