IYRTKPM – Chapter 3



At that moment, instead, a huge roar came from the entrance.

Boom! Curling!

As if the world was about to perish, everyone in the Great Hall sounded in alarm at the great rupture and vibration that shook the ground.

“Is it the invasion of the devil?”

“It’s not like that. There’s no broken account.”

“So it’s inside?! The Holy Father is here. How dare you…”

It was a strange thing.

There was a roar like a tear in the sky, but there were no collapsed buildings or signs of intrusion.

Then is it underground?! No, it wasn’t either.

At a time when everyone was confused because they didn’t know what was going on, the senior trio of Great Hall opened their eyes.

“You showed up.”

“Finally, Ulysses!”

The senate would know, although the average priest would not have felt it.

The explosion that just happened wasn’t just a roar.

It was obviously the sound of something exploding, with force colliding.

The sound of two strong forces pushing away and eventually coming together. A connected wave.

“It must have been the power of His Holiness! The other one was stronger. Even though it was a fleeting moment, I felt it. If so, does that mean that the other party is also a priest?!”

The middle-aged priests quivered with joy.

They’re both senators and ministers, and they were actually the committee that was pushing for Ulysses’ marriage.

Ulysses was not just a priest.

Master of the Holy Land Palladium, where this Great Hall was built, and the last descendant of the gods.

He was a man of mixed blood and had obligation to continue the bloodline.

Of course, whenever he was given such an appeal, he laughed and turned it down.

But the time has come.

“Ulysses finally found a partner to spend the rest of his life with!”

“Oh, my God…!”

He said that life flowed according to reason, but he finally found a mate, he who had never listened to the bride list until now!

We wouldn’t have forced you too much if we knew you’d come in on your own.

Anyway, it was a pleasure. Maybe it’s because you’ve been keeping away from women.

The elder trio laughed as they hid their upturned smiles

“It’s a happy occasion. Happy occasion.”

“I’ve named the baby beforehand. I thought I’d never use it, but is it finally time to take it out again?….”

One of the elders dusted off the old diary. They all looked insidious, unholy.

The white-haired man, who hugged the diary, looked most thrilled.

Then everyone tilted their heads.

“But who the hell is it? Did Ulysses have someone around him?”


“Well, I’m sure he found them on his own. Haha.”

The elders soon burst into laughter as if what it had to do with it. If he succeeded in finding his companion, what’s important about the meeting?

“Who cares if you can’t leave your legacy behind?”

Their hearts fluttered at the celebration that they waited half their lives. It was good news to meet when wrinkles began to form.

“I hope you’re safe.”

Deep down they wished Ulysses happiness.


However, contrary to their wishes, Ulysses was experiencing the worst crisis of his life.

His lips turned red. It was because the skin was torn because Yoidel kissed him as if he had taken it with his teeth.

Yoidel slipped down the hand that held Ulysses by the collar.

‘I really did it.’

Knowing what she had done, she quietly bowed her head.

Ulysses remained unmoved and silent.

So it was scarier.

“What the hell….”

Then there was a voice breaking Yoidel’s thoughts. It was Ulysses’ voice that sank deep.


He looked at his blood on his hands with unfamiliar eyes.

The blood of others was buried countless times, but it was a long time since I saw the blood flowing in my body.

No attack has ever hurt him.

Then a little boy who barely came to his chest broke him down.

Ulysses looked at the deranged boy who had taken his lips. There was a glaring contempt in his eyes.

“Are you crazy?”

Ulysses’ voice was frighteningly low.

“Mi-mi, Mi-mi, I think she’s crazy.”

And Yoidel affirmed.

The moment she kissed him, there was a great wavelength of light.

This was a life-threatening kiss for Yoidel as well.

But it really worked!

With the joy of saving her life, her mind returned to reality.

First, the reason why his weakness was his lips was simple.

‘Cause it’s a device to sign him.’

Yoidel knew that.

The reason why the male protagonist of the original film maintained extreme purity and was reluctant to make contact with others morbidly.

Others thought it was just because he was holy.

But that was not the answer.

“The reason why the male protagonist is reluctant to contact is not because he is a priest, but because the moment he kisses someone, they’ll have an inseparable bond.’

A relationship in which they belong to each other and binded with the others.


It was not something that everyone could do, and people with special blood like Ulysses did not easily form a relationship.

“The one with the upper hand will be the loss.”’

This relationship was a way to greet a companion, which was used when one side was strong and the other was weak.

When a strong person loves a weak person. When a person with a long life loves a person with a short life.

Giving away strength so that you don’t lose your partner.

When it was a deep relationship that truly trusted each other, it was possible to look into the other person’s heart and exchange conversations in their hearts.

‘In order not to have a weakness, the male protagonist never did it.’

Pairing was not particularly good for the strong. When one of the relationships was weak, it only has the ability to be given strength and longevity.

In other words, there was no one good for Ulysses.

In addition, it was his own secret that even the elders did not know that the medium of pairing was kissing.

“What have you done?”


“Do you know something? I’m asking if it was intended.”

I saw it in a book! Who would believe me if I said this?

As long as you’re caught knowing his secret, any other lie will be useless.

Then let’s go out shamelessly. He hated excuses more than anything.

“I’m so sorry.”

Yoidel took a deep breath and bowed her head.

I had nothing to say but sorry now. My life is safe, but the next one was also a problem.

Ulysses glanced at the knife he had put down.

His gloomy eyes lit up on the sharp blade that had killed countless intruders.

He didn’t want to kill himself, but he couldn’t help it.

He looked at Yoidel trembling.

And he narrowed the siege step by step like a beast hunting herbivores.

“How can a man who shudders at such a threat do such a bold thing?’

Was he a spy? If so, from where?

It was unpleasant and unpleasant.

Ulysses smiled more brightly than ever, but looked at Yoidel with more hostility than humanly possible.

Yoidel’s complexion turned pale as he approached.

“If I kill you, this contract will disappear.”

The tip of the knife grazed her hair and the pink hair fell off.

The short hairs on the floor were trampled under Ulysses’ feet.

“You’ve had a bad time. If you took it easy, it would have ended at once.”*

*TN: if she just let herself be executed, it would have been quick

Yoidel fixed her trembling body and looked straight at him.



As soon as he put the blade to Yoidel’s neck, a tiny drop of blood ran down his neck. It was a thin cut on paper.

However, there were two signs of blood coming down the skin.

One is from Yoidel.

The other one belonged to Ulysses.

Both had the same wounds in the same location and were bleeding equally.

Pair meant sharing everything.

‘Of course death is also there.’

Ulysses wiped away the thin drops of blood running around his neck with his hands.

His sky-like eyes looked at the red blood on his hands.

His eyes soon turned to Yoidel’s.

The blue eyes, which had always been unperturbed, trembled with embarrassment. What is this phenomenon?

He didn’t know it. Yoidel, who read the original, knows what he doesn’t know yet.

“I’m sorry, but the Holy Father cannot cut me with a sword.”

There was a clear certainty in the trembling voice.

“If you kill me, Your Holiness will be killed.”

That’s what Yoidel was after.

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