IYRTKPM – Chapter 4


He thought he could easily kill the Yoidel. It’s because he didn’t know much about pairing.

He didn’t need to know because he never intended to have a companion for the rest of his life, and he didn’t know that a pairing partner would be created so quickly.

Ulysses had his pride scratched by that little boy twice today.

The first was when he was deprived of his innocence, and the second was when he didn’t even know that he was in a mouse trap.

‘I have a pattern on my forehead.’

Ulysses noticed that gaze and lifted Yoidel’s bangs. It also had the same pattern.

Their patterns were traces of pale pink pet

“… ha.”

He stared blankly with his out of focus eyes, then opened his dry lips.

“the …”


“I told you not to show your forehead. Because I’m holding on to wanting to cut off your skin right now.”

He spoke in his raw, unmasked personality. The strong reason was half gone.

What happens when other people find out?

It was clear that no one would dare imagine that Yoidel did it to Ulysses. On the contrary, rumors will fly like this.

His Holiness was admiring Yoidel, the training priest! So he saved him from the death penalty!’

At this point his mind was lost.

Ulysses burst into laughter like a coachman pushing his horse through his red lips.

“…Come to think of it, I’ve lived quite a long time. It wouldn’t hurt to kill you here and kill myself at the same time.”

Ulysses looked down at Yoidel with a wistful eye.

“Come here.”

“Oh, my!”

He was just like a madman now. Yoidel jumped up and darted away from his side, but at least it was in the palm of his hand.

Because the door of the closed room did not open.

Bang! Bang!

‘How do I get this bookcase back?’

Yoidel quivered and looked for a way out.

From Ulysses’ point of view, he was even deprived of his lips by a crazy pervert and rabid follower who usually followed him.

That would have added to the shock because he would have known his partner as a man.

But there is still a chance to make up.

“Well, well, I know the future!”

Yoidel closed his eyes tightly and threw her cards away.*

*TN: in an attempt of a last ditch effort

It wasn’t a ball that was thrown to hand over to the opponent, but a shot put in the middle.

“So I stole Sir Ulysses’s lips. I’m sorry. As you can see, I’m just a greedy pervert! Please listen. Mmm, I saw a future that Sir Ulysses will have a companion soon!”

Of course there was no such future.

But Yoidel saw clearly. As soon as the word “knows the future” came out, Ulysses’ anger came to a halt.

This is it!

She closed her eyes tightly and spat out.

“In that future, Ulysses’ wrong choice led to the decline of holy land!”

Yoidel stared at him with his eyes open.

“…go on.”

This worked a lot more than I expected. Yoidel approached and fired.

“I wanted to tell you this before I was executed. Before I died, I suddenly remembered and came to visit the Holy Father, and this is the situation, and I stole his lips because I thought I must tell him this story!”

The reason why the lanterns pass by before dying is to find a way to survive in the records of life.

Yoidel touched Ulysses’ weakness, feeling the sudden turn of his head.

That’s right, the male protagonist was a terrible workaholic.

He was not interested in human history or entertainment, but I thought he would react relentlessly to matters related to the Holy Land.

Although he wasn’t as kind-hearted as Yoidel had imagined in her previous life, she believed that that would be the case.

Ulysses again said sternly in a calm manner.

“You want me to believe you?”

“It’s about the budget problem that Ulysses is struggling with.”

Ulysses reacted conspicuously to that. Like, “How did you know?”

“The person you’re guessing isn’t the criminal.”

In Holy Land, the center of the holy country, money has leaked little by little for a long time.

It was probably around this time that he began to question.

By the time Ulysses was out of office, he’d become bolder, probably.

Ulysses also found out and searched for the criminal.

‘I got it wrong at first. When I found out, the real killer jumped out.’

“You’re well aware that the quality of food supplied to the premises has declined instead.”

The country is geographically difficult to grow crops due to the development of medicine and culture, and most of the food products such as crops have been imported from other countries.

Ulysses listened in silence. Doubts have not yet disappeared from the eyes.

“He’s switching grocery vendors and taking advantage of the middle ground so that people who work with him can line up here.”

The words chilled Ulysses’ eyes.

Yoidel briefly faltered at the gaze but went on to say firmly.

“The money-losing retainer is benefiting by going to the Empire, buying land at a bargain price, using his identity to spread rumors that Holy Land is building a medical facility there, and selling it quickly when the price of land in the area rises.”

