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TL Chapter 69


Chapter 69 (Lariette has disappeared)

Recently, Asrahan felt that Lariette’s behavior was different.

Both the expression of affection that was constantly whispering and the skinship that shared warmth with soft skin were noticeably reduced.

Asrahan looked to see if he had done anything wrong, but nothing came to mind.

The most influential thing was the act of threatening Lariette’s friend Sheria, but Sheria insulted Lariette first, and it was ambiguous because it was regrettable to call it a threat to Asrahan.

What was certain, however, was that Lariette’s expression had not been very good since she had visited Count Osman’s mansion.

‘Was it too rude to visit without a word?’

Asrahan looked at Lariette like a whining puppy. I was going to bow my head and apologize immediately if she reprimanded me.

But it was too hard to be sure that she was angry. She still smiled softly when our eyes met, and her gaze towards him was only kind.

So Asrahan eventually passed the time without asking any questions about her change.

It was only after the meeting was over at the Imperial Palace that I realized something was wrong.


As soon as Asrahan came out of the conference room door, Gerard called him. It was a very urgent voice.

“The lady…!”

Gerard recognized that it was the seat of the other nobles and spoke less. He was only referring to the young lady, but Asrahan’s face turned cold in an instant.

Asrahan hurriedly got on a carriage and left the Imperial Castle. It felt like I had to see it with my own two eyes.

And just as Gerard said, waiting for him to return home was a mansion filled with silence.

‘Lariette has disappeared.’

Crack. It sounded like something breaking.

An uncontrollable sense of loss gripped Asrahan’s whole body. Along with him, a violent rage rose to the top of his head.

“It seems that she left the mansion while I was looking away for a moment. I hurriedly contacted the Osman mansion and the temple, but they both said that they had never seen her today….”


Gerard couldn’t finish his words and kept his mouth shut. It was because Asrahan smashed the table. The table ripped apart and the papers on it fluttered and fell.

In the fluttering of paper, Asrahan’s eyes shone eerily.

“What about Blanche?”

“… I don’t know about that either,, but they are the most suspicious.”

“I’m going to Blanche right now.”

“Yes, sir.”

Gerard lowered his head and followed Asrahan. Even thinking of himself, his guilt was heavy.

When Lariette was drinking tea in her room, he was only away for a very short time. I even looked at her in the middle of the rain.

But at some point, the sign disappeared. It was unexpectedly sudden.

‘Or, in hiding…?’

Gerard doubted, recalling that she had learned stealth, but soon realized that it was impossible. For that to happen, Lariette’s skills would have to be better than his own, but no matter how much he thought about it, that assumption was too unrealistic.

Asrahan swallowed the desire to cut Gerard’s neck right away and headed straight for the Blanche mansion. It was more important to get Lariette back than to question him.

Even by cutting off Duke Blanche’s limbs, he was going to take her away. It was not worth investing any more time in the one who wasted the mercy he had bestowed upon him.

I don’t have to worry about how the other nobles come out either. Since the day I lost her once, the cause to bring down Blanche was created step by step.

It was Asrahan’s intention, but Duke Blanche’s response was unexpected.

“What do you mean? Give me Lariette! I haven’t taken my daughter!”

“Stop making excuses. I can pull out the tongue right away.”

“I really don’t know!”

The Duke of Blanche trembled unconsciously at the ferocious energy pouring on him. Quite against his pride, but his voice proved that he was frightened.

“You really don’t know?”

Asrahan asked in a gloomy voice. Bloody eyes gleamed towards the Duke of Blanche. If it was a lie, the eyes would cut off his tongue immediately.

The Duke of Blanche swallowed a gulp. He instructed the knight to bring Lariette, but he had not received any reports yet.

So this was something he didn’t know. At least, not yet.

“I don’t know.”

Asrahan looked closely at the Duke of Blanche with narrowed eyes. His eyes fluttered subtly, but his gaze was quite straight, and his trembling body seemed to have calmed down.

‘It’s not a lying face.’

He bit his lip and gestured briefly to the knights standing behind him.

“Look around.”


“No, what is this!”

