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ICYP Chapter 18


Ning Ran waved her hand, full of growing disgust, and said, “There is something I want to talk about. There is a program to record. What is the use of this ugly and vulgar heart?”

Yin Lan immediately raised his hand, “I second the motion!”

“What do you mean by ugly and vulgar?” Wang Qi righteously said, “This is clearly a symbol of love!”

If he had not said these words, it would have been okay. Everyone was just disgusted. However, now all six people are disgusted enough to show an ugly expression. Even Tong Che, who is used to managing his expressions in front of the camera, and Mu Han Feng, who has always had an iceberg face, couldn’t hold back.

“The program team is too afraid to say they are too poor,” Mu Han Feng coldly looked askance at Wang Qi, “Love cannot be made to carry this black pot.”

Wang Qi was about to be killed by this group of popular people, so he glared at Mu Han Feng, angrily, and turned around and entered the cabin.

Leaving a group of people outside laughing.

Mi Beibei sighed, “Ruthless teacher Mu, you are ruthless.”

Xiao Yao also followed the cavity, “Teacher Mu, you are poisonous.”

Mu Hanfeng simply ignored them and only looked down and asked Tong Che, “Tong Tong, am I cruel? Am I poisonous?”

Tong Che hurriedly shook his head into a rattle and said, “No, no, no, you are especially right, Mr. Mu! We can crowdfund the show next time, or at least buy a slightly better looking love sign! “

Mu Hanfeng’s mood instantly improved by an octave, and he no longer cared about the ugly love heart. He gently shook Tong Che’s wrist and went into the hut.

The other four people also followed suit.

But unexpectedly, the interior decoration of the hut and the exterior were completely different in style. The light blue wallpaper was printed with a small whale, and the dark blue sofa had a starfish pillow of the same color…

The whole room has blue tones, but because of the lovely shape, it does not look cold and depressing. On the contrary, there is a unique sense of freshness, so that people feel very comfortable in it.

Everyone’s expressions showed that it looked good to the naked eye. Especially with Tong Che, his eyes were glued to a variety of cute shapes of small objects and could not move away.

Mi Beibei quietly reminded Tong Che, “Brother Che, your eyes should not be so eager. If you keep staring at that little dolphin cushion, your cool persona will collapse!”

Tong Che was stunned and whispered to Mi Bei Bei “thank you” and immediately withdrew his gaze. His face tensed.

He looked so cold.

This was all seen by Mu Han Feng, and he unconsciously added a smile under his eyes. He also remembered Tong Che’s cute appearance in little bunny pyjamas holding a teddy bear and what Tong Che looked like when he was coquettish in his arms. The strange possessiveness was inexplicably satisfied—good, only he could see the cute side of the little omega.

“Please take a seat; we’re about to begin the first stage!” Wang Qi said.

Around Wang Qi, there were six fat sofa bags, surrounded by a semicircle. With six people sitting on them, the atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable, and it was a very suitable setting for talking about the heart.

Sure enough, the name of the first level is called “Do you know me?”

“This level is very simple. It is to let each of you CPs get to know each other better,” Wang Qi explained, “so we deliberately set 10 different questions for each pair. The rules are like this…”

The 10 questions included those of individuals and those of two people. The individual ones need to be answered by one of them for the other, and the ones between two people are answered jointly.

After Wang Qi finished talking about the rules, he asked, “Okay, which group would like to come first?”

“Us…us!” Yin Lan reacted the fastest and was the first to raise his hand, confident, “I’ve lived with Xiao for ten years, this kind of game is simply a small matter!”

Wang Qi tried to suppress his devious smile and pretended to ask again, “Are you sure?”

This time, Xiao Yao also nodded his head, “Sure.”

“Good!” Wang Qi pressed the big screen and cheerfully said, “Get ready, please listen to the question!”

All six people looked up at the screen together, but the moment the first question came out, Yin Lan and Xiao Yao were both dumbfounded.

1. Please ask: What were the two of you wearing the first time you met?

As Yin Lan said, he and Xiao Yao’s duo have been together for almost ten years, living together all those years. That first meeting was also at least ten years ago. Who the hell can still remember?

Yin Lan immediately howled, “You’re making it difficult for me! I don’t even remember what I was wearing ten years ago! “

Xiao Yao thought about it and gave back a very general answer, “It should be a coat and pants.”

