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TL Chapter 41


Chapter 41 (The class starts now)

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Erzebuth Kharshan.

From a very young age, she was a princess famous for her outstanding beauty.

The beautifully grown blond hair, pinkish purple eyes, and milk-like white skin were beautiful like dolls made with hard work. It was so beautiful that rumors spread beyond the empire to other countries.

In response, the emperor especially cared for her, and it was Raon who skipped the pouring offer of engagement and marked him as a son-in-law.

At that time, Blanche had no financial difficulties and was maintaining a fairly lofty position as it was before Duke Kandel took power. Because of his faithful service to the emperor for many years, his relationship with the imperial family was also strong.

In addition, Raon was the most suitable option among the children of the three Dukes, as he was the most similar in age to the princess and there was no lack in outside.

However, thanks to the emperor’s affection, Erzebuth, who grew up receiving all the education the princes receive, was more mature than her peers and had eyes to see.

In her eyes, Raon was just a pretentious and arrogant kid.

-But she’s still a little girl.…!

One day ten years ago.

It was the third meeting as a fiance, and it was also the day Erzebuth decided to break up.

Raon burst into anger at Erzebuth, who didn’t show any interest in him no matter how hard he tried. He treated her well because she was pretty, but she thought he had an arrogant attitude.

And Erzebuth responded coldly, as if she wasn’t the same as him, who spit out rude remarks with a huff.

– So what makes you better than me?

It was Erzebuth, who had heard that she was superior to any other prince. She excelled in etiquette, history, monarchy, and even her swordsmanship skills.

-I, I know how to use magic…!

-Are you confident that you can fight me and win?

It was impossible for Raon, who had only learned the basics of magic, to defeat Erzebuth, whose hobby was fighting the Imperial Knights. He hurriedly recalled his strengths, but the status he was always proud of was humble in front of her.

So, Raon put forward the only thing that he thought was superior to her.

-I’m a man!

-… What?

– No matter how much you fly and crawl, you’re still a woman. Because you’re good at studies and swordsmanship, what? Where is it useful? After all, the last identity you will get before you die is ‘someone’s wife’!

On the other hand, I am the Duke who will lead the empire! Raon added confidently.

Erzebuth couldn’t stand it and shoved a fist into his face. He had nosebleeds and his lips ripped apart, but she didn’t stop. Not drawing the sword was the only mercy.

Raon burst into tears and screamed, and the situation ended only after the emperor and the Duke of Blanche ran after hearing his voice. Of course, their engagement ended like that.

Since then, Erzebuth has not been engaged to anyone. This was because the emperor tried several times, but she kept killing her prospective fiancee’s flag, causing them to escape.

As a result, the emperor began to regard Erzebuth as a troublemaker, and for several years she seldom attended imperial ceremonies and small parties.

Lariette had deliberately avoided the parties she was participating in before that, so it had been five years since she had not met face to face.

‘Five years is a time when many things have changed, but… You’ve changed too much!’

Lariette thought with her head bowed.

I would never have recognized her if I hadn’t vaguely heard the rumor that the princess had become very handsome.

Indeed, as Lariette remembers, Erzebuth was a beautiful girl as if she had just come out of a painting. But what was in front of her now was the appearance of a handsome young man who easily bewitched any woman.

“Please raise your head. I didn’t mean to burden you.”

At Erzebuth’s friendly voice, Lariette raised her head, bowing politely. Then, an ecstatic appearance was captured in view again.

“I didn’t know you had such a deep connection with Jenvier.”

“Thankfully, I was helped by her that day.”

Lariette replied boldly. Previously, I had  avoided her because I was ashamed of what Raon had done, but now I thought there was no reason to do so.

Erzebuth looked at me like that, rolled up her lips and smiled. It was such a wonderful smile that I would have fallen in love right away if I hadn’t developed immunity to his looks thanks to Asrazan and Doha.

