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ICYP Chapter 19


The groundhog in Tong Che’s heart instantly started screaming loudly again, “Aahh, can Mr. Mu get any better? Does he want his heart to jump out of his mouth?

The little red light on the big screen was flashing faster and faster. Wang Qi opened his mouth and asked, “Mr. Mu, still hasn’t answered? Do you want to abstain from this question? “

Mu Hanfeng straightened up, the corners of his lips picking upwards slightly, and answered frankly and seriously, “I really can’t answer what Tong Che likes to do most right now, but the future is long. I would like to hear more about it. “

Tong Che originally thought that Mu Hanfeng would only guess at random, but I didn’t expect him to say that and was left stunned.

Their segment came to an end. Ning Ran and Mi Beibei began to answer, but Tong Che still did not come back to his senses.

Mu Hanfeng lost his smile and snapped his fingers in front of his eyes, “Are you stupid? Or did you not understand? “

Tong Che returned to his senses and pursed his lips, “I understand.”

Mu Hanfeng ignored his answer and said in a low voice, “If you don’t understand, Mr. Mu will explain it to you again in more understandable words. That is, Mr. Mu is willing to spend time understanding you. Got it? “

Tong Che’s eyelashes trembled lightly, and the groundhog in his heart rested, replaced by a warm current.

He didn’t know why Mu Hanfeng suddenly said this. Maybe he just wanted to tease him again like he used to say he was cute and good, but at the moment he heard it, Tong Che still felt warm and touched, and there were two points of uneasiness and trepidation that suddenly rose up because he was suddenly treated gently.

However, the sound of laughter around him was too loud now, so Tong Che quickly gathered his emotions and only nodded his head lumpily, “Understand… I understand.”

Mu Hanfeng did not want to give the little Omega any psychological burden, and quickly cornered him to change the topic, raising his chin towards Ning Ran and Mi Beibei, who were answering the questions, “Look, Ms. Ning Ran is bringing out her excellent acting skills as a movie queen.”

Tong Che’s attention was indeed immediately abducted, and he looked up at the two.

The question on the screen: If two people have a conflict in a different place, what is their personal state before the conflict is resolved?

Ning Ran’s slender index finger, with red nail polish, tapped on Mi Beibei’s waist with a calm expression, “Personal status? Actually, I think I would be quite calm. That is, I will carefully analyse the contradictions and think carefully about how to coax Beibei. “

Mu Han Feng whispered to Tong Che, and demolished her stage, “Calm? Ms. Ning probably forgot that time on set when she cried so much with shock. “

Tong Che was amused, and couldn’t help but make up a picture of how Ning Ran looked when she cried, but he didn’t succeed. He blinked and said honestly, “It’s really hard to imagine.”

After all, so far, Ning Ran has given Tong Che the feeling of a very strong and mature aura.

Mu Han Feng snickered, “The better the acting skills, the better the person will pretend.”

Tong Che stared at Mu Han Feng, not knowing how to take this.

Was Mr. Mu scolding himself?

As if seeing through what he was thinking, Mu Hanfeng smiled and added, “I’m the same. You’ll know later. “

Tong Che didn’t dare ask any more questions, and he said, “oh.”

There, Ning Ran and Mi Beibei finally finished answering the ten questions, not as bad as Xiao Yao and Yin Lan, but they also fell into a lot of pits.

“All right!” Wang Qi clapped his hands and announced, “The first level is over. Do you have some initial throbbing for each other now? Then let’s enter the second level together, ba! “

The second level is called “Do you know my family?”

Obviously, this is based on the first level of depth, first to understand me, and then to understand each other’s family, and perhaps the next level will be to understand friends, but indeed, this is very much in line with the theme of “getting to know each other”.
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Yin Lan smacked his lips, “Tsk tsk tsk, we’re meeting the parents now, it’s progressing too fast!”

Wang Qi slanted his glance at him. “It’s not about meeting them yet. Just the most basic understanding, okay! “

Whether fans, black fans, or passers-by. they are all more or less interested in the artists’ family backgrounds. The program team will not let go of this hot topic, but they must be clever to grasp the degree, not like prying into people’s privacy.

Now it seems that the “The Power of Love for the Nth Time” team has done a very skillful job in this regard.

The first question that popped up on the big screen was indeed asking the family, but it had nothing to do with privacy, and even had some humor.

Did your dad ever beat you when you were a kid?


After a quick glance, Mi Beibei grabbed the answer, “I know this stunt! My dad didn’t have me yet when he was a kid; so he couldn’t hit me! “

Everyone laughed.

“Beibei,” Ning Ran said, helplessly holding her forehead, “Did you see the question?”

Mi Beibei was confused, “ah,” and re-read the question, instantly blushing, spitting out her tongue, “Sorry, I read it wrong!”

