IYRTKPM – Chapter 2


He looked at Yoidel with an emotionless face.

The beautiful long hair, which was bound to draw attention, hung before my nose.

“How did you get here?”

He spoke softly, but his voice was cold. The eyes were clear and beautiful like the autumn sky, but the light contained was colder than winter.

A straight nose and sharp eyes.

It was a beauty that could be mistaken for a manifestation of beauty, but as he stood in the pool of blood, he looked exactly like a demon. A very enchanting demonic manifestation that is said to attract people.

Just like Yoidel was afraid now but couldn’t take her eyes off him.

He had blood all over his hands as well as his sword. The blood on the sword and hand fell, creating a round and dense road in the distance. It was literally a bloodbath.

And countless corpses.

There was a mountain of red behind him, as if he had survived a showdown and survived alone.

“Are you speechless?”

The man smiled faintly.

It was a cool half-smile that was smiling but didn’t seem genuinely happy.

Is this the difference in energy? He asked a mischievous question even though he knew she couldn’t answer because she was under pressure.

‘Who the hell is this guy? Oh no, I think I’m crazy.’

There was no scene in the novel that Yoidel remembered that such a man appeared.

A bloodthirsty murderer, a beautiful man with silver hair.

‘No, there is. Only one.’

Yoidel came up with one possibility.

But I didn’t think so. The protagonist in the novel, which thrilled me, couldn’t have been this crazy person in front of me.

It shouldn’t have been. At all costs, this man should not have been ‘him’.

Sadly, however, the man’s clothes were dazzlingly white and elegant clerical garments.

A soft cloth that falls long in pure white and embroidered with gold thread.

At first glance, clothes with colorful workmanship proved his status to be high. So far, there has been no such speciality for people who have seen it here.

And the huge sword he was holding, it was something that only one person could hold.

In other words, it was a sign of prosperity.

That man was probably…… a benevolent and sweet male protagonist.


The lord of this holy country.

“No way.”

“What do you mean?”

Then my mouth suddenly opened.

Yoidel was surprised by the sound that came from her mouth and closed it. But it was already after the man had heard it.

The man smiled with a cool face and said quietly.

“You’re afraid.”

He moved his jaw to remove my hand. Looking at her cracked and chapped lips, he pressed down on her wounded lips. Then she felt a sharp pain.

He smirked at me, who was visibly surprised.

“You look terrible.”

As soon as his hand disappeared, Yoidel jumped out of her place and stuck to the bookshelf.

Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump!

She knocked on the bookshelf that led her here, but the iron door-like bookshelf did not budge.

‘I ran away because I didn’t want to die, but it’s too much to die like this!’

I felt like crying.

There was no place to back down or run away.

The wound on her lips that she had pricked earlier. The wound was thin enough to cut on paper, but the pain kept hurting her throat.

There was no sympathy in the man’s eyes. Like he said, it was a rat or a trifling look at an inanimate object.

‘I told you that the male protagonist is a good person, right?’

Drowsy and bored eyes. Even the description of the beautiful appearance, which was hard to see, matched all of the male character.

But he wasn’t supposed to be.

The main character of this book was kind and always an example for everyone.

I think the male protagonist must have been a twin.

“Poor thing.”

The man’s mouth opened as he stared at Yoidel.

“If you’re shaking like this…… May I ask you something? Mr. Yoidel.”

“How do you know me?”

When her name came out of his mouth, her heart pounded.

“Everyone in this palladium is under my command, how can I not know you?”

The man replied in a soft tone.

“And you’re something to be forgotten about.”

Ulysses’ face was gentle and calm, but his eyes were full of contempt.

“It’s past time for the execution. But you’re alive and well.”

“Well, that’s….”

“Were you running away?”

How do you know so well?

Yoidel was just a training priest. She couldn’t even remember her execution as a villain.

Yoidel desperately recalled.

For what crimes did Yoidel get sentenced to death? Others say it was a sin of attempting to destroy prosperity.

Then suddenly the pieces of memory were set together.

‘I love you, Holy Father! Your Holiness is merciful to all! Please love me, too! Why does everyone hate me?!’

A howling voice, gripping the carpet so intensely that one’s fingernails were torn apart. A sharp, painful groan.

She was crying at someone’s feet with her nails stuck in her ankle.

‘It’s this guy. I was trying to hurt this guy.’

It was a startling fact.

“You must be crazy!”

Yoidel wanted to dig underground and live there all her life. What have you done?

“I’ll accept your grit.”

What did you do with your life? That’s all she could remember.

She tried to recall a little more. But all the memories associated with this man were scenes where she was obsessed like a lunatic.

She stole clothes when he took a bath, collected chairs, attempted kidnapping, and even attacked in the middle of the procession.

‘Oh, my God, this is my memory? Tell me it’s a lie, please.’

Memories that I didn’t want to believe kept popping into my head.

It was shameful as if it had been done by her, and she wanted the ground to swallow her up immediately.

Now the disgust he had shown her earlier was understandable.

She wondered why she was on her deathbed, and the more she remembered, the more sheknew.

‘She was just a perverted stalker! What should I do with this past?’

She wanted to rip her hair out and roll on the floor. Why do you have such unusual memories? And why did she become Yoidel?

She screamed in the air and wanted to ask.

It’s gonna be a dream, it has to be a dream!

“The ankle that was grabbed by you a few days ago is getting numb.”

But his voice told her it was real. He spoke with clear disdain, with a tone as calm and gentle as the atmosphere.

Still dripping blood from the sword in his hand, he came closer step by step.

And slammed her against the wall.

He stroked the back of Yoidel’s head, who trembled  with surprise whenever his touch touched her.

With an angelic smile, he whispered in a friendly voice.

“Don’t tremble. I’ll kill you swiftly.”

Her body trembled at the sound of his voice. It wasn’t cold, but her body temperature seemed to drop.

Yoidel’s eyes filled with uncontrollable tears. The man twisted his mouth as he stared at her head on.

“Are you going to beg for your life? If so, please stop. It’s not a very good idea.”

How could he laugh so rudely.

He had eyes that didn’t contain any emotion.

She knows well that begging for her life won’t work. Now that she thought about it, it was so funny. She couldn’t believe she had the hope that the male protagonist would save her life.

She knew his true self very well now. That he won’t let her live.

Yoidel knew how to stop him.


‘The male protagonist has a fatal weakness.’

This was a last resort. If he did it, he would do the same thing as Yoidel in the original.

But now that the male protagonist was lifting the sword again, if she didn’t do it at that very moment, the man would kill her.

Nothing can be done after being stabbed to death. After all, there was one choice.

She felt like she had experienced all kinds of misfortunes that could be born and experienced just by falling into this unfamiliar place and being on death row. So there was nothing more to lose for her, even if it was a little bit more misfortune.

Even if it fails, it’s a real battle. If you die like this or die like that, you might as well try at least one thing.

Yoidel clenched her fist. She felt like she was sweating in her hands.

It was an escape because I wanted to live. Making two scapegoats.

So Yoidel had to live one way or another.

In this man, I had to survive.

“I’m sorry.”

The man smiled at her.

He didn’t need an apology. It was meaningless anyway.

All he needed was a rat’s life. It’s right to kill and get rid of anything that could be the source of rumors.

His blue eyes were filled with cold air and headed for Yoidel. a sword that rose in slow motion. She made up her mind at the sight.

If ‘the way’ works.

If this is true in the novel that you saw…

“I told you beforehand. I’m sorry.”

Yoidel grabbed him by the collar and pulled him hard.

Their lips entangled violently.

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