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TL Chapter 66


Chapter 66 (A serious misunderstanding)

Sheria was really confident.

The confidence that if she made up her mind, she could make any man fall for her.

The source of pride was the face.

With curly platinum blonde hair, flawless white skin, big pink eyes and slightly droopy eyes, a cute nose and cherry lips that always shine even without makeup. Even when she looked at herself, there was no shortage of places missing.

It’s just a face. Her carefully managed body was thin and lovely without any flabby skin.

‘The most beautiful flower of the Empire.’

The men who had met Sheria even once called her this way.

They praised her face, tenderness, and modesty as a model of a flower woman, but Sheria herself knew that beauty was at the center of it.

Sometimes I was worried that if my beauty disappeared, my status would also disappear. But such worries only made her feel uncomfortable, so Sheria decided to close her eyes and enjoy the present praise. At least now because I am more beautiful than anyone else.

It was a stupid idea, but this was the way she lived. An exceptionally beautiful woman born into a powerless family. It was natural for her to be obsessed with her beauty.

Sheria believed that, like most men, the Duke of Kandel would soon fall for her temptation. That is why she took a step closer and smiled, not worrying about his unanswered appearance.

“Did the Duke want to see me too?”

A shrill voice leaked from between her curved lips. It was so cute that it felt like my ears were tickling.

But it was not a very pleasant attitude for Asrahan. He was waiting for Lariette and it was already unpleasant that she appeared.

So he raised one eyebrow and answered indifferently.


“Hehe, pretending to be blunt. I’m not scared at all!”

Asrahan was speechless again. Because there was really nothing to say.

Why is this woman pretending to be close to me? Since she was Lariette’s friend, he kept passing it over, but by this point, even he, who had never been in a relationship, could see that Sheria was acting strangely.

But Sheria interprets his silence as embarrassment and smiles softly. Then, with a slightly weary expression on her face, she continued.

“Actually, I wanted to see you again, so I asked Lariette… She refused.”

That’s a good thing. Asrahan muttered in his mind.

He was very uncomfortable with the woman who kept talking to him, but if Lariette wanted it, he was going to force it to match the rhythm. Fortunately, however, Lariette seemed to be of one mind with him.

“She must have been a little nervous.”

“… What?”

Asrahan narrowed his eyes at the sudden content and asked. What dares to make Lariette feel uneasy? Whatever it was, I wanted to get rid of it right away.

But the answer he got back was something he didn’t expect at all.

“Yeah, of course… My relationship with Sir Asrahan, isn’t it?”

Sheria’s eyes curved upward like a fox. The whispering voice was also very subtle.

Asrahan’s eyebrows twitched for a moment. Sheria, who took it as a kind of signal, said with a curious smile.

“She has a relationship that can’t be connected with Sir Asrahan, so I guess I’m an option. The Duke can’t continue to meet with a commoner.”


“Ah, I have no intention of doing anything with my friend’s lover! How could I do such a bad thing… If you’ve already broken up, I don’t know. ”

Sheria opened her eyes wide and showed a characteristic innocent expression. The hand gesture was very natural, but the purpose of the words added at the end was clear.

‘If you want to see me, break up quickly. You’re going to break up with that commoner anyway.’

Sheria waited for Asrahan’s response with a smile on her face. Now that the bait has been cast, it’s time to catch the fish.

But it was a pointed stone that was thrown thinking it was a bait, and it was a ferocious beast, not a fish that was hit.

The beast, which pretended to be tamed, began to reveal its true nature to the stoning beyond its tickling level.

“All of them are nonsense, so I have no idea what to correct first.”

Asrahan’s blue eyes gleamed horribly. The appearance of veins standing on the temples seemed to be very angry.

“First. Lariette is not a commoner. What makes you treat the only princess of the Empire greatest Duke as a subordinate, and that courage is great.”

Even though she separated from the Duke of Blanche, Lariette’s blood was still Blanche’s.

As proof of that, she was the most profoundly inherited magic, the symbol of Blanche. Even if the current owner, Duke of Blanche, could not ignore his legitimacy.

Sheria’s face turned blue in an unexpected position. Lariette Blanche. I remember hearing that name someday, but it was too late.

She licked her lips to make an excuse for being stupid, but before she could speak, Asrahan’s icy voice continued.

“Second. Even if she was a commoner, I have no intention of breaking up with her. If Lariette permits, we will be together forever. So, it would be better not to talk about the relationship that can’t be continued or anything like that. Unless you want your tongue to be plucked out right now.”



Sheria trembled at the terrifying threat. For her, who has always enjoyed only loving gazes, it was too difficult to live with pressure.

“Don’t you dare call my name.”

Asrahan took a step closer to Sheria. It was as if he was about to break her neck at any moment.


Sheria instinctively tried to bite herself, but her feet got tangled in her legs and she collapsed. Her limbs trembled wildly at the first fear of death, and her teeth clacked against each other.

The blue eyes that glowed beneath the black hair fluttering in the wind looked like those of a devil. Otherwise, I couldn’t explain the bizarre brilliance, the madness that filled the surroundings.

“A monster, a monster…!”

A monster Duke. Demon War. Not ignoring all these rumors. Sheria regretted it desperately. It was a mistake to misunderstand only because of his attitude towards Lariette.

At the name he had not heard in a long time, Asrahan raised one corner of his mouth and smiled bitterly. Thanks to Lariette, I didn’t listen for a while, but I never forgot a single moment.

Asrahan slowly reached out towards her.

I just wanted to cut off her tongue by three inches right away, but I knew that Lariette wouldn’t like it if I did.

