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ICYP Chapter 20


“Are you secretly touching my abs?”

Tong Che: “……?”

It’s not like that. I’m not… Don’t talk nonsense!

With a “bang” in his head, Tong Che felt like he was instantly ignited.

The sensational feelings of the previous seconds were all gone. What he couldn’t care about  at first now had to be taken into account clearly—Mr. Mu’s face is really angular, Mr. Mu’s Adam apple is really good, Mr. Mu’s chest is really hard, and Mr. Mu’s abs are really- sexy!

He felt Mr. Mu also had a mermaid line, he really wanted to see it!

Thoughts flashed through his mind quickly. Tong Che, realising what he was thinking, was so embarrassed that he wanted to jump into the lake. He subconsciously panicked and wanted to retreat from Mu Hanfeng’s embrace.


But just as he started this intention, he felt Mu Hanfen’s hand clasp around his waist with more force, hugging him even tighter.

“Why are you hiding from me?” Mu Hanfen laughed lowly, “Was I right?”

Tong Che couldn’t say anything to refute; he only shouted in embarrassment and annoyance, “Teacher Mu!” Mu Hanfeng let go of Tong Che and rubbed him on the head, “I still like to see you like this.”

Tong Che was stunned, and finally realised, with hindsight, that what Mu Hanfeng had just said was to make him happy.

Although he hadn’t said anything to Mu Hanfeng, he was keen. How could he not feel that his emotions were also abnormal now?

His heart was warmed again, and even the late autumn breeze was not as cold. Tong Che turned his head and showed a smile towards Mu Hanfen. The small dimple at the right corner of his lips deepened. “Teacher Mu, thank you…”

The word “thank you” was interrupted, and Mu Hanfeng said, “No need to thank me. You made me happy too. “


Tong Che was stunned for a moment, then brightened up and nodded vigorously. Even if they can’t tell each other the past that they have hidden in their hearts, on such a late night when they were originally sad and helpless and could only endure alone, they both got a hug, and indeed, made each other happy.

This alone is enough of an unexpected joy.

“Why not just go in?” Mu Hanfen pressed the back of his hand on Tong Che’s hand and frowned, “Your hand is so cold.”

Tong Che did feel a little cold, and did not dare to be brave. He nodded, “It’s okay, I’ll just go in and take it easy.”

The two of them went back inside one after another. Mu Hanfeng closed the door and pulled the curtain tightly. Tong Che took off his coat and got back into the bed, and saw Mu Hanfeng still standing by the bed without moving.

As if he was hesitating about something, Mu Hanfen paused for two seconds before saying to Tong Che, “Wait a minute.”

Tong Che did not know what to do and blinked blankly. However, Mu Hanfeng did not answer him again, instead turning around and going into the bathroom. The bathroom door was left open, and Tong Che could see Mu Hanfeng washing his hands.

This time, Tong Che was even more confused. What was Mr. Mu doing washing his hands all of a sudden? After two minutes, Mu Hanfeng dried his hands and walked out. His eyes landed on the side of Tong Che’s bed, and he asked, “Do you mind?”

Tong Che froze for a moment and hurriedly shook his head, “No, you sit.”

Mu Hanfeng sat down and said, with his eyes downcast, “Give me your hand.”

Tong Che’s little head slowly hit a question mark, but he still obediently extended his hand. Mu Hanfeng also reached out and held it. However, unlike that time during the day, Mu Hanfeng’s hand was now very warm. He finally understood why Mu Hanfen had just washed his hands.

Mu Hanfeng’s skin was already very white, but now, because of the hot water, it was faintly red.

“Is it still cold?” Mu Hanfeng asked in a low voice.

Tong Che smiled again, “It’s not cold anymore, it’s very warm.”

Mu Hanfeng’s eyes fell on the silver bracelet worn on Tong Che’s left wrist for a moment, and then he moved away again, not asking anything. It was only when Tong Che’s hand also warmed up that he withdrew his and got up to go back to his bed.

“It’s still early, “Mu Hanfeng said while pulling the drawer of the bedside table to get sleeping pills, ” Sleep a little longer.”

