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TL Chaptr 48


Chapter 48 (The result of lower body purification)

The weather was particularly hot today. The warm sunlight poured in through the large window of the royal castle, and the nobles who were talking seriously continued the meeting in sweat.

Asrazan was no exception. He had a bandage wrapped around his thighs in his pants and a habit of wearing a long coat, and he frowned in the extreme heat.

It’s a mess because the bandages on the upper body have been removed, but if not, he, who doesn’t sweat much, seemed to be soaked with sweat.

Therefore, Asrahan hurried back to the mansion as soon as the long meeting was over.

Lariette didn’t seem to have returned home yet. It was a good thing, I didn’t want to give her the smell of sweat.

But was it really a good thing?

The situation in which he returned home early due to the sweltering heat and bathed before Lariette returned, which in itself meant nothing, but had unexpected results.

Asrazan washed himself, unaware of the impending crisis. Since it was a body that could come into contact with his precious woman, I applied soap and wiped it off more meticulously and surely.

‘How long is the punishment?’

Asrazan’s face, who was wiping with a towel, suddenly turned pale. It was because he remembered Lariette’s decisive attitude earlier.

Although it was his fault a hundred times for kissing her in the street, the punishment was too heavy.

He was the one who knew how sweet it was to have their lips overlapped.

The softness of the plump lower lip and the thrill of breathing. Once I found out, I couldn’t stop.

However, as Lariette ordered, Asrazan had to follow. He didn’t want to be hated by her, so there was nothing he could do about it.

Asrazan let out a low sigh. He draped a shower robe over his white shoulders, tied his waist roughly, and left the bathroom.

And out of nowhere, I faced Lariette. 


It was only after a cheerful voice struck his ear that Asrazan understood the situation. His face instantly turned red.

“Lariette, what is this…!”

If it had been him, he would have noticed that the signs of someone outside the bathroom were lighter and smaller than Halstein’s.

However, Asrazan did not grasp the signs properly because of Lariette’s punishment and the urgency that he had to finish his bath in a hurry before she returned home.

The consequences of a small insensitivity were terrifying.

“Did you have a good day today?”

Lariette took a few steps closer to him, naturally greeting him as if nothing had happened.

Surprised by this, Asrazan grabbed his robe and covered his exposed chest and stomach. It was because the half-naked body was exposed because the laces were tied roughly. His blue eyes fluttered in embarrassment at the unexpected exposure.

“Lariette, I haven’t been dressed yet.”

Asrazan hurriedly explained, fearing that she might not know. It was like an animal being chased by a hunter as it stepped backwards in the direction of the bed.

Lariette just burst into laughter with a cute expression of his helplessness.

“I know. That’s why I’m here now.”

“… Yes?”

Asrazan, unable to understand her intentions, asked slowly. His head was chaotic with countless questions and a few strange desires.

Lariette moved closer to Asrazan, still with a mischievous smile on her face. Now, they were close enough to reach with just a little outstretched hand.

Asrazan swallowed dry saliva involuntarily at the beautiful figure looking up at him. He stood stiff and moved down.

And Lariette’s playful and subtle voice continued.

“Finally, it is the day to purify the lower body.”

Ah. Asrazan spit out a few words that sounded like exclamations.

Lariette reached out his hands and pushed his chest before he could continue to speak.

Flop. Asrazan sat down on the bed as she wished. Fortunately, a gown to his large body came down to just below the knees even in a sitting position to cover his naked body.

“Now, shall we see?”

Lariette lightly brushed her hands like a doctor starting an examination.

Then, abruptly, she bowed down and knelt in front of Asrazan. To make matters worse, her soft hand gently grabbed the end of the gown and lifted it up.

“Lariette, what are you doing!”

Asrazan cried out in fright.

It’s shocking that she dared to bend her precious knee, and the posture of looking up in front of him in bed, even between his legs, was subtle. I had a trashy thought without realizing it.

Even though his guilt deepened like that, Lariette only responded with a very pure expression and voice.

“Yes? I want to see it from the ankle. We need to check the curse status.”

“… Nothing below the knee at all. So please get up.”

Asrazan wiped his face with his hand and asked. It was as if the skin that could be seen through the cracks of the fingers had been published.

Lariette nodded her head lightly and got up quickly. Then she sat down on her buttocks next to Asrazan.

“Then from the knee to the thigh? … Can I see?”

Lariette slowly reached out towards the collar of his gown and asked in a cautious voice. The purple eyes that appeared under the long eyelashes were very cruel.

“No. Absolutely not.”

Asrazan shuddered as her fingers were about to touch his thighs and answered hastily. At that, Lariette’s lips pouted.

“Then how am I going to purify? I have to touch it to purify it.”


“It’s something that needs to be done anyway. Don’t think weird and be serious!”

Lariette gave quite strict advice to Asrazan, who kept silent. It was because she was afraid that she would not be able to completely purify the curse before leaving in this state.

Asrazan bit his molars in his own pity. She was right. This was just an act of healing, and he was grateful that she could break the curse and should have received it.

But she was too lovely, the position too embarrassing, and he was too healthy to be considered healing.

Asrazan answered calmly, trying to focus on something else as much as possible.

“I see.…  Do you have to touch my bare skin?”

“Absolutely. That’s why I came when you were wearing a shower robe.”

