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TL Chapter 68


Chapter 68 (Peekaboo)

A tense tension wrapped around Lariette’s body.

The back of my neck stiffened at the thought that if I didn’t concentrate even a little, I might be dragged to that terrible place again.

I pretended to be relaxed and spit out harsh words, but in reality the situation was not so good.

When he was in good physical condition, he was a difficult person to deal with, even with all might. He was strong enough to enter Ranoche’s newcomer, and he was also a person who escaped from Kandel’s mansion without being detected.

Lariette was born with excellent magical abilities, but her skill has yet to keep up with her talent. Of course, it was impossible to defeat a knight who had trained all his life with just a few weeks of training.

“Haha, you are truly Blanche. I think you’re better than the Duke.”

As evidence of that, Delwin’s face was still relaxed. The wind that pushed me away wasn’t much of a threat to me. It was just interesting.

“Your mouth is pretty rough. It’s cute, my princess.”

Delwin chuckled. There was an ominous look in the gentle-looking eyes for a moment.

When did you meet me? Lariette twisted her face in displeasure. Along with that, mana wrapped around her hands again.

She recalled Doha’s advice to attack with the determination to kill the opponent in actual combat. The image of the assassin who had died at her own hands not long ago came to mind, and her stomach churned. But she knew now was not the time to be weak.

Lariette’s fingers moved smoothly. As soon as the pattern was completed, a sharp wind blew out from the tip of her finger.


It wasn’t just a blast. The wind, sharper than a sharpened blade, spread out in all directions in an instant and cut off Delwin’s whole body.

It was fast and powerful enough to cut off a limb. If he had been a normal person, his separate body would have been rolling on the floor.

However, Delwin was not an ordinary person, and reading the direction of the wind was not difficult. He escaped all the wind with a natural movement like flowing water. He only had a few scratches.

“And your face… as expected It’s too bad to kill.”

Delwin muttered as he took a step closer to Lariette. Like a madman, there was no focus on the pupils, and the voice seemed to be full of wind, making a hissing sound.

The moment he was about to take one more step, the ground he had stepped on slipped out as if it had been waiting. It was the earth magic that Raon also used.


She had already expected that he would dodge the wind magic. Lariette had set the earth magic in the direction he was going to go at the same time as he sent the wind.

That wasn’t enough, a tree trunk that rose from the ground around him quickly wrapped around his neck tightly. The stem moved even within the ground to keep him from moving, binding his whole body.

“Good sense.”

Good sense. Delwin gave a relaxed evaluation even though he was strangled and difficult to speak. It was pressure enough to break the neck, but the body was made of something and looked fine.

As soon as Lariette finished the binding, she hurriedly turned around and started running with all her might.

The consequences of properly confronting him were too obvious. It was foolish to stay and it’s clearly defeated.

I had to run away to increase my chances of living even a little. Lariette moved her legs using all her power.

“Help me, help me!!”

She cried out in a loud voice, but no one reached her. The road leading to the horse-drawn carriage ride was a quiet place, but today, there were a few people. It was strange, as if it had been arranged beforehand.

Lariette didn’t want to scream again, but shut her mouth. It was kind of strange that there weren’t that many people.

‘It’s just announcing my location…!’

She bit her molars and ran without saying a word. I could feel my mana disappearing from afar. It was him coming out of magic.

‘More, faster, faster!’

Huh, huh, huh. rough breath came out scratching my throat. My heart was about to explode because I ran like crazy all of a sudden.

I had to go as far as possible. Since I had already used stealth a lot today, I couldn’t keep it for long even if I started stealth with my current energy. So, if I use it as late as possible, after moving away from him, the chance of being caught will be low.

Soon, his magic disappeared by a strong aura. As soon as Lariette realized this, she hid her presence.

It was difficult to move quickly while hiding. If you do, he will feel a slight change and he will follow you in no time.

Lariette moved slowly and entered the small alley. It was a dirty place with a lot of discarded things.

A foul stench stung her nostrils. It was infested with insects and crawled on the floor.

