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TL Chapter 49


Chapter 49 (First night)

Lariette didn’t reply and just stared at him.

The gaze facing me was so deep and heavy that I couldn’t say anything. I felt suffocated.


Asrazan whispered her name. The low-pitched voice sounded particularly obscene. It seemed like he was chasing to open my mouth.

As Lariette continued to remain silent, he bowed his head towards her again. And he kissed her lips again.

As the rough touch ran across her lips, Lariette shuddered and trembled. It was because her body had already become sensitive because of the kiss.

Unlike before, a light and soft kiss continued.

Their lips crossed and overlapped, but quickly fell apart, and the same action was repeated. He pressed her lips together as if begging. It was a gentle and seductive kiss.

Asrazan wanted to open her lips and scan the soft mucous membrane once more to mix with her breath, but she persevered. He couldn’t be rude unless she gave him permission.

He gently stroked Lariette’s palm with his long finger. He wanted to grab it at once, but he also endured it. He was begging her for permission.

Lariette fluttered her eyelashes and looked into the eyes of his clear desire. My mind was very confused. Because I never thought that today would be the first night.

Lariette was a lively and realistic person. But she also had her own romance for the first night.

I didn’t want much. In a special place with a good atmosphere, at a special moment, I just wanted to accompany wine or champagne. It’s not unreasonable to expect something like this on the topic of contract romance.

In any case, such a sudden beginning was embarrassing for Lariette with such a romance. And the most embarrassing thing was that even though it wasn’t romantic, my body was already hot.

Special place, romantic atmosphere, luxurious drinks. I didn’t need it all. Just the presence of Asrazan was special and romantic to her.


Lariette didn’t want to pass up this opportunity, but it was embarrassing to say it was okay. So she answered by squeezing her fingers into his hands and clutching them tightly.

Realizing what that action meant, Asrazan immediately dug into her lips. Wherever the soft kiss went, another wild kiss followed.

As it was hard to breathe, Lariette tried to turn her face to the side, but Asrazan mixed her breath even more as if he didn’t want to miss a moment. He grabbed her wrist so tightly that it was difficult to move.

“Uh-huh, ha….”


After a while, Asrazan pulled his face away from her lips. Lariette took the time to breathe and exhaled.

Then, when she opened her closed eyes, he saw blue eyes blazing with passion. I just made eye contact, but I felt my body heat up.

The overlapping bodies were too revealing. Each of his muscles crushed my body and I could feel it rising firmly.

The shower robe was almost dripping down, covering only his lower body. My face warmed up at the thought that soon I would see down there.

It was the same for Asrazan that her appearance was provocative.

Lariette had her fine hair messed up on the bed, and her face was dyed pink. Her dress had been wrinkled for a long time, and her eyes were moist with excitement.

‘I have to be gentle.’

It was their first relationship, so he had to be as gentle and friendly as possible. It was because he was afraid that the inexperienced himself might hurt her.

‘I have to…’

It was so difficult. It felt like a ferocious lust that he didn’t even realize was dyeing his whole body from head to toe. I wanted to take her everywhere right now.

Asrazan lowered his face, reminding him of her weak body over and over in his head. Thinking that the kiss would continue, Lariette tightly closed her eyes. But the touch was felt elsewhere.

“Huh! As-Asrazan!”

Asrazan began to kiss Lariette’s neck. As his teeth pierced her neck, Lariette couldn’t stand it and let out a moan. Then he licked her skin softly, like an apology.

The kiss ran down the neck and down the collarbone. Along with him, his big hand swept Lariette’s waist.

Lariette covered her mouth in shame not to make any more noises. However, when his fingers shook on the dress, and soon rubbed around the soft body, a moan that he couldn’t hold back came out.

Asrazan unbuttoned her dress so naturally that it was unbelievable for the first time. Lariette, who was concentrating on the kiss that followed, did not even notice that her clothes were being taken off.

“You are too.”

A harsh voice, like a growling beast, echoed in my ears. Asrazan frowned his eyebrows as if he was patient in order not to act hastily. Soon, his hand gently gripped the bed.


“You’re so, so beautiful.”

As anxious as Asrazan swallowed the poor words. Even at this moment, he was reflecting on how much she was too good for him.

Lariette blushed red around her eyes and looked up at Asrazan. It was very tempting to see her sullen with lust.

At that moment, the loosely tied waistband was finally untied, and the robe that covered Asrazan’s bottom fell onto the bed. And what was hidden was revealed proudly in the dark.

‘Oh My God.’

Lariette’s purple eyes shook with embarrassment. It was because of the surprising size.

‘That’s… Is it possible?’

She swallowed saliva without realizing it. It was said that it was painful at first, but I was worried that I would die if I started it with such a final king.

But now I can’t stop. I didn’t want to. It felt so good that each and every touch of his was crazy, whether it was different from someone who has had a romantic relationship.

Every time he kissed her lips, her heart was pounding and her body was hot like fire. She wanted to experience something she had never experienced before. Het whole body swelled with anticipation.

At the moment Lariette had made up her mind like this, Asrazan, who found her bewildered gaze, slowly lowered his head and looked at where the end of her gaze was headed.

