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TL Chapter 46


Chapter 46 (Kill me)

Until they returned from the festival and went to bed together, Asrazan was half-believing about the “prohibited” mentioned by Lariette.

That’s right, it was Lariette who wanted to touch whenever she had time. She used to snap Asrazan’s hand, rush in and hug him, and say bluntly that she wanted to kiss him every time they made eye contact.

How can she declare that she won’t kiss for a while? Beyond surprise, I wondered if it was possible.

In addition, Lariette rolled her eyes and rested her head on Asrazan’s shoulder until just before falling asleep that night, fiddling with his hands.

With a friendly attitude that was no different than usual, Asrazan calmed down and went to sleep. He judged that the mention of ‘prohibited’ was just a joke.

However, the next morning, after a peaceful breakfast, Asrazan was ready to go to work.

It was then that Asrazan realized that something was wrong.

“… Will you not do it today?”

Asrazan, with his hair neatly shaved and dressed in a splendid robe, did not leave the room and looked at her for a while before asking.

Lariette opened her eyes and asked again.

“Huh? About what?”

Asrazan licked his lips for a moment as if hesitating. It was because I was embarrassed to even say what it was with my mouth.

Lariette used to give Asrazan a light kiss on the cheek, asking why he was so cute, handsome, and crazy when he dressed up to go to the royal family.

He seemed to be treated like a child and was embarrassed by the excessive praise, so Asrazan was busy avoiding her gaze in embarrassment.

However, it seemed that the light kiss he had felt ashamed of had become a habit.

As there was no sign of her giving him a kiss today, Asrazan stood still, even though it was time to go out with slight regret.

“… Kissing someone saying I’m pretty.”

Asrazan bowed his head and his ears turned red. Even when he saw himself screaming for a kiss, he felt embarrassed because he looked like a child.

“Yes, I’m not doing it today!”

“What? How come…”

Lariette answered with a bright smile, not knowing Asrazan’s feeling. In response to the unexpected answer, Asrazan asked the reason with a voice full of regret.

“Hey, I told you yesterday, didn’t you? It’s a punishment.”

Did you already forget? Lariette softly rolled her eyes and added.

And Asrazan, with a bewildered face, looked back at what she had said yesterday.

– No kissing for a while.

It was only words, but my heart was pounding. No way, really? He looked down at Lariette with pathetic eyes.

But her attitude was firm. Lariette smiled as if there was a problem and said nothing else.

In the end, Asrazan pretended to be pitiful and even lowered his eyebrows, pleading for mercy to her.

“Did you mean it?”

“Yeah, I meant it”

“… From now on, I will not kiss you outside recklessly. So please cancel….”

“Ugh, I can’t. Once I say something, I have to keep it.”

Asrazan’s blue eyes were now completely lost in despair. He glanced at Lariette with a shocked expression on his face, as if he had been sentenced to death.

But, yes, it didn’t change anything. Soon Halstein came in, announcing that it was time to leave, and Lariette went to see him off as usual.

After leaving the main gate and walking down the stairs, Asrazan stood in front of the carriage door and stopped moving again. Then he turned his head and stared at Lariette again. His eyes were looking for something.

“You’re not going? what are you doing?”

Lariette tilted her head, asking if there was any problem.

And Asrazan felt like his stomach was going to explode at any moment.

Even if you kiss me after changing clothes, you don’t kiss me when you see me off? I felt stuffed, which was fine until breakfast.

“You haven’t kissed me yet.”

“It’s banned for a while”

Lariette shrugged and refused to kiss him again.

Asrazan, who thought that this should not be the case, thought that he had to do something different. Her weakness, which he had seen for a few weeks, was all too obvious.


Asrazan lowered his voice and whispered her name secretly. Then he took a step closer to Lariette and brought his face closer.

“Can I kiss you?”

Their faces were so close that it felt like their noses were going to rub at any moment. In his sharp eyes, his blue eyes gleamed like those of a hungry beast.