Tong Che replied, “All right,” but his gaze was drawn to the small bottle in Mu Hanfen’s hand, and he froze, “Teacher Mu, what are you…”

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyes and said with a smile, “It’s sleeping pills. I have severe insomnia. “

After speaking, he poured out three and sent them to his mouth. Tong Che’s heart started to flood with pain. His mouth moved before his brain, “Teacher Mu, don’t take first…”

Mu Hanfen’s hand gave a pause, and he looked at him.

Tong Che hung his head. A light red spread to his ears again, but he still said, “I’ll sing you a lullaby. If you really can’t sleep, you can take the medicine again, okay? “

Mu Hanfen seemed to have heard something very interesting. The bottom of his eyes flashed a moment of curiosity. In fact, over the years, there were many people around him who wanted to stick with him in this way. Most of them were omegas, but there were no shortage of betas or even alphas.

In the past, when hearing similar words, Mu Hanfen only felt full of boredom, but now…

He casually removed his glasses, slightly narrowed his eyes, raised his lips and said, “OK, but I don’t want to listen to lullabies.”

Tong Che then asked, “Then what do you want to hear?”

Mu Hanfeng half-jokingly and half-seriously threw out two words, “Nursery rhymes.”

Tong Che: “……”

Teacher Mu is definitely doing this on purpose. But in order for Teacher Mu to take three fewer sleeping pills, Tong Che thought, “Rhymes are nursery rhymes, and shame is shame.” He can do it. So, after two seconds of mulling it over, Tong Che opened his mouth and sang, “Two tigers, two tigers, run fast, run fast…”

Mu Hanfen’s adam apple slid briefly. He originally just wanted to tease the little Omega, but did not expect him to be so good and obedient. Now listening to the little Omega with a cold and clear tone, singing the most tender children’s song, Mu Hanfeng simply felt this contrast was too cute and he was about to explode!

He could not help but reflect on himself: who the hell is teasing whom?

“You should lie down!” Tong Che said after the song was finished. Not wanting to let down Tong Che, Mu Hanfeng took two deep breaths and lay down and closed his eyes.

Mu Hanfeng listened to the sound of Tong Che’s singing again, at first with a sense of amazement, but then gradually, perhaps because of the rare relaxation of the mind, he really fell asleep. The number of times Mu Hanfeng fell asleep without sleeping pills in the past ten years is very small. In the last second before deep sleep, Mu Hanfeng suddenly remembered that the last time he fell asleep without sleeping pills was when he was listening to a nighttime radio station.

Probably because he was really sleepy, he felt that the voice of the little Omega was somewhat similar to that of the radio anchor at that time.



As Tong Che sang, his eyelids began to fight to stay up. He stopped, listened carefully to Mu Hanfeng’s breathing, and confirmed that he had really fallen asleep, before he also lay down and closed his eyes.

It was a short, good sleep.

When Tong Che was woken up by the alarm clock, Mu Hanfeng was already up and sitting by the window drinking tea. Seeing that he was awake, Mu Hanfen looked over and greeted him in a good mood, “Good morning, Tong Tong.”

Tong Che covered his mouth and yawned. His voice was full of sleepiness, and it was rare to hear his voice soft, “Good morning, teacher Mu.”

Slowly getting out of bed, Tong Che turned his head again and asked Mu Hanfeng, “Teacher Mu, did you sleep well?”

Mu Hanfeng saw the expectation hidden under his eyes. The corners of his lips hooked and he nodded, “I slept very well. Tong Che’s lullaby works well. “

Sure enough, Tong Che’s eyes lit up, shining brightly in the morning light. Mu Hanfeng groaned softly. It’s like a little peacock opening its feathers.

After gathering in the hall on the first floor and eating breakfast together, the six people were again brought by Wang Qi to the small wooden house with a big red heart hanging in front. However, with mental preparation from yesterday’s shock, no one was complaining anymore today. Everyone just wanted to go in immediately, take a look at the fresh decoration inside, and wash their eyes.

Wang Qi was obviously very satisfied with everyone’s “positivity”. Shaking his head, he said, “Well, good, it seems that everyone can not wait to start today’s stage!”

No one gave him a smile. Wang Qi did not care. He smiled and said, “Today we will raise the level of difficulty a little bit!”

With that, he turned on the projector. After two seconds, the dark screen lit up and a little cartoon girl appeared, wearing only a basic halter dress.

