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ICYP Chapter 2


Mu Hanfeng was facing their direction as he leaned sideways against the wall, looking down at his phone as if he hadn’t noticed anyone coming. Tong Che’s first reaction was to turn around and run away, but before he could take a step, Mu Hanfeng suddenly put away his phone and turned his head to look over.

His deeply contoured eyes were locked straight on Tong Che. The aggressive and oppressive feelings that belong to a top alpha washed over him instantly, and Tong Che involuntarily felt his legs go weak. He couldn’t run, and it was even more impossible for him to pretend he didn’t see Mu Hanfeng. So when his elbow was lightly squeezed by Lou Gui, Tong Che could only stiffen his head and give a small wave to Mu Hanfeng, greeting him politely, “How are you, Mr. Mu?”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t answer, but he didn’t move his eyes either.

Tong Che felt like prey being pursued by a hunter as those eyes locked on him.He couldn’t help but feel his scalp tingling. Time seemed to have stood still, and Tong Che did not dare to move or speak. He didn’t know if Lou Gui beside him was shocked by Mu Hanfeng’s aura, but he didn’t make any sound either.

Tong Che felt that a century had passed, so long that he even thought that Mu Hanfeng would really say something. However, he saw the Alpha suddenly withdraw his eyes, and without even giving him so much as a “hmm,” he turned and walked away.

Until Mu Hanfeng’s back got smaller and smaller, and finally completely out of sight, Tong Che was still unrecovered. He held onto the wall and bowed over, subconsciously reaching out to press against his heart, breathing hard and deeply.

Lou Gui had finally eased himself out of the cage of Mu Hanfeng’s strong momentum. “Xiao Che,” When he turned his head, he saw Tong Che’s condition and was taken aback, “What’s wrong with you? Are you okay? “

Tong Che slowly straightened up and leaned against the wall. He waved his hand at him and tried to speak, but found that he was not quite able to make a sound, so he had to mouth the words and say, “It’s nothing, just take it easy.”

Lou Gui muttered to himself, “Is this the physical nature of the AOs? It’s really terrible.

Lou Gui was a beta and couldn’t smell pheromones, nor was he affected by them. He couldn’t understand much of the physical nature between the AOs (Alphas and Omegas). For example, the Alpha’s natural sense of suppression towards the Omega is a feeling that still exists even if the Alpha didn’t deliberately release pheromones.

Lou Gui’s frothing just now was simply caused by Mu Hanfeng’s overpowering aura and the fact that he was caught saying something about taking advantage of him.

He rightfully attributed Tong Che’s strong reaction to AO’s physical nature. Only Tong Che himself knew that his reaction was not due to his so-called nature, but more because of his own psychological reasons.

In fact, he quickly realised that Mu Hanfeng didn’t really want to use his natural Alpha advantage to suppress him, and the sea smell that was still tangible when he just turned the corner had all been curbed when Mu Hanfeng turned his head to look at him.

He was only like this now because the Alpha in front of him was too tall, too close to him, and the oppressive feeling in his eyes was too strong, and a bad memory hidden deeply in his heart was unconsciously triggered.

“Time is of the essence.” What do you have to do to get better? ” Lui Gui’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He took another deep breath and tried to make a sound. This time he was finally able to speak, “It’s fine, we can leave now.”

“Sure it’s okay?” Lou Gui looked at him.

Tong Che nodded. He stood up straight and went ahead to the elevator. Lou Gui didn’t ask any more questions and followed suit.

In the elevator room, Lou Gui thought about it for a while before admitting very reluctantly to Tong Che, “What I said earlier, let’s forget about it for today. It’s better for you to keep your distance from Emperor Mu at the dinner party, and see if you have the chance to rub the heat off him later.”

