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IBCWION Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

“My lady, how do you like this?”

Taleia frowned when the nanny pulled out a white one-piece dress, saying she had picked it a while ago. It’s a white dress with a big pink ribbon on it.

Whose taste is that?


“Is that so? Weird. They said this is the best design for girls your age.”

Her hand muscles are not fully developed, so she often spills whenever she eats anything, what more when she wears white clothes. In the past, kids were expected to wear clothes with patterns that made stains less noticeable. Because Taleia intended to fight the sub male lead today, she wants to wear clothes that wouldn’t show too much dirt even if she rolled around on the ground.

“This one?”

“It’s childish.”

After the scuffle with the nanny, what she ended up with was a purple velvet dress. The ruffles on the neck looked cumbersome, but at least it suited her taste and didn’t look like it would get dirty.

‘This is because I just usually wear whatever they give me.’

Just as she was about to leave, the nanny caught her and put a hat on her head. The purple hat, obviously matched with the dress, was nothing but more or less a decoration.

The nanny, who put a hat on her, also put the same hat on her bunny’s head. It doesn’t have any clothes and only a pitiful hat, but before she had time to comfort the naked rabbit, the nanny kissed Taleia’s cheek.

“Have a good trip, lady.”

“I’ll be back.”

This is Taleia’s second official outing since she was able to walk on her own feet.

When she went downstairs, Roxana and Yurian were already waiting for her. Yurian, who found her, lifted her up and spin her around.

“Oh my gosh! My Goddess, why are you so pretty? Whose daughter are you?”

Taleia replied plainly to the question she’s already tired of hearing.

“Mother’s daughter.”

“Father’s daughter? Right?”

Yurian, who didn’t bother to listen to her, caused Taleia to become dizzy several times while she were held in the air.

“Now. Stop.”

Taleia almost spit something bad again at Yurian’s handsome face, but at the perfect timing, Roxana rescued her.

“Tilly is having a hard time.”

Taleia shook her head for a moment in dizziness, then Yurian came back to his senses. As if realizing that his actions were excessive, Yurian quickly apologized to Taleia.

“I’m sorry, Tilly. Were you dizzy?”



“I hate you.”

In Yurian’s case, that was the magic phrase.

On the journey to the imperial palace, Taleia averted her gaze and avoided making eye contact with Yurian. Roxana didn’t even tried to stop it, as if she was used to it by now.

She knows that when Taleia wants to reconcile with Yurian, she can just casually ask what he’s doing and that’s all.

Unlike Roxana, who was so unconcerned, Yurian glanced at Taleia several times to see when will her anger would subside.

“We’ve arrived, Tilly. This is the imperial palace.”

When Roxana opened the window, she showed Taleia the outside scenery. The high imperial palace lived up to her expectations in every way.

‘Well, maybe it’s just the appearance.’



At Roxana’s call, Taleia looked up from where she was looking out her window. Sometimes Roxana uses her given name, but that was an unusual case.

“Have you learned the Imperial courtesy?”

‘Ah, was it because of that?’

“Yes, nanny taught me.”

“Yes, our Tilly is smart, so she will do well.”


Charlotte was not someone to be greatly offended by a child’s lack of manners. Actually, she really wants a daughter since her son mentally grown up even though he’s still young. But she didn’t had any children aside from the sub-male lead, so she thought of Taleia as her daughter and cherished her.


Yurian assisted Taleia off the carriage, and as she stepped on the ground, Taliea stared up at Yurian but clung to Roxana. Her anger had already been relieved, but it was necessary to put the brakes on Yurian’s excessive behavior.

“Tilly, do you still hate Daddy?”

It was clear from Yurian’s expression that he was being completely sincere, and Taleia could tell that he was waiting anxiously for her response. So she gave him a big grin and told him emphatically.

“Yes, I hate you!”

She entered the empress’ palace, holding Roxana’s hand. She could even hear Yurian whimpering from behind, but Taleia knew that if she turned around at his cry, she would get caught up in it, so she looked straight ahead.


“Greetings, I am Taleia of Remetio.”

Following Roxana and Yurian, Taleia grabbed the hem of her skirt and greeted politely. But the Empress’ eyes were burdening.

Charlotte was looking down at Taleia with her hands clasped. As she cocked her head, Charlotte’s expression changed dramatically. Seeing that her hand is coming closer, Taleia can’t help but involuntarily backed away from her.

‘What, what is it? What?’


Thankfully, Charlotte came to her senses just in time to grab both of her hands as they were heading towards Taleia when Aegis, the sub male lead, yelled out to her.