The face looking straight at her was so handsome and sexy that Lariette almost nodded her head like crazy, asking why not.

She bit her lip and barely swallowed the urge. And she answered firmly.

“Don’t use your beauty, Asrazan.”

“Can’t you?”

Asrazan asked her once more, blinking his eyes again. To retract Larriet’s remarks, he was not in a position to cover up beauty or anything.


At Lariette’s stern reaction, Asrazan put on a gloomy expression. If it came out to that extent, it would have been really serious.

‘How long exactly is this?’

Asrazan was very curious, but did not dare to ask. I was afraid that Lariette would talk about the long years.

In the end, he got into the carriage without asking a question. He did not erase his pathetic expression until the last moment he left the mansion.

And Lariette thought as she waved her hand toward the back of him as he left.

‘This is fun.’

I’ve been wanting to jump in and kiss various places right away if I wanted to. But the reward I got after perseverance was even sweeter.

Asrazan is asking me to kiss him! It was so cute and thrilling that my heart almost stopped.


Lariette burst into laughter that she had barely endured in front of Asrazan. It was such a sinister voice that the maid next to her was startled.

As I thought yesterday, I had no intention of prolonging the kiss ban for too long. It’s like punishment for her.

However, seeing Asrazan’s eagerness to kiss her, it seemed that it would be okay to hold it a little longer. I wondered how he would react if he bothered me more.

‘Okay, let’s wait a few more days!’

Lariette clenched her fists and strengthened her will. If she couldn’t stand it, she might rub her lips coldly, but she was determined to endure as long as she could bear it.

But as long as her patience was as light as a feather, it was a promise that would not last long.

* * *

“You look happy, Rie?”

Doha asked with a sullen smile on his lips. His voice was harsh and subtly low, as if something was unsatisfactory.

However, Lariette, who was blinded by the sweet love affair with Asrazan, could not figure it out. She replied with a bright smile.

“Hey, can you tell? Doha! Thanks to Doha’s recommendation, we had a good date yesterday. The Isis Festival was so pretty, thank you!”

It was a really ignorant answer. He never recommended that she should go with that monster Duke, but it was annoying to see her accept it and say thank you.

Doha bit his molars strongly and maintained a smiling face. It was a fact that he already knew that she was dating the Duke Kandel, and there was no reason for him to feel so dirty.

“How well can you still smell the flower after enjoying it?”

Doha abruptly leaned towards Lariette and met her face in front of his nose. His eyes were curved like a fox, and the corners of his mouth were raised wildly.

Doha’s long silver hair brushed against the nape of her neck. It will be tickling. A subtle and seductive scent will hover around her nostrils. Because that’s what he was aiming for.

But Lariette, as always, did not give him the reaction he wanted.

“Yes? Do you smell it? Strange, I washed well.”

Doha chuckled as he sniffed and put his nose on my shoulder and arm.

I made good use of my appearance and tried to seduce her, but Lariette didn’t think it was anything. It was as if he had really nailed her to ‘my friend!’ in her heart.

In fact, even in the morning, she was facing Asrazan’s handsome face in front of her nose. It wasn’t just a face-to-face encounter, but also a subtle temptation.

As long as Lariette who endured it, Doha’s flirtation could not be very aggressive.

“All right, Miss. Do some mana training.”

Doha let out a small sigh as if giving up. But strangely, Lariette’s body trembled even though it wasn’t a big deal.

Doha, noticing this, narrowed his eyes and asked.

“… What’s the matter?”

“Oh, no. It reminds me of a strange person I saw yesterday.”

“Strange person?”

Lariette remembered the alpaca man she had seen yesterday. The title of “Miss” was the same as Doha said, but the feeling was surprisingly different.

If Doha is smart, drowsy, and wild, Alpaca  ‘Miss’ was rough and informal. It was probably because of the western style of speaking.

