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ICYP Chapter 10


Tong Che lay on the bed and froze for a full half-minute before he could react to what Mu Hanfeng had just said.

Mu Hanfeng actually said that he was cute?!

Nobody doesn’t like to be complimented by their idol, let alone sleep in the same room and be complimented personally!

He wanted to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, but he was afraid that Mu Hanfeng would find out. He could only pinch the bear’s fat bottom again. He should be grateful for being complimented, no matter what the compliment was. Thinking this, he turned sideways to face Mu Hanfeng but did not look at him. His eyes were downcast, and he whispered, “Tha… thank you, Mr. Mu! Good night, Mr. Mu!”

After a two-second pause, Mu Hanfeng didn’t answer but suddenly asked, “Where are you looking?”

Tong Che froze, raised his eyes, and blinked blankly.

He was looking at the ground!

Without waiting for Tong Che to answer, Mu Hanfeng let out another “ooh” and said slowly, “Maybe I misread it and thought you were looking at my abs.”


“I wasn’t!” Like a little cannonball, Tong Che immediately denied it. Mu Hanfeng’s throat rolled again, and when he spoke again, his voice held an undertone of laughter, “Got it. Go to sleep. Good night. “

Tong Che realised after a while that Mu Hanfeng was teasing him on purpose again! He turned over in a puff of anger, with his back to Mu Hanfeng, not talking to him anymore.

Mu Hanfeng looked at the little Omega’s back, curled up into a ball, and after a long time, he raised his hand and pressed his brow. Whether this little Omega had the ability to give people dreams or not, Mu Hanfeng didn’t know yet. But he knew that he had the ability to make people want to tease him!

It was too funny that he would turn red and shy at the drop of a hat.

But even if it was funny, Mu Hanfeng knew that he had to do it in moderation. Lest he really made someone angry and annoyed.

Without further thought, Mu Hanfeng raised his hand to turn off the overhead light, leaving only the two small lamps beside their bed to emit a slight glow. Taking advantage of this light, Mu Hanfeng took a small pill bottle and put it at his side. He poured out a pill and swallowed it, then casually threw the pill bottle into the drawer of the bedside table.

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Tong Che had his back turned to Mu Hanfeng, so he could only hear the rustling, but did not know what he was doing. Soon, he heard another “pop” and the bedside lamp on Mu Hanfeng’s side was turned off. He carefully rolled over again. While his side was lit up, Mu Hanfeng’s side was covered in darkness, so he couldn’t really see.

“Teacher Mu,” Tong Che called out tentatively, “Do you… do you find it too bright? If so, I’ll turn off the light on this side too.”

Mu Hanfeng had been suffering from insomnia for many years and had difficulty falling asleep. So he was actually not used to having light in his room. However, when he met the cautious but slightly hopeful eyes of the little Omega under the warm yellow glow, what Mu Hanfeng said was, “It’s not bright, it’s just right.”

With these words, he looked at Tong Che’s relieved and reassured look.

In the darkness, Mu Hanfeng hooked his lips again. It turned out that this little Omega was not only shy but also afraid of the dark.

Perhaps it was because the bedside lamp was on and he was holding his own bear in his arms, but Tong Che did not feel uncomfortable with the sudden addition of an Alpha’s breathing in the room.

At first, Mu Hanfeng kept looking at Tong Che’s sleeping form through the light. Even when he was asleep, the little Omega was still curled up in a small ball, which was inexplicably heartbreaking. But then the medicine took effect, and he fell into a state of confusion.

Tong Che had another dream.

In the dream, he found himself back in the days when he was a little beanbag, about six years old. The room was no longer a simple and comfortable hotel room, nor was it his bedroom, which was full of life. Instead, this room was cold and dark. Even the bed was a big iron frame with no fluff. And there was little Che, lying on that big iron bed.

The only warmth he had came from a little chubby teddy bear that he was holding tightly in his arms.

Suddenly, the door to the room was violently pushed open from the outside, and a child who looked even smaller than little Tong Che barged in. Although smaller than Tong Che, this little boy looked much more robust than little Tong Che.

He rushed over to the bed and reached out to grab the chubby bear in Toddler Che’s arms, “Give it to me! I want to play with it!”

“No,” toddler Che insisted, shielding his chubby bear, “it’s mine; you have so many toys!”

“I want this one!” The boy brutally continued to grab it. Little Tong Che’s tiny arms were no match for the sturdy little bean-cub. No matter how hard he tried, within two minutes, the bear ended up in the other’s hands.

The little bean-cub grabbed the bear with one hand and, with an extraordinarily rude gesture, walked out of the room with his head held high, chanting loudly, “La-la-la, you can’t play with it! You can’t play with anything! “

With his fists clenched, he watched the little bean-cub run further and further away with his only toy. But he did not go after him again. He knew that he was no match for the latter, and that he would not be able to steal it from him. If his parents found out, he would be the only one who would be scolded.

He sat on the iron bed, hugging his knees and balling himself up. He looked out of the window, praying that the little bean would get tired of playing with it soon. Suddenly, a tall figure appeared outside the window. The man looked as if he was fifteen or sixteen years old, but already had a deep, heroic silhouette. It was a teenage Alpha.

The most important thing was that this Alpha was carrying his little fat bear in his hand!

Little Tong Che rubbed his eyes hard and subconsciously held his breath. Was this good-looking brother helping him to get his teddy bear back?