“It’s okay,” Wang Qi waved his hand, “then why don’t you just let Bebe answer first, how about it?”

It was not a trick question. Mi Beibei did not refuse to answer, tilting her head to be cute. Of course not. My father said I grew up looking like a milk dumpling. He simply could not beat me. ” Wang Qi gave her a thumbs up and said, “You have the face to be capricious!”

Next was Ning Ran’s answer. She continued her calm imperial sister persona, “I have been sensible since I was a child, so, no.”

This Q-link was answered regardless of CP. For each problem, six people had to take turns answering.

Xiao Yao and Yin Lan said comic-like –

“Of course-I got beaten up!”

“Beaten with a bang!”

“It hurt so much that I was wailing!”

The two sang and sang, and the atmosphere was very lively. Everyone turned their eyes to Tong Che and Mu Han Feng again.

Mu Hanfeng leaned back on the sofa bag. His eyes were cold as if he didn’t want to talk much. He only threw a word as if it were gold, “No.”

But Tong Che’s reaction was not quite right.

Since this question appeared, he had been restless. His brows were furrowed together, his lips were pursed into a straight line, his complexion was even paler, and his ten fingers were also subconsciously twisted together as if he had fallen into some self-world.

His really unusual demeanour was seen by everyone, and the originally lively atmosphere froze for a while.

Wang Qi was about to say something when he saw Mu Hanfeng calmly turn to the side, blocking most of the shot of Tong Che, then reached out and gently held Tong Che’s hand.

The slightly cool touch instantly travelled down the back of the hand to his heart, and Tong Che had a jolt and abruptly returned to his senses. He looked down at the hand that covered the back of his hand, the hand that was two sizes too big, with distinctive bones and long knuckles, and he looked at Mu Hanfeng with a tilt of his head.

Tong Che curved his eyes, looked at Wang Qi, and said softly, “Sorry, I just got lost in thought. I don’t remember much about my childhood.”

Although he seemed to have recovered a lot, but his cheeks and lips were still pale. It caused heartache for no reason, and one could not bear to question whether this “do not remember” is true or not.

Wang Qi did not say more, pressed the button, and cut to the second question: if you had only one adjective to describe your mother or father, what would you use?

In today’s society, the combination of male Alpha and female Omega was only a relatively common type of combination, but not all of them were paired like that. Male Omega or female Beta could also have children, so the question was very rigorous.

Looking at the screen, Mu Hanfeng did not let go of Tong Che’s hand, and Tong Che did not break free.

Yin Lan did not hesitate to give a thumbs up, “One word! Cool! Others have praised me for looking like my Omega father! “

Ning Ran ruffled a big wavy lock of hair and straightened her back, “Dignified, I’m the same as my mother.”

Wang Qi: “……”

You two are really good at putting gold on your faces.

Xiao Yao rubbed the back of his head, ” Scholarly. He is a teacher. “

Mi Beibei smiled sweetly, “Gentle! My mother is particularly good-tempered. “

So it was Tong Che and Mu Han Feng left.

In fact, many positive adjectives passed through Tong Che’s mind, such as gentle, kind, and understanding, but in the end, his fingertips curled up and the answer came out, “She’s a little fierce.”

Gentle and kind, and understanding: that this is indeed his mother, but not towards him.


The people here were more perceptive than in the previous question. They noticed the abnormality in Tong Che, and now they made jokes to cover up for him.

Yan Lin said, ” My father is also fierce and cool-looking, and he looks even cooler when he fights! I often tasted AO mixed doubles when I was a kid! “

“That’s right,” Xiao Yao took over, “my father is also fierce, or maybe it’s a teacher’s occupational disease. He scolded me with a set of axioms. “

Tong Che understood their good intentions and smiled gratefully.

But what everyone didn’t expect was Mu Hanfeng’s answer afterwards, which was even more unreasonable.

He looked colder than before, and even vaguely brought out two points of coldness that belonged to a top Alpha, and his tone was even more like ice, saying only three words, “No impression.”

This time, everyone froze.

If not for his face being too cold, Wang Qi wanted to run over and shake him and ask, “WTF? Are you fucking kidding me? “


But he didn’t dare to say that, for fear of being sent to the North Pole by Mu Hanfeng, and had to ask bitterly, “Mr. Mu, does this section need to be cut out when the time comes?”

Mu Hanfeng made his debut five years ago, and few people outside the circle, if any, are aware of his family history.They only vaguely know that he has a hard background, as if involved with the “Mu family” , the tip of the pyramid of Yangcheng. Specifically, no one dares to ask, and no one dares to talk.

Although Wang Qi also knows that this is a major explosive point, he would not dare use it.

But Mu Han Feng shook his head as if he didn’t care, “No need to cut, it does not matter.”

Wang Qi wanted to cry and say, “You do not care, I do care!”

But he did not dare to say this, and finally just sighed and cut the next question.

