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TL Chapter 62


Chapter 62 (It’s a really nice day)

Doha was acting a bit odd today.

Passing through the outskirts of the city where verdant hills were visible, Lariette carelessly rolled her eyes and stared at Doha’s face, thinking.

Doha was dressed as usual. His long silver hair was lustrous and eye-catching, and his modest priest uniform was impeccably white. Needless to say, he was an attractive man.


Although his behavior hadn’t changed much these days, his reluctance to meet Lariette in the city was a bit strange. Nevertheless, his astute manner in speaking was still there, as well as that fox-like untamable-ness in his eyes.  

Still, Lariette was inclined to think that something was wrong with him since he would behave in a particular manner when he talked. For instance:

“… Rie, you need to focus.”

Doha admonished her in a low voice when he felt Lariette’s gaze on him.

If it had been the usual him, his remarks would be accompanied by a smirk. However, the current Doha’s expression was stern rather than playful; he even turned his eyes away to avoid her gaze.

Regardless if he was thinking something shameful to the point that his ears were burning red, this nuance was unfathomable to Lariette.

No matter how much she grappled with her thoughts, she couldn’t figure out the reason for this subtle change. She could only tilt her head in confusion. It was unclear what had exactly changed, so it was useless to ask him directly. 

Ultimately, Lariette just gave up and decided to focus on what she was doing before, just like Doha said. She closed her eyes and tried to completely erase her presence.

Doha shifted his body away once her gaze left him.

It was just a simple glance. But when he met those amethyst eyes of hers, the beating of his heart unconsciously quickened. Fortunately, Lariette couldn’t hear the loud drumming of his heart.

“Almost perfect. It’s amazing to see it again.”

Doha feigned calmness and evaluated Lariette’s covert ability. As the days went by, her skills were gradually improving.

“But there is a feeling that the mana on your left arm is distributed a little too evenly. If you want to blend with your surroundings, try not to fixate on one area.”

“How? Um, like this?”

“No, less than that.”

Lariette let out a grunt and tried to move her mana according to Doha’s instructions, but she still felt unsatisfied.

She lightly frowned in frustration and asked Doha for help.

“Uh, I don’t get it. Show me one more time, Doha.”

Lariette casually stretched out her left hand towards him, thinking of having the mana pour through her and letting her directly grasp what he meant. 

Since they had been in physical contact countless times, whether to heal or in class, Lariette had no problem with this kind of skinship.

Moreover, they had already held hands, hugged one another, and he even touched her feet.

In a nutshell, what they did was a bit beyond what friends would usually do, but she didn’t care in the slightest, since the intention was to provide treatment. Also, it was highly unlikely for Doha – the love expert – to have any ambiguous feelings for her.

However, for Doha, the dainty white hand that reached out to him was nothing more than a stimulus.

Not long after acknowledging his feelings, he was highly sensitive to every little thing related to her, that his heart would pound fast with just a single glance from her.

The World’s Mikhail Doha Bellion was now a nervous wreck, hesitating if he should touch her.

It couldn’t be helped that he was acting like a deer caught in the headlights, she was his first love.

‘Damn it! I’m so desperate to not get caught.’

Doha bit his lip in annoyance, feeling pathetic about his appearance. Before he met her, he repeatedly vowed never again, but it was a futile effort.

To be close to Lariette, he had to hide his burning love for her.

It was harrowing. But the one Lariette loved was Asrahan. And if she knew of Doha’s feelings, she would undoubtedly steer away from him.

Hence, Doha decided to bury this feeling deep in his heart. He was going to hide it in a place no one could know about, and only unearth it when he was alone. It was also for Lariette’s safety.

Even so, it didn’t mean that he would remain impassive. As an incisive hunter, he was only waiting for the most appropriate time.


“Ah, sorry. I was thinking about something else for a second.”

“Lady, you need to focus!”

Lariette playfully smiled and uttered what Doha said a while ago. Since he has a beautiful face, she thought that calling him “Lady” suited him quite well.

“Come on, like this.”

