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TL Chapter 64


Chapter 64 (I hate it that my teeth tremble)

‘Why, Asrahan?’

An unanswered question circulated in Lariette’s head. Whether it was because of the cold wind or because she had doubts about the person she trusted, her head was throbbing and aching.

‘Why, for what reason did you make him follow me?’

No matter what I thought, there was no reason to do so. Having had everything, he had nothing to rip off from her, and she never did anything suspicious.

Most of all, it was Asrahan.

He was a friendly person who kissed her cheek saying have a good day before going out, gave her favorite food when eating, and whispered that he had a good day thanks to her before going to sleep.

How could Asrahan attach people to me without speaking to me? My head was pounding as if I had been hit in the back of the head.

‘Did you doubt me?’

Did you think I was trying to steal Kandel’s secret? Or maybe he’s thinking I’m going to spread the word about his physical condition, curses and contracts?

Lariette shook her head without thinking. It was an overthinking. Anyway, there’s no way he would attached someone for that reason.

Lariette knew Asrahan well. I thought I knew him well. He was a precious man who saved me from Blanche, and a benefactor who filled my little life with pleasure.

At least these were the unchanging truths. There was no way he could have done it for a bad purpose.

It was only the first time I realized that he had something hidden from me, so the shock only made the accident go in the wrong direction.

‘Let’s not think like an idiot. It’s Asrahan. It must have been just for the escort that the knight was attached.’

Lariette tapped both cheeks with both hands, trying to calm herself.

It was very disappointing that he did not speak to her and followed her in secret, just for the sake of escort, but she was sure that he would give a convincing reason if she asked Asrahan directly.

‘Yeah, let’s not guess anything until we ask it.’

I didn’t want to insult Asrahan with useless speculation and imagination. I hated it so much that even for a brief moment, there was distrust of Asrahan. It was because he was so precious.

I’ll have to ask him directly, and make it clear that it’s a bit burdensome for a secret escort to follow me all the time. Lariette made a promise to do so.

Soon the carriage arrived at Kandel’s mansion.

Lariette got off the carriage with the help of the coachman and slowly turned her head to look behind her.

A small presence was felt not far away. A bigger sign than usual, Gerard, was coming on horseback.

As soon as Gerard felt her gaze, he stopped and tried to kill as much of his presence as possible. His heart fluttered at the thought that he might have been caught.

But of course he thought it couldn’t be. He knew that Lariette was practicing stealth these days, and that the level was considerable, but it was impossible to follow him no matter what.

Kandel’s Shadow Knights, Ranoche’s commander position was not something anyone could get. No matter how much you search the Imperial Knights, there will be no talented person like Gerard.

Gerard was one of the most talented people in the country, and Lariette was a noble lady who had never been properly trained. Gerard had no doubts that she could never have noticed his secret.

On the other hand, a noble lady, who had never received proper training, took pity on him.

‘You’ve been following me so hard all this time.’

Lariette stared into the distance with cold eyes. Running around the mountain road on horseback, it seemed that there were  hardships like that.

I need to talk to Asrahan quickly and save that kind of trouble. Lariette thought with a small nod.

When I turned around again and went up the stairs, Halstein came out to meet me as if waiting. He was still smiling very kindly today.

“Lady Lariette, are you here?”

“Halstein, good afternoon.”

It was only a greeting, but Halstein smiled happily and accepted her coat. In his head, he thought that the days of calling her ‘Madam’ rather than ‘Lady’ were few days left.

“Master is working at the gymnasium, but I will inform him of the lady’s return soon.”

“Ah, no. I will go by myself.”

“Now… yourself?”


Halstein glanced at Lariette with puzzled eyes.

Usually, when Asrahan was working, it was Lariette who didn’t visit him often saying she didn’t want to disturb him. I even asked if I had heard it wrong, but her attitude was quite firm.

“Yes, then I will prepare dinner.”

Of course, Halstein had no intention of stopping her from doing anything.

‘Our Lariette, do whatever you want to do! Take everything you want!’

He thought about it and smiled happily.

