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TL Chapter 67


Chapter 67 (I’ll take it off myself)

A splendid room in the Temple of Altheon.

The floor, which was clean until the morning without a grain of dust, had long been in a mess with various books and documents.

In the pile of papers, Doha was squatting. Due to his posture, the high priest’s clothes were decorated and his attire was scattered here and there, but he looked attractive because of his beautiful face.

Loosely tied his long silver hair, which seemed to have melted the moonlight, he frowned and threw the documents in his hand aside. The paper fluttered through the air, and was soon added to the mess.

“Mikhail! Stop throwing.”

It’s my job to clean up! Joshua swallowed his tears and murmured. But, of course, Doha neatly ignored his words and threw another piece of paper to the floor.

I didn’t expect him to listen to me in the first place, so Joshua sighed and cleared the stack of papers on the floor. There was no end to cleaning and cleaning.

“I can’t see it…”

Doha spoke to himself in frustration. He searched through the documents as soon as he had time, but there was no sign of finding the information he was looking for.

What he was looking for was information about his mother. The day I met Gibralfaro, since he mentioned my mother, I couldn’t get the words out of my head.

– Your mother is no different. She’s drowning in a pathetic love affair and acting like an idiot.

It was as if he knew my mother well.

It was absurd. The mother he remembers was a woman of the lowest rank who moved around in the back alleys, and Gibralfaro was a noble person from a noble family and a person who was elevated to the high priest of Altheon from birth.

Moreover, during his childhood with his mother, Doha had never met Gibralfaro. It was impossible for them to know each other unless they had one-on-one knowledge before they were born.

Still, the question kept running round and round in my head. I couldn’t find anything about Gibralfaro. Because he might mistakenly think that he has feelings for my mother.

Therefore, Doha chose instead to research all information about Gibralfaro. It was impossible for the temple to have information about my mother, who was of low status, so there was only one option.

However, the documents that came out were only useless and even unpleasant, such as how noble Gibralfaro was, or how he had excellent disposition and ability. There was no way that information against him would remain in the temple, which was originally built around it.

By any chance… has he had contact since I entered the temple?’

Doha clenched his molars at the house that suddenly came to mind.

Even though I knew that it was impossible, I couldn’t shake my anxiety.

My mother was a very beautiful person, and for a woman of low status, beauty was a curse, not a blessing. I knew that, so I constantly asked people to look after her even though I hated her.

‘There was no such report.’

Doha sat down on the sofa in front of the table with a stiff face and shook all the papers on the table to the ground with his hands. Joshua’s screams were heard, but he didn’t care.

‘No, they never made a long report in the first place.’

The first thing he did when he was young as a high priest was to make sure his mother was well. I wasn’t worried about her. I was just curious.

How happy she is with the money she had sold him to the temple.

According to reports, she was leading a life at the level of an ordinary commoner. Upon hearing the report, Doha laughed out loud. ‘Oh, you sold it well,’ I thought. When she was with Doha, she got hungry because she was a normal person.

Since then, Doha has consistently sent money that is not difficult to live with the same person. There were also rare reports of whether she was alive and not dying.

I thought this wasn’t for her either. It’s just that I didn’t want to see you sell yourself and live that terrible road life. He mumbled that as if brainwashing himself.

Strangely, however, there has been no report since several months ago. There was no contact with the sender.

He tried to ignore it because he thought it was none of his business, but he had no choice but to be concerned. In the meantime, when Gibralfaro’s remarks joined in, my thoughts were even more focused.

‘Should I go to Wiedia?’

Wiedia. It was a small seaside town in the west. This is where my mother grew up and where she now lives.

‘I can’t.’

Doha bit my lower lip. Whatever Gibralfaro said, whether his mother was alive or dead. For whatever reason, I didn’t want to reunite with her.

I still have vivid memories of the day I was sold. The time when the woman who always murmured affectionate words, and the woman who said that she loved me and loved me again, was blinded by a bundle of money and kindly threw me away.

I called my mother in a loud voice, but she never looked back. The cold backside was embroidered in Doha’s mind and used to eat his heart these days.

It was impossible to see her like that again.

“You’ve been looking good lately.”

At Joshua’s sudden words, Doha raised an eyebrow. He felt surprisingly low at the thought of him, but I thought he had a twisted eye.