A pretty girl’s voice came from the speaker next to the screen: “Hello! I’m Nan Nan. My dream since I was a child was to be a fitting model. Are my brothers and sisters willing to be my stylists? “

“What is this?” Yin Lan stared at the screen with a face full of disgust, “Dress-up mini-game?”

“You guessed half right,” Wang Qi clapped his hands and announced, “Our first session today is called, ‘Do you and I have a heart to heart.’?

Tong Che had a bad feeling, and sure enough, in the next second, he heard Wang Qi talk about the specific rules, “The three groups of CP need to temporarily split up. Each will be the girl’s stylist.That is to say, the six of you can dress up the girl according to your own preferences, but the dressing process is independent. You are not allowed to let others, including your CP, see. “

” After all the dressing is completed, I will give you six people’s finished products and six random pictures from the internet to mix together, forming a total of 12 sets of finished products. All you need to do is to choose your partner’s work within the sets. With the dressing up time of 300 seconds and selecting a time of 90 seconds, there are rewards for choosing the right one, and there will be punishment for choosing the wrong one! “

After listening to Wang Qi’s large string of words, Yin Lan, with no regard to image, burst out laughing, “Hahaha, the rivers and winds have changed. You can no longer pit me and Xiao Yan again because we both have cool, straight Alpha aesthetiscs. We can recognise each other’s work with our eyes closed! “

“I think me and sister Ning Ning sister also have no problem,” Mi Beibei sweetly smiled and took over, “We usually help out with each other’s clothes.”

Tong Che: “….”

He knew it! Just like Yin Lan said, the rivers and winds have changed. The program team was the friendliest to them yesterday, and today they are going to turn around and screw them over.

Yesterday they were blessed with “having not known each other for a long time.” Today they will have to suffer the loss of “having not known each other for a long time.”

The team was deliberately trying to interfere with their vision by releasing an internet picture, and choosing one of twelve was not an easy task!

Tong Che whispered to Mu Hanfeng, “Mr. Mu, if you don’t mind giving her a black shirt, it’s easy to recognize.”

Anyway, Mr. Mu likes to wear black shirts. Seeing a black shirt is like seeing Mr. Mu…

Mu Hanfeng’s mouth held a smile as he lifted his chin towards the big screen, “Tong Tong, you are so naive.”

Tong Che: “?”

He looked up and saw that the picture on the screen had changed, and the little girl named “Ning Ning” had a huge closet next to her, which had a full range of accessories from head to toe. He took a cursory glance and found that the so-called black shirts were at least 20 different types…

This is making it difficult for him, damn it!

“Well don’t discuss it!” Wang Qi gave each person a small game console. The game interface was the same as on the big screen, but you could make changes on your own, “Come, drag your own sofa bags over. Each person must be at least one metre apart. “

Tong Che glanced at Mu Hanfeng again. Mu Hanfeng gave him a reassuring look, and Tong Che was aggrieved, dragging the sofa bag to the side.

Yin Lan was even more theatrical. He stretched towards Xiao Yao, holding him tight, “Ah, Xiao don’t go! Do not leave me! “

It was clearly only one metre apart, but he created an atmosphere of life and death.
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Wang Qi went over and yanked down his little tug, “Hurry and stop acting!”

Everyone became so happy.

When Wang Qi pressed the button again, a red dot appeared on the big screen, which showed the number 3. After that, the dot began to flash, and Wang Qi followed the countdown, “3–2–1! Start matching!”

Tong Che pondered for a second and buried his head in the ground to think of what to build up. His goal was to create a set that was most likely to be recognised by Mu Hanfeng.

What is most likely to be recognized?

Naturally, it should have his personal style, but Mu Hanfeng has seen very few of his private clothes, so he might as well start with the persona he has always established. It would be best to create a cool, clean, and fairy-like set!

Tong Che felt that there was a direction to match up with. The first thing he chose was the hairstyle. In a long series of dazzling long hair, short hair, curly hair, and straight hair, Tong Che chose a grey-blue haircut with slight curls. The length was a little past the waist, and he picked a pair of ice-blue elf ears as hair accessories.

After that, it was time to choose clothes. Tong Che did not hesitate and went straight to the dresses.

Dresses, if for no other reason, can save a lot of time!