As he thought this, there was no longer any sign of the young Alpha outside the window, but there was a knock on the door of his room. The boy quickly jumped out of bed and ran to open the door. The teenage Alpha was standing outside the door, handing the teddy bear to Little Tong Che. Rubbing the small head, he said; “Here, I got it back for you.”

Little Toddler Che wrapped his arms around his lost bear and said, in a milky voice, “Brother, you’re so sweet!”

The dream was over immediately, and Tong Che found himself back in the familiar hotel room.

It just so happened that he dreamt of the earlier embarrassing scene—

Tong Che hugged the teddy bear and found himself face to face with Mu Hanfeng, who was from the bathroom.

In the dream, Tong Che, of course, immediately turned around and climbed into bed. But this time, he had just climbed into bed, and before he could cover himself with the blanket, his butt was lightly slapped by Mu Hanfeng!

“Teacher Mu!” Tong Che shouted, abruptly waking up with a start.

“What’s wrong?” A cold voice suddenly sounded in his ears, with the characteristic hoarseness of a morning awakening.

Tong Che slowly opened his eyes, and met Mu Hanfeng’s squarely.

After freezing for two seconds, Tong Che was up in a flash. Thinking about the contents of his dream just now, Tong Che inexplicably felt weak –

In the dream, he didn’t know who the young Alpha was, but now that he woke up, he realised that it was a teenage Mu Hanfeng ! But the important point is that later on, he even dreamt that he had been groped by Mr. Mu!

Tong Che rubbed his face hard and cursed himself in his heart, “Tong Xiao Che, you’re really crazy!

After cursing, Tong Che came back to his senses and found that Mu Hanfeng was still looking at him. Sk he hung his head and said vaguely, “No…nothing! It’s just that I just woke up and I was probably still talking in my sleep. Good morning, Mr. Mu!”

After saying that, without waiting for Mu Hanfeng to say anything else, Tong Che sat up. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, “Teacher Mu, I’ll go wash up first!”

He ran so fast that he didn’t realise that Mu Hanfeng had been staring at his back for a long time with a thoughtful look.

Tong Che brushed his teeth and washed his face twice with cold water. But his mind still couldn’t help thinking about that dream.

Not the part with the colour behind it, of course, but the one before.

It had been many years, ten years to be exact, since Tong Che had dreamt of that.

That dream was not without reason; on the contrary, everything that happened in the dream before a teenage Mu Hanfeng appeared was real.

The cold room was Tong Che’s childhood home; the little bean who had snatched his teddy bear was Tong Che’s Alpha brother who was two years younger.

In the real version, without Mu Hanfeng, that story ends with; his brother got tired of playing with the teddy bear and casually threw it into the rubbish bin downstairs. He then retrieved the dirty teddy bear and washed it himself for quite some time.

It had been a really long time since Tong Che had thought about his childhood, and had he not suddenly had this dream, he would have even thought he had forgotten about it.

“Have you finished washing yet?” Mu Hanfeng’s voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

Tong Che abruptly returned to his senses and pulled open the bathroom door, still not daring to look Mu Hanfeng in the eyes, “I’m done, teacher Mu. Sorry, I just got lost in thought. “


Mu Hanfeng furrowed his brows. Why was this little Omega apologising again?

But he didn’t say anything. He just asked, as if he hadn’t thought about it, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Tong Che froze slightly, and then quickly shook his head, revealing a smile, “It wasn’t a nightmare, it was a beautiful dream.”

What was originally a nightmare had turned out to be a beautiful dream because of Mu Hanfeng’s appearance.

Mu Hanfeng looked odd for a moment, but quickly returned to his normal self.

After Tong Che said this, he lifted his steps and walked out of the bathroom, ready to make room for Mu Hanfeng to wash up.

Suddenly, a gentle force fell on top of Tong Che’s head, making him pause.

It was Mu Hanfeng’s hand.

Mu Hanfeng moved very gently and quickly rubbed the top of his hair.

It was clearly a very short movement, but it was as if Tong Che had been under an immobilisation spell and was frozen in place.

It wasn’t until Mu Hanfeng had entered the bathroom that he casually said, “You had water on your hair just now.”

Only then did Tong Che come back to his senses, let out a small “oh,” and turned his back to change his clothes.

Until the two of them packed up and went downstairs to gather, Tong Che was still immersed in the single sentence of “Ah, ah, Mr. Mu actually touched my head!” In this way, the unpleasant childhood memories that had arisen from that dream were left behind.

“Good morning!” Wang Qi greeted everyone in high spirits and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Super!” Mi Beibei smiled as she leaned into Ning Ran’s arms and said, “The stars are especially bright over here!”

“That’s for sure,” Wang Qi laughed, “don’t they all say Yunshan is our Yangcheng’s last piece of pure land?”

“The environment is really good,” Xiao Yao said while braiding Yin Lan’s hair, “The lake is especially clear!”

After chatting, the five people cast their eyes on Tong Che and Mu Hanfeng again in unison.

Tong Che: “……”

One of them was talking about the stars, and the other was talking about the lake. What was he supposed to talk about? That the bed in the standard room is particularly soft!

Tong Che was thinking about how to answer when he heard Mu Hanfeng use his everlasting iceberg tone to say something extremely flirty, “I also slept well last night. Tong Tong was especially….good.”


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