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TL Chapter 51


Chapter 51 (Falling In Love For The First Time)

Asrazan had to go back to the Palace because he left when he had some spare time during work.

In Duke Kandel’s carriage, sitting opposite each other, he lowered his eyebrows and stared at her, as if he was sorry for parting  with Lariette. It meant that I would look at you even a little bit more.

Asrazan’s long fingers tapped the back of Lariette’s hand. I wanted to hold hands with her.

Lariette laughed softly because he was so cute. Then, without hesitation, she reached out and grabbed his face instead of his hand.


“Why are you acting so cute, my Asrazan?”

Lariette gave Asrazan a light kiss on the lips and playfully curved her eyes. His voice was utterly depressing.

Asrazan’s face was bewildered at the fact that he had been touched in the carriage. His ears turned red and his pupils enlarged, and the sound of her laughter grew louder when she discovered it.

“Aww cute!”

Lariette couldn’t contain her cravings and threw a kiss on Asrazan’s face. For her, he was so cute that it was unbearable.

Chu! Chu! Chu!

Chubby lips touched his nose, cheeks, and lips in turn.

Asrazan, who had quietly accepted the kiss with a wink, moved abruptly when her lips touched him. It was because I ran out of patience.


Asrazan’s hands gripped her two wrists tightly. Suddenly, his gaze grew deeper than before.

Seeing those eyes, Lariette gasped and took a deep breath.

She knew these eyes. When Asrazan showed this type of glare during a relationship, it meant a new beginning. Lariette, who knew how long the journey would be after it began, was terrified.

“I didn’t know until now…”

The black gloved hand dug into Lariette’s fingers and locked her. The feel of the thumb rubbing against the skin felt particularly sexy.

“That I don’t think the carriage is a bad place either.”

Isn’t it wide and fluffy? Asrazan added in a soft voice. Lariette’s face turned red in an instant at that blatant temptation.

“Wh-what are you saying!”

“Didn’t you start first?”

Asrazan bowed his upper body to the side where Lariette was sitting, and lowered his head to meet her eyes in front of her. The bridge of his nose rubbed and it itched.

Lips softly overlapped. Lariette instinctively closed her eyes and enjoyed the sweet kiss.

Since it was a light kiss, the lips fell off immediately. Compared to last night’s wild and sexy kiss, it ended too soon, and I felt sorry.

“Lariette. Did you kiss me without the determination to end it?”

Asrazan gently raised the corners of his lips and whispered in her ear. He was the one who followed what she said as if he wanted to make fun of Lariette.

“I must punish you too.”

His languid smile was sexy. When he looked back, the face she saw was so handsome that Lariette’s heart raced.

Even though it was a cheesy line, he was very tempting when he said it. Lariette was so happy that she wanted to smash the carriage and destroy the Imperial Castle by throwing magic around her.

“No, no… I can’t…”

What’s wrong?! It’s okay! Lariette’s reason roared loudly. He was also emotional, so there was no one to stop him.

Lariette closed her eyes again with a feeling that everything would be okay. First of all, it meant more kissing.

Asrazan laughed for a while at the obvious appearance, and soon lowered his head again. The lips were about to meet again.

“Master, we have arrived!”

Knock knock knock knock! The coachman rhythmically knocked on the window inside the carriage and shouted in a cheerful voice it was clear that a singer was his goal.

Whether or not he was good at singing, the good atmosphere that flowed between Lariette and Asrazan had long since been broken.

Asrazan sighed and wiped his face with his hands. Lariette was also disappointed, so she looked at the coachman through the window with resentment.

“Then, see you later at home.”

Lariette burst out laughing at this awkward situation. Then he waved his hand and prepared to get off. Anyway, the time for the appointment with Doha was short, so I didn’t have to delay any further.

Asrazan asked with eyes full of regret.

“Can I do the rest later?”

He didn’t know how I’ll stay up all night because he always gets a chance. Lariette shook her head. I felt like I was going to die if we did that today, so the action was quite urgent.


“If you keep doing that, I will use my own room!”

When Lariette gave a firm warning, Asrazan bowed his head with a gloomy face.

She hurried out of the carriage, fearing that he might seduce more.

Even if I think about it again, it was because he was Asrazan who never knew the end.