“Oh, my dear. I’m sorry, princess. The princess is so small, cute and lovable that I can’t help it…”

Did she also feel this way when she laid her eyes on Royna? She had no idea at all.

When she wrote about Charlotte, all it was the fact that Charlotte adored Royna ever since she was a kid.

“Let’s sit down for now.”

In the garden of the Empress’ palace, lavender bloomed in all its purple glory and emitted such sweet fragrance.

“Do you like the garden?”

Taleia was staring blankly at the garden, and when Charlotte spoke to her, she nodded. Charlotte calmed down more than when they first met, but her eyes was still on Taleia.

She pretended not to notice Charlotte’s burdensome gaze and instead concentrated on the desserts.

The brightly colored sweets all looked delicious. The cake was topped with strawberry whipped cream, and Charlotte gave her a bright grin as she served it to Taleia.

As soon as the cake was served on everyone’s plate, Taleia grabbed a fork and pricked the top strawberry first and put it into her mouth. When it comes to eating, the best part should be eaten first. She had just taken a bite of the strawberry and was licking the whipped cream off her lips when Yurian questioned her.

“Do you like strawberries?”

“Yeah, Dad’s strawberries are mine.”

Taleia naturally stretched out her fork and snatched the strawberry from Yurian’s plate, but Yurian just smiled and pushed the plate towards her. Taleia was eating her second strawberry when a new strawberry rolled into her plate.

It was Aegis, who was quietly eating the cake, who gave the strawberry.


How can his eyes be so blue? Although she hated the typical prince character, but Aegis’ was a crazy beauty that penetrated even her taste.

If Yurian is classified to have a ‘holy beauty’, the Aegis is the ‘doll-like beauty’.

Doesn’t he feel like a high-end movable doll? Taleia stared blankly at him for a moment, then came to her senses belatedly.

“Thank you.”

At her gratitude, Aegis smiled and said,

“Eat a lot.”

‘Huh, the doll is smiling.’

Then later, he’ll grow into a 190cm big doll? Nonsense. Feeling strangely different, Taleia shook her head and put the third strawberry into her mouth. Aegis’ smile didn’t fade a bit as he looks at her.

‘Brother, don’t bother giving strawberries to me. I don’t want it.’

Charlotte, who had been observing Aegis and Taleia, heaved a small sigh before bringing up the subject.

“I know that last time, Phileas brought up an engagement between the two.”


“Sorry, I first said that it would be nice if the two could be friends, but I never thought Phileas would propose an engagement right away.”

The words prompted a grin from Yurian. That was the sort of reaction he anticipated.

“I thought so, and the Emperor just stated it in passing.”


“They still have a lot of time. We’re also hoping that the two of them can be good friends. Both of them are lonely because they have no friends.”

‘Ohh, Yurian.’

Polite and neat answer, very good.

When Yurian drew a clear line, Charlotte also put on a relieved expression. Aegis, on the other hand, looked at the adults with a bewildered face.

“Aren’t I going to marry Taleia?”

The sound of a wedding caused Taleia to start clearing her throat. Does this kid really thought of tying the knot? Yurian patted Taleia’s back and looked at Aegis with a subtle expression. He couldn’t be mad at the ignorant little boy, no matter how obnoxious he is.

“When His Highness the Crown Prince finds the person he truly loves, you should marry her.”

“But Father said it would be nice to tie the Remetio Duchy with the Imperial Family.”

At that, Taleia raised her head and looked at Aegis. The words of the doll-like prince character are somewhat innocent, but they are not childlike at all.

‘What is this guy?’

“That’s right, As. To get married, you should find someone you truly love. You won’t find the one you’re meant to be with if you’re too focused on less important things, like family background.”

“But, mother…”


As Charlotte called his name affectionately, Aegis thought for a moment before changing the direction of his question.

“Then if I love Taleia, can I marry her?”

“No, the princess must love As as well.”

As Charlotte responded, Aegis looked at Taleia expectantly. Because of the odd uneasiness she was feeling, Taleia had to give a direct response.

“You are not my type.”

The room went dead silent at Taleia’s words, but she couldn’t care less. After all, she’s hawking a black-haired male lead for herself who do not necessarily have to be a prince but still doll-looking.

“So I will never marry you.”

Shocked by Taleia’s stubborn refusal, Aegis looked at her sadly and spoke in a small voice.

“I gave you strawberries…”

Did you just proposed with strawberry, you idiot?

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