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TL Chapter 44


Chapter 44 (Alpaca’s confession!)

Lariette opened her mouth blankly and looked at the person who spoke to her. It was because he was such an unexpected person.

No, to be exact, it was an unexpected mask.

‘Oh my God, who wears an alpaca mask?’

The person who spoke to Lariette was a red-haired man with silver eyes, and he was wearing a really unusual mask. In fact, it was more of a strange thing than an unusual one.

An alpaca mask with fluffy white fur! It was a little better because it was a good mask, but it was still a strange thing.

Even the clothes were unique. For men’s clothes, the chest area was quite hollow, and the sleeves were so wide that they flapped whenever he moved his arms. She was amazed at this person’s aesthetic sense despite her complicated head.

“Hey, miss. Are you sick?”

The man with a large physique asked in a very friendly manner despite his somewhat crude and arrogant tone. Seeing Lariette standing in the corner and breathing heavily, he seemed worried that she might be sick.

“Oh, no. I’m okay.”

At the stranger’s kindness, Lariette responded with a grin.

However, after answering, she realized that she was not okay. Her head was dizzy and I was not feeling well because I jumped so suddenly.

“Your face is pale… First of all, why don’t you lean over there and sit down?”

I feel like I’m about to fall. The alpaca man scratched the tip of his chin with his finger and added.

In fact, Lariette’s face was pale and tired. As the color of the face as white as the moon disappeared, it became a figure that even strangers would worry about.

Lariette thought for a moment, then nodded. Even if she thought about it, she thought that if she did it wrong, she might fall.

I’ll do some exercise on a regular basis! Lariette sighed and thought, but regretted it too late.

The alpaca man carefully guided her to a place where she could recline.

His hand was nearby as if to accept it if she collapsed, but he did not touch it hastily. He had a delicate and neat attitude, as if he had been well-educated, even though it did not go well with his body full of large muscles.

“Stay here for a while.”

When Lariette leaned against the wall while sitting on the clean railing, the Alpaca man muttered softly and left. Either way, Lariette closed her eyes and was busy exhaling a heavy breath.

I was still very confused. However, after taking a couple of deep breaths, my thoughts began to clear up.

It was going to happen anyway, and it was a death that had to be accepted. So, it would be wise to focus on your immediate happiness without worrying about it.

Thinking about it that way, my heart, which was beating so fast, calmed down a bit. Lariette slowly opened her eyes and thought of Asrazan.

‘He must have been very upset because I suddenly left. To leave him having a hard time being among people… I should go back soon.’

It was an unusual situation for Asrazan. A lover who ran away after kissing lightly on the street.

Even Lariette herself was the one who usually came into contact with each other regardless of place and time. Even if she criticized this double attitude, she had nothing to say.

But the problem was that I had no idea where this place was. I ran too far without looking back, so I got lost.

In this case, it is better not to wander around too much, but rather to wait. Asrazan is sure to be looking for her, so it makes sense to settle in one place so as not to be confused.

Having judged that, Lariette grabbed her messy hair and looked around. No matter how many people there are, tall and handsome people like Asrazan are bound to stand out.

“Hey, drink this.”

Suddenly, the alpaca man came back and handed her water, speaking in a blunt tone. Whether he bought it in a hurry or because the alpaca mask was hot, sweat was forming on his face.

Lariette was silent for a moment and looked at the water he had handed her. A well-educated woman could not take food from a stranger without thinking.

As if recognizing this, the alpaca man ah! and groaned and continued.

“Uh, I guess it’s going to be suspicious. Well… Should I drink it first without my mouth?”

Would that be offensive, too? The man muttered with a groan.

Seeing this, Lariette smiled faintly and took the water. She would have been busy doubting before, but now she sees this strange alpaca man as a good person. To the extent of worrying about the health of someone you don’t know at all.

Lariette took off her mask to drink water comfortably, and then gulped it down. I felt relieved as the cold liquid ran down my throat.