But he found the choice of dresses was much wider. He continued to loom through the blue department and selected a bustier sarong. The upper half of its body was dark blue, embroidered with complex patterns, the lower half was light blue; and the puffy skirt was extraordinarily charming.

He felt very satisfied. The hair and clothes were the main issues. Once these two were determined, the rest was much easier.

He matched it with a pair of crystal shoes, a set of the same series of crystal earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Tong Che also added a pair of transparent wings on the back of the dress.

In the end, he chose a simple makeup look, and changed the character’s pupil colour to grey-blue. He exhaled a long breath. Finally done!

This style was distinctive enough that Mr. Mu should be able to recognise it!


When Tong Che was done with his own work, he turned his head to look at Mu Hanfeng, but saw the man still poking at the screen in his hand, the corners of his mouth serious.

Looking at Mu Hanfeng’s appearance, Tong Che inexplicably shivered. He actually felt that Mr. Mu had a little bit of a perverted look. What was going on?


Shaking his head, Tong Che was bored, and looked at the other four people again, like a student who had finished his papers early in the exam room and had nothing to do.

But the good thing was that five minutes passed quickly, and the three second count started on the screen again.

Wang Qi stuck to the last “1” and announced, “Time’s up! Hand in your game consoles! “

Everyone held out their hands and handed him their consoles.

Wang Qi quickly connected the Bluetooth and projected all six people’s “works” onto the screen, adding six internet pictures, of course, shuffling them. They were now displayed in two rows, six in each, with serial numbers under each one.

Tong Che saw his finished product, which was in the second row, with the serial number “8”.

He quickly scanned through the other 11 pictures, but found another one with a similar style to his own. That one was also blue and white, but belonged to the autumn and winter clothes. A long aqua blue dress with a pure white long woollen coat outside, looking noble.

Tong Che felt that this set looked familiar. After thinking about it for two seconds, he remembered this look. It matched the look in the Solace commercial he shot exactly. He estimated that the program team deliberately found the net picture to interfere with the judgement. Tong Che could not help but be a little worried. Would Mr. Mu really choose the right one?

But soon, Tong Che had no time to worry about Mu Hanfeng, because Wang Qi had already started a new round of timing: “Come and choose your CP’s work bah. See if you really have a heart to heart! 90 secs countdown, start! “

Tong Che’s eyes quickly swept over each picture, while trying to recall the pictures of Mu Hanfeng he had seen, trying to get a little hint from those.

But unfortunately, although Mu Hanfeng was very popular, and rarely participated in the activities of the circle, most of his photos found on the Internet are movie stills, with no reference value.

It just so happened that of these 12 pictures, three had Nan Nan wearing a black shirt. Nearly a minute had passed, and Tong Che wrinkled his brows and even considered the feasibility of pointing out a set of black shirts randomly among the three.

But he felt that he could still salvage the situation. He quietly observed the difference between the three sets of black shirts and found that one of them looked more formal than the other two, as if it was in line with Mr. Mu’s style of always buttoning to the top.

With his eyes closed and his heart crossed, Tong Che made a decision, this is the set!

So, he moved his pen and wrote down “5” on the small piece of paper that Wang Qi had just given them, which was the serial number of this set. After he finished writing, Tong Che secretly glanced at Mu Hanfeng again.

Mu Hanfeng noticed his gaze. He tilted his head, and raised the corners of his lips slightly in response. He seemed very confident that he had definitely chosen the right one.

Tong Che was a little more at ease.

“5–4–3–2–1! ” Wang Qi’s voice sounded again, “Time’s up! Hand it over and hand it over! “

With that, he cut the screen directly, and the screen became pitch black again.

Yin Lan’s dramatic play had not gone down. He was howling, “Teacher, give me another minute; no, half a minute is enough; I’m just one question away!”

Wang Qi unceremoniously took away his little piece of paper and said, with a stern face, “Heh, one more second is cheating!”

Ning Ran smacked her lips, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, Mr. Yin has focused on music all these years, and did not enter the acting world. It is really a big loss for our acting industry! “

Mu Hanfen also mocked a smile and took over, “That’s right, I’m grateful that Mr. Yin didn’t come to act, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to keep the title of movie emperor.”

Yin Lan was as thick-skinned as a city wall. He even turned his head and arched his hand at Ning Ran and Mu Hanfen, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Wang Qi wanted to storm off! The artists this season are extremely difficult! Each one of them is full of drama without a script!