“To the Empire?”

“He took advantage of the fact that communication between the Empire and the Holy Land is not smooth due to the physical distance.”

The relationship between this holy country and the empire was very bad. It was because the Empire wanted to lower its head, lowering the Holy Land to a mere temple.

“The Empire will take issue with this and ask the temple later. So eventually, the Holy kingdom  also meets the empire’s unreasonable demands.”

“Is that the future you see?”

“Yes, but by the time you found out he was the real culprit, He had already made a lot of money and ran away. He’s quick, and behind him…….”

“There’s the imperial family.”

Ulysses thought about the words of Yoidel.

“Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The reason why the new building was able to sell the name of Holy Land and steal funds was because the empire looked after him.

The Empire wanted to break Ulysses’ control and wouldn’t hesitate to shake hands for it.

What was the name of the spy priest?… ah!

“Geram. He’s from the Empire, you know, and he has a lot of safe accounts in the Empire. It’s not in the name of his  or his family. He’s using the account in exchange for my status and money to borrow the names of the poor who are not affiliated.”

“They can be cut off at any time.”

Now Ulysses did not seem to care about Yoidel’s life. He responded to Yoidel’s conversation with a serious attitude.

If it’s related to war instead, you can certainly win his trust.

Yoidel had to survive somehow. So she decided to pour out all the knowledge she knew about the future.

“His relatives and current status were all created after he became an adult. He grew up in a nursery.”

Ulysses listened quietly to Yoidel.

It was surprising if it was true.

Priest Geram was a priest with quite a position, and was in charge of the entire accounting of the Holy Land.

Of course, he sometimes looked suspicious, but it was hard to think that the person who faithfully followed the teachings would have deceived him.

But if what this pink-haired boy said is true…

“Trust me. Apart from being offended by me.”

Ulysses looked at the bold boy. Is he really the one he knew?

If what Yoidel says is true, there is no time to lose.

He looked at Yoidel for a long time and then opened his mouth.

“I’ll put off your execution for a while.”

At his declaration, Yoidel slowly opened her mouth. This wasn’t a dream, was it? Did she really succeed?

Yoidel’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.

“One day.”


“I’ll give you just one day. I’ll tell you, so go where you’re supposed to be. You’d better not think nonsense.”


“It’s a setup! It’s not me, Holy Father. You know better than anyone how many years I have devoted to the peace of the Holy Land and the Holy Kingdom of God! Holy Father!”

The last act of the sinner reverberated throughout the hall. He was dragged away but pleaded not guilty.


The presiding judge’s door closed violently. He will soon be gone to his death sentence.

The neck of the Priest Geream was tied to the place where Yoidel’s death penalty would have been carried out yesterday.

“Your Holiness, are you all right? I’m not sure if you’re sick or anything.….”

Everyone in the Holy Kingdom resented the betrayal of Geram.

Ulysses smiled softly with calm eyes at the voice full of worry.

“I’m glad I was able to correct the order late.”

“Ahhhhh… that’s right. He is also more compassionate than anyone else. In the meantime, he looks out for others first.”

“It’s amazing, the Holy Father. He must have been deeply wounded with that kind heart.”

Ulysses smiled as soft as the sun again at the words. It was a smile that even felt the sadness that the viewer wanted to embrace.

He leaned against the chair with his forehead as if he had a headache.

However, the hidden face covered with his hand was cold as if he had laughed.

‘You raised a bastard that betrayed his master.’

This not only led him to find the real culprit, but also to oppress the empire in reverse.

Ulysses thought again after the disturbance, feeling the silence of the empty reality. A bout the true feelings of a training priest named Yoidel

“What the pink-haired boy said was true.”

At first, he thought he was crazy. He couldn’t believe he was possessed by such small talk. The Priest Geram was a man who had guarded the temple for a long time, incomparable to Yoidel.

But the result is, the young man’s insight was right.

In addition…

“Priest Geram  is said to have bought his status, but according to the genealogy in which he traded, he is a relative of Priest Yoidel.’

Just in case, he looked again and found that Yoidel was definitely of the aristocracy. He was the first to reveal what his family might be sacrificed for.

Ulysses put an end to his troubles and called in the captain of the guard.

“Where is the prison of the sinner, Yoidel?”

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