“You seem to have changed quite a bit, Lady Blanche. No, is it offensive to call you that title now?”

Erzebuth inferred the situation only from the conversation between Madame Charbet and Lariette. Even though Madame Charbet deliberately lowered her voice, everyone seemed to have heard it.

Lariette shut her mouth for a moment and pondered an answer.

The proper answer to give to the princess was, ‘Call me whatever the princess is comfortable with’. If it had been Lariette a few months ago, she would probably have answered that way without even having time to think about it.

“Could you call me Lariette, instead?”

However, the current Lariette was a person who called the Duke of Candell’s name out of the blue. She said with a  smile.

Then the smile on Erzebuth’s face grew stronger. She looked like she was very satisfied.

“Jenvier, what have you been up to? You didn’t introduce this kind of person to me right away.”

“Would you mind?”

Madame Charbet shrugged as if she knew how to react. Because she expected Lariette to suit her taste.

Erzebuth got up from her seat with a smile and walked over to Lariette. Lariette was nervous without realizing it, and swallowed saliva.

“Of course, Lariette.”

Erzebuth approached right in front and reached out towards Lariette’s pink hair. Then, with a gentle touch, she straightened some of the strands that were scattered in the wind.

“You can call me Erze.”

Let’s be friends in the future. Erzebuth added with a seductive smile.

It was a touch that could be rude to someone, but when she did it, it was ecstatic rather than rude.

Lariette forgot about her situation and shook her head up and down as if possessed. She fell for the so-called beauty world.

* * *

It was after spending a good time with them that Lariette came to her senses and got into the carriage to go to her next appointment.

‘What have I done!’

She gripped her head with both hands and regretted it. It was because she was a person who would leave anyway, but there was nothing good about extending the relationship.

But it had already happened. Lariette allowed both Erzebuth and Madame Charbet to call her by name, and they chatted happily and even promised to meet later.

It was irresistible. Erze was not only excellent in appearance, but also eloquent and pleasant. She was a really good conversationalist.

It was the first time for Lariette, who had no close female friends. It’s fun to play with Doha, but because he’s a man and the environment he’s lived in is different, it’s difficult and completely different.

It was a very contradictory situation to have such interesting things happen one after another after knowing that I was going to die.

‘I don’t know. Just do whatever it takes!’

Lariette thought and exhaled. She was determined to enjoy what had already happened.

If you say she is going on a trip and dies in a foreign land, no one will know anyway. They would be wondering where she is and what she’s doing, but it won’t be a big shock.

In that case, it was okay to make a few not-so-deep connections. Unless it’s too deep.


An enchanting voice, which she had become accustomed to over time, woke Lariette from her thoughts. She lifted her head and looked in the direction the voice was coming from.

“Why aren’t you getting off?”

Through the window of the carriage, I could see Doha’s smiling face. He pounded the carriage playfully with his hand as if knocking.


Lariette quickly got up and got off the carriage. Doha naturally reached out and helped her get off.

“I was distracted for a while.”

“It’s a good thing you.”

I’m sure the coachman found it well. Doha smiled and added.

Lariette got off the carriage and looked around with her eyes round. The refreshing smell of grass filled the large open space.

This was a small mountain located on the outskirts of the capital. Although it was named a mountain, it was high enough to be close to a hill, and it was far from a village, so there were not many people going in and out.

The reason I suddenly left the city and came to this forest was because Doha had requested it. Doha sent the address via telegram and suggested that we meet there, right on the mountainside.

Lariette tilted her head at the unfamiliar request, but did not raise any questions because she trusted him. I was just guessing there must be some reason.

“You look prettier today, Rie. Who have you met?”

Doha asked Lariette as he led her into the middle of the open space. His voice was subtly lowered.

Lariette quickly shut her mouth while trying to answer that she had met Erze and Madame Charbet without thinking. What Erze had said before breaking up with them lingered in my mind.

– Lariette. I don’t really like my story floating around. That’s why I always meet only a limited number of people. So please don’t say that you met me elsewhere.