He pressed the button twice and the screen lit up, “The session is over, I’m going to announce the results!”

Hearing this, everyone quieted down, giving their undivided attention to Wang Qi.

Wang Qi opened the bottom note in his hand, which belonged to the “actor” Yin Lan. Looking at it, Wang Qi’s face showed disappointment, “Hey, Teacher Yin has chosen the right one.”

Yin Lan immediately smiled, “That’s right, the leather jacket is Xiao’s favourite.”

The screen popped up with Xiao Yao’s work-a punk girl with a high ponytail, wearing red lipstick, a leather jacket, skirt, and boots.

It was cool and it matched Xiao Yao’s nose ring.

Wang Qi opened Xiao Yao’s note again and couldn’t help but sigh, “Hey, how did Mr. Xiao choose the right, boring!”

Xiao Yao smiled and “hehe-d”, “Xiao Yin loves to tie his clothes at the waist.”

Sure enough, the picture on the screen turned out to be a girl whose style was much the same as the previous punk girl, the biggest difference being that she tied a plaid shirt around her waist. Yin Lan and Xiao Yao glanced at each other and asked in unison, “Director Wang, what’s the reward?”

“Reward?” Wang Qi also smiled and said, “I will reward you with permission to kiss in public!”

Yin Lan exaggerated “wow,” “the scale is so big, director Wang. Let me go, this is not kindergarten! “

Wang Qi coldly watched indifferently.

Xiao Yao was also surprised, “Really ?”

Wang Qi asked rhetorically, “You still want to be taught how to?”

Xiao Yao shook his head and said, “No, you don’t have to.”

With that, he directly held the back of Yin Lan’s head and took a hard sip of the other alpha’s lips.


The kiss between the two Alphas was full of wildness, but Tong Che did not see or hear it.

Because the moment Xiao Yao pressed the back of Yin Lan’s head, Mu Hanfen reached out and blindfolded him, and also came to his ear and whispered, “No looking. It’s not appropriate for children. “


He wanted to say that he was 23 years old, so what kind of child is that?

But his eyes were completely covered by Mu Hanfen’s cool palm, so he couldn’t see. But his sense of hearing became extra sensitive. Mu Hanfen’s warm exhalation of breath in his ear instantly took over all of Tong Che’s thoughts, so he couldn’t say anything more.

After another two seconds, Wang Qi had already opened the note from Ni Bei Bei, before Mu Hanfeng withdrew his hand.

Tong Che stared straight at Wang Qi, not daring to look back at Mu Hanfeng.

But Mu Hanfeng still had to tease him, “Tong Tong, your ears are red.”

Tong Che was so embarrassed that he silently dragged the sofa bag and moved a little further away from Mu Hanfen. But it was only a little bit farther, as the man still reached out and touched Tong Che’s earlobe, gently pinching it, and said, with a low smile, “Tong Tong, it’s so soft.”

He turned around and stared at Mu Hanfeng with his pair of beautiful eyes that had been picked up in embarrassment, “Teacher Mu!”

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows, “Am I not allowed to pinch?”

Tong Che gave a start and shook his head.

Mu Hanfeng gave a meaningful “oh,” “Is it that I am not allowed to pinch, or that you are just shy.”

Tong Che was really speechless now. He turned his head angrily and ignored Mu Hanfeng.

Looking at the side profile of the little Omega, and the tips of his red ears hidden under the light golden hair, Mu Hanfeng chuckled and smiled again.

He used to love to tease this little Omega and could hold back to some extent, but after last night…Mu Hanfen lowered his eyes. He found that he was more and more unable to hold back.

Over there, Wang Qi had already announced the results of Mi Beibei and Ning Ran, but unfortunately, both of them were chosen correctly.

As the only two girls in the group of six were familiar with each other’s fashion sense, Ning Ran and Mi Beibei passed this hurdle without a doubt.

After all, they are girls and are thin-skinned. Wang Qi did not let them smooch on the spot, but only let Ning Ran very purely kiss Mi Beibei’s forehead.

Everyone really thought that was the reward, and didn’t expect Wang Qi to suddenly fetch two big gold coins from his pocket. Handing one to Xiao Yao and Yin Lan, and the other to Mi Beibei and Ning Ran.

