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TL Chapter 47


Chapter 47 (Under the shower robe)

Lariette stared at the golden eye of Doha, which resembles a bird of prey.

There was not a single hesitation in his eyes. As if it really doesn’t matter if he die right now.

Lariette’s mood was very low with that words. Until just now, I was overwhelmed by the thought of learning new things, but now I was only offended.

“Doha, this kind of joke is no fun.”

“It’s not a joke.”

I wish you would stop now, but Doha only responded with a relaxed smile. In response, Lariette shouted in a loud voice, expressing her anger inside.

“Because it’s not fun!”

I shoved Doha’s big chest away. It was because I didn’t like it very much to mention death so easily.

Someone’s life is just around the corner!

I wanted to talk like this, but I couldn’t. Lariette swallowed the words she wanted to say, and then continued with a sharp voice.

“I just need you to give me some basic practical tips! An effective attack or a quick suppression method…!”

“Didn’t I just tell you?”

Kill me. Doha still smiled and whispered calmly.

‘Isn’t he crazy?’

Lariette narrowed her eyes and examined the appearance of her first friend from head to toe. He was only pretty and handsome, but the words that came out of those pretty lips weren’t that beautiful.

When she was doubting his true nature, Doha asked in a calm tone.

“What do you actually intend?”

Lariette remained silent for a moment. I couldn’t answer the truth.

How can you say, ‘I want to go on a trip before I die after finishing a three-month relationship, so I don’t want to be killed during the trip’ or ‘I don’t want to be kidnapped again when there are family members who can’t eat me!’

Doha didn’t even know that Lariette and Asrazan were in a contract relationship, and thought that he wouldn’t even know the circumstances of her family. There was no need to show off my teeth, so I didn’t even have the heart to explain.

So, Lariette answered with an appropriate word.

“I’ll be fine If I travel alone…?”

“Travel alone?”

“Yeah, well, I might go someday…”

She looked in the other direction for no reason and blurted out the end of her words. When she sets out on her journey, she will most likely be on the verge of death, leaving the capital without any explanation to Asrazan or Doha.

I was so sorry for the fact that I had made a new relationship with the subject of someone who would soon die, so I suddenly felt embarrassed to meet his gaze.

Doha looked at her slightly turning his head and guessed that the contents were also worth reading. Skilled at such things, he deliberately didn’t ask any further questions.

“Haha, it’s a trip.… Rie, the streets are not so kind.”

Doha burst out a small laugh, as if he were feeling empty or ridiculous. His face hardened when he remembered the place where he had spent his childhood and the harsh and desperate environment.

He tried to erase that gruesome image that was always in the corner of his head. Then, he began to show her a reality that she did not know.

“Even if you get out of the capital right now, you will definitely be the best target. Don’t you know?”

“It could be, but… If they know I’m a wizard, they won’t attack me. I don’t have to kill them even if I attack them.”

“If they are still alive, they will try again. If they knew the information about you being a wizard, you would have prepared more clearly. If that happens, the outcome is obvious, even if I don’t tell you.”

Doha gave a brief bitter laugh at the horrific consequences easily imagined. The memories that kept coming back to him were unpleasant even though he tried not to recall them.

He looked at Lariette with cold, subdued eyes.


A small, slender, beautiful noble lady. Even in shabby clothes, nobility was evident. Looking at her well-maintained skin, hair, and smooth hands, it was obvious that she hadn’t done anything bad.

This is a trip with the determination to not kill a single person.

It was no different than suicide.

“Remember, Rie.”

Doha said in a low-pitched voice. There was no laughter at all in the warning look.

“If you don’t attack with the determination to kill, you are the one who will die.”

Although Lariette’s natural ability was so good that she could be called a genius, she had no practical experience. It was not the ability to do without looking after anyone.

If she had attacked clumsily with the aim of suppression, it was clear that she would be subdued and everything would be taken away in the blink of an eye.

The clever Lariette quickly understood what Doha was trying to say.

Having never left the capital, she was like a frog in a well, and the reality was less romantic than she thought.

If you hesitate to avoid killing them, you may find yourself in a situation worse than death.

“ Yeah, I got it. Thanks for the advice, Doha.”

Lariette nodded slowly and agreed with him. Her voice was particularly gloomy. It was because her mind became complicated when she realized her ignorance.

Doha wiped the cold look from his face and glanced at her. He regretted that he thought he had talked too frighteningly.

However, for Lariette’s safety, there was nothing he could do. In fact, he could have saved her life if she didn’t die, but he hated it so much that he was put in such a situation.

This was also very strange. If it had been him before, he wouldn’t have cared about whether or not he was put in a tough situation, he wouldn’t care if she was stuck with her life and it was not worth it.

“… So, let’s try again now. Attack me, Rie. with the intent to kill me.”

Doha did not think deeply about his abnormal behavior and returned to his original content. I thought she would follow him if she really understood.

But Lariette shook her head resolutely.

“But, that’s not okay. No matter what, I can’t attack Doha.”

It was such rejection, Doha who was good at managing facial expressions, frowned in embarrassment. He squeezed his forehead with his fingers as if frustrated.

“I don’t know how you see me. No matter how close you attack, I won’t get hurt.”

It would have been difficult if he was a normal priest, but he was Mikhail Doha Bellion. On the street, he was called a madman, and in the temple he was called a genius among geniuses.

It was impossible for him to receive the magic of a beginner with only a lot of mana. There was no need to create an advanced shield.

He spoke in a persuasive tone.

“Besides, if I get hurt even at least one thing, wouldn’t it be enough if you healed me?”

It was quite logical persuasion, even in her own eyes. However, Lariette’s answer went in a direction he didn’t expect again.

“It still will hurt you.”


“Even if I heal you, it will hurt when you get hurt.”