“Ugh, yesterday a man from the West suddenly made a confession. He was a really weird person.”

“Confession? … What kind of confession?”

“He have crush on me….”

Lariette sighed in embarrassment and coughed in vain. Even in her own opinion, she didn’t think she was such a great beauty that he fell in love at first sight. I don’t know if it’s Asrazan or Doha.

But looking back, it seemed that there was nothing to be ashamed of. That’s why she made a playful expression for no reason and closed one eye reluctantly.

“You know, He’s kind of cute.”

It was the kind of joke that I wouldn’t make to Asrazan. It was clear that he would take this seriously and shake his head, saying that you were wrong.

However, I was confident that Doha, who was fluent in speech, would accept such jokes well. At least you won’t embarrass yourself too seriously.

But contrary to what she expected, Doha remained silent without answering.

‘Hey, did I go too far?’

Lariette was taken aback by the unexpected reaction and looked at him. I was worried if the excessive pretension made Doha annoyed.

Just as she had worried, Doha was annoyed. Of course, it wasn’t because of her arrogance.

The exact cause of the annoyance was not even clear to him. However, it was only very unpleasant to know that after the monster Duke, another guy, without knowing his place, was attacking her.

It felt like something was boiling in my chest. Blue veins stood over his pretty face.

Doha struggled to suppress the anger rising within him and put on the mask of a good friend again. I had a feeling that the reaction was a little late, so I had to laugh even if it was funny.

“Yeah, Rie is so cute.”

It’s so cute it makes me angry. Doha swallowed his true feelings without speaking out.

“So, sweet little miss, are you planning to destroy this vacant lot today?”

“Ugh. What’s wrong.”

Lariette bowed her head as she looked at the vacant lot that had been messed up by her last magic spell.

The ground was dug here and there, rocks were shattered, and the trees were jagged. It was because of trying various kinds of magic.

“So, what are you going to teach me today? What kind of magic would you like me to do?”

Lariette deliberately fixed her gaze on Doha, and then spoke naturally. Doha smiled and shook his head slightly as if she was cute.

“The magic is over. Basically, I have taught you how to control mana as much as I know.”

In the first place, Doha was not a magician. He only taught me how to deal with mana because the divine power and the energy of the purification wizard are similar, but he also didn’t know how to activate the deep magic.

Lariette had a sullen expression on her face, asking if the class was over in one day. It was because the class I took last time was so effective that I was looking forward to how much better it would be today.

Doha continued to speak slowly, keeping a smile on his face as if he knew her heart.

“Now you have to learn how to fight, Rie.”

Lariette’s eyes, which had been clouded by disappointment, quickly regained their light and gleamed. Enthusiasm was soaring.

“Yes! Yes! What to do? What are you going to teach me?”

Lariette opened her eyes wide and shook her head up and down. Looking at her like that, Doha thought of a puppy waving its tail wildly.

“Well, first the most basic….”

Basic? attack? escape? if not… suppression? Lariette thought while waiting for his next words with a pounding heart.

And Doha continued speaking with a smiling face.

“From how to kill.”

Lariette opened her mouth blankly and looked at his face. Then he quickly burst into laughter.

“What, it’s a joke?”

You’re making such a scary joke! Lariette added, wiping her arms down as if she was getting goosebumps.

However, Doha skillfully raised his eyebrows once and then lowered them. Then he reached out and gently grabbed Lariette’s wrist.

“I’m not kidding, Rie.”

He took her hand and made her arms outstretched. Point her fingertips toward Doha’s chest.

Doha tapped his heart with her finger.


“If you fire magic from this location, I will surely die instantly.”

“Doha, what are you doing…?”

When Lariette asked in a trembling voice, the smile on Doha’s face grew deeper. The smile that I thought was only smirk and savage, now I see it, and it is creepy.

He finished his speech in a very sweet voice, as if offering dessert.

“Come on, kill me. Miss.”

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