So, he thought of suppressing the rising anger, swallowing it up, grabbing Sheria by the collar, raising her up, and telling her to go back.

But Sheria, who did not know his thoughts, could only see that the hand was trying to strangle her. She couldn’t even scream and closed her eyes tightly.

“Duke Kandel!”

The voice of salvation was heard. A strong, husky voice. It was Erze’s.

“Princess Erzebüth.”

Asrahan also omitted formal greetings. Her examination was not at all comfortable to have such a thing.

Erze hurriedly ran and blocked Asrahan’s front. She was also familiar with the rumors of Asrahan. I’ve only heard rumors, but I’ve even seen a scene where he cut the person who criticized him in personally.

Like Sheria, she had no choice but to think differently about his intentions.

“I will apologize for Sheria’s rudeness. Please let her go just once.”

Erze took a deep breath and bowed her head to apologize. In the meantime, Sheria regarded her appearance as not like an imperial lady, opened her eyes wide.

However, Erze was a kind and caring person by nature, and it was not difficult to break her pride for a greater purpose.

“I beg you earnestly.”

Even if I broke my pride, I was fortunate to be able to persuade Asrahan. Because it was the Duke of Kandel who didn’t mind refusing the Emperor’s request.

“… Raise your head.”

“That means….”

“It means I take it.”

Asrahan turned his head with an indifferent face. At first, he had no intention of punishing her. No, even if he had a heart, he would not have done anything without Lariette’s permission.

Although Erze heard the answer she wanted, she did not immediately reflect on it and stood idly for a moment. She didn’t know he would pass so easily.

Love can change people like this. Erze was admiring again and hurriedly raised Sheria, in case he would change his mind.

“Thank you. I will apologize again later to you and Lariette.”

Erze left as soon as she had finished speaking.

And Asrahan turned his gaze and gazed in the direction in which the princess appeared.

At the end of his gaze was Lariette.

* * *

Lariette, who had gone to the bathroom, was facing the front door with a fresh heart.

It was a little disconcerting that Asrahan came without saying a word, but considering that he would go to war soon, she wanted to be with him even a little longer, so she was rather happy.

A day later, when I thought about it, it seemed that there was no reason to be too angry about attaching an undercover escort.

Whether he said it or not, he had invested in high-quality manpower for her own safety. That fact alone made me feel that Asrahan cherished me.

However, her freshness was soon shattered.

It was because Sheria’s charming voice could be heard through the large door.

Sheria was literally trying to seduce Asrazan, and as the story continued, Lariette’s anger soared without realizing it to the sky.


Erze, who suddenly approached, called Lariette’s name with a hardened face. Her eyes were filled with regret for Lariette and anger towards Sheria at the same time.


Lariette raised her index finger and closed Erze’s mouth. I was thinking of hearing just how far Sheria was talking.

However, ‘She has a relationship that can’t be connected with Sir Asrahan, so I guess I’m an option’. As the words came out, Lariette decided not to wait any longer.

‘You died to me today.’

Her fingers cracked. There was no need to use magic. That level of opponent will be sufficiently overcome with pure power.

She immediately opened the door with the momentum to knock Sheria off. However, before the door even opened, the movement stopped at the sound of Asrahan’s voice.

‘Second. Even if she was a commoner, I have no intention of breaking up with her. If Lariette permits, we will be together forever.’

What the hell is this?

Lariette muttered with a blank expression. To tell a lie to separate Sheria, Asrahan’s voice was too serious. Lariette, who kept watching him, knew it was his sincerity.

Her complexion turned pale in an instant. Melissa’s voice, saying, ‘We’ll always protect her anyway’ buzzed in my ear again.

The cog wheels that had been incorrectly fitted so far were engaged. It was the moment when my doubts turned into certainty.

‘Asrahan didn’t think of our relationship as a contractual relationship.’

Come to think of it, on the day we started dating, Asrahan did not mention the 3 months period. She paused, pondering what he had said.

– The suggestion of dating. Is it still valid?

However, since Lariette’s previous suggestion was ‘Let’s only date for three months’, he only accepted it.

She now realized that there was a serious misunderstanding between her and Asrahan.

“Lariette, are you okay? I think you was very surprised…”

Erze grabbed Lariette’s shoulder and shook it lightly. Her body was cold.


“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“Isn’t your body too cold…!”

Lariette gave her a nod and said she was fine. I couldn’t bear to say anything.

‘Okay, let’s talk again… … .’

Lariette licked her lips without thinking.

Let’s talk about it again? I actually have no intention of seeing you for more than 3 months, what I said at the time was a misunderstanding, if you explain? If so, will Asrahan be convinced?

-I like you. I like you, Asrahan.

It reminded me of confessing my heart to him the day we kissed for the first time. There were many things that came to mind one after another. His own voice, reassuring her by saying that he would stay with her, pierced her heart.

How can I now confess that my thoughts were different from yours after all this?

Lariette looked through the gap in the slightly opened door with anxious eyes. Asrahan was one step closer to Sheria.

Sheria screamed and fell, and Asrahan stretched out his hand to figure out what to do with her.

‘If I say it was a misunderstanding….’

Erze opened the door and ran hurriedly. Lariette stood in front of the wide open door and stared at Asrahan. Unlike when he was with her, he had a cruel expression on his face.

‘What happens to me?’

The puddle of blood I saw yesterday remained like an afterimage and shimmered in front of my eyes. Lariette bit her lip hard enough to bleed, trying to shake it off.

And at that moment, Asrahan’s eyes met her.

When Asrahan found Lariette, he quickly widened his eyes and smiled softly.

But Lariette couldn’t help but smile. Because I realized that I never knew when that kindness would disappear.

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