Don’t worry, I’ve washed up. Lariette wrinkled one eye and added. It was the woman who unintentionally washed her body because she got wet with cold water while practicing.

For Asrazan, it was just ridiculous. I just couldn’t be bothered about that.

She continued with a face that did not understand the terrible situation he was in.

“Then I’ll do it.”

Asrazan responded by closing his eyes tightly. He couldn’t keep his eyes open and watch.

However, I closed my eyes and felt the touch more sensitive and detailed.

Warm fingers slowly dug through the gown. 

Soon, the muscles on his knee and soft flesh, which became harder due to tension, came into contact.

‘Other thoughts. other thoughts…!’

Asrazan desperately tried to come up with a different thought.

What tactics should be used if war breaks out? Do I really have to go to war? I’ve been thinking hard about the most important agenda in today’s meeting, but there’s no way I’ll be able to concentrate.

Soon, a warm, tickling energy of purification wrapped around his lap. I could feel the rotting skin even though I couldn’t see anything.

Unfortunately, however, most of the curses were concentrated around the thighs in the case of the lower body. The curse on the knee was so easily cleansed, and Lariette, who understood this, glanced at the eyes of Asrazan.

He was covering his face with one hand with his eyes closed, and a lot of veins appeared on the back of his hand, apparently nervous.

Seeing that, Lariette also felt strange for nothing. It was because his hair was wet with water, and the strong muscles exposed through the gown were so alluring.

She turned her head and fixed her gaze on the purification area so as not to be distracted by his beauty. Now that I’ve finished cleaning his knees, it’s time to move on.

The white fingers quickly climbed up the legs slowly. Asrazan’s legs became more indescribably stiff.

Only his legs, but his whole body was full of strength. Asrazan clenched his fists as if he was about to destroy something at any moment, and bit his teeth hard to avoid making any other noises.


Soon, soft flesh brushed his thighs. Eventually, unable to bear it, a moan leaked through the gap between Asrazan’s lips.

Lariette closed her eyes to concentrate and radiated the power of purification. Bright force spread under the gown and tickled his legs.

Time passed like hell for Asrazan. One second felt like one minute. He immediately wanted to get up and run away, but he couldn’t.

“… Whew, that’s it. I think this is the limit today.”

How much time has passed Lariette felt her mana draining away and removed her hand.

It was fortunate that she didn’t use big magic when she was training with Doha earlier. In fact, after learning how to control mana from him, there was also a virtue that the amount of escape was reduced.

Oddly enough, Asrazan, who always said thanks after cleaning, remained silent without saying anything.

Bewildered by this, Lariette opened her eyes and looked up when she noticed something strange.

Near the thigh where my hand rested, the thick robe between his two legs stood firm.

“…… ”

Lariette joined his silence. It felt like my heart was pounding. She moved her gaze very slowly and carefully towards his face.

Asrazan was staring at her without a slight shake. The blue eyes that were exposed under the squinted eyebrows were filled with a desire to eat her at any moment.

At that hot gaze, Lariette felt like her skin was burning hot. My heart was pounding with a hint of anticipation.

Asrazan stared intently at Lariette, especially near her lips, with sharp eyes, then opened his lips slightly and bowed his head toward her.

Lariette tried to bite her body without realizing it, but her waist was already tightly gripped. Recognizing this, she hurriedly opened her mouth and muttered like a whisper.

“Kissing is forbidden…!”

There was no meaning in punishment for breaking it so quickly. However, the goal of making Asrazan fret had long since faded in his lewd eyes.

Asrazan lightly ignored her words and reached out and grabbed the back of her head. And without answering, he licked her lips.

He swallowed her lips without hesitation and coveted the tender flesh. He pulled everything without losing a breath.

The lips overlapped and overlapped. He grabbed her head firmly and pulled her as if it was a waste of time.

Laliette was so out of breath that she tightened her hand on his thigh. Of all things, it was not far from all of a sudden.


Asrazan frowned as hard as he could, and looked at her with eyes full of passion. The breath that came out like a sigh was so hot.

Lariette turned her cheeks pink and looked at him. Then, in an instant, the world turned upside down.




Lariette suddenly woke up and screamed in shock. She just closed her eyes and woke up, but suddenly she was lying on the bed.

And above me, I could see the figure of Asrazan.

A seductive look looking down at herself with lust-filled eyes, sweeping his wet bangs and revealing his strong chest muscles and abs through the gaping shower robe.


Lariette was about to say something, but without it, their lips overlapped again. However, it wasn’t just the lips that overlapped this time.

His hard muscles pressed down on her soft body. The thighs that dig between the slender legs were particularly hard.


Even the pressure was irritating to Lariette, so she couldn’t hold it in the middle of the kiss and let out a moan.

Asrazan kissed and kissed again as if even that moan was lovely. As if unraveling a kiss that hadn’t been kissed for only half a day.

Lariette pushed him away with a disheveled face. It was because I was out of breath. Then she spoke in a crying voice.

“It’s forbidden, huh, I said…”

The kiss was so intense that it was hard to breathe. Asrazan raised the corners of his lips languidly and replied with a smile.

“Isn’t it shameful to kiss without being prepared?”

Lariette couldn’t remember what she had just said, so she just looked up blankly at him. There was no way I could remember exactly what I said because it was just meant to make him anxious.

And Asrazan continued speaking in a low, subdued voice without a single joke.

“If you’re ready, is that okay?”

This time it was really serious.

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