As for Tong Che, after listening to Mu Hanfeng’s answer, he completely forgot his bad memories and focused on Mu Hanfeng.

No impression? What do you mean? Did Mr. Mu not get along with his own family? Did they divorce long ago, or did one of them die early on?

Whichever the answer was, Tong Che felt heartbroken.

Teacher Mu’s heart may be even more uncomfortable than his right now, but he still holds his hand and gives him warmth and strength.

Tong Che wanted to say something. His lips moved, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He just moved his fingers and held Mu Hanfeng’s hand back, like some tacit silent comfort.


There were eight questions after this, and Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng’s answers were all tagged “queer.”

Maybe because of the two of them holding hands together, but for the first time, both Tong Che and Mu Han Feng felt as if it wasn’t a big deal to be asked about their families.

The second stage was finally over, and the third level, as expected, was related to friends, but instead of asking questions, each person was asked to directly call the person who had been in contact with them the most in their communication records for the past week, excluding family and CP.

So Tong Che called Ruan Tang, and Mu Han Feng called Yun Su…

No one noticed the momentary loss of concentration of Tong Che when he saw the word “friend,” including Mu Hanfeng.

After that, the program team also prepared a number of interactive games, which are relatively warm and interesting. However, both Tong Che and Mu Han Feng were a little distracted all the time.

In the evening, the day of recording finally ended. They ate dinner together, and then returned to the hotel room.

Tong Che was a bit hesitant, as if he always wanted to say something, but did not know how to speak.

But Mu Hanfeng rubbed the top of his hair and said, in a warm voice, “Don’t stare. Go take a shower.”

Tong Che did not move, clutching the corner of his coat, and called out in a small voice, “Teacher Mu…”

Hmm?” Mu Han Feng had long since shed his indifference in front of the crowd during the day, looking down at him and speaking softly, “What do you want to say?”

Tong Che raised his head, and looked at Mu Han Feng looked at each other for two seconds, and finally shook his head, “No… nothing. I’m going to take a shower.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Mu Hanfeng’s answer. He hurriedly took his pyjamas and rushed into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, Tong Che tilted his head and let the water fall on his face, exhaling a long breath.

In fact, there is nothing to say. He just wanted to comfort with two sentences, but Tong Che himself is clearer than anyone else. Many times, language is pale and powerless, so comfort is meaningless.

After taking a shower and blow-drying his hair, he saw Mu Hanfeng smoking on the big terrace. Tong Che didn’t go over; he just said that he had washed up, said good night again, and got into bed.

When he looked at his phone, he found a missed call from an unfamiliar number, which Tong Che didn’t care about and clicked into WeChat.

Lou Gui had sent him a message again, and he seemed to be in a very good mood.

“The person in charge of Solace contacted me! I will contact the program tomorrow to see when you can be released to sign the contract. “

The tips of Tong Che’s fingers trembled. This was really a great opportunity.

It would save him a considerable amount of money in inhibitor expenses and also provide a new level for him in future advertising endorsements.

Tong Che himself also wanted to sign the contract as soon as possible to confirm it, so as not to have too many dreams at night. So he moved his fingers and typed a reply: ” Brother Lou, we do not record on Sunday. You can contact the program team to explain the situation, and I should be let out on Sunday.”

After replying to this, Tong Che put the lock screen of his phone aside without waiting for Lou Wei’s reply.

He hugged his teddy bear and tried to fall asleep. He was a bit confused. There was Mu Hanfeng in the shower, there were those memories of his youth, and then, with the sound of water, the confusion came to sleep, and he drifted off.

Not surprisingly, he dreamed of that cold, decorated room with the same cold iron bed. In the dream, the mother, who spoke softly to his brother one minute, turned her head the next second and snapped at him; the father, who laughed and played with his brother one minute, turned around the next and forced him back to the corner with a frosty face…

“He’s your younger brother; he’s younger than you. Why don’t you give him a break!”

“Look how sad he is crying. You’re an older brother; why don’t you behave like a brother!”


“I’ve told you many times, you’ve been tested since birth. There’s a 99.99% chance that your brother will be an Alpha and you’ll be an Omega. You were born inferior to him. What’s wrong with that?”

“Still not convinced, are you? Look, I haven’t done anything yet, and you’re already too weak in the legs to stand up. What’s the use of you? Rubbish! “


The cries or snickers of his younger brother, the scolding of his mother, and the insults of his father, surrounded the whole room and lingered, like a magic sound through the ears.

The little Tong Che cowered in the corner in his dream, shivering all over.

God knows how much he longed for someone to appear and free him from all this tedious and horrible situation.

But no one would come.


Tong Che finally struggled to wake up on his own. He strained to take a deep breath, raised his hand to touch his heart, and slowly suppressed the palpitations of his dream. He really hasn’t dreamed of these for a long time, and hasn’t remembered them, he was probably affected by those questions during the day.

