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TL Chapter 60


Chapter 60 (Sweeter than anything)

Sheria’s beautiful face was dyed pink. Seeing her cheeks trembling, she seemed very angry.

She felt that she had been humiliated by unknown low status. That fact was even more shameful.

‘To return my kindness in this way…! After all, commoners are…!’

Sheria shrugged her shoulders in indignation. Noble lady and commoner. Originally, it was impossible for them to sit in the same seat and tilt their teacup.

She didn’t know what Erze had in mind when she invited a person without a last name, but Sheria treated Lariette kindly just because she had brought her.

However, she couldn’t believe that she was just refusing a request to have a meal together without any good reason.

She even tried to stop Asrahan from liking her out of respect for Lariette!

‘I’m sure you’re just trusting your lover’s status and acting like that!’

Sheria clenched her fists, thinking that the rumors were too bad.

Asrahan Kandel. Contrary to rumors, he was a beautiful person like a statue.

A straight forehead, neat eyebrows, and a high nose gave a sense of dignity, and the blue eyes with long eyes.

It was as if I had met the prince I had been dreaming of because how majestic and dignified he was, and how majestic he was, and how low-key and charming he was.

But the seat next to such a perfect person is a commoner with a bad personality. This was his only flaw.

Lariette was a pretty good-looking lady, even to me, but even so, the Duke of Kandel, who held the most power in the empire, could not marry a commoner. It was a very natural fact, but it seemed that she was immediately drunk with the sweetness and was forgetting reality.

Sheria thought about whether or not she should tell this to her, but she kept her mouth shut again. Despite being insulted, it was not easy to spit harsh words due to her friendly image.

Instead, she turned and gave Erze a subtle look. I wanted to point out Lariette’s rudeness.

However, before Erze could speak, Lariette spoke knowing the atmosphere.

“I am not feeling well today. I’m sorry, but I’ll leaving first.”

Lariette smiled as usual and got up. But her eyes were not smiling at all.

“Lariette, wait…”

“I’m sorry that you invited me, but I think I ruined the atmosphere. See you next time.”

Erze got up and tried to talk to her, but Lariette hurriedly finished speaking.

It was because it seemed that if I stayed here a little longer, the atmosphere that was still shattered would be uncontrollably finished.

Lariette was not a very tactful person. It was clear that Sheria had a rational affinity for Asrahan.

After she broke up with Asrahan, there would be nothing to say if Sheria came up to him, but at least now, Asrahan’s lover was Lariette herself.

She hasn’t crossed the line yet, so I’ve been letting it slide, but who would like it when they see another woman being liked by their lover?

She wanted to use magic and hang her on a tree, but seeing Erze, she was patient and patient.

When Lariette left the Count’s mansion, Erze, who had hesitated for a moment, said goodbye and hurriedly left the place. It was to go after Lariette and relieve her mood.

“Oh my, Princess Erze is so… kind.”

Sheria rolled her eyes and smiled pleasantly. At the unknown words, Jeniver and Juana exchanged glances to see what else she was thinking.

“She must have gone mad.”

“… Pardon?”

“As you can see, Rie and I are very close these days. Hehe.”

Juana was so absurd that she burst out laughing involuntarily. Even Jenvier, who was always kind, could not speak at all because she had nothing to say.

Sheria could not understand their feelings and continued talking nonsense.

“Lariette shouldn’t be heartbroken….”

Maybe it was because she didn’t know the etiquette. Sheria felt sorry for her status.

* * *


Lariette, who was walking with cold eyes, turned around, startled by the voice calling her.

Erze stood a few steps back, gasping for breath. Her beautiful golden hair, as if she had run in a hurry, was in a state of disarray.

“Erze, how did you get here…”

Lariette asked with her eyes wide open. Perhaps it was because she had already arrived in the city center, the place where she had decided to meet with Doha after getting out of the carriage.

Erze sighed and then answered with a sly smile.

“I followed your carriage.”

“Look at the sweat… Did you run?”

“Ah. It was quite difficult to follow because Duke Kandel’s coachman skills were so good.”

So as soon as I got off, I ran hard. Erze added playfully with a wink of one eye.

Lariette wiped the sweat from her forehead with a handkerchief. Even though she was the first to leave her seat without being polite, it was very moving that she followed me to the point of sweating like this.


“Don’t look sorry. That is the expression I have to make. Sheria’s rude attitude, I’ll apologize instead. I’m sorry, Lariette.”

Erze did not hesitate to bow her head despite her noble status as a princess. At that, Lariette waved her hand in surprise.

“Why is Erze apologizing? No need to, raise your head!”

“I couldn’t leave her in trouble, so I brought her… I feel bad for hurting my people because of that.”

Erze lowered her eyebrows in frustration and briefly explained Sheria’s situation. Due to unfavorable circumstances, the debut date was delayed, and due to her unusual personality, she suffered bullying outside the eyes of the other Ladies.

The situation was not unfamiliar to Erze, who had suffered from various rumors from the moment she decided to walk a different path from the ordinary lady, and she could not afford to leave her alone.

It was a decision that was not much different from Juana, but the result was different because of different people.

She knew that Sheria secretly changed her attitude according to her status. far, I’ve left her alone, but today she have gone too far.

“I’ll talk to Sheria separately soon.”

At the sight of Erze, who was slowly looking at her, Lariette nodded her head slightly.