* * *

The training ground at Kandel’s mansion was always a space filled with cheers and the smell of sweat.

The Knights of Kandel, including Ranoche, did not neglect their training for a day, and Asrahan also visited the training center every morning.

Asrahan, who does not like noisy things, could not train in the same place as the other knights.

If you go out through the passage in the left corner of the training ground, you will find Asrahan’s personal space, where he practiced and had meetings with the chief members.

Contrary to the usual noise, today’s training ground was exceptionally quiet. On the other hand, Asrahan’s private rehearsal room was crowded with more people than usual.

Asrahan stood silently in the center of the spacious and clean smoke room. The black sword in his hand shone sharply.


Deep darkness descended on his well-groomed face. He had no expression on his face, but the anger in his blue eyes was ferocious.

– Are you offering it as evidence? The Duke of Kandel doesn’t seem to know how serious this matter is.

– To refuse to participate in the war even though it has been in communion with the Danube Kingdom for a long time is treason against the Imperial family.

-If you want to prove your innocence, you have to show it by your actions. Your Majesty has the same opinion.

This morning, at the Imperial meeting, Asrahan was surrounded by people who wanted to push him out, and he was questioned the whole time. They were all saying, ‘Die, die’ to him in different ways.

As expected, the prepared refutation document was released, but it was of little use. They argued loudly that it was not enough to prove innocence.

Their documents also did not sufficiently prove Asrahan’s inner workings, but they did not seem to need proof for suspicion. Especially when everyone agreed.

When asked where the papers came from, the Duke of Illington brazenly replied, “What does it matter?” There was no evidence that it was his, so it was natural.

In the end, Asrahan’s campaign was decided.

How am I supposed to tell Lariette this? Asrahan fell asleep at the thought of not being able to see her for a while.


Asrahan opened his mouth, looking down at the man kneeling in front of him, bound.

A cold voice rang low in the smoke room.

“I don’t like people who lie.”

It was the one who was bound to break into Kandel disguised as Ranoche’s new knight, and thus deliver Kandel’s documents to the Duke of Illington.

Although Delwin, the knight who returned to Blanche after erasing the traces through magic, could not be found, the one remaining was not able to escape Melissa’s siege. She was the one who found him and brought him back within a week as ordered by Asrahan.

Unfortunately, Asrahan’s participation in the war had already been decided. So, even after investigating the knight, there was nothing that could be changed.

He couldn’t even confide in the fact that Illington and Blanche were behind it. Even less than Kandel, they were two of the Empire’s three great Dukes, and the man they hired couldn’t be so ignorant as to reveal their master because of torture.

Asrahan knew this, too, so he had no intention of torturing him. However, they had to pay the price for their sins.

“Especially the lies of those who thought they were mine. I hate it that my teeth tremble.”

It was he who did not spare support and trust for the members of the Ranoche, which was his immediate knighthood. Because he thought he belonged to him.

Asrahan slowly moved forward and approached the knight. Then he bent down and stretched out his hand.

As the fierce face drew closer, the knight trembled. The fear of death was nothing to him. But strangely, in front of Asrahan, a fear deeper than death was felt.

“What did you get in return for daring to send your master into battle?”

Asrahan asked with a cold voice. It was not a question for which an answer was sought.

Soon his sword moved. The knight shut his eyes tightly at the thought of dying, but Asrahan’s sword pointed towards the rope that tied him tightly.

The rope broke and it slipped away. The knight looked up at Asrahan with his pupils shaking because it was difficult to grasp the situation.

And met his cruel eyes and gazes.

“I hope it’s more valuable than your life.”

As the gloomy voice reached his ear, the knight’s body stiffened. A cold sweat ran down his back.

Saying  this while loosening the rope was no different than a joke about trying hard. It was also a threat that death was the only thing waiting for him no matter how hard he struggled.

The knight quickly turned his gaze and looked around. There were many ways to escape. The door to the smoke room was slightly open, and the window was open as if it were ventilation.

There were only two knights of Ranoche with Asrahan. One was the deputy general manager, Melissa, and the other was an unknown.

