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TL Chapter 61


Chapter 61 (Promise)

“Asrahan, it’s time for purification!”

Lariette said in a sweet voice that seemed to drip with honey.

While her expression was very bright, Asrahan’s face was hardened. It was because of the same outfit as last time.

Asrahan was again waiting for her contact, wearing only a bathrobe. Even though he had already experienced it, there was nothing he could do about his body being stiff and tense.

“There were only thighs left, right? I checked your condition this morning, just two more, including today’s, and it’s completely over!”

“Completely… over.”

Those two words were particularly impressive, and Asrahan mumbled along with her words without realizing it.

It was a curse that had haunted him for the rest of his life. It seemed like the curse would never let him go, and it was something that took over his body and mind.

There’s a complete end to the pain, and it’s just around the corner.

Asrahan was moved as if he had heard it for the first time. Even though he expected this kind of ending because he saw her ability, it was a different feeling to experience it myself.

Lariette gazed gently at his eyes shaking with emotion, and continued speaking in a friendly voice.

“Yeah, it’s over. Now, there is only one thing left to do in front of Asrahan is to be happier.”

Although I can’t share that happiness with you. Lariette muttered bitterly in her heart.

But even if the one she likes becomes happy, it is a happy thing for her, who will die anyway. Thinking so hard, she dug her hand into Asrazan’s robe.


Asrazan, who had been dazed, was startled by the sudden touch and let out a moan.

Lariette laughed out loud because of his pure reaction. However, her gaze went up and her face hardened instantly when she found a form she had seen before.

It was because the gown was bulging.

‘It’s not really innocent or cute….’

Lariette made a tired expression as she remembered the rough love affair she had with him, who was holding her tight.

It was him who never finished at once even if she was tired. Because of that, the next day, her body ached so much that it felt like she had been hit by someone.

I didn’t want to go through that pain again. Knowing how Asrahan, who now pretends to be innocent, changes in a quick turn, Lariette warns in advance with a firm attitude.

“Asrahan. Don’t think about any weird thought.”

“… I didn’t think about any weird thought.”

Asrahan avoided his gaze and responded. Lariette’s eyes narrowed.

“Liar. That… Who will believe you when you say it like that?”

Asrahan shrugged as if he didn’t know what to say. Although the reaction below was so clear, it was a shameless attitude.

“I warn you, don’t do anything weird today! Don’t even think about it!”

I mean, I’m tired! Lariette pursed her lips and grunted.

‘It’s too much to do with such a cute face.’

Asrahan bit his molars, thinking that he wanted to wrap her cheeks and lick her lips right away.

He knew now how to approach her. If he acts hastily, he will not get what he wants.

That way it always works…

“I will not. If you doubt it, why not check it yourself.”

He was pretending to be naive.

Lariette, doubting his innocent face, reached out and began to purify his thighs.

However, in the end, as always, after the purification was over, she couldn’t resist the temptation of Asrahan to do just a little bit.

And after a few hours.


Where did the bird-like voice go, and the voice that had been hoarse and cracked scattered over the pillows.

“I will never… Believe in Asrahan….”

It was a murmur that almost sounded like a sob. Lariette made a promise, lying her face down on the pillow.

“… Are you having a hard time?”

The main culprit who made her voice like this, Asrahan, looked at her and asked if he thought it was a bit harsh even if he thought about it her.

He was massaging her thighs with his large hands. It was because her slender thighs were trembling as if they had lost their strength.

Instead of answering, Lariette quickly turned her head to the side and glared at Asrahan. Asrahan, who had committed a crime, was busy avoiding her gaze by bowing his head.

Also, the figure was so cute that Lariette laughed. The problem was that his face was so handsome that he looked cute no matter what he did.

“What… It was good. Hmm….”

It was hard and I thought I was going to die, but good things were good things. Lariette was shy and coughed for nothing.

On the other hand, Asrahan responded with a noticeably brightened face when she said that it was good.

“So do I. My Lariette, then let’s do it one more time….”

“Just come close. I’m not going to kiss you again.”

Asrahan bit himself like a frightened puppy. There was no such threat to him.

Lariette allowed Asrahan to come closer on the condition that he no longer had such contact.

