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ICYP Chapter 11


“Tong Tong was especially good…”

Especially good…


The originally relaxed and cheerful atmosphere instantly became quiet with Mu Hanfeng’s words.

Tong Che: “……”

He screamed in his heart: “Aahhh! What is teacher Mu saying? Teacher Mu would actually call him Tong Tong!

Tong Che wanted to play it cool, but he couldn’t help it. He blushed all the way from his neck to the tips of his ears.

Which made the atmosphere grow even stranger.

Mi Beibei and Ning Ran, Yin Lan, and Xiao Yao both looked at each other and saw the same question in each other’s eyes.

Emperor Mu really came for love, damn it!

Mu Hanfeng’s sudden appearance on this variety show was something not only Tong Che was speculating about.

Mu Hanfeng’s fans, peers within the circle, and even passers-by outside the circle, all had the same question after learning the news.

And now, the answer was finally in front of them!

Xiao Yao was the first to react. He casually flicked Yin Lan’s little piercing and inclined his head to look at Tong Che with a meaningful smile, “Relax, don’t be so nervous, we all understand.”

Mi Beibei also came back to her senses, and she quietly asked Tong Che, “Is the neck collar and glandular patch enough? If it’s not enough, I have extra here. “

As they all know, neck collars and glandular patches are not only pheromone blockers for Omega, but they are also useful for covering bite marks.

Tong Che waved his hands in a muddled fashion, “Enough, I have enough!”

He knew that everyone had misunderstood that something had really happened between him and Mu Hanfeng last night. But he didn’t know how to explain it. If he shouted, “We didn’t. He’s just speaking nonsense! “

Who would believe him? Obviously, no one and they might even think that he was making a fool of himself.

Tong Che was devastated, and he peeked at Mu Hanfeng.

Mr. Mu did not like any kind of hype. He would definitely clarify it! With this thought, Tong Che felt a little more at ease. But then he saw Mu Hanfeng’s calm face, with the corners of his lips slightly turned up.

Probably because he noticed that Tong Che was looking at him, Mu Hanfeng collected his expression and said lightly, “I was just joking. Me and Tong Tong are not what you think.”

When these words came out, everyone looked at Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng with a more meaningful look.

Is Mu Hanfeng someone who would casually joke around? Even his manager, Yun Su, wouldn’t believe it if he said it out loud that he was making a joke.

Not to mention the fact that he called him “Tong Tong,” which was so mushy. What was the point of explaining?

An explanation is a cover-up, and the cover-up is the truth!

This time, Tong Che’s face was completely wooden.

However, it was Wang Qi who was the most devastated of the people present. He fiercely clenched his left fist and punched his right palm.

If he had known that Emperor Mu was like this, he should have had the cameras turned on just now!


It was a mistake not to have recorded Emperor Mu’s golden words!

However, the show still had to go on.


Wang Qi looked at his watch, managed his expression, and asked his assistant to put away the six people’s mobile phones for unified storage. He then gave each of them an outdated phone, explaining, “This phone has been modified by us, in order to facilitate contact. The phone numbers of the five guests other than yourself, as well as my assistant and I, have been set on it. But other than us, this phone cannot contact the outside world, and there are no other functions. “

This was something that everyone had been prepared for yesterday, so they didn’t feel anything when they heard it now.

Wang Qi nodded in satisfaction. He gestured towards the camera crew and said the prepared lines, “It’s now 9am on November 21, Yangcheng time. I announce that “The Nth Power of Love” officially starts its first day of love and cohabitation! First, let’s start by shouting our slogan together: “Love is me and you, stacked together for the Nth time!”

The cameras were all turned on. The previous hiccups came to an end, and everyone adjusted their emotions and shouted out the slogan in unison.

“Our theme for the first week is returning to the basics and getting to know each other.”

Wang Qi began to explain, “You may think that there is no connection between the words returning to the basics and knowing each other. But today…”

“Listen, “Ning Ran complained in a low voice, “Director Wang is about to start talking, how to force a connection between two unrelated things…”

And just as she finished this sentence, they heard Wang Qi say the second half of the sentence, “Today, let me tell you that there is really no connection between these two words!”

Ning Ran: “……”

Everyone burst out laughing unceremoniously. Even Mi Beibei couldn’t hold back.

It was not their fault that they had low laughing points; it was because Wang Qi was so out of line.

Wang Qi showed a smug look of, “I know you didn’t expect it,” and then said, “Returning to the truth is the theme of the first three days. It belongs to the cohabitation segment. Knowing each other is the theme of the second three days. And that belongs to the relationship segment. “

When he said this, everyone understood, and even Mu Hanfeng’s eyes showed two points of interest. Originally, he had come to this variety show just to get in touch with Tong Che. He did not have much hope for the variety show itself, but now that he looked at it this way, it was a bit out of the ordinary.

“So next, let me lead you to the first stage of today,” Wang Qi waved, “Let’s get back to the basics together!”

The six of them were all truly penniless at the moment. unable to solve the most basic problems of food and clothing. So the program team obviously set different stages for them to earn their own money.

Wang Qi led the six out of their abode and walked outside together. They stopped in front of a cartoon-shaped castle, and he announced loudly, “Our first stage will be called “Happy Maze.”

When Tong Che had checked the information on Yunshan Resort before, he had found out about this place. This maze was just one of the children’s entertainment items over here, and it was also the most popular one.

It must have been temporarily contracted out by the program team. But it was unknown if any changes had been made to the layout inside.

Through Wang Qi’s introduction, they learned that this maze had exactly three entrances, but only one exit.

The three pairs would enter through three different entrances. They might or might not run into each other inside, but the one who gets out of the exit first at the end would be the first to get the breakfast voucher.

Once the entrances were allocated, the clearance officially began.

Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng looked at each other, and they stepped into the maze together. The camera man followed closely behind, carrying his equipment.

As soon as they entered, the induction speaker overhead sounded, and a brittle little girl’s voice came out, “Hello, I’m Xiaohua, I can’t find the way out. Little brother and sister, can you help me out?”

Mu Hanfeng thought of something. The corners of his lips hooked, and he leaned over to Tong Che’s ear and called out in a low voice, “Miss.”

Tong Che was carefully observing the surroundings, looking for clues, when he was caught off guard by Mu Hanfeng’s remark. He had come so close to him and his ears suddenly tingled. He subconsciously shrank his neck.

It was probably because they had stayed together for one night, and he had found that Mu Hanfeng was not really as cold as he seemed. Tong Che was not as afraid of him as before, and dared to open his mouth to complain, “Teacher Mu, you’re making fun of me again!”

Mu Hanfeng suppressed the urge to pinch Tong Che’s little red ears. He apologised insincerely, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”

I couldn’t resist trying to tease you.

Tong Che heard Mu Hanfeng’s “unfinished words” and his ears instantly turned even redder. He rigidly changed the subject and even stuttered, ” Teacher Mu…Mu… let’s take a look at what clues are over there !”

Mu Hanfeng gave a leisurely “Mm.”

Tong Che was relieved. However, in the next second, he heard Mu Hanfeng come up with another sentence, “I don’t call myself Teacher Mu Mu. But if you like to call me that, it’s not impossible.”

Tong Che: “……”

Mu Hanfeng didn’t suppress the volume of this sentence. The cameraman heard it clearly, and naturally, the camera would record it perfectly.

Tong Che didn’t even dare think about how this part would be edited when it was broadcast!

Luckily, Mu Hanfeng knew the principle of stopping at the right moment. So he didn’t talk nonsense anymore and followed Tong Che to take a serious look around.

The path they were walking on was not very wide; it was just barely wide enough for two adults to pass through normally. There was a row of small lights falling on top. Other than that, the walls on both sides were empty and no clues could be seen. The two kept going and finally came to a fork in the road, which appeared to be indistinguishable from each other.

Right in the middle of the fork in the road stood a very tall tumbler doll with a red circular button on its belly.

Tong Che looked at Mu Hanfeng and gestured with his eyes: “Can I press it?”

Mu Hanfeng nodded, “Press it and see.”

Tong Che then reached out and pressed the button. As if it had been lit up, the doll flickered for a moment and then sang a song: “Under the bridge in front of the gate, a group of ducks swam by!

After singing this line, it stopped.

Tong Che was at a loss, and Mu Hanfeng couldn’t figure it out either, so he pressed the button once more. The doll flickered again, but it still sang that one line.

“It seems that it only sings this line,” Mu Hanfeng raised his hand and pushed up his glasses, looking at Tong Che, “What comes after this line?”

Tong Che sang it silently in his heart and opened his mouth to answer, “The latter line is: Come on and count; two, four, six, seven, eight!”

Mu Hanfeng actually had some vague ideas, but he said calmly, “I haven’t figured it out yet either. It’s too rigid to say the lyrics like that. Why don’t you sing it once for me? “

Tong Che had no doubts about him.So he spoke up obediently and sang the children’s song “Counting Ducks” once.

He had a cold tone, but singing a children’s song like this didn’t seem out of place, but rather had a different kind of freshness.

Mu Hanfeng suppressed the smile on his lips. After “shy” and “cute”. He added another label to Tong Che as “obedient” and “good singer”.

He inclined his head, coughed, and said with a straight face, “I’ve figured it out. Generally speaking, the numbers would be the most obvious hint. “

Tong Che’s eyes lit up, but he was a little annoyed. “Two, four, six, seven, eight, is there a pattern to that?”

“No need to think that it’s that complicated,” Mu Hanfeng followed suit, “Add it up and try.”

Tong Che did some quick calculations, “Twenty-seven!”

Mu Hanfeng gave a “hmm” and gently took Tong Che’s wrist, “It’s an odd number, so let’s go to the left.”

Tong Che nodded and obediently followed Mu Hanfeng towards the left side of the path. After two steps, he quietly shook the wrist that had just been held by Mu Hanfeng.

Mu Hanfeng caught a glimpse of it through the corner of his eyes, and his heart itched. But in the end, he held back from saying anything.

This path was wider than the previous one, so it was no problem for three people to walk side by side. There were more designs on the walls on both sides, but they looked like children’s scribbles, with no pattern to them.

As Tong Che was looking at them carefully, he heard Mu Hanfeng suddenly ask, “Are you hungry?”

He gave a start and shook his head, “No, I’m not really hungry.”

However, as soon as he had finished speaking, his stomach uncooperatively and indisputably “growled”.

Argh! Another flop again!

Tong Che was so embarrassed that he stifled his head and walked forward.

Mu Hanfeng’s adam’s apple moved, but in the end, he didn’t laugh out loud. He couldn’t. This little Omega was too thin skinned.

So, he just reached out and gently pulled Tong Che again, lowering his voice and saying, “Wait a minute, I think there’s a clue there.”

As he said that, he had already turned around, bypassed the camera, and walked back quickly.

Tong Che froze for a moment, and then quickly followed him. The two of them moved so suddenly that the cameraman didn’t react and was still trying to turn the camera in the direction of their movements.

Mu Hanfeng glanced at the camera to make sure it hadn’t turned around, and then quickly fished out a bar of chocolate from his jacket pocket.

Tong Che’s eyes widened in surprise, and he opened his mouth to say something, but before he could make a sound, the chocolate was already in his mouth.

Mu Hanfeng’s long index finger was held up to his lips, and he gave a soft “shhh” and said in an airy tone, “Be good, first cushion your stomach.”

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