* * *


“Hello, Rie.”

At the capital, in the bustling downtown.

Lariette got off the carriage and quickly found Doha among the crowd and called his name. Then Doha naturally turned around and greeted her.

It was really easy to find Doha among so many people. Because he was taller than the average man, his hair was shiny, and his appearance was particularly dazzling.

“Your outfit is a bit different today?”

Instead of wearing the uniform he usually wears, he wore a white shirt and black pants that would be worn by ordinary people, and had his hair tied. It was an extraordinary outfit, but when he wore it again, it turned out to be cool. But he didn’t look like a priest at all.

“Ah, I got something on me. Besides, it’s a bit uncomfortable to wear a new uniform because I’m walking around a crowded city.”

Doha replied with a natural smile. It was as if he had spilled chocolate on his clothes.

In fact, he was drenched in the blood of those he had killed, but he didn’t want to brag about his madness to Lariette.

She couldn’t even attack properly for fear that Doha would get sick. Even when she saw such a hideous thing, he didn’t know if she would stay away from him.

“By the way, why did you come to town? Aren’t you going to the hill we used to go to?”

“What we are going to learn today is more appropriate here.”

Lariette’s eyes twinkled at the news of learning something new.

Seeing that, Doha felt like the terrible fatigue that had been bothering him was disappearing for a while. He felt strangely at ease when he was with her.

Unlike the previous smile, Doha continued speaking with a natural smile on his face.

“Today you will learn how to hide. If you learn this properly, your chances of surviving anywhere will greatly increase.”

“Great! Doha, I like it!”

Lariette was excited and clapped her hand. She thought it was a good thing that she asked Doha to teach her, not like other wizards. Because there is no other wizard like him who can give her these practical tips properly.

However, unlike her excitement, Doha strangely hardened his body for a moment when he heard ‘Doha’ and ‘Like’ together. It felt strange, even though I knew she wasn’t saying she liked him, but that she meant learning new things.

He shuddered and shivered, then groaned and cleared his throat. It was as if his ears were red. It was a reaction he couldn’t even understand.

“The goal is to mix in with people and kill me. So that no one will recognize you.”

Doha tried to be calm and began to explain how to kill people. It was difficult for the current Lariette to completely understand how to deal with mana.

“Move your mana like this.”

Doha tried to show Mana’s movements by touching her body. But for some reason, I hesitated to touch her skin with my palm.

‘Why are you doing this?’

I was so unfamiliar with my own behavior. In fact, in front of Larriette, there were many unfamiliar things from the beginning.

I didn’t even think I liked her. In the first place, he was a person who hated this feelings. So there’s no way he’d like someone like that. I don’t know if I want to own it.

“Like this?”

Lariette moved the mana the way Doha showed. Then, as he explained, I tried to kill him.

After that, it was surprising that it was the first time, and the mana decreased noticeably. Doha spit out a short exclamation and praised it.

“Oh, Rie. You’re quick to learn. As expected, you’re a genius.”

“Really? I don’t know, did I do that?”

“It’s not quite that far yet. But even now, it’s my first time and I’m really good, so if I practice more, I’ll get better.”

Lariette smiled proudly. It was a pure expression that showed no doubt or jealousy. Very unfamiliar to Doha.

‘How will you react if you find out who I am?’

Doha thought while staring at Lariette as she continued to practice hiding. The corners of his mouth were curved upwards, but his golden eyes were darkened.

‘Will she show interest in my position?’

It was not an easy position to not be interested in. High priest of Alteon and the next pope. Because he had the same power as the emperor.

Many people came to Mikhail Doha Bellion to flatter and pay bribes. The greed reflected in their eyes was so vivid that it made him nauseous.

‘Or should I express the hatred of my past?’

Although Lariette was innocent, the daughter of the Duke of Blanche. There are only three Dukes in the Empire, and the only lady in their direct line.

Even if she didn’t grow up being loved by her parents, the pride that comes from being the only princess is high.

Now, she could be nice to him because she thought he was a useful priest,but if she knew that he was a man who rolled on the street, she suddenly changes her attitude and becomes angry that A lowly man deceived her.