Doha put on his most clever expression and held Lariette’s hand. He had been wearing a mask all his life; but when it came to her, he found it very difficult to play pretend.

Feeling the soft flesh in his hand, he gritted his teeth and held his breath. It was a desperate act as if doing so would reduce his speeding heartbeat.

Lariette was delighted to see Doha’s mana come in through her hands. Perhaps because it was mana with divine power, his mana had a particularly refreshing feeling.

“This is it! Now I know. Thanks, Doha!”

Lariette rejoiced as if she had attained enlightenment. Following Doha’s method, her stealth skill was now flawless.

‘That’s what I always thought, but it’s really good to learn.’ Doha thought, his admiration renewed.

“So, Rie. When are you going to travel?”

Doha leaned his back against the tree and softly asked. Ever since she wanted to learn practical combat and would train on this grassy hill, he had always looked for an opportunity to ask her about it.

Lariette, who had forgotten to tell him about her planned trip with Asrahan, was caught off guard.

Then she had an odd thought.

‘How did he know that I was going on a trip with Asrahan? Truly a love expert…!’

Did it mean that he could glimpse at what and when they were going to do? Larriette’s lips parted in admiration.

Unaware of what she was thinking, Doha continued, looking at her curiously.

“What? Didn’t you say you were planning to travel alone?”

‘That’s why you’re learning magic and stealth.’ Doha added quietly.

It was then that Lariette realized that the trip he was talking about was not the trip she thought. With an awkward smile, she replied:

“Ah, I didn’t say that… Did I?”

“Yes, you did. Is Duke Kandel not aware of your plan?”

The only words Lariette said at the time were, “I want to learn enough to safely travel alone.” But Doha was reiterating words that were nonexistent. 

Lariette looked back at her memories, wondering if she had even spit out such information. But all she remembered was Doha threatening to kill her. It was because the scene was too intense.

Therefore, she was eventually sent to the Doha Judo Newspaper.

“Ugh, yes, but… I just didn’t say it.”

“Why do you want to travel alone? Even if Duke Kandel is busy, he’ll still spare some time to spend with you. If you are about to face something dangerous that you’re preparing like this… Is it something difficult to say?”

Lariette kept her mouth shut. It was because Doha’s statement nailed on Lariette’s secret.

‘Why are you traveling alone? What the hell were you planning to do that you even deliberately hid it from Asrahan?’

She lowered her gaze and blamed herself, but it was already too late.

Doha stared at her, a smile on his lips as she kept quiet about it. ‘If you don’t want to answer it, then I will.’

“Are you going there after you broke up?”

He thought it was a meaningless question even though he himself questioned it. He was aware of how much Lariette liked Asrahan and how deep his heart was.

But the response that came was unexpected.


Lariette hurriedly covered her mouth, but the hiccups had already started.

His golden eyes dilated in surprise. He has long known that whenever she hiccuped, she was either embarrassed or surprised.

“… Is it really like that?”

“Uh, no… Hiccup!

Lariette tried to deny it, but only a pathetic hiccup erupted from between her fingers.

With no potable water nearby, she was forced to hold her breath. It was the fastest way to stop hiccups.

Doha pressed his fist against his mouth and stared at Lariette, who still refrained from breathing. 

It wasn’t to hold his breath like her. But to cover the unbridled smile that was growing by the second. Although she planned to sever her relationship with him, she did not intend to disclose it to anyone.

Barely stopping her hiccups, Lariette cautiously breathed out and slowly opened her mouth.

“Well, I mean… Rather than breaking up…”

She didn’t even know if she had to lie. After licking her lips, she sighed as if she had given up.

It was the truth that she had not confided in anyone or even to Halstein until now, fearing that she might offend Asrahan.

However, it seemed more difficult to hide from Doha. As her benefactor – who helped her with Asrahan – and a precious friend who extended her life even a little, it seemed like it was time to tell him.

“Actually, I am keeping something from Doha.”

“What is it, Rie?”

Doha leaned closer to her, wanting to hear it better.

Eventually, with wretched eyes, Lariette slowly revealed her secret.