How can I hurt Doha? Lariette lowered her eyebrows and muttered.

Doha couldn’t answer and only her lips were trembling.

I felt strange. It was so subtle that it was hard to explain. I felt like my heart was itchy and I felt like I was poking. It was the same feeling I felt when I met her these days.

‘It’s unpleasant.’

I was very dissatisfied with the feeling of being unable to clearly define it. But contrary to what he thought, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved upwards.

“You have a lot of useless thoughts, Rie.”

“It’s not useless!”

I’m worried about my friend! Lariette pouted her lips and continued to grumble.

Without answering, Doha burst out laughing and pulled out a long object from her arms. It was a white thing with luxurious decorations.

“I won’t let you have time for that. Stop it.”

What? There was no time for Lariette to ask questions, and a white afterimage remained in her vision. And just right! I felt a stinging pain in my shoulder with a light sound.

Doha had hit her with that. It wasn’t strong enough to hurt a lot, but it was enough to shrink from the sting.

“What are you doing?!”

“You have to stop it, Rie, Or avoid it.”

Right! This time I got hit in the back. Lariette raised her eyes and glared at Doha, but he seemed unwilling to stop.

Again, Doha began to approach. Lariette instinctively bit herself to avoid it. However, despite the effort, Doha’s sudden change of direction made it right.

“How can I avoid this!”

Lariette shouted in a voice full of resentment. How can I stop and how do I dodge the attack so fast and agile?

Doha answered, raising his eyebrows as if she was saying something stupid.

“Is magic decoration?”

It was then that Lariette realized that she had never even thought of using magic until now. Not being able to properly use magic in an emergency was one of her shortcomings.

Despite Doha’s advice, she hesitated without using magic. It was because she was afraid that he might get hurt by a magic that she couldn’t control well.

Right! right! Just like that!

However, as the merciless beating continued, Lariette admitted that she couldn’t stand it any longer. Then the order was completed quickly. After purification magic, she was most confident in water magic.

“Doha, that’s right and I have to come to my senses!”

Cold thunderbolts fell on Doha and the white thing he was holding. Since it was an unavoidably wide range of magic, it was clear that the future would be like a wet mouse.

Lariette grinned with a smile. You’ve ignored yourself so much that you should get in trouble! It was especially hot today, so it would be cool and nice.

But Doha responded with a relaxed smile.

“I tend to bathe in warm water. No specification.”

As Doha lightly moved his hand, a small shield formed over his head. It was a shield that did not put much force into it, but it was enough to evade her magic.

Rather, only Lariette got wet because the water thunderbolt hit the curtain and splattered around it. She stared coldly at Doha, dripping water from her head.

Blue eyes burned with a will to revenge. Doha, who read that gaze, shrugged as if telling him to do something.

After all, that day. A fierce battle continued, but in fact, it was only fierce against Lariette, and Doha made fun of her without hurting a single hair.

Lariette, who had been struck with that more than fifty times, had to return to the mansion with tears in her eyes.

* * *

“Lariette, you are late… Did something happen?”

As soon as Halstein heard of Lariette’s arrival, he ran to meet her. However, soon after finding her more tired than usual, he asked, puzzled.

“Ugh, no. I’m just a little tired.”

I couldn’t tell him that I ran like crazy to even touch the hem of Doha’s clothes.

In the end, she continued, mourning herself for not being successful until the end.

“What about Asrazan?”

“Oh, the master is in the bathroom. He doesn’t know you’re here yet, but can I go and tell him right now?”

It must have been an uneducated attitude to avoid as a butler to chase and talk to him while he was in the bath.

But Halstein had long since lost all the culture since his master met Lariette, and he could go in and talk to him if she wanted to.

Lariette sensed his excessively twinkling gaze and shook her head with an awkward smile.

There was no need to even do that. As usual, I was just surprised that he didn’t come to meet me.

‘I think I can do the next purification from today.’

She thought as she handed the maid her coat and luggage. At this point, the purification of the upper body would have been completely completed. Then it was the turn of the lower body.

‘But… how?’

Should I cleanse over his clothes? But for that, the difference between what was in contact with the bare skin and what was not was too great. Since the healing was urgent, I had to touch his bare skin.

However, I was embarrassed to ask Asrazan, ‘Take off your pants because it’s good to touch bare skin’. How can you tell him to only wear underwear! I couldn’t seem to get it out of my mouth.

‘Wait, a bath?’

A brilliant idea flashed through Lariette’s head like a lightning bolt.

She lifted her head and stared at Halstein. Then she asked a random question.

“What does Asrazan wear after bathing?”

Halstein’s ears suddenly turned red. Because he didn’t expect that such a sensational question would suddenly come up.

But for him, he was very pleased with this one kind of interest she had for Asrazan.

Heir! Heir! Marriage! Marriage! Two words filled Halstein’s head.

He tried to maintain a calm face. Then, as much as he did, he warmed up his voice for a moment and answered carefully.

“He usually wears a shower robe.”

“He doesn’t wear pants under his robe, did he?”

“Huh, yes, yes. He doesn’t wear it.”

Marriage! Heir! The voice in his head grew louder. Without realizing it, he was smiling too.

Meanwhile, Lariette, unaware of Halstein’s chaos in his head, nodded with a satisfied smile.

‘He doesn’t have to take his pants off if he’s wearing a shower gown!’

Then there will be no embarrassment! Lariette thought proudly of her own judgment.

But this was truly a foolish decision.

There were, of course, no pants under the shower robe, but that wasn’t the only thing missing. Of course, it was a situation in which she was not sure whether there would be any underwear or not.

However, the current Lariette was too engrossed in the fact that ‘you don’t need to take off your pants’ and couldn’t think of these things.

With a bright smile on her face, she walked proudly.

To the room where Asrazan is bathing.

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