At Asrahan’s command, Kandel’s knights rushed into the mansion. It was the intention of searching all the places in the mansion like this.

Duke Blanche was furious as he watched the scene where knights from other families broke into his house out of the blue. No, he was going down. If it wasn’t for Asrahan look.

“You’d better stay still, Duke. If you want to live a little longer.”

“How dare you, for what cause…!”

He struggled to resist the dark aura and opened his lips. But all that came back was snoring.

“To prove my doubts. It’s for the justification.”

* * *

Inside the cold, damp cave.

The smell of fishy blood and the faint sound of breathing filled the darkness.

Clang… There was the sound of a round thing rolling on the hard stone floor. A dazzling bracelet with tiny gems embedded in it. It was given by Doha.

Lariette couldn’t utter a word and wriggled her body. Drops of red blood dripped down the white sword that pierced her thigh.

Delwin looked down at her with a look of dissatisfaction with something. The whispering voice hissed like a snake.

“Why did you hold back your groans? I want to hear your pretty voice.”

Crazy. Lariette thought clearly even as she struggled with the burning pain.

It was so painful that she couldn’t even breathe. It felt like my throat was blocked, and I felt like I was on fire over my thighs.

‘It hurts, it hurts so much…!’

The unbearable, excruciating pain immediately hardened the whole body, and the area around the affected area trembled and trembled. When I saw that the cold iron had pierced my body, I felt like I was going to lose my mind at any moment.

Somebody please pull that out, save me. Lariette muttered with a confused consciousness.

And Delwin smiled and moved as if reading her thoughts. His hand unmercifully pulled the sword from Lariette’s thigh.

Fresh blood gushed out of the pierced leg and wet the floor.


It felt like the bare flesh was coming out along with the sword. At Delwin’s indifference, the sharp blade pierced through her skin, and Lariette screamed in excruciating pain.

Her teeth were clenched, and a moan escaped her throat. Instinct tears flowed down the long eyelashes.

Seeing this, Delwin trembled. It was a tremor of pleasure.

“Yes, you have to scream like this. Ha… How cute.”

He licked his lips in ecstasy. Blood-red eyes filled with excitement.

Lariette trembled as she scratched the stone floor with her nails. An indescribable pain pecked her entire skin.

The mana inside her fluctuated with the rise of murder. However, she could not escape the suppression of the horsepower restraint and soon dispersed into the air.

“Crazy, bastard…!”

Lariette raised her tear-stained face and looked at Delwin with wide open eyes.

That’s a lot of energy. Delwin smiled and thought. Then he trampled on her wound with his shoes.

“Stop provoking it. It makes me want to bother you more.”


“It’s also cute when you’re being sharp.”

As Lariette shrieked, Delwin withdrew his feet with satisfaction. It was really impossible to kill.

“I offer it again, Princess. Will you die in this filthy cave, writhing in pain, or will you enjoy the pleasures I have given you?”

Lariette wanted to spit out swear words, but she didn’t have the energy to do so. Only her lips were trembling.

Delwin lowered himself and whispered in her ear.

“If you give me an answer I like, I will treat your leg. It will be fun in many ways to do it with a bare mind.”


“Then, I will take care of my wounds. Until then, make your own decisions.”

Delwin stood up with a languid smile on his lips. He was hit in the head quite hard, so treatment was urgent.

Anyway, I won’t let my guard down. He smiled as he recalled the day when his rough hiding was discovered.

Maybe it was from that moment. This desire to bring her under me has soared.

Delwin even hummed, picked up the keys to rolling the floor, and walked out of prison. He locked the iron bars firmly and moved.

The sound of heavy footsteps faded away.

At that moment, Lariette raised her head again. Although clouded with pain, her will for life still shone clearly in her purple eyes.

‘I need to stop the blood…!’

Creak! Lariette ripped off the hem of the dress without hesitation. Too much blood has already flowed out. Stopping the blood was urgently needed to survive even a little longer.

As I wrapped my thighs tightly with the hem of the torn dress, my palms were stained with blood in an instant. She groaned at the pressure she felt above the penetrating wound.

But now there was no time to suffer in pain. Lariette moved on to the next in tears.

‘The magic restraints.’