“I and Asrahan are in a contractual relationship. We’re not really in love. It’s just a three-month contract relationship.”

Doha perked one eyebrow, not understanding what she was saying. What contract relationship?

Lariette bent her head and started talking from their first meeting. She was the one who proposed to have a contractual relationship with him. But after it was withdrawn, Asrahan agreed to it thanks to Doha.

The condition regarding the time limit has been omitted. Anyway, she couldn’t reveal it. Because it was clear that Doha would be shocked.

Meanwhile, Doha, who learned everything, had an indescribable expression on his face. The corners of his lips trembled as if he was preventing himself to smile.

‘There is all just a misunderstanding.’

Doha was very clear on this ridiculous misunderstanding between Lariette and Asrahan.

Asrahan, who had never been in a romantic relationship with anyone before, was the first to talk about dating.

To rescue her from being kidnapped, he went to the Duke of Blanche without any plans and was behaving cordially in front of her as if he had changed.

He was deeply in love with Lariette. She was the one who even healed the curse that he had suffered all his life, so it would be foolish if it wasn’t love.

There was no way he would let Lariette go after three months.

Perhaps the Duke of Kandel did not even know that his cherished love affair has a time limit. Thinking like this, Doha grinned.

“Doha, should I keep it a secret? I don’t want to spread strange rumors….”

Lariette murmured. She believed in Doha, but she was still worried. She didn’t want to cause any mishap on Asrahan’s reputation.

Doha leisurely answered, a stunning and charming smile plastered on his face.

“You should, Rie. And I won’t tell anyone.”

It was natural.

With Lariette occupying his thoughts, there was absolutely no need for him to correct this misunderstanding.

Oh, what a truly pleasant day it was. Doha smiled happily under the scorching sun.

* * *

Duke of Blanche’s mansion.

As it belonged to the founder of the nation, this luxurious and old-fashioned mansion has recently been enshrouded by unprecedented darkness.

Forlorn sighs leaked from everywhere, and bitter moans and sharp screams often filled the mansion.

“Yes… I’m sure it will cling to Duke Kandel.”

Duke Blanche grumbled. Arsenic was splattered on his particularly rough face.

“That cheeky bastard seems to enjoy that undeserved dream.”

Tsk tsk. He clicked his tongue in regret.

A knight was kneeling before Duke Blanche, waiting for any new order the Duke would have after he relayed his report.

Fluffy brown hair, droopy eyes. Although he appeared to be gentle, his skills should not be underestimated. He was so good– He was able to sneak into the Kandel’s Shadow Knights.


“Yes, sir.”

“Do you hear it?”

The knight, Delwin, listened to his master’s sudden question. Suddenly, a faint sound like a scream could be heard in the cold silence.

“It’s the sound of our Raon having seizures. If his resentment is so deep, he is unable to say anything and will just call out his sister’s name.”

Raon’s condition was getting worse and worse. It was difficult for him to communicate, let alone move.

The Duke and Duchess of Blanche called all the famous priests, asking them to treat their son. But they all just shook their heads. Mikhail Doha Bellion also diagnosed him and said it was hopeless.

And to the Duke of Blanche, all this seemed to be Lariette’s fault.

“She has severely destroyed my family… She seems to enjoy herself.” 

“That won’t happen. I won’t let her.” Duke Blanche muttered, his eyes irreconcilable.

“Besides, it’s impossible not to relinquish the Blanche’s blood to Kandel.”

There was no way that Lariette would benefit from becoming the mistress of Kandel. Since the relationship between him and Lariette has gone out of control, it would be impossible to intervene with the Kandels, even if he used his status as her father.

It was a huge loss to lose Lariette, the strongest Blanche, and the best seed to the Duke of Kandel.


“Yes, my lord.”

His decision was clear.

“Take her away.”

“… Security is tight. It won’t be easy.”

“If it’s difficult…”

Even if his wife discovered it, she has – as always – no choice but to follow his decision. That’s what a wife should do.

“You can kill her.”

He decided to abandon the principles of heaven and earth.

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