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TL Chapter 39


Chapter 39 (A Bed Night Fight)

Asrazan had already expected that he would not be able to sleep properly that night.

It was natural. I can’t sleep when she’s next to me.

I thought it would be the same this time because he had already experienced a hell of a fight with patience last night.

But he didn’t realize that the fights back then were a joke compared to today’s.

It started when Lariette had been asleep for about a couple of hours.

They had already dropped the duvet under the bed, regardless of the reason they shared the same room. It was because of Lariette’s sleeping habits.

Asrazan tried to get as far away from her as possible, and lay with his back turned from her. And eyes tightly closed.

I was tired from not being able to sleep properly yesterday, and I thought I would fall asleep if I endured a little longer, thanks to trying not to think about anything else for two hours.

Just as a faint drowsiness settled on his eyelids, he felt a strange touch behind his back.


Lariette murmured in a small voice and rolled over the bed. And when she rested her head on something big and hard, it was Asrazan’s back.


It was a light touch like a feather, but at that moment, Asrazan’s heart was beating! and the sleep ran away.

Asrazan concentrated his attention on the touch on the back of his body, stiffening his whole body. Lariette didn’t move any further and just slept with a squeaky noise again. I could feel the warm breath on my thin clothes.

‘That’s pathetic.’

Asrazan evaluated himself that way.

Sure enough, they had already held hands, hugged and kissed. You’re so nervous when she just touches her head a little on your back! He looked like a fool in the world.

Let’s go to sleep. Let’s try to sleep.

Asrazan thought desperately. However, the sleep had escaped and did not return.

To make matters worse, Lariette’s sleep talk continued.

“I can’t… it’s mine…”

Lariette shook her head, frowned, as if something had happened in the dream.

Even that movement was torture for Asrazan, so he chewed his lips and tried not to react. But his efforts didn’t make it.

“It’s mine!”

Lariette, who had been muttering something unknown for a long time, suddenly shouted and stretched out her hand.

And she quickly grabbed what she was holding in her hand. It’s like she won’t miss it, hold it tight. 


Asrazan bit his molars tightly and held back the sound. Lariette was sleeping, but he would have been screaming if she hadn’t.

Because Lariette was lying on his back and hugged him from behind. 

Lariette’s small and soft body bumped with Asrazan’s wide back.

And Asrazan, who felt the soft touch through the muscles of his back, was now unbearable.

From head to toe, everything felt stiff. His lower body was full of heat and his ears were already red for a long time.

His heart was pounding as if he was running at full speed. It felt like it was going to come out of my mouth at any moment.

For Asrazan, who had just learned to kiss, there was nothing more stimulating than this.

‘Let’s get out. I must leave.’

I really felt like I was going crazy. Only the thought of getting out of here filled his head.

He should have run away from the bed as soon as Lariette moved, but he was so startled that he couldn’t move.

However, Lariette, who always did not miss the timing, moved her hand as if she had grasped his intention like a ghost even while sleeping.

The hand that had been holding Asrazan’s thick arm dug deeper, that is, his firm chest and abdomen.



Asrazan finally couldn’t stand it and let out a groan in a low, thick voice. I couldn’t stand it as it moved through my muscles like a cold finger scans me.

His eyes suddenly turned red. The blue eyes were busy wobbling aimlessly.

He immediately wanted to get up and run away, but she was holding him too tight to do so. It felt like she would wake up if I forcefully removed it.

What if Lariette wakes up and sees him now?

Just imagining it was terrifying. No matter how he tried to hide his reddened face in the dark, he couldn’t hide his full-strength lower body.

Maybe she would treat him like a pervert. She might blame him for what he did when she was sleeping.

It was only him who was harassed, but it was just unfair that he had to worry about being turned into a pervert.


Not being able to do this or that, Asrazan let out a deep sigh. Then he carefully wiggled his body to get away from Lariette. Let’s pray so she doesn’t wake up.

When he turned his body and dropped his back, Lariette just muttered and did nothing more.