He would say this, naturally, not because he had a conscience and considered Tong Che. They had just accidentally bumped into Mu Hanfeng, and Lou Gui reasonably suspected that Mu Hanfeng was threatening and intimidating Tong Che when they locked eyes. If Tong Che did anything else at the dinner party today, he would probably be targeted to death by Mu Hanfeng tomorrow. Lou Gui just wants him to rub off the heat, not to send his own cash cow to the brink of extinction.

Tong Che looked at the red numbers that kept jumping down, breathed a small sigh of relief, and nodded his head, “hmmm.”

By the time they got into the car, Tong Che had completely recovered. Some other feelings that had been suppressed by bad memories were beginning to emerge at this moment.

Tong Che finally sank in that the Alpha he had just bumped into, leaning so close and looking at each other for quite a while, was the living Mu Hanfeng! Since he had started working as a trainee four years ago, this was actually the first time he had faced the real Mu Hanfeng at such close quarters. There was no other reason other than the two were really a hundred thousand miles apart in terms of their status in the circle. Even if he was very popular now, he would not be able to blend into the circle where Mu Hanfeng was really relying on his strength.

After he came to his senses, Tong Che’s mood became conflicted—both surprised and depressed. The surprise was, naturally, due to the fact that he had met his idol. Mu Hanfeng’s deep eyes, his flawlessly handsome face, his sexy Adam’s apple, his waist and abs hidden under his black shirt, his steady breath.

And surprisingly, so coincidentally, the smell of the sea, if nothing else.

Every little detail that had been overlooked at the time now became clear again, so clear that Tong Che couldn’t help but feel his heart thumping.

As for being depressed, of course, it was because Tong Che felt that he had left a very poor first impression on Mu Hanfeng, a profit-seeking ghost who only wanted to rub his nose to get some heat.

“Xiao Che,” Lou Gui’s voice once again woke Tong Che up, “Don’t be dazed, we’re almost there, adjust your state.”

Tong Che patted his face and tried to pull himself together. What had happened couldn’t be changed. He now just wanted to prove through practical action that he really wasn’t trying to rub against Mu Hanfeng’s for some heat!

The silver and white Maserati pulled up in front of the Light Joy Hotel. Lou Gui got out of the car first and pulled the door open for Tong Che, doing all the superficial work.

Tong Che, who was wearing a white high-fashion suit, got out of the car and smiled just right for the countless cameras that were swarming around him. Showing off the shallow dimple at the right corner of his lips.

He had practised this smile countless times.

The flashing lights kept on going, and every now and then one could hear the sound of the media inhaling in awe of Tong Che’s “divine face”.

Tong Che was now very familiar with such scenes and was unmoved as he was swarmed into the lobby of the hotel, and then swarmed into the banquet hall after signing autographs.

The banquet hall was full of people, mingling with each other. Tong Che swept his eyes around without a trace, but he did not find Mu Hanfeng’s figure. After a little thought, he realised that with Mu Hanfeng’s status, it would already be a great honour for him to come to this kind of dinner. So it was perfectly reasonable for him to arrive late.

Luo Gui didn’t give Tong Che any more time to wander off in his thoughts as he was already surrounded by a circle of people. He took a glass of wine for himself and handed Tong Che a glass of grape juice.

Tong Che’s drinking capacity was appallingly poor, and Lou Gui would not let him touch the wine unless it was necessary.

Tong Che lowered his head and took a sip of grape juice. His posture was so elegant that many could not take their eyes off him.

Most of those who would take the initiative to come around and talk to him were those who were not as popular as Tong Che now, and Tong Che would not intentionally get close, but he did not put up airs either. Although there was not much sincerity in their exchanges, they could be called friendly.

It was only when an abrupt voice interjected, “Yo if it isn’t the big star Tong, it’s been a long time.”

Even a fool could detect the strange tone of the words. Let alone, how could there be any fools in the circle?

The once-friendly atmosphere suddenly became stagnant. Tong Che raised his eyes to look at the source of the voice. It was a male Omega who was about his height and had a feminine look.