“Does my face look good now?”

“Well, it’s not… Since the day you met her, your complexion is much brighter than before.”

Joshua was worried that he might have made a mistake, so he looked at Doha. I just said he looked good because he actually looked good, but you stared at me like that. It was terribly embarrassing.

“Ah, that day.”

Doha muttered in a low voice.

It was very clear what day he was talking about. It was the day I found out that Lariette and Asrahan were in a contractual relationship. Of course, it was a one-sided misunderstanding, but he didn’t know what Asrahan thought.

When Lariette thought of breaking up with that monster, Doha’s eyes softened as if they had ever been ferocious.

Seeing this, Joshua was weeping and nauseated in his heart. Even if it wasn’t for himself, it was dirty to see such a face in person.

As Joshua said, Doha’s face these days was indescribably bright. It was thanks to the belief that an opportunity would soon come to him as well.

“I need to take my clothes off.”

This time, Joshua tilted his head at Doha’s sudden words.

“Yes? Are you going out?”

“No. But I think I should take it off.”

As soon as Doha finished speaking, he suddenly started unbuttoning his uniform. In an instant, the white robe loosened and his solid body was revealed.

After throwing his clothes into the corner, Doha looked at Joshua, who was confused. . He was scheduled to go out soon, but he was wearing plain clothes unlike usual.

And words continued to confuse Joshua even more.

“Joshua, take it off yourself.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“Take it off.”

“Argh! What’s wrong with you?”

Joshua let out a shrill scream and bit himself. He looked like he was covering his chest with both hands.

“I feel like you have to. Even if I told you to take it off quickly.”

“Don’t make excuses for your foresight! I’m not going to take it off!”

This molestation! Joshua added in a voice that looked like he was about to cry. Doha was absurd and clicked his tongue.

“Then I’ll take it off myself.”

“Ahh! What’s wrong with you? You’ve seen me through that perspective…”

“Shut up, Joshua.”

There was no mercy in Doha’s hands. He grabbed Joshua, flashing like a freshly caught fish, snatched his pants and put them on himself.

As soon as Joshua, who gave up, even ripped his shirt off, the door opened with a sound.

Doha and Joshua, who could not feel the presence, quickly turned their heads.

And what slowly appeared from the empty air was Lariette with a very bewildered expression.


A hiccup leaked out of Lariette’s mouth, which she had covered with both hands. She had no choice but to do so. Because the scene was so subtle.

Doha took off his upper body and didn’t even have his pants button fastened. And his senior, Joshua, was leaning on the table without pants on, and Doha was unbuttoning his shirt.

“So-sorry, sorry… have a great time…!”

Lariette stuttered and took a step back. She thought she came in at a bad time and ruined the atmosphere. She was so embarrassed that she added useless words.

“Lady, it’s not like that!”

How can I be with such an ugly bastard! Doha exclaimed as if embarrassed. Joshua, who was forced to take off his clothes and even suffered a personal attack, swallowed tears in even greater injustice.

Lariette understood that it was a misunderstanding only after they explained it for a while. Doha had to suffer quite a bit because he kept insisting that he was not a narrow-minded person.

“Why did you come all of a sudden without a word? Even using stealth.”

Doha spread divine power and looked around and asked. Fortunately, no one seemed to know that she had come. I couldn’t even see the escort who was always chasing her like a dog.

If it wasn’t for his foresight ability, his identity would have been uncovered without hesitation. Doha swept his chest, thinking that it was a good idea to quickly throw away the high-ranking official’s uniform.

“I have something important to tell you….”


Lariette lowered her head and licked her lips. Soon her head was lifted, and her face was revealed with a very desperate look.

“Help me, Doha.”

* * *

After the day she found out that there was a misunderstanding between Asrazan and herself, Lariette had a hard time dealing with him.

I tried my best to be as normal as possible, but it wasn’t easy. It was because a lot of thoughts and emotions crossed every time I saw him.

The biggest thing was regret. I felt sorry for not knowing that we had different thoughts, and for spitting out words that were not easy to keep.

It was a misunderstanding, but I felt guilty about using it as an excuse. When a light heart and a serious heart meet, the person who gets hurt after the illusion is broken is, of course, because it’s the person with a serious heart.