A bitter smile appeared on Doha’s face. Neither of it had the attitude he wanted. Only the conclusion that it will never be revealed has been drawn.

This was also strange. Usually, the reason Doha hides his identity is for greater profit, not for fear of changing someone’s attitude.

He knows that everyone is selfish, so why don’t you just want to see the change of Larriette when you don’t expect anything different from anyone?

Doha pondered for a while, but could not find a clear answer. I just followed the obvious excuse that I was most interested in these days.

And then, a sign that was against Doha’s cognitive range came in. It was a familiar yet tiring sign.

“… Rie. I just had something to buy, can I go and buy it? Do you want to keep practice?”

“Yes? yes! Of course. Go ahead, Doha.”

Doha smiled softly and nodded his head. I couldn’t bring Lariette to my job. And I didn’t want to show my true face in front of her.

There wasn’t much of a worry about Lariette, who would be left alone. It was because she didn’t seem to recognize it from the other side, and he knew that there was a knight guarding her from afar.

Lariette probably didn’t know that a knight had been attached to her, but Doha noticed immediately the day it was attached. As if he was probably a member of the Shadow Knights of Kandel, his hiding skills were unusual.

It would be best if that knight was so good that it was hard for her to notice. Then there was no need to worry about her safety.


I’m really tired. Twice a day is too much, isn’t it? Doha sighed and thought. I wanted to deal with it quickly and return to Lariette.

He deliberately walked to a dark place and led the assassin to the limbs. I couldn’t even sense the presence any more because of the annoyance. He wanted to have some fun if he jumped out of a place he didn’t know beforehand.

Unfortunately, this assassin was of a much lower quality than the previous ones.

“Hey, turn around.”

You’re talking to me without making a raid? Doha was speechless and laughed in vain. When it was not enough to kill as many people as possible, I wondered what he was doing.

“Because there’s a lot of money on that neck.”

Not only did he even explain the situation, he had a relaxed face. It was clear that he hadn’t heard about Doha’s skills properly.

This meant that this assassin was simply a discarded hand and provoked Doha.

The assassin, unaware that he was a stimulant, smiled confidently and clicked his tongue. Then he spit a disgusting line.

“I want to taste your blood.”

“I’m really scared.”

Doha answered in a calm voice. He was a little pitiful and had his neck blown away  without knowing anything.

But in fact, he wasn’t sympathetic. It’s just that he’s not very good at it, because the assassin was an assassin, and from what he said, he wasn’t someone who had already killed one or two people. The sympathy I had given him was almost a waste.

“Good bye!”

The assassin waved a large sword towards Doha, even saying his final goodbyes. Doha stood idly without looking around, contemplating whether to burn him to death or cut off his neck.

And just before the knife reached his neck, just as he was about to draw a conclusion, he suddenly felt a familiar mana approaching quickly.

Her pink hair fluttered in the pleasant spring breeze.

“Doha, it’s dangerous!”

Lariette, who appeared in an instant, screamed and reached out toward Doha. No, it wasn’t for Doha. It was a slightly different direction than that.

Either way, it was a wise choice. Because no one could save by pushing Doha now.

Therefore, according to the Master’s advice, Lariette put sharp emotions into the attack. The name of that emotion was murder.


As the sharp wind magic turned towards the assassin, a bright red viscous liquid spurted into the sky.

Lariette’s white skin, who was close to him, was instantly dyed with blood. It looked exactly like Doha from before.

“Doha, are you okay?!”

Lariette hardened her face for a moment and trembled at the result of her actions. But even then, she calmed down for a while and hurriedly approached Doha and worried about him.

Blood dripped down her face, but Lariette didn’t care. It’s as if the safety of Doha takes precedence over these things.

‘She was very reluctant to kill people, and had a hard time even attacking them.’

That was only a while ago, and even now, she seemed quite surprised by her stiff body and rough breathing.

But then she killed someone for himself. This one sentence made my heart flutter and cry.

My heart beat like crazy. I swear this was the first time in his life.

So, Doha finally realized it.


Lariette looked up at Doha with eyes full of concern. And she came across an unexpected face.

“… Rie.”

Doha’s savvy and handsome face was dyed pale pink. His golden pupils swung wildly towards her.

Like a boy in first love.

– I, I love you.

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