Because he still remembered that the two met in winter. That means they must have been wearing coats and trousers.

Just after saying this, the two of them were hit in the face once more. The screen popped up a video of the interview when the two had just debuted. In the video, Xiao Yao and Yin Lan are wearing bulging down jackets. When asked by the reporter, Yin Lan also said, “Why wear a coat during winter in the north? Down jackets are true love! “

Xiao Yao slyly turned his head and firmly stared at the thin coat someone was now wearing.

Heh, men are really fickle!

It’s so much fun to see a car overturn, and Tong Che and the others were more than happy to see the others so embarrassed. They didn’t even think about whether it would be their turn when the car rolled over next.

After nine other questions, the two could only answer questions about each other’s preferences. The rest are essentially all in the same pit as the first, centred on the words “first time,” “first meeting,” “at first,” and other similar phrases.

After the ten questions were all over, the two of them were already paralyzed on the sofa bag without any image, lifeless.

Wang Qi hehe-d, “How about it? The program team helped you recall what you knew about each other back then. Isn’t it very touching? “

Yin Lan and Xiao Yao: “…..”

10,000 swear words had to be omitted from the footage later.

“So next,” Wang Qi turned his attention to the other four, “Which one of you wants to come and be touched?”

Mi Beibei hurriedly shook her head and looked at Tong Che with bewildered eyes, “Brother Che, men first, okay?”

Tong Che turned his head to look at Mu Hanfeng, and only when he saw Mu Hanfeng nodding did he say “okay”.

But at the bottom of his heart, Tong Che was not too panicked. Of the three groups of CP, only he and Mu Han Feng were the real “first acquaintances.” There was not much to ask.
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The next question that popped up did verify Tong Che’s thoughts.

The first question: what was your first impression of each other?

The first thing that Tong Che recalled was the day before the dinner party, when they ran into each other by chance in the company. The first adjective that came to his mind was “frightening,” and Tong Che intuitively felt that if he said this, Mu Hanfeng would definitely have to discuss it with him, so he turned his mouth and replaced it with a mild expression: “Aura of two metres-eight!”

Mu Hanfeng remembered the dinner party that day, when Tong Che accidentally spilled grape juice on him and apologised to him, and remembered his casual joke with Yun Su as he waited for a new suit that time. His thin lips hooked up and spat out one word, “Stupid.”


Tong Che: “?”

How did he become stupid?

Tong Che turned his head angrily and looked at Mu Hanfeng, but the man deliberately pretended not to feel his sight and stared at the big screen without blinking, without any explanation.

The second question quickly popped up, and Tong Che had to temporarily turn his head back.

This question asks which trait in the other person is most attractive to you.

He frowned and pondered for awhile, and then whispered, “How can I choose just one? It’s obvious that everything about Mr. Mu is attractive to me.”

After mumbling, the tips of his own ears quietly reddened first. Mu Han Feng’s breathing stuttered, grinding his teeth. This little Omega really could hook him!

So, Mu Han Feng swallowed the string of adjectives such as “cute,” “good,” and “obedient” into his mouth, and lightly replied, “loves to blush. “

This time, Tong Che was completely red from the tip of his ears to his neck.

The next questions involved very basic things, such as each other’s favourite tastes, favourite colors, habitual small movements, and so on.

Although the two people’s time spent together was still very short, they were very concerned about each other. So they managed to answer eight to nine of the questions correctly.

Until the last question: do you know what your partner’s favourite thing to do is?

When this question came out, both were asked.

After all, a person’s life is too long. There will be many favourite things, and there will also be many choices. Some people, throughout their lives, even cannot answer their favourite things, let alone others.

For a while, both Tong Che and Mu Han Feng were silent.

The little red light on the screen had begun to flash continuously, urging the two to answer.

Tong Che scratched his hair and tentatively gave the most obvious answer, “Acting.”

After all, Mr. Mu is a movie star, so it makes perfect sense that he loves acting.

Who knew that Mu Han Feng would simply deny, “Wrong,” in that next second?

Tong Che was stunned and inclined his head to look at him. Mu Han Feng lowered his head and came closer, lowering his voice and saying slowly, “Tong Tong, my favourite thing to do is tease you.”

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