IYRTKPM – Chapter 5


Yoidel greeted Ulysses with half-open eyes.

‘What is that? It must be a ghost.’

Long silver hair and white clothes. Was she dreaming right now… 

“Wake up.”

“Ah yes!”

Oh my god, it wasn’t a dream! Yoidel was startled and checked her attire. Fortunately, it was the same as yesterday’s clothes, from when she had collapsed from exhaustion.

Ulysses went directly to Yoidel’s room and sat down at a small table on the other side.

The knights who suddenly came into the room retreated at Ulysses’ gesture.

“Drink it.”

“Oh, yes! thank you!”

Ulysses made tea to drink by magic and gave it to Yoidel. Why do you tremble so much when you talk?

Watching him sip hot tea with his small mouth, he doubted whether he had really passed the age of majority. He was a strangely young man.

Ulysses looked intently at Yoidel.

“Why, why? It wasn’t Priest Geram?”

“You were right. Priest Geram, he was hiding funds as you said.”

“Oh! What a relief!”

Yoidel smiled broadly at the relief she felt  and quickly added afterwards.

“I meant that I was lucky to be able to keep the safety of the temple!”

Ulysses looked at Yoidel’s determined red eyes for a long time.

He lived longer than normal humans due to his origins. Therefore, he had met and understood so many humans.

‘It’s different than usual.’

He knew everyone in this temple. Among them, Yoidel was especially unknowable.

An unknowable, unpleasant greed, madness towards him. There was such a thing with the existing Yoidel.

However, the pink-haired boy now seemed to be a different person.

Yoidel carefully opened his mouth, looking into Ulysses’ eyes, when the silence lengthened.

“Oh, I’m so sorry about yesterday.”

“Don’t apologize when that won’t actually help you. It’s meaningless.”

Ulysses said softly, with a cold face, as if it were not what he wanted.

Then he put the cup down quietly and extended his hand to Yoidel.

“Put your head out.”

“Ah, Do you want to hit me? No, my head is made out of stone…”

His tearful voice made him laugh with his eyes closed as if he were pathetic.

A low laugh sounded like the wind.

Yoidel recoiled from him, protecting his head with his hands.

“As you said, what do I gain from hitting your head with stones? I mean, I need to know how true and false your words are.”

‘I didn’t say I was getting stoned’

She felt blasphemy at his sudden words, which came out of nowhere, but she endured it because she had sinned.

“But what kind of lies do you see if it’s a lie?”

“It is the record of your soul. Isn’t it? Then we will have no choice but to die together here.”*

*TN: if she doesn’t let him see them then he’ll kill both of them

As soon as he finished speaking, Yoidel showed her forehead.

“Do it.”

She still had no complete recollection of Yoidel’s past.

As time goes by, she could only remember small and trivial things little by little.

How far is he looking?

As the light spread out from Ulysses’ hands, fatigue disappeared and she felt better.

“Wow, what’s this?’

Ulysses looked down at Yoidel, who had round eyes like   a rabbit.

‘There’s nothing suspicious, but there’s something he’s hiding.’

The memory of the pink-haired boy was strange.

He heard strange language in a place full of unfamiliar appearances, and sometimes he could see a very unfamiliar environment.

“Is this the power of prediction that he said? Open enough to reach another dimension?’

Something bounced off his power when he tried to go back further. It wasn’t an unpleasant energy.

‘Is it a potential that you didn’t realize?’

He wasn’t completely suspicious, but he was a strange man. However, it was ambiguous to say that there is nothing suspicious about him.

But it’s clear he can see the future.

It has already been proven yesterday, and there are some corners that are right enough to accuse his relatives.

“Is my memory strange?”

“No, it’s not.”

Looking at the small flinching lips, he felt a rush of irritation.

He rubbed his lips though the sensation remained.

Then his lips were swollen.

Ulysses narrowed his eyes.

“I feel dirty.”

Yoidel was a small animal that could not receive half of his power, let alone half of his soul.

But this has definitely helped. Unbelievably, he solved his troubles at once.

‘Then he’s worth keeping alive.’