After wiping her lips roughly, she smiled and expressed her gratitude. Thanks to you, I felt a lot better.


Strangely, the alpaca man was silent for a while. The ferocious eyes that were visible behind the mask seemed to flinch for a moment.

He looked down as if glaring at Lariette, with his brightly shining face. His eyes were so hot that she felt like her face was burning.

As those uncomfortable eyes continued, Lariette coughed in vain, avoiding his gaze in awkwardness. She was thinking about going out to the center so that she could find Asrazan.

“I, now I….”


But before Lariette could speak, a brief cheer erupted. The red-haired man covered his mouth with a large hand and spoke softly.

“I think I’m in love now.”

“… Yes?”

Did I hear it wrong? Lariette was embarrassed and dropped the rabbit mask she was holding.

However, the man said so proudly even though he was wearing that strange alpaca mask.

“I have a crush on you.”

It’s really pretty. The man muttered as if talking to himself.

Lariette stared blankly at the man who suddenly confessed without answering for a few seconds. It was not a very strange situation to receive a confession, but it was the first time to confess such a random place and rude confession.

Anyway, the answer she was going to give now was decided, so she opened her mouth right away.

“I have a lover.”

Moreover, I have no interest in alpacas. Lariette wanted to add this, but she swallowed the words in her mouth for fear that he might turn and attack her.

However, despite being rejected, the man still spoke with a calm attitude.

“Well, I heard people in the capital say that when they refuse. It was real.”

He sounded like he knew something new.

Lariette guessed from his words that he came from another province. For some reason, his tone was a bit harsh and peculiar, and it seemed that he came from the West.

“Did I confess too rudely? Even if it’s different, I have to do it right. I’ll do it again in the capital way.”

“Yes? what….”

What is this crazy guy? Lariette took a step back and thought. I thought he was a kind person, but after all, he was as strange as his mask.

Whether she thought so or not, the man politely bowed down and spit out a capital-style confession that would have been popular about fifteen years ago to be exact.

“I fell in love with your beautiful appearance.”

“Oh my god.”

When the strange alpaca man bowed his back and gave a greasy line, Lariette could not stand it and groaned. Nevertheless, the man did not stop and finished the confession.

“Miss, please go out with me.”

I hate it to the death! Lariette was determined to answer firmly.

But before she could even part her lips, a sharp metal knife approached and aimed at the man’s neck.


It happened in the blink of an eye. The dull sound of iron rang my ears as if I were going to rip and a big wave broke out.

“How dare you look over her in front of me.”

Asrazan pointed a pitch-black sword at the man’s neck and continued with a voice brimming with anger.

“You must have wanted to die.”

He was showing his bare face as to where he had dropped the mask. The wrinkles between his forehead were deep, and his blue eyes blazed brightly. Even though he aimed his sword at a civilian, he had no guilt on his face.


It was so murderous that if a powerless ordinary person saw it, they would kneel down right away. However, unexpectedly, the red-haired man only answered calmly.

“I don’t want to die.”

What was even more startling was the fact that he had a sword in his hand that he did not know when it was drawn, and that he was standing firmly against Asrazan’s sword.

“Is that your lover?”

It was amazing.

Asrazan was undoubtedly the best swordsmanship in the empire, and he was a person who won so many battles that he was called a war demon.

The knights of the enemy countries died without even meeting the sword several times, and there was hardly anyone in the empire who could compete with him.

In other words, no matter how much he aimed his sword as a warning, it was not an attack that could be easily stopped.

But only that strange alpaca man can put his swords back in peace?

Lariette opened her mouth wide in surprise, once at the sudden appearance of Asrazan and twice at the fact that the Alpaca man was unexpectedly strong.

“Hm, I think I’m more handsome.”

And the last three times I was surprised by the nonsense of the alpaca man.

“What nonsense?!”

Lariette was so angry that she screamed unconsciously. The men who were holding their swords tight looked at her trembling and huffing.