It was a place that I would not like to even see, let alone get close to it. However, in the current situation, it was the best place to hide her body.

Lariette bit her lip and hid among the piles of old boxes. It smelled like filth, and I felt like I was going to vomit at any moment.

‘He wouldn’t think I’d hide in a place like this.’

It was a choice to reduce the possibility of being caught even a little. In order to live, to live and apologize to Asrahan and die, there was nothing she could not handle.

Delwin’s presence gradually drew closer. The street that Lariette had taken a long time to run was too fast for him.


Lariette covered her mouth with both hands. I was afraid that my breath might leak out. My whole body was shaking, but I tried to stay still.

“Let’s stop being such a nuisance, Princess. I’m sure you’ll get caught anyway.”

Delwin’s voice came from nearby. It was a funny voice to say that it was annoying.

Lariette closed her eyes tightly as she watched him pass through the cracks in the box. Thump! Thump! My heart was beating so loud I could hear it.

Fortunately, he passed her hiding place.

“I saw it back then, but your stealth skills are quite good. It’s not worth killing her either.”

But the pace was too slow, and my heart became louder. I wish he had gone far away, but I didn’t know what he was thinking of taking such a leisurely time.

Delwin continued to speak as if he was acting alone.

“I had no intention of killing you in the first place. So come out safely. I also want to be gentle with a cute woman like you.”

The Duke of Blanche said, “Kill her if you have to,” but Delwin knew that it was not entirely sincere. Perhaps he was swept away by emotion.

It didn’t mean that the Duke was deeply concerned about his daughter. As long as the condition of Raon, Blanche’s successor, was bad, killing Lariette was not a good choice.

If Raon goes crazy or even dies, there is no one to succeed Blanche. Since the generation can’t be cut off, if that is the case, he had to somehow bring Lariette to bear the successor.

Delwin, who understood the situation, was planning to take her alive somehow. If he had intended to kill her, he would have finished it long ago.

‘He has been barking like a dog…!’

Lariette thought, clenching her fists. If you say that, do you think I’ll say yes and come out? It was a clear attitude to ignore him.


Suddenly, my legs felt unbearably itchy. It felt like something was coming up through the flesh.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked down to see some bugs crawling.

I wanted to scream, but I could barely hold it in. I couldn’t be caught with only worms.

“If you want to play hide-and-seek like that. Finding it is the job of the tagger.”

Where did you hide-. Delwin giggled and whispered playfully. The attitude was creepy, and Lariette closed her eyes tightly again.

Fortunately, Delwin’s footsteps were getting farther and farther away. It looked like he was heading in the opposite direction from where she was.

It was so far away that I couldn’t even feel the footsteps. However, Lariette did not move hastily. He was several times faster than her, and even if he was far away, it would be easy to catch up with her the moment he knew where she was.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed.

Delwin’s presence was no longer felt at all. I couldn’t even figure out where he was.

Lariette’s stamina has now almost reached its limit. She waited as long as she could, but this was her best.

Since she had to unhide anyway, Lariette slowly raised her eyelids. Before unpacking, I was thinking of checking the situation through the cracks in the box.

And when I opened my eyes, what came into my view were large eyes staring at me through the cracks in the box.

Delwin ripped his mouth wide open and laughed.



A rough hand grabbed Lariette’s wrist in an instant. The meager boxes easily collapsed in her screams.

Lariette hurriedly attempted to cast the spell, but he gently covered her mouth with his other hand. With his hands and mouth sealed, all she could do was struggle.

“Ugh!! Ughh!!”

“Quiet, quiet. Be quiet, Princess.”

Mana that could not be converted into magic leaked out of Lariette’s body. Delwin giggled at the meaningless action.

Then, without any hesitation, he slapped her on the neck.

It was dark again.

* * *

My body was as heavy as a stone.

It felt like being sucked deep into the ground. It was difficult to even lift a finger.


Lariette took a deep breath and raised her upper body. A cool breeze came up through her hands on the ground.

Her head was spinning and she looked around blankly. What happened before I fainted was like a dream. I hoped it was a dream.

