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ICYP Chapter 21


After saying this, Wang Qi’s eyes turned to the other five people and simply instructed, “You… you are free to move around a bit.”

After that, he turned around and walked towards the door.

Tong Che hurriedly followed.

Wang Qi’s attitude was already very obvious. Something must have happened, otherwise he would not have interrupted the recording, or called out to him alone. But what could have happened? Tong Che could not think of anything at the moment.

After walking out of the cabin, Wang Qi closed the door. He then looked at Tong Che and said vaguely, “Your agent is looking for you. There should have been something that happened. I’ll return the phone to you first, and you can call him back. “

With that said, he asked the assistant to take out the box specially designed to keep their mobile phones. Tong Che responded and found his mobile phone inside.

“Then I’ll go in first,” Wang Qi patted Tong Che’s shoulder, “When you’re done, or if there’s anything you need the program team to help with, just go in and find me.”

Tong Che nodded, “Okay.”

Wang Qi waved his hand, turned around, and went back into the cabin.

The assistant also left. Tong Che took a deep breath and subconsciously took two steps farther before opening his phone.

He was going to call Lou Gui back directly, but as soon as the phone was turned on, a series of push messages popped up on Weibo-

#The top traffic star, “T,” injected itself with an induction agent. Is it for hype or bed climbing? #

#The “Feng Yu Dynasty” male number five grabbed resources! #

#Surprise! The video of the popular traffic star, Tong Che, inducing estrus has been exposed! #


He was caught off guard when he saw these pop up. His body trembled, and his phone almost flew out of his hand. He took a deep breath, pinched himself hard, and barely calmed down. He dialled Lui Gui’s phone number. The phone only rang for a second before it was answered, and Lou Gui’s panicked voice came out, “Xiao Che…”

Tong Che closed his eyes, trying to suppress the anger that was rising in his heart, and asked in a cold voice, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” Lou Gui defended, “the other party was aggressive, and there was no warning. At 10 o’clock, the major marketing accounts on Weibo suddenly exploded. This… This means that they were fully prepared!”

Tong Che clutched his phone and said, “Did you check it out?”

“I checked!” Lou Gui said sharply, “It’s Qi Xie! It should be that the news of your signing up as the spokesperson of the Solace brand got out, and he was so angry that he wanted to ruin you! “

Tong Che’s temples popped. He didn’t think Qi Xie could really hate him to such an extent. But now there are obviously more important issues than this. Tong Che pinched his eyebrows. His voice became two points colder, “And what about the video? How could Qi Xie… No, how could he have a video in the first place? Was it you who recorded…”

“Not me!” Lou Gui immediately denied, “Xiao Che, at the beginning of the matter, I was indeed regretful. But I swear with this head that for the video matter, I also really do not know! “

Tong Che’s nails sank into the flesh. His face was pale, and he gritted his teeth. “Who recorded the video, and how did it leak out?”

“This has not been found out yet,” Lou Gui’s tone sounded weaker, but he braced himself and said, “But after the investigation, the company’s public relations team will be dispatched! Don’t worry, Xiao Che, the company values ​​you very much and won’t let anything happen to you! “

Tong Che pulled the corners of his mouth in self-deprecation.

Does the company think highly of him? The only reason is that he is now popular and they still want to make money from him.

When he didn’t hear him speak, Lou Gui added another sentence, “Xiao Che, I contacted the show team to find you just to let you know. Don’t have any burdens; the show will be recorded as usual. Today is only Friday, and we will sign with Solace. There are still two days left for the contract, so don’t panic. “

Tong Che suppressed the coldness in the bottom of his eyes, and his tone carried two points of warning: “Tell me first thing when you find out. And relay it to the company’s top management for me. You must tell me in advance how to do public relations; otherwise, I don’t mind holding a press conference to tell the truth. Anyway, the worst result is nothing but death. “

“Hey,” Lou Gui said, “What are you talking about, Che? What do you mean by that? This time I will not make a decision without your permission. I will talk to you in advance. The decision is up to you, okay?”

Tong Che gave a “mm,” but his tense nerves did not relax a bit.

It is true that he now seems to have Lou Gui and even the company’s top management “manipulated,” but this “manipulation” is the bottom of the kettle, and will be used in his own future as blackmail.

“Right, Che,” Lou Gui cleared his throat and seemed to be hesitating, but soon, he said, “You know this matter, public relations will not have it easy. How are you and teacher Mu getting along? If he is willing to help…”

Lou Gui wanted to say that if Mu Hanfeng was willing to help, things would be a lot easier.