The small lamp above the bed was dim , and the curtains did not let out any light from the sky among the cracks, as if it was still late at night.

Tong Che touched the phone and glanced at it. Sure enough, it was only 3:52 in the morning.

Just as he was about to put down his phone, turn over, and go back to sleep, Tong Che suddenly realized something and turned his head abruptly. He saw that the other bed, which should have been occupied by Mu Hanfeng, was now empty, separated from him by a small aisle.

Tong Che instantly forgot all his dreams. He sat up with a start and called out, “Teacher Mu?”

No one answered.

The bathroom door was wide open; obviously, Mu Hanfeng was not inside. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his coat and put it on his body, took two steps towards the terrace, and pulled the curtain open.

Through a layer of glass, Mu Hanfeng stood on the terrace, his back to him, his fingertips holding a cigarette, the sparks brightly flickering in the night. His back was so straight that it was almost sharp, so cold and severe that it seemed to merge with the night.

Tong Che’s heart trembled inexplicably. He hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath, and grabbed the door handle. The moment he pulled open the door, Mu Han Feng turned around and looked over.

At that moment, he felt as if Mu Hanfeng was very sad. But before he could distinguish more clearly, Mu Hanfeng’s expression had returned to the usual expression.

“Teacher Mu,” Tong Che asked softly, “Can I come over?”

Mu Hanfeng looked at him for two seconds and gave a low “hmm.” Maybe it was because he had smoked a lot, but his voice was a bit hoarse. Tong Che walked to his side and tilted his head to look at him, “You can’t sleep?”

Mu Hanfeng took another puff of his cigarette and lowered his eyes, not immediately answering. He actually did not want Tong Che to come over when his mood was not normal. He has long been used to being alone.

But looking at the appearance of little Omega with sleepy eyes and unbuttoned clothes as he came to look for him, he couldn’t refuse.

After awhile, Mu Han Feng asked in a low voice, “What about you? How come you are awake? “

Tong Che rubbed his eyes and said, “I had a not-so-happy dream.”

Mu Hanfeng was silent for a moment, did not ask more questions, but only reached out and gathered the lapels of Tong Che’s coat for him, and said in a slow voice, “Teacher Mu is not too happy either. Stay with Teacher Mu for a while, okay? “

Tong Che couldn’t help but be stunned. Before hearing these words, Mu Hanfeng gave him the feeling that he had always been so powerful that he seemed to be invulnerable. He was warm towards him, but other times, more often than not, he was still as deep and cold as his body shape, voice, and even pheromones.

As sharp as a sword, as lofty as a mountain, as deep as the sea.

But at this moment, Tong Che felt that he had spotted a very shallow yet very real point, something called vulnerability.

It was as if a high and towering iceberg, beneath his feet, quietly leaked a slit for him. So, Tong Che asked a question from his heart, “Teacher Mu, can I hug you for a while?”


When the words left his mouth, Tong Che came to his senses. He reasoned that he hadn’t awoken from his dream; otherwise, how could he say such things to Teacher Mu? What if Teacher Mu regards him as the kind of coquettish idiot who wants to throw his arms around him!

Tong Che wanted to reach out and slap himself, and he tried to explain in fear, “Teacher Mu…”

He wanted to say that he didn’t mean that, but he just couldn’t hold back for a moment.

He was too clumsy to comfort, and of all the hard days he had ever had, what he longed for was just a hug.

He also wanted to say, ” If I hug you, I might not feel so bad. “

But before these words could be spoken, Tong Che had already been crashed into an embrace with the faint smell of the sea.

Mu Han Feng embraced him, raised his hand, and rubbed the back of his head very gently.

After a moment of panic, Tong Che couldn’t help but close his eyes. His head was buried in Mu Hanfeng’s neck. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath and sniff hard. For the first time in his long life, he knew that the pheromones released by an Alpha to Omega were not all for suppression, nor were they all for courtship of a mate. It turns out that it can be just a very measured sense of appeasement. It turns out that they can be so gentle.


It was so gentle that his eyes began to heat up again, as if he had been waiting for such a hug for too long, just like a traveler who has been walking in the long desert and finally saw a clear spring.

In the silence of the night, neither Tong Che nor Mu Han Feng made a sound.

They quietly and seriously felt each other’s body temperature, each other’s heartbeat, and each other’s breathing.

All he could perceive was the hug, and that was all.

“Tong Tong.” Mu Han Feng’s low murmur suddenly sounded at the side of his ear.

Tong Che’s ears twitched, and he tilted his head subconsciously before looking up at Mu Hanfeng, “Mr. Mu?”

Mu Hanfeng lowered his head and looked at Tong Che, and suddenly pulled the corner of his lips. His eyes were stained with teasing. With a smile, “Tongtong, are you secretly touching my abs?”

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