Asrahan leaned his upper body loosely on the head of the bed and hugged Lariette from behind. She rested her head comfortably on those thick muscles and chatted.


The topics were varied, such as the curse, the slightly lewd content I felt while having a relationship, and what I wanted to eat for dinner.

Lariette, who naturally prevented Asrahan from kissing her neck, seems to have remembered something! She exclaimed and brought up a new topic.

“Asrahan, the purification is complete. Won’t you go on a trip with me?”

“Are you talking about traveling?”

“Yes! The sea is good, the river is good, and I think it would be good just anywhere. If it’s a trip with Asrahan.”

Lariette folded her eyes and smiled softly.

Travel. Asrahan blankly pondered over that awkward word. It was something he had never thought of in his life.

Soon after, I had a picture in my mind of walking along the beach with her and sleeping in a space just for the two of us. I was only imagining it, but I was so happy that I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s very… very good. Thank you for saying that, Lariette.”

“Hahaha, I’ll be grateful. Where does Asrahan want to go?”

Lariette burst into laughter at the watery voice that looked like she was about to cry. There were times when he was tormenting her too much in bed, and he looked really naive at times like this.

Asrahan wanted to reply, ‘Wherever you are,’ but he kept his mouth shut, fearing that Lariette would find him too uninteresting if he did. Then he shook his head hard for a good answer.

“Some of Kandel’s estates are close to the sea. The hot spring water is also famous… It must be a little hot now.”

Summer is approaching and it was an inappropriate choice to have a hot spring. Asrahan blamed himself for his stupidity and put on a dull expression.

“Wow, hot springs and the sea! I think that would be great. When your body is clean from the curse, let’s go together!”

But Lariette was so kind and cheered him up with a bright smile. Asrahan thought the kindness was very warm..

“Yes, let’s go together.”

* * *

A few days have passed since the men who came in disguised as Ranoche’s new knights disappeared.

The knights, including Gerard and Melissa, did not neglect their efforts day and night to find out their whereabouts, but it was not easy to find those who were determined and hidden.

So uninformed, Gerard murmured for days, saying they must have either soared into the sky or were thrown to the ground.

They were given only one week. But the deadline is only a week away, and their master will not stand still if they do not find out anything as soon as possible.

Duke Kandel did not like incompetent people.

Ranoche’s criteria for selecting new recruits were thorough ability, and he gave generous support to those who were recognized for their loyalty. However, the moment their incompetence was discovered, the deportation was instantaneous.

In particular, if you commit such a responsible thing and miss the opportunity to follow up, you will not only be kicked out from Ranoche, but you will also have to take responsibility for what you did. Unless it was a member of Ranoche, it was clear that there would be no mercy in the punishment.

“I found it, I found it!!”

However, very fortunately, just before Asrahan’s patience ran out, Melissa discovered important information. It was thanks to searching the mansion over and over again without even sleeping.

Gerard, who heard Melissa’s cheers from afar, hurriedly ran to her place. Melissa was smiling brightly, picking up some papers from the pile of papers.

“Melissa, I love you!”

Oh dear Melissa! Gerard hugged Melissa’s shoulder without even checking the contents of the document and rejoiced.

“It’s dirty, take your hands off it, boss.”

“Well, if Melissa wants it!”

Melissa frowned and pushed his chest away, even though she was very excited. The force was strong enough to make a  sound in his chest, Gerard’s face could not be undone.

I didn’t even feel any pain in my chest at the thought of being freed from Asrahan’s  grip. It was the first time that Melissa, who normally growled like a dog and a cat, looked so beautiful.

“See, here, this and this. Any traces left? Kandel’s magic is scattered. It means someone touched it.”

Melissa smiled proudly and carefully scanned the documents. Kandel’s important documents contained magical powers. It was magic that could be easily scattered if not touched while wearing gloves made of a special material.

“If I had gone out with the documents at all, the detection barrier would have read the magic and worked, but it seems to have been copied in part. Judging from the fact that he also grasped such information, it is clear that he came in on purpose.”

“What is the purpose?”