All four of them were happy and joyful.

But Tong Che was more nervous. Originally, they were still ahead by one gold coin, but now they were all even!

Tong Che silently prayed in his heart: he and Teacher Mu must both choose the right one!

“Next,” Wang Qi turned his eyes around, “it’s time to reveal the results of our last group!”

Wang Qi opened the note on top, and Tong Che was staring unblinkingly from below, with a small voice reciting the words, “Yes, yes, yes, yes…”

Mu Hanfeng thought he was cute.

“Wow,” Wang Qi revealed with a surprised look, “Teacher Mu actually chose the right one too!”

Tong Che’s fairy style appeared on the screen.

Mu Hanfeng raised his eyebrows, with a calm expression of “as it should be,” looking very much like a king…

Tong Che’s heart fell halfway, and the half that hung was completely unsure of himself.

“Could it be that little prince Che will also choose right?” Wang Qi opened the last note, and after a second’s pause, a genuine smile appeared on his face, “Hahaha finally! Congratulations to little prince Che, to be one sixth of us, wrong and unique! “

Tong Che: “……”

Is it really too late for him to quit the show?

Tong Che’s head hung down for a second, and then lifted up to look at Mu Hanfeng, “Teacher Mu…”

Mu Hanfeng was now familiar with this expression of Tong Che. In fact, he also had a trace of regret in his heart. Not because of the gold coin, just because there is one fewer opportunity to be close to Tong Che in public. But he did not show it.

He interrupted him and said indifferently, “No apology necessary. Wrong is wrong. It’s just a gold coin, we do not care. “

Yin Lan, who was holding the gold coin, gave it three fierce kisses: “……”

Mi Beibei, who was trying to tuck her gold coin into the coat pocket: “……”

You can comfort yourselves, but can you not be so rude.

Tong Che was amused, and his mood completely loosened up. He looked up at the big screen and waited for Wang Qi to reveal the correct answer.

Soon, two side-by-side graphs appeared on the screen-

The left side was chosen by Tong Che, and the right side was built by Mu Hanfen.

The moment Tong Che saw it, his eyes widened. The one Mr. Mu had created was the blue and white one, which he had mistakenly thought was a net picture!


And when Mu Hanfeng saw the picture chosen by Tong Che, he also had a hard time saying anything.

This was how a bank clerk dressed. How could he dress like that?


Mu Hanfeng couldn’t help but reflect on himself. It seemed that he didn’t tease little Omega enough.

And Tong Che’s mood had also turned from shock to surprise. Mr. Mu will make out such a set. Does that mean that Mr. Mu has seen the commercial he shot!

But he suddenly remembered the perverted smile Mu Hanfeng showed him when he was still matching.

Could it be that Teacher Mu was thinking of him at the time?

Did he discover some sort of weird taste in Mr. Mu!

Tong Che was rubbing his brain and his mind was going crazy, when he heard Mu Hanfeng approach him again. He whispered, “Tong Tong, don’t think of me as a good person.”

Tong Che: “!”

When Tong Che tilted his head, he saw Mu Hanfen’s half-hidden, half-revealed adam apple.

This person obviously wears a meticulous shirt, always buttoned at the top. He had such an abstinent – lustful look, but the words that came out were completely different!

Tong Che subconsciously covered his nose. It was too exciting! He was afraid of nosebleeds!

Luckily, Wang Qi opened his mouth at the right time, barely calming Tong Che’s mood, “Little Prince Che, remember what I said at the beginning. There is a reward for guessing right, but there is also a punishment for guessing wrong. “

Tong Che nodded his head honestly.

“Such a sincere attitude,” Wang Qi smoothly praised, and pressed the button. A line of words appeared on the screen: punishment: 10 push-ups.

“How about it? This punishment is not very difficult, ba?”

“It’s not hard.” Tong Che said.

Although he is an Omega, born with physical qualities that are not as good as an Alpha, a trainee is not trained for nothing. 10 push-ups is still not difficult for him.

Saying that, Tong Che was ready to start doing them.

But Mu Hanfen stopped him, “Wait a minute.”

Tong Che gave a start, thinking that Mu Hanfeng was trying to protect him, and showed a small dimple towards Mu Hanfen, “Teacher Mu, I can do it. Are you willing to bet and accept defeat.”