Tong Che recognized him. This man’s name was Qi Xie, and he was the second male lead in the ancient puppet drama that Tong Che had previously acted in. However, Qi Xie was not as popular as Tong Che now. This contradiction was really too obvious.

Tong Che calmly took another sip of grape juice, pretending that he could not hear Qi Xie’s shady tone, and opened his mouth. His tone was not condescending, “Long time no see, teacher Qi.”

“Heh,” snorted Qi Xie coldly, “I can’t afford for “Big Star” Tong to call me teacher right now.”

The atmosphere between the two, or to be precise, Qi Xie’s attitude, was so abnormal that the people who had gathered around Tong Che quietly retreated, fearing that the two would get into a fight and be affected.

Tong Che did not care either, shaking the tall glass with grape juice in his hand and responding calmly, “You are a senior to me, so naturally I should call you teacher.”

Tong Che’s words were true, Qi Xie had indeed debuted earlier in his career than he, so calling him “teacher” was out of courtesy. However, when these words reached Qi Xie’s ears, it sounded like Tong Che was mocking him for not being popular despite his seniority.

Qi Xie’s face instantly turned red, and his eyes looked at Tong Che like they could burst into flames.

Tong Che didn’t want to stand there and let people look at him as a monkey, so he was about to find an excuse to leave when he heard Qi Xie say, “I don’t know what makes someone famous; his face, pheromones, or being a flirt.”

This was so unkind that even Lou Gui could not help but frown and rebuke, “Don’t talk nonsense in public!”

The two sides went head-to-head, with Tong Che’s back to the door, not noticing that there was an Alpha walking in who would instantly catch everyone’s eyes whenever he appeared.

Naturally, it was Mu Hanfeng.

Before they got there, Mu Hanfeng’s manager, Yun Su, had asked him if he had any thoughts on that hot search caused by Tong Che.

What Yun Su generally meant by asking this was, does Mu Hanfeng want to take any measures?

Mu Hanfeng had seen the small video of Tong Che’s interview. The exceptionally good-looking Omega in the video really didn’t hesitate when he said the word “Mu,” and the flash of annoyance under his eyes when he paused didn’t seem like an act. But Mu Hanfeng didn’t care if it was true or not.

Whether it was true or not, he wasn’t so insane as to target people just because of a word. Besides, he happened to meet him at the company at that time, and Mu Hanfeng could clearly feel Tong Che’s fear of him from his stretched little ice face.

The black and white, almost clear eyes passed through his mind again, and Mu Hanfeng twisted his fingers inexplicably as he snorted. Was he really that scary?

“So what if he does something else at the banquet?” Yun Su’s question next to him jolted him out of his jumbled thoughts.

“What mishaps?” Mu Hanfeng asked rhetorically, jokingly, “Pour red wine on me?”

Yun Su laughed and scolded him, “You’re sick.”

“Pouring red wine on your body” had now become a joke in the circle. It was old-fashioned and too desperate, and it had to be served with the words, “Very well, Little O, you have successfully captured my attention,” but anyone with a brain would never use such a cheap tactic again.

The two of them were laughing and joking when they entered the banquet hall, while on Tong Che’s side, Qi Xie, who was standing opposite him, suddenly had a strange smile on the corner of his mouth.

Before Tong Che could react, he saw Qi Xie suddenly take a step forward and hit his left wrist. In fact, the force of that hit wasn’t too heavy, so an ordinary person would be fine.

However, Tong Che was different. His left hand was not strong enough, and if he hadn’t had to free his right hand to shake hands with someone, he wouldn’t have used it to hold the goblet.

As a result, Tong Che’s hand shook and the grape juice in his goblet splashed out onto the person who was passing by. As he watched the dark blue suit being splattered with purple spots, Tong Che immediately apologised, “I’m sorry…”

As he said that, Tong Che subconsciously looked up to see the man’s face. Who knew that when he looked at him, the last words would get stuck in his throat.

The one who was splashed with grape juice was none other than Mu Hanfeng. The Alpha he was trying to keep his distance from to save his image.

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