They didn’t even surround themselves properly, and as it was a smoke room, there were weapons all around. In other words, he seemed to see a way to survive if done well.

The knight bit his molars tightly. I will make you regret that you have underestimated me. With that promise, he left his seat and got up. He jumped up in an instant and quickly grabbed the sword hanging from the wall.

Then, without hesitation, he swung his sharp blade toward Asrahan. As if he was a talented person hired by Illington, the continuous movements were as natural and quick as flowing water.

Unfortunately, however, in combat, speed has always been relative.


The deafening sound of metal reverberated throughout the smoke room. It was the sound of Asrahan’s black sword hitting the sword wielded by the knight.

Asrahan hadn’t even looked at the knight. The moment the knight was surprised by that, an invisible motion followed.

Bright red blood gushed out like a fountain. With a thud, his heavy body fell to the floor. The liquid gushed out from the separated throat.

“Ugh, it must be annoying to clean up.”

“It’s me who doesn’t have time to clean up.”


Melissa shrugged at her junior’s grumbling. If you feel sad, fill it up. Even though she knew she didn’t choose new recruits, she brazenly added it.

“Sir, give me a sword. I will wipe it off.”

“It’s done.”

Asrahan responded bluntly and directly wiped the blood from the sword with a cloth. There were hundreds or thousands of blood on this sword. It took a long time to get used to spending my childhood on the battlefield and managing my sword.


“He’s still escorting Lady. It’s almost the time for the lady to come.”

Asrahan looked out the window. Soon the sun was going down.

“By the way, why does the young lady learn stealth from the priest? And magic. What’s the purpose…”

“Didn’t you say she have talent?”

“Yes. Even from a distance, she has a great talent. I wanted to know the purpose, but I couldn’t hear it well because their voice was low.”

The truth is, Doha did not want them to heard the conversation, so he had put a thin barrier, but the barrier was so fine that Gerard and Melissa did not even notice it.

As long as they had made up their mind, it was impossible to figure out the barrier that Mikhail Doha Bellion had made directly. Of course, those who knew him as a priest didn’t even have any doubts.

“… Purpose?”

“Oh, I am not suspicious of it. But no matter how much I think about it, there is no reason for her to learn stealth. We’ll always be there to protect her anyway, so what’s dangerous about it?”

Asrahan narrowed his eyes and was silent. It was the look in his eyes that he dared to doubt her.

Melissa quickly waved her hand at that ferocious gaze and continued speaking.

“No, no. Well, there’s nothing wrong with learning any technique. Haha, aren’t I too in a position to make a living with technology? On the battlefield, I learned skills that I couldn’t learn for money on the battlefield.”

She added useless words to the awkwardness. The junior knight slapped her on the shoulder as a sign to stop talking. Melissa also kept her mouth shut in embarrassment.

Asrahan looked at her for a moment, then got up as if he had wiped his sword.

As it was almost time for Lariette to come, I was going to go back in advance. I had to change my blood-stained clothes before she could see me.

As soon as he moved out of the smoke room, Asrahan suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Is there anything you left behind? Melissa asked, looking behind him.

Asrahan did not answer, but stared at a certain corner. It was because it seemed that he felt something awkward there.

However, no matter how much I looked at it, the exterior wall of the smoke room was just plain, as always. Asrahan turned his head again and answered.

“No. I must have misunderstood.”

After he had finished speaking, he stepped back and left the training ground in an instant. Melissa also left soon after, and the junior knight tumbled out to get some cleaning tools.

Only after everyone had moved away, someone who hid herself on the outer wall of the smoke room was revealed.

“Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup!”

The hiccups that I had barely endured were now released. When I almost made eye contact with Asrahan, it felt like my heart was falling.

Lariette took a rough breath and looked out the window into the smoke room. A ghastly corpse was lying on the floor.

I forgot. Because of Asrahan’s kindness to her these days, she has forgotten how ruthless he is.

-Especially the lies of those who thought they were mine. I hate it that my teeth tremble.

The cruel voice of Asrahan buzzed in her ear.

I didn’t lie, so why is my heart beating like this? Lariette could not understand at all.

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