“I should’ve compared it! Why don’t you put the sword away from my lover right now?”

How dare you threaten Asrazan! In fact, it was Asrazan who drew the sword first, but Lariette thought it was very biased and instinctively raised her mana.

Mana, as grand as the sea, rose in a shovel and surrounded the alpaca. Asrazan was also surprised at the depth.

“Excuse me, I didn’t know you have a real lover.”

The man quickly apologized and put the sword in. Then, as a sign of surrender, he stretched out his hands and waved them slightly.

“If I had known that you really had a lover, I wouldn’t have seduced you. I thought it was a word you were trying to reject me.”

“No matter what you say or not, reject it!”

You cheeky alpaca! Lariette stood in front of him as if protecting Asrazan and shouted.

The red-haired man had nothing more to say, so he repeated the apology again. Then he looked at her for a moment with a regretful face, then turned around and left.

Lariette didn’t relax like a growling puppy until he was gone. And a thick arm rested over her slender and strong shoulders.


Asrazan hugged Lariette tightly from behind, bowed his head, and rested his head on her shoulder. His low breath brushed past his ear.

“Why did you leave me?”

He sounded depressed and angry.

Asrazan believed that Lariette was not trying to leave him. Although it felt like blood rushing up when he saw the scene where she was confessed to by someone else, it wasn’t her fault either.

But just in case, if Lariette suddenly disappeared because she wanted to leave him, and if she accepted the man’s confession. Asrazan seemed unable to contain his anger.

I couldn’t stand it, so I’ll killed the man and caught her running away…

As the cruel and ferocious thoughts were about to continue, Lariette’s hand gently stroked Asrazan’s hair. And a friendly voice followed.

“I’m sorry, Asrazan. I walked recklessly and got lost. Thanks for coming.”

“… Have you been waiting for me?”

“Absolutely! I thought I was going to die because I wanted to see you.”

Lariette replied with a smile and playfully. And at the sound of that tickling laughter, the dark thoughts that filled Asrazan’s head slowly melted away.

“So did I.”

You don’t know how surprised I was. When Lariette suddenly disappeared from my sight, Asrazan’s heart seemed to stop. A terrible sense of loss overcame him.

He removed the woman standing in front of him and hurriedly pursued Lariette’s energy. It didn’t take long to find her, thanks to a signal from Gerard, who was hovering around her.

I will never think of anything else in front of her again. Asrazan vowed to do so. I didn’t want to see Lariette leave my side forever.

“I’m so sorry. I was very surprised that you suddenly disappeared.”

“… It’s okay. It’s because I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No. I was wrong. I will prevent this from happening in the future.”

“It’s really okay, so don’t worry about it any more.”

Asrazan answered, wrapping one arm tightly around her waist.

He’s really fine now. The moment she said that she wanted to see him, all the negative emotions were already gone.

Hearing his gentle voice, Lariette sighed in relief. I was worried that he might be angry, but Asrazan had a broad mind as much as he had a handsome face.

What’s not perfect about my lover! She chuckled at the thought.

“… So shall we go dancing now?”

I think time is slowly running out. Lariette added, looking at the street that had already fallen into darkness.

However, as she turned towards Asrazan, she soon realized that his face and the mask had disappeared from his face and continued.

“Oh, what about the mask? You lost it?”

“Looks like it was dropped.”

He was so busy looking for her that he didn’t even realize that the mask had disappeared.

Lariette looked at him with worried eyes.

“Are you okay? If it seems difficult, don’t overdo it and let’s go home.”

It was noticeable to dance without a mask at a ball where most people wore masks. It was clear that it would be too much for Asrazan, who was conscious of people even though he was wearing a mask.

But the answer that followed was unexpected.

“I’m okay.”

“… Really?”

Lariette asked in surprise. Asrazan opened his mouth with a faint smile.

“Yes. If I am with you.”

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