Ulysses pondered for a long time and came to one conclusion.

“I’ll save you as I promised.”

“Really?! Thank you!”

Her face was bursting with joy at being able to live.

“Do you want me to go away without being seen? I’ll find a way to solve the pairing and report it to you. Anything is fine. Thank you very much, Holy Father!”

Yoidel spoke in a jubilant voice, filled with simple euphoria.

‘Instead, I should be quiet in the corner of the temple. There must be a way to unpair it somewhere.’

Ulysses, who was looking at him, narrowed his eyes and smiled. Seeing that, Yoidel also smiled.

“No, I’ll have to keep you within my reach.”

“Thank you very much, but with my humble heart… What?”

“You’re going too far, that’s impossible. It’s not even funny.”

He clenched his teeth as if he were ventriloquizing with a friendly face.

“I’ll let you enjoy the same life as before. I won’t ask twice about the death penalty.”

Ulysses looked at Yoidel with his chin on his face as if he were bored. Yoidel shook her head in contemplation.

“No, no, it’s fine. Holy Father! I have committed a great sin. He’s a very mean, scary, bad guy. So I might put the Holy Father in trouble once again, and….”

“Is there any more difficulty than now?”

Yoidel shut up with a ghastly gaze.

“…Help me.”

“I’m saving you. Do you want to die?”

“Well, that’s not it, I’ll live quietly without being noticed. I’m sure the Holy Father will be annoyed with me, too There’s a risk of getting caught. I’ll quietly find a way out far in the distance.”

“If I let you go and run away, and you die in an unexpected danger, I’ll be in trouble. Is there any reason why I should let you go?”

It was not yet a complete relationship of trust.

For Ulysses, he had to stand by and watch Yoidel clearly so he wouldn’t do anything nonsense.

Yoidel looked at Ulysses with his eyes extinguished by despair. She smiled funny and raised her hand.

“I’ll give you a chance instead.”

There was a notarization in his hand.

“The grace period is one year. I’ll decide on a complete disposition based on your use. If you unpair with me  and give me trust, I will guarantee perfect freedom. As you wish. That foresight or whatever, somehow prove your ability.”

“What? How is this a negotiation? It’s a notification, right?”*

*TN: he’s telling her

That’s life-threatening.

“It depends on what you do. If you’re as helpful as you were now, I can save you completely. You’d better try. Quite a lot.”

It was a hope and an opportunity to survive, but there was a little despair.

A year, She had to keep dressing as a man during that time and even buy his trust. Do she think she could?

Yoidel looked at Ulysses with a throbbing heart.

She was only a trainee and a villain, and he is a prosperous man and a male protagonist who controls everything in the land. It’s such a big difference in status.

Ulysses smiled slightly and held out another bunch of documents as if he was happy with Yoidel’s mesmerized appearance.

After the death penalty was revoked, it was a petition from the retainers demanding the deportation of Yoidel.

“This is the situation, and you must be under my command. I’m the only one who can stop this.”

He leaned deep in his chair, crossed his legs, and stared down at Yoidel.

“You must come running whenever I call you, and you cannot disobey me, and you must faithfully repay the faith and trust I have shown you.”

How is this a male lead?

Ulysses smiled bitterly when she showed her determined eyes with the desire to cry.

“Of course, we won’t publicly announce it. It should become a dependency relationship that only the two of us know. A kind of symbiotic relationship so that you don’t think nonsense.”

At the end of the notarization, there was a signature and a bloodstain.

Yoidel gulped and looked up at Ulysses.


A sharp pen tip rolled in front of her.

There seemed to be no mercy in his face.

“If this is unfair, you have no choice but to go back to the death penalty. What will you do?”

“Your Holiness seems a little bad.”

“Some people need the dirty hands of a bad guy to live.”

Looking at Ulysses smiling kindly, he firmly resolved. Yoidel, who flinched, was determined.

“I will make Your Holiness trust me. Definitely.”

He smiled enchanted and rested his chin on Yoidel’s declaration of the size of a mosquito’s voice.

“I hope you try.”

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