After all, Emperor Mu’s background is strong and his status is high in the circle.

But before the next words could be spoken, they were interrupted by Tong Che in a cold voice, and he said, word for word, “Climbing on Teacher Mu? You should not even think about it. “

Throwing this sentence out, Tong Che hung up the phone neatly without waiting for Lou Gui to answer. In fact, he rarely, or it could even be said that he had never spoken to Lou Gui in such a strong tone, even when he was being persecuted at the beginning. But just now he really couldn’t hold back. It wasn’t enough for Lou Gui to harm him. He actually wanted to drag Teacher Mu, who treated him so well, into the pit.

It’s really deceiving!

Tong Che was so angry that his internal organs were stirred and twisted so much that it hurt. He couldn’t help squatting down, gasping for breath.

After waiting for a minute, his breathing gradually calmed down. Tong Che took a breath, opened Weibo, and clicked on the current hot search number one.

#The popular traffic star Tong Che induces estrus video exposure#


In the cabin, they did not continue to record the program.

They were not live broadcasting, so it didn’t matter if someone temporarily paused recording because of something. The team could just cut that part when editing later.

Sitting together, Mi Beibei, Ning Ran, Yin Lan, and Xiao Yao sat chatting.

Mu Hanfeng dragged Wang Qi aside and asked in a low voice, “What happened to Tong Tong?”

Wang Qi answered vaguely, “I don’t know either, but his agent was looking for him.”

Mu Hanfeng insisted, “Why was he looking for him?”

Wang Qi wanted to run away, “How do I know? He’s just outside the house. Can’t you go ask directly if you want to know? “

Mu Hanfeng stopped talking and stared at Wang Qi until the latter was too scared to continue the stare off. Mu Hanfeng then gave the order in a concise and comprehensive way, “Give me my cell phone.”

“No,” Wang Qi refused. “The program team stipulates that during the recording period, members are not allowed to have cell phones unless there are special circumstances. Xiao Che has special circumstances, but you don’t. What’s your special business? “

Mu Hanfeng was conscious that there was still a Mi Beibei sitting in the room, a delicate Omega. He stretched out his hand and pulled Wang Qi to the corner again, releasing a little pheromone, and repeated in a deep voice, “Give me the phone.”

Not a request, but an order.

At this time, Wang Qi, who was also an Alpha, was so abruptly pressured by Mu Hanfeng’s pheromone that his legs felt weak. So he had to succumb to the power, and muttered, “Give, I’ll give! Take your pheromone back first, and I’ll give it to you! “

Mu Hanfeng’s goal was achieved, and he didn’t intend to torture Wang Qi again. He took the pheromones back, found his mobile phone, and sat down in the corner at the other end.

For Tong Che’s manager to call the show crew to find him during recording indicates that something must have happened, and that it was a big thing.

Before figuring out what happened, Mu Hanfeng would not go to the little Omega so rashly.

He turned on the phone, and the first thing that popped up was a message from Yunsu.

Yunsu: [link]

Yunsu: [link]

Yunsu: [link]

Yunsu: ” It’s all about that little O you’re so interested in. Read it yourself, I won’t comment on it. “

Mu Hanfeng’s eyes quickly swept across the string of unbearable words such as “climbing the bed”, “inducer”, “estrus”, and finally focused on the word “video” in the last link. After a while, he moved his finger and clicked in.

The video played, and a familiar and somewhat unfamiliar figure appeared on the screen.

It was familiar because Mu Hanfeng was very sure that the person in the video was indeed Tong Che.

Unfamiliar, because the Tong Che in the picture looks thinner and more immature than he is now.

Mu Hanfeng frowned.

On the screen, the skinnier and more tender little Omega was sitting limply on the floor as if he had no bones. His eyes were misty and his cheeks were flushed, just like the one Mu Hanfeng had seen that night in the hotel room.

It seemed to be even more seductive than that night.

Because that night, Mu Hanfeng had seen him with his own eyes, and his heart was filled with nothing but heartache, thinking only of how to make Tong Che more comfortable. But now, through the screen, Mu Hanfeng was experiencing some kind of strange desire…

He wanted to hide the little Omega so that only he could see him!

Mu Hanfeng’s eyes were fixed on the screen without blinking.