Erze’s face as she said these words looked really tired, so Lariette nodded her head repeatedly saying not to worry. It was impossible to break that promise.

“Ugh, I’m met Madame Charbet.”

“I see.”

Incomprehensible to Lariette, Doha answered in a very satisfied voice. The corners of his lips were also raised high.

He was not expecting her to dress up beautifully to meet him in the first place. I was glad that the previous appointment wasn’t a date with Asrazan.

“Rie, sit here.”

As they approached the middle of the vacant lot, Doha said, pointing to the base of a large tree. He didn’t forget to put a handkerchief on it.

Lariette followed his instructions and sat quietly on the tree stump. A friendly explanation followed.

“This vacant lot is not well known, but it has a particularly good energy in Kharshan. Mana is clean and moves fast. There are quite a few rocks that can be practiced as targets. In short, it is the best place to practice magic control.”

“Then now…!”

“Yes, the class starts now.”

Lariette smiled and looked at Doha with twinkling eyes.

Doha looks pretty busy, so I was worried that I might have asked for an unreasonable request, but it started so quickly! Indeed, she was the one who thought she had a good friend.

“Come on, use your magic as you normally do.”

Excuse me for a moment. Doha muttered in a low voice and put his hand on Lariette’s shoulder.

Lariette flinched at the sudden touch, but soon concentrated and drew mana. She seemed to be trying to see how to manage her magic, given that his divine power was spreading in her body.

Soon, a hot and powerful force wrapped around her tiny hand. Lariette completed the magic by moving her hand upwards without hesitation.

Crip! A fresh green plant broke through the ground with a light sound effect. And in an instant, it grew so huge that it even reached Lariette’s head.

It was the magic she used when she first mistreated the Marquis of Segreb.

“… What do you think?”

Lariette hesitated, holding her hands together and looking at Doha. It was because she was embarrassed to reveal her exact skills.

“… Rie. Was the last time you learned magic when you were young?”

“Huh, was it obvious?”

She smiled awkwardly and asked. Instead of answering, Doha only gave a subtle smile.

It had to be obvious. Because ignorantly adding magic without properly estimating the amount of mana required was something that only children who were just starting to learn magic did.

It was no different from pouring out a water to extinguish a small candle. It was the only way she could do it because she was overflowing with mana.

‘The purification magic was surprisingly well done. Is that the only field I born with?’

Doha narrowed his eyes and looked at her. Although her abilities were focused on purification, if she was born with that much mana, there was no way she could not do magic in other fields.

“This time, put mana into my body. Check out how the Holy Power flows and how much it drains.”

“Yes, teacher!”

Lariette answered politely and put a hand on his back.

When the warmth was felt through the uniform, Doha stiffened his body for a moment and stopped moving. However, as a professional, he quickly regained consciousness and began to use the divine powers in his body.

Lariette closed her eyes and opened her lips blankly, trying to properly sense the energy moving around under her hands.

It was a completely different movement from Lariette’s.

If Lariette felt like moving a large chunk of mana at once, Doha was controlling each movement of energy very delicately and precisely. Even every movement was smooth and natural.

“This is the amount of mana that Rie used to properly enter the magic.”

“Only that much?”

“Yes. Can you guess how much mana you threw away?”

Tsk tsk, what a waste. Doha clapped her tongue at her as if she were teasing her. Then he smiled and spoke.

“Well, then, try it.”


Lariette gave a stupid expression to the outrageous request.

“Try again the magic you used before, delicately like I just did.”

Already? Lariette asked with a bewildered expression. I’ve only sensed it once, but trying it right away was outrageous.

However, as a student, she could not refuse the teacher’s request, so she got up from her seat with a half-given face.

Lariette tried to imitate Doha’s movements as much as possible and reached out.


At that moment, the ground began to shake with an ominous sound.

TL/N: I changed Erzebutt name to Erzebuth

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