There was another emotion as distinct as sorry, and that was fear. It was also the first thing that caught her after realizing the misunderstanding.

I was afraid that he would be angry with the feeling of betrayal. At first, she was afraid of what he would do to her, but after regaining her reason, thinking about it, there was no reason to fear death anyway.

The real frightening thing was to face his anger itself. I was afraid that Asrahan, who had always been friendly after dating, could show a cold attitude like before. I was so scared that I could hurt him.

Yet Lariet’s fondness for him was greater than her fear of his brutality. I didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

It seemed that she could never find the right answer on her own. So she came to Doha, her dating advisor. Maybe Gerard overhears the story, even while hiding.

“It is such a situation. What should I do, Doha?”

What would be a better decision for Asrahan? Lariette muttered in a gloomy voice.

She eventually confided to Doha about everything except the story about the time limit. I’ve already explained the contract relationship, so it wasn’t difficult to reveal the rest.

Doha stroked his chin with his fingers and pretended to be worried. In fact, he already knew that there was a misunderstanding between the two, so there was nothing to worry about.

“As expected, it’s better to just let it all out, right? It was a misunderstanding, and I only thought it was a three-month contract?”

No matter how I thought about it, it seemed to be the best way.

Although he would be very disappointed, or even angry, if he did, it was something I had to endure.

If you lied because you only want to see a good side before you leave, you will have to tell another lie. Lariette didn’t want to deceive her most precious person in that way.

Hiding the fact that she has a time limit,  was the only deception she allowed.

“What would you do if he kept asking you to meet?”

“… I can’t do that. I’m going on a trip soon. No matter what happens.”

I didn’t want to die in front of Asrahan. It was said to be a disease that exploded all over the body. I didn’t want to die to show such a terrible appearance. My last wish was to be remembered in a good way.

At Lariette’s answer, Doha’s lips curled upwards. Fortunately, she couldn’t see it because it was covered by hand.

“Duke Kandel is a cruel man. You must know that, too.”

Lariette nodded quietly. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was the obvious truth.

Doha stared at her with a sharp gaze. A low, serious voice continued.

“If he knew that he had been betrayed, he would definitely not let you go. The deeper the heart, the more.”

“That… It’s not going to be like that.”

“Are you sure it won’t be like that?”

Lariette couldn’t even answer that she was sure. She also knew the madness that often lingered in Asrahan’s eyes.

Fortunately, he had never spoken of love. He was good at expressing himself, so if he had loved her, he would have already confessed his feelings.

How fortunate that emotions have not yet progressed to that stage. Lariette, who did not know the truth, thought so and comforted herself.

Meanwhile, Doha thought that if Lariette confided in Asrahan about the misunderstanding, she could be imprisoned. In his view, the Duke of Kandel was more than that.

Well, it’s better to go through it yourself. Doha smiled sharply and thought. Then he put on a mask again and kindly suggested.

“If anything happens, ask me for help, Rie. I will come to help no matter what.”

* * *

After the conversation with Doha was over, Lariette hid again and left the Temple of Altheon.


As she reached the old town, she let out a sigh that rose from the depths of her heart. Especially because I used stealth a lot today, I was tired and my heart was very stuffy at the faint thoughts.

‘Doha told me to run away secretly, but…’

Lariette licked her lips as she walked towards the carriage ride.

‘You can’t do that to Asrahan. Well, I’d rather just be honest.’

A proper parting was considered to be the minimum courtesy to the one who had been a lover even for a moment. She was afraid to tell the truth.

Lariette nodded her head slightly as a sign of determination.

A black shadow fell over her.

Lariette slowly turned around at the familiar feeling of being close. And then I met a familiar face.

“It’s been a while, Princess.”

A simple-looking knight who broke into Kandel’s mansion, he was Delwin hired by the Duke Blanche.

“Let’s go together quietly.”

Delwin smiled kindly and reached out toward Lariette. It was so sudden and so fast that it was hard to even recognize it properly.

Yes, it must have been the case for the previous Lariette.

“Where are we going together?”


Shoot-! A strong gust of wind rushed in and pushed Delwin’s body away. It was wind magic that was too heavy for him, who had dealt with many wizards.

It was Lariette, who always fell asleep after training with Doha. As if praising the hard work, the results of training were showing remarkably.

“Get lost, you rat.”

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