He didn’t know who was filming, but it seemed from a higher vantage point, with a kind of condescending perspective, which highlighted a sense of beauty-like abuse.

A nameless anger suddenly surged in Mu Hanfeng’s heart. Who was it that he had seen Tong Che’s looking like this and had the audacity to record it?

The anger was burning, and suddenly another figure appeared in the picture, but only the calf wrapped under the black trousers was exposed.

The legs were getting closer and closer to Tong Che. Mu Hanfeng clenched his fists subconsciously. In the next second, he saw the little Omega stretch out his fair and slender fingers and gently grabbed the legs. There was a smell of dependence in his movements.

The video abruptly stops there.

The screen went black, but Mu Hanfeng kept his original position and did not move. His eyes were fixed on the phone, as if to stare out a hole in the screen. Alpha’s desire for possession and victory came to the forefront of his mind at this moment. The little Omega that used to nestle in his arms when he was in heat, and would still dream about him when he was asleep, had once relied on someone other than him.

This thought was swirling around in Mu Hanfeng’s mind, causing him to breathe uncomfortably.

Who was that person? He wanted to know, wanted to find out, wanted to make him not exist!

If someone who knew Mu Hanfeng very well, such as Yun Su, had been around at this time, they would have been amazed.

After all, Mu Hanfeng was rarely really angry. Because he was by nature cold and aloof, there were few people or things he cared about, and naturally, he was rarely provoked to anger.

The phone screen lit up at the right time, and Yun Su’s message popped up again. –

Yun Su: “It’s not easy to do this kind of PR. No one would believe him if he said he didn’t use the induction agent and that it was just a normal heat. “

Yun Su: “Will you make a move? “

Yun Su: “Do you believe him?”

Yun Su’s insightful sentences hit the nail on the head, and Mu Hanfeng miraculously regained his composure.

“Do you believe him?”

With a question that struck at his soul, Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows, and without the slightest hesitation, he replied with a single word, “Yes.”

As if not expecting him to reply in a second, Yun Su sent over six points before asking: “Aren’t you recording a show?”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t bother to explain; he just replied again—”if he takes the initiative to ask, I’ll make a move.”

On the one hand, he still didn’t know if the little Omega needed his help. Mu Hanfeng was still unsure whether Tong Che would be willing to tell him.

On the other hand, the image from the video was still lingering in Mu Hanfeng’s mind, and the Alpha’s weird and nasty factor was still stirring. Mu Hanfeng wants Tong Che to be able to rely on him, to be able to speak softly to him, and to request him to step in to help.

He didn’t need to say anything too much, just a couple of words, anything at all, and Mu Hanfeng knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to say no.

When Tong Che didn’t come back, Mu Hanfeng couldn’t sit still. He locked his phone screen, put it in his pocket, got up and strode out.

Wang Qi asked, “Where are you doing?”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t answer, he just opened the door and walked out.

The wooden house was empty, and there was no sign of the little Omega. Mu Hanfeng walked most of the way around the wooden house before he found him under a large tree behind it.

In the late autumn, the leaves on the tree had already fallen off and the tree was bare, which made people feel desolate for no reason.

The little Omega didn’t seem to notice him: his eyes were fixed on something, as if he was dazed. Only when Mu Hanfeng approached him and slowed his steps did little Omega come to his senses and look up at him.He froze for a moment, then his head drooped down again, and he whispered, “Mu… Mr. Mu, why are you here? ?”

Mu Hanfeng ground his teeth and whispered, “fuck”.

Although Tong Che looked at him for just a second, it didn’t stop Mu Hanfeng from clearly seeing the little Omega’s red, moist eyes.

Why was he fucking crying? Mu Hanfeng’s diamond heart instantly turned into candyfloss, and his desire to win and lose and his bad factor all dispersed.

He didn’t need two sentences; as long as Tong Che took the initiative to mention it to him, one sentence would be enough. He would definitely help him out.

With this in mind, Mu Hanfeng fished out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, and lit it. He tilted his head to look at Tong Che and asked, in a low voice, “What happened?”

Tong Che’s fingers hanging on his sides curled up slightly, and he called out softly again, “Teacher Mu.”

Mu Hanfeng gave a faint “hmm”, but inwardly he was waiting for Tong Che’s next words with great anticipation.

Tong Che opened his mouth, “Teacher Mu, can you…”

Mu Hanfeng quietly halted his breath, but the next moment, he heard Tong Che finish his sentence…

“Can you give me a cigarette?”

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