But even for a moment, Lariette’s eyes suddenly turned back. It was an empty street, but her gaze was fixed somewhere in the air.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

When Erze tilted her head to the question, Lariette replied with an awkward smile. Then Lariette spoke quickly.

“Anyway, thank you for coming and talking to me in person. It wasn’t a big deal, and I don’t really care, so don’t be too sorry.”

“You are kind. Thank you for saying that.”

“What. Go back and rest, Erze.”

You’re sweating quite a bit. Lariette added with a smirk.

Erze responded playfully, telling her not to look down on her because she had a very athletic body. However, due to her busy workout, she left at Lariette’s suggestion.

Lariette waved her hand a few times toward Erze, who was moving away, and then slowly turned and looked back.

A flow of mana that seemed like empty space, but was subtly awkward.

Her eyes, which have become more sophisticated after discovering the knight who had been hiding in her room a while ago, naturally removed the illusion and found the hidden reality.

Then, a familiar face appeared.

“Are you here early, Doha?”

Lariette’s eyes widened in delight.


* * *

As usual, Doha arrived earlier than the promised time and was waiting for Lariette.

But today, it was too early. I came a few hours earlier, so I had nothing to say if it was unusual.

But even the time waiting for her was pleasant for him. It was much more fun to sit still and wait for her than to spend a terrible and boring time stuck in the Temple of Alteon.

However, after I began to doubt my feelings, the time was not as pleasant as it was.

Even though he felt supreme at the thought of meeting Lariette soon, his heart sank endlessly at the reality that she was Duke Kandel’s lover.

The mood went back and forth between the top and the bottom in an instant. I thought I was crazy.

As I was contemplating whether this should be enough treatment, I heard someone calling her name.


Doha thought that he had heard an auditory hallucination because he was too focused on his thoughts. However, when he turned his head to look at the direction of the sound, he could see Lariette in the distance.

She was also with that blonde guy from last time.

Lariette was dressed up to the fullest. It made me even more angry at how beautiful she was wearing a gorgeous dress and braided side hair.

Doha bit off his molars in the rising jealousy. I didn’t want to leave my seat like then.

‘Why it’s not me?’

Meeting that monster Duke, and meeting other guys. If so, can’t you meet me too?

An absurd thought ran through his mind.

Doha, who lost his reason, took cover without realizing it and approached Lariette. Without knowing what he wanted and why he approached her.

However, what I realized shortly after moving was that the blonde person was not at all unfamiliar. As the next pope and high priest, he often came and went to the Imperial Palace, and it was a face he had seen occasionally.

‘… Princess?’

I felt like I was hit hard in the back of the head. Just by looking at the back, I thought it was a man, but as I got a little closer, I quickly realized that it wasn’t.

Doha stood blankly and looked at the princess and Lariette. The moment he realized the reality, his ears were burning hot.

Along with that, the corners of his lips curled upwards involuntarily. His face, which had subsided cold, suddenly became as warm as the spring sun.

“Are you here early, Doha?”

Doha’s golden eyes trembled as if surprised when the clear voice reached his ear.


It wasn’t an elaborately crafted stealth, but it wasn’t something she, who was just starting to learn, could even notice.

As evidence of that, even Erze, who had been learning swordsmanship for many years, did not notice his presence.

As the next pope, he would admit. It was a remarkable growth, but Lariette replied with a smile as if it was insignificant.

“Ah, I saw a pretty good level of stealth a while ago. When I saw that, I suddenly understood.”

Is this how you do it? After a brief mutter, Lariette showed her stealth as she understood it.

In an instant, her body disappeared. Even if he practiced hiding for 10 years, she was so good that he could believe it.

‘If this much, it should be quick enough to identify the knight of Kandel who is hiding…’

Doha thought as he glanced at Gerard, the knight who was hiding from afar. His skills were among the best in the country, but at this level of growth, it seemed possible to catch up.

Since then, Lariette has continued to practice stealth among passers-by. If Doha pointed out the poor part, it was a form of fixing it.

It took quite a bit of stamina to erase the presence, so Lariette declared giving up after a while. By now, her back was drenched with sweat.

They entered the cafe as an excuse to take a break and ordered a variety of desserts and drinks. As the sweet milkshake ran down her throat, it felt like her fatigue disappeared in an instant.

“Ugh… It’s good.”



Lariette answered, sipping the milkshake through a straw. Doha thought he wanted to pull her bulging cheeks with his fingers.

“Is it good?”

“Yes! This mille-feuille is delicious too!”

Eat it. Lariette cut the mille-feuille into large chunks and handed it to Doha.

Doha watched the white hands go back and forth, picked up a mille-feuille with a fork and put it in his mouth.

“How is it, is it delicious? Doha, you said you like anything sweet.”

Although it wasn’t something I made by myself, Lariette asked with a proud smile.

As she said, the taste that spreads in your mouth is very sweet. The pastry was crispy and the cream was soft, and the harmony was satisfying.

Doha chewed and swallowed wheat feuille, carefully organizing his thoughts.

Thump, thump.

Unlike before, when the princess was mistaken for a man, his heart raced happily.

Pink hair that sparkled in the sunlight coming in through the window, purple eyes, beautifully curved eyes and a dazzling smile.

It was just that she was sweeter than anything else.

“… Right.”

I tried and tried to deny it, but I couldn’t get out of it. Even if he tried to run away, he eventually came back.

It was the very emotion that was terrifying to even think of.

“I like anything sweet.”

What if this is not love?

Doha lowered his long eyelashes and smiled sadly as if he was about to cry.

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