“You can tell by looking at the contents of the document. Because these two documents were touched…”

Melissa placed the two papers on the desk, clearly visible. Her expression calmed down as if she had remembered it.

Gerard’s face, who was delighted that he had avoided the expulsion, was also distorted in an instant. His hoarse voice continued.

“This… we’re really going to die.”

It was Melissa who would have run wildly on the road to not tie herself together with the word ‘we’, but this time she didn’t say anything.

He only said his last goodbyes to his grandmother, who was living alone.

* * *


Asrahan’s low voice resounded, Gerard shivered from the chill that was raging even though he had already prepared himself for death.

It must be so, because Asrahan’s face was so hideous that it would kill anyone at any moment.

“The leaked documents… Materials that the former Duke of Kandel traded with foreign countries.”

Asrahan lowered his ice-cold blue eyes and slowly scanned the paper. His fingers turned through the pages, revealing a clean sheet of paper that appeared to be relatively recent.

“Trade materials made under my command until a few years ago.”

Asrahan, who understood everything in an instant, raised his eyes and looked at Gerard and Melissa. It was a ferocious look.

A voice brimming with anger continued.

“It’s all with the Danube Kingdom.”

Haha. Asrahan let out a self-contained laugh. The purpose was, of course, also very clear who was behind it.

‘Duke of Illington.’

It didn’t come out the way he wanted, and he seemed to be on fire. When you see the man, who waited for the right time, staring from behind like a fox, even moving people.

‘It can’t be done alone. Did you get help from Duke Blanche?’

It was highly likely that Duke Blanche’s magic had intervened as the traces had been erased. Since there was no one who could follow Duke Blanche as much as magic, it was understandable that his subordinates were struggling.

But understanding and anger were on another level.


The table made of old wood was shattered in an instant with a loud sound that made my ears deaf. It was because Asrahan could not stand it and slashed his fist.

Gerard opened his eyes in surprise and glanced at Asrahan. Even in a serious situation, his change was admirable.

In the past, no matter how angry he was, he only bit his lip and didn’t respond. No, he wasn’t particularly angry in the first place. Because he did not expect any hope and was not unfamiliar with any misfortune.

However, these days Asrazan was easily agitated when it came to Lariette and did not hide his anger.

It was the same this time.

“Melissa. What do you think you will do with this document?”

You’re smart, you know. Asrahan added in a cold voice.

That was also a purpose that had already been fully understood, but the reason he had to ask her again was because she was a reprimand and wanted to hear another answer even with the slightest possibility.

Melissa closed her eyes tightly, regretting not being able to give him the answer he wanted. Her voice trembled slightly with guilt.

“… I think you need to prepare for the war.”

At the next meeting, the Duke of Illington will present the documents and assert that there was some kind of relationship between the Danube Kingdom and the former Duke of Kandel.

They will use the trade case that they have continued until several years ago as evidence, and if they want to prove their innocence, they will demand him to participate in the war.

It was not irrefutable, but it was a case where anyone was not in Asrahan’s side.

Most aristocrats will stick with Illington and Blanche and hope for Kandel’s sinking, and the imperial family is no exception.

Asrazan clenched his fists, resenting his former self for not paying much attention to politics because he had no will to live.

“… Prepare counter-materials.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Melissa replied politely, bowing her head. Gerard, who stood next to him and looked at him, quietly added a question.

“I…  Lord. What should I do with Ranoche?”

Asrazan’s gaze turned to him, Gerard hurriedly lowered his head further.

He also didn’t want to ask a question that would offend Asrazan, but it was something he had to do as Ranoche’s general manager. If you go to war, you have to prepare a lot, and in order to do so, he needed Asrahan’s clear instructions.

Asrahan remained silent for a moment and bit his lower lip strongly.


When the purification was finished, the voice of her who wanted to go on a trip together seemed to be heard in my ears.

Maybe, if things go well. If only I could not go to war. Or even if he participated in the war, if the timing is right… Then he can keep that word.

Even if he can’t, he will be able to end the war quickly and come back to enjoy their trip comfortably.

Asrahan opened his mouth, desperately holding the hope that she would always be by his side.

“Prepare to set out.”

Not knowing how easily that hope could be shattered.

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