“Where are you going,” Mu Hanfeng helplessly nodded his forehead, “I mean, we are a CP. Of course, we must pass through blessings and difficulties together. “

Tong Che froze.

He wanted to say something, but Wang Qi said, “You love the gold coins, no problem. But since the little prince, Che, chose wrong, how about teacher Mu accompanies him to do the punishment? “

Mu Hanfeng snorted, ignored him, and only said to Tong Che, “Tong Tong, lie down.”


Although the floor was covered with a thick carpet, Tong Che was still shocked by Mu Hanfeng’s overly dry and concise tone.

Mu Hanfeng looked at him.

Tong Che returned to his senses, and without asking why, he immediately laid flat, obediently.

The corner of Mu Hanfen’s lips picked up. He leaned over, and did a standard push-up action.

Of course, it was the kind of “push-up” where he was lying on top of Tong Che, with his arms propped up on both sides of Tong Che’s head.

Tong Che burst into flames again. His eyes were fluttering. Although this posture was confining his vision, no matter how much he glanced around, all he could see was the bridge of Mu Hanfeng’s nose and the sharp chin line. And then floating to the sexy Adam’s apple, to the strong arms supporting him on either side of his head, continuing down, the chest, abs, those long legs that are about to be close to him…

Mu Hanfeng took a look at Tong Che’s wandering eyes, and the smile under his eyes deepened. He tilted his head and urged Wang Qi, “Still not counting?”

Wang Qi had been stunned by Mu Hanfeng’s tumultuous operation, and did not say anything for a while.

Mu Hanfeng looked at him with a frown and asked, “What’s wrong? Does Ton Tong not count as a participant? “

Wang Qi: “……”

Wang Qi started counting with a sullen face.

Mu Hanfeng was satisfied and looked down at Tong Che’s eyes as he bent his elbows, pressed his body down, and did a standard push-up.

Tong Che felt his heart was going to stop, as if he was really going to drown in Mu Hanfeng’s deep eyes.

It seems that he smelled the scent of the sea on Mu Hanfen’s body again, and he felt like he was really at the bottom of the sea.

Tong Che did not know what happened to him; his hand seemed to have its own consciousness, and by the time he reacted, he had already taken off the glasses on the bridge of Mu Hanfen’s nose!


Maybe he felt that the glasses were in the way and willingly wanted to be sucked in by these eyes.

Every time Mu Hanfeng did a push-up, he was very close to Tong Che, the tip of their noses touching, their breaths mingling. It was so close that Tong Che really thought that Mu Hanfeng would kiss him at a certain moment.

But no.

The 10 push-ups were all done, and there was no kiss.

Mu Hanfeng was always restrained and stopped at the touch of their bodies, like a gentlemanly rogue.

Until Wang Qi shouted, “the punishment is over”, Mu Hanfeng stood up, Tong Che hadn’t even come back to his senses.

“Tong Tong,” Mu Hanfen’s adam’s apple rolled a bit. His voice inexplicably added two points of mute meaning, “Give me back my glasses.”

Tong Che returned to his senses, looked at Mu Hanfen, and hurriedly lowered his head again. He found himself still holding the glasses in his hand, and instantly handed them to Mu Hanfen as if he had been scalded.

He whispered, “Teacher Mu, I didn’t mean to…”

Mu Hanfeng looked at him with deep eyes and smiled lowly, “I know that Tong Che was momentarily charmed by me and couldn’t help himself.”

Tong Che’s face was now so red that it could drip blood.

Yin Lan staggered, “Teacher Mu is actually like this! It’s true that people don’t look like what they seem! “

Wang Qi rubbed his already stiff face to find the rhythm. “Well, well, the first stage is over. Do not look back again. Let us now open the …”

He originally wanted to say “open the second stage,” but the next two words did not come out, as an assistant suddenly rushed in.

Wang Qi stopped talking and turned his head to look at her, “What’s wrong?”

The assistant attached Wang Qi’s ear and whispered a few sentences about something.

Tong Che couldn’t hear what she said, but there was some premonition. His heart suddenly sank heavily.

The next second, he saw Wang Qi’s eyebrows wrinkle and said, “I know.” After raising his head, his gaze turned and fell on him, “Xiao Che, you come out for a moment.”

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