She hurriedly focused on feeling the looming mana within her body. It was because I remembered the information that Doha had given me.

-Most of the magic restraints are made of ‘Negar’, a mana-interfering substance. It’s not a common metal, so it’s usually hard to come across. If you get used to it and keep it by your side, it will be easier to overcome even if one day you kick the restraint ball.

It was as he said. Although it was difficult to overcome the influence even now, it was not as helpless as last time. Being able to grab even a little mana was proof of that.

-If the power of mana overcomes the restraint of the restraint ball, it will be possible to break it. Of course, no matter how much you get used to Negar, it’s not easy to defeat the deterrent. So it’s best to avoid kicking the restraint ball as much as possible.

Sorry, Doha. I’ve already missed the best. Lariette closed her eyes tightly and apologized to her teacher.

She gathered the mana in her body to the maximum. I was thinking of getting over the restraint somehow.

However, the amount of mana remaining was insufficient to overcome the suppression power. It was because she used a lot before she kicked the restraint ball.

I kept trying again and again, but it was impossible.

In the end, Lariette gave up breaking the restraints and found another way.

No matter how much she looked around, she couldn’t find a place to escape. All the caves were closed except in the direction of the iron bars, so there was no other way.

‘Should I hide by the entrance and hit his head as soon as that bastard comes in?’

However, to do that, the thighs were pierced and my legs were not strong enough. It was hard enough just to try to stop bleeding by pressing the wound on the leg. It would have been nice if I didn’t provoke him for nothing while trying to attack clumsily.

In addition, outside the cage, there were other men who seemed to be his men coming and going. Even if you knock him out and run away, you’ll be caught soon. In the first place, it was impossible to run away.

‘The offer… Should I accept it?’

It was the best way to buy time. Just the thought of having to please the madman made me feel dirty.

Lariette licked her lips in misery. I was an idiot who came out without a word in the first place. The thought of being a nuisance was more painful than the wound on the leg.

Step, step, step. The sound of footsteps drew closer. The madman had already returned from treatment.

“Princess, have you made a decision?”

Clang! The opening of the iron bars seemed to open the gates of hell to Lariette.

Feeling a sign approaching behind her, she clenched her fists tightly. Then she forced off her lips that wouldn’t open.

“… Okay.”

“Of course the answer would be acceptance, right?”

Lariette clenched her molars and nodded her head. If he starts with the treatment, I will be able to increase my chances of escaping even a little.

Delwin licked his lips and laughed as if delighted with her expression. His hand grabbed her slender shoulder.

Lariette trembled at the terrible touch of a crawling insect. A voice filled with hatred leaked out.

“Treat me first.”

“No, from the kiss. You have to show that level of trust.”

Terrible shame came over Lariette like a strong wave. I wanted to tear off those lips that soared high in the sky at what he was talking.

But the shame had to be endured. I had to come back alive.

It wasn’t because I just wanted to live a few more days. Had there not been any significant responsibility left for her, Lariette would have bit her tongue without any regrets.

The only responsibility she had left was Asrahan. One more purification was needed to completely remove Asrahan’s curse.

There was a very small amount left, so it was enough for other purification wizards to do it. However, Lariette promised to heal him directly, and she could not die because of her own fault.

So Lariette closed her eyes as if given up.

This hell will one day pass, it will pass, I muttered desperately in my heart.

“Good girl, Princess.”

I could feel the rough feel of the palm of his hand on the cheek. Delwin was holding my face.

Hah— Hot breath touched the back of her nose. Lariette’s eyelashes trembled. She was so ashamed of her helplessness that tears flowed down her cheeks again.

As the tears wet his fingers, Delwin smiled with ecstasy. Then he pulled her chin towards him.

It was the moment when their lips were about to touch.


A loud noise was heard from somewhere and filled the cave. Delwin and Lariette’s heads turned sideways together.


Delwin frowned and muttered. It was the moment he was about to kiss his princess on an oath, but to be interrupted like this was extremely unpleasant.


But when the second roar sounded, the discomfort soon turned into fear. Behind the roar came a scream with a smell of blood.



The rough voices of men. It belonged to Delwin’s men.

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