But what welcomed her was a cruel reality.

Lariette was trapped in the first place she saw. The floor and walls were made of hard, rough stone like a cave, and there was no window outside.

The only open place was a tightly closed iron cage. The bars were so thick that Lariette couldn’t even break it.


A magical restraint ball was attached to her wrist. It was expected, but I felt mixed up.

‘Why the hell are you doing this to me?’

What on earth did I do wrong this time?  Was it a big wish to live as you wanted even before I died.

A familiar feeling of helplessness rose slowly over her body. Just as it was about to encroach on it, a creepy voice was heard outside the window.

“Oh, Princess, are you awake?”


It was Delwin. He smiled and opened the cage and entered. He was holding a cage key in his hand.

“Who ordered you? Is it Duke Blanche?”

“I guess you don’t even call him father anymore. That’s a good idea. From what I can see, he is not a good father.”

“I asked who ordered you.”

“Why do you keep asking if you already know?”

Delwin shrugged and walked over to her. Lariette took a step backwards without realizing it. It was not a situation to be proud of.

Seeing that, he laughed again, tearing his lips horizontally. The red eyes were filled with joy.

“You’re cute even when you’re scared.”

“Why, why don’t you take me to the Duke’s residence, and come here…!”

Lariette asked, shaking her arms and legs.

I was no longer afraid of the punching of Duke Blanche and Raon. However, this situation has never been experienced or imagined.

“Because the Duke Blanche is not a fool. If you go there, you’ll be rescued by Kandel quickly, right?”

Delwin said slowly reaching out to her. Lariette wanted to run away, but there was no room for further retreat.

“I don’t have to treat you more in this situation.”

“Get rid of this hand…!”

Lariette tried to shake his hand that was sweeping her face. However, even that was difficult with the arm without strength.

“I have a good suggestion for you, Princess.”


“The Duke Blanche doesn’t want Kandel in your womb. But in case something happens, they will need to see the heir.”

Delwin chuckled and touched Lariette’s lips. A horrifying voice followed.

“I’ll spare you, let my seed settle in your womb.”

Red eyes filled with deep lust. It was a gaze that seemed to bind Lariette’s whole body.

Lariette couldn’t even react to the insulting words. Delwin bowed his head to her face as if he had taken the silence as a sign of acceptance.

And as if waiting for it, Lariette waved her hand.


A hard restraint ball mercilessly hit Delwin’s chin. It was a move that she did her best as if she wanted him to die.


Delwin groaned and staggered at the unexpected attack. I felt the bone sway.

“I’d rather bite my tongue and die, you crazy!”

Lariette did not miss a chance and continued to slam the defenseless Delwin down with the restraint ball. Bright red blood splattered from his head.

As Delwin fell to the floor, Lariette quickly grabbed the key in his hand. Then she ran to the cage and put it in the keyhole.

‘Come on, come on…!’

Perhaps because of nervousness, the key kept turning in vain. The hand holding the key was sweaty and it was difficult to hold the key properly.

Shudder! A cheerful sound echoed through the cave. The iron gate was open. As soon as there was a faint hope, Lariette’s face brightened for a moment.

But it was an instant that turned things around.

“I said I wanted to act gently.”


“Why are you provoking me? Why, why, why?”

Delwin grabbed Lariette’s hair and threw her into the cave. The fragile body easily flew off and rolled on the floor.

“Princess. I said I wouldn’t kill you, I never said I’d leave you alone.”

He mumbled gloomily as he wiped the blood dripping from his head.

There was the sound of a sword being drawn out.

Lariette gasped and crawled on the floor to get away from him. The dress was crumpled up and up, almost revealing her legs.

“It will sting a little.”

Hearing the insidious warning, Lariette hurriedly looked back without crawling.

In the darkness, the sword raised to its fullest gleamed and shone.


A terrifying sound rang in my ears. The thick smell of blood spread all over the place, and at the same time I felt a burning pain in my legs.

Lariette stopped breathing and looked down.

A sharp sword was stuck in her white thighs.

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