And a thigh that had not been completely cleansed of the curse entered his sight. The moment he saw it, Asrazan’s body stiffened.

Thanks to the purification earlier, there was no place that was rotten and ragged, but the blue-colored skin was disgusting to look at. It was terrible that I dared to reach her in this body.

‘At least, I should have done it after the purification was complete….’

A terrible sense of guilt and disillusionment struc Asrazan. It felt like being thrown down to the ground in an instant from the highest point in the sky.

And, as always, it was Lariette’s small hand that held him firmly.

“Asrazan. You are very pretty too.”

Lariette smiled brightly and slowly got up. Then she took Asrazan’s hand and brought it to her. Chu. The warmth from the short kiss rose up the skin.

“The face, the hands, the chest.”

Chu, chu. The kiss continued.

At the sudden kiss, Asrazan trembled in embarrassment. And when she suddenly bowed her back, he was startled.

“Thighs, everything.”

Lariette kissed his blue thighs without any hesitation. It was a confident attitude, as if she wasn’t afraid at all.

“You’re always pretty, Asrazan.”

Whether the curse has been purged or not, I love you. Lariette said this with soft eyes.

And Asrazan, who felt that feeling clearly, was silent for a moment and stared at her. It was a face full of emotions.

Only Lariette said that the curse in him was beautiful. She was so wise and precious that Asrazan felt that even his thighs, where the curse remained, became special. It’s the place where she kissed him, so there’s no way it’s dirty.


Asrazan carefully grabbed her body and laid her back on the bed. As soon as her name was called, a deep kiss followed.

The soft kiss is intertwined again and again. His impatience was fully conveyed to him how rough his rubbing lips were. In a strange mood of saliva coming and going, Lariette held his shoulder tighter around her arm.

“My, Lariette.”

My love, my savior, my everything.

Asrazan kissed her with all affection and respect.

Lariette groaned at the heavy and hard touch that stabbed her stomach again. It was as if the vicious momentum was going to dig between my legs at any moment. As I remembered the great figure I had seen earlier, fear rose again.

“This is your last chance.”

“Huh… yes?”

“To decline, now is the last time.”

Asrazan’s blue eyes flashed dangerously. He warned in a terribly low voice.

“After this, I will not bear it any longer.”

Lariette stared blankly at him with round eyes. Then she burst into laughter. Because her answer was too obvious.

“Don’t hold back, Asrazan.”

The bright smile was beautiful. Asrazan engraved it into my eyes as I finished speaking.

“According to your will.”


* * *

I told him not to hold back, but that didn’t mean he had to do it.

The next morning, Lariette was in tears of blood and regretted what she had said last night. It sounded utterly stupid.

“Asrazan, I hate you….”

Lariette muttered while lying on the bed. My whole body ached and I couldn’t get up. It was because Asrazan was too impatient.

He tormented and tormented her until  morning. Even if she spit out pain, he seduced her by saying that this was the last time, and he started all over again as if it was the first time.

He was the only one who stopped after Lariette burst into tears that she couldn’t do it any more. He even seemed to be disappointed. Her legs trembled as if they were an earthquake, but he didn’t seem to be tired.

“Are you having a hard time?”

“What do you mean? It hurts so much! I hate you! Pervert!”

Asrazan looked at her and asked the question, Lariette shouted loudly. She barely slept because of him, but to ask such a question, it was shameless.

“I think you liked it. You scratched my back so much.”

Anyone who sees it would think that I have a cat. Asrazan replied with a clever smile. It was only natural that Lariette’s face turned red.

“You pervert! Pervert!”

Lariette shouted that she had recognized such lewd words in her ear during the relationship. He was usually innocent and caring, but in bed he was very different.

Asrazan looked cutely at Lariette, who was beating him with a pillow, and rolled up the corners of his mouth and smiled. Then, for a moment, he grabbed her wrist with a firm hand.

“As you said, I am a pervert. If you keep doing that, I might want to do it again.”

“This… this person…!”

“Can you afford it?”

Lariette shook her head desperately. It was absolutely impossible any more. As it is already now, all appointments made today were to be canceled. It’s hard to walk, so there’s no way I can make it.

However, at some point, Asrazan seemed to have reacted again. His eyes darkened again, and a low voice followed.

“It’s still a bit early to wake up… Can’t we just do it one more time?”

“Don’t say nonsense! Pervert!”

Lariette freaked out and stepped back. It was dangerous to meet those eyes, those eyes full of lust. It was because Asrazan, who had those eyes last night, did not give up no matter how much Lariette begged.

“Just, just once. My Lariette, huh?”

He didn’t give up and seduced me like this. The appearance of a handsome face wrapped in a subtle color and whispering in a sexy voice was so captivating that even a man would turn like him at once.

And the bigger problem was with Lariette herself.

“Just, just once…?”

The problem was that she was too weak to Asrazan’s temptation.

Asrazan smiled brightly at Lariette’s hesitation. Then he grabbed her body and laid her on the bed. Large hands overlapped on the back of her lying face.

“Yes, only once.”

Of course, there was no way it could be over at once. And so the excitement continued again.

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