However, due to his body turning, inevitably, his muscular arms touched the soft woman’s body. He bit his lip hard enough to bleed.

Having barely put up with the great anguish, Asrahan concentrated on pulling himself out. After a few minutes of hellish time, he was finally able to almost move his body without waking her up.

And Lariette moved again as if waiting for that moment.

“You bad old man!”

She seemed to be dealing with a villain in her dream. Her smooth legs swayed through the air as if it was even a kick of justice.

And the legs, which had lost their direction, fell and landed helplessly.

In the end, her legs land on top of something that has become hard and hot.

“Ugh, you bad boy…”

Lariette continued to sleep talking and dug into something warm near her. Efforts that barely escaped were useless.

Although it is Lariette who’s doing the worst thing right now, busy enjoying a sweet sleep in peace and peacefully.

And Asrazan really wanted to cry for the first time in 20 years.

Outside the window, the rain started pouring down like a pole, as if to express his heart.

* * *

The warm sunlight shone through the gaps in the curtains, illuminating the dark room.

Lariette closed her eyes a few times, then turned on the stretch and slowly raised her upper body. I looked to the side with my hair and face neatly arranged, and Asrazan was sitting leaning against the head of the bed.

“I slept well. Asrazan, did you sleep well?”

He woke up early today. Lariette added with a sly smile. It felt good to start the morning looking at his face.

“… Yes.”

Asrazan nodded, unable to tell the truth.

He hadn’t slept properly for two days, so his fatigue was terrible. But sometimes, when he was busy, he cut down on sleep to this extent, so he was able to endure it.

On the other hand, Lariette, who slept deeply without ever waking up, was very refreshed. She seemed to be overflowing with energy. So she continued to speak in a recalled voice.

“Sleeping here seems to relieve my fatigue! Is it because I like the bedding, or is it because I like Asrazan?”

Lariette wrinkled one eye and threw out a natural line as if breathing. Asrazan, who was still not fully accustomed to such fluttering, raised the corners of his mouth slightly when she said that she liked him.

If I could hear her say something like this, it would have been nothing like not sleeping for a day or two.

“I like having breakfast with you too.”

Although last night was very difficult. Asrazan quietly swallowed the words and smiled.

At the sweet words of his lover, Lariette’s face brightened to the point where there was no more. But just as she was about to answer, a familiar voice came over the tightly closed door.

“That’s a relief!”

It was Halstein’s voice.

At the sudden interruption of the conversation, Lariette opened her eyes and looked at the door. Asrazan stared coldly through the door.

Halstein continued without hesitation.

“Good morning to both of you! I’m really sorry to interrupt your good time, but I’m here to tell you something urgently.”


Asrazan called out his name as a warning. It was to point out that he came rudely and spoke without knocking.

However, the butler, who has been particularly fearful lately, did not stop talking.

“Because it rained heavily yesterday morning, the duvet stopped drying out! So I think you’ll have to share a room for a few more days, are you okay? Oh, and can I bring the food to your room? The house is still a bit messy because of the commotion yesterday.”

Halstein was sneakily trying to tie in what he wanted by adding a frivolous question to the end. For Asrazan, who had been through all kinds of things since childhood, it was a method that didn’t even work.

However, it seemed to be a method that worked for Lariette.

“Yes I’m okay. Please do so.”

“Yes, Lady! Then we will bring breakfast soon!”

Halstein quickly replied because Asrazan might disagree with it, and then left the room. There was a wide smile on his face.

Lariette seems to have realized her mistake only after he left, laughing. Along with the sound, she looked at Asrazan’s eyes.

“Did I make a mistake? I’m sorry if that’s the case, Asrazan.”

“… No. it’s alright.”

I swear I wasn’t really alright.

I thought I was going to die for two days. Spending a few more days together? It seemed to me that it would be more comfortable to participate in the war alone.

However, since he told Lariette, ‘It’s good to have breakfast with you’, it was strange to suddenly claim that he doesn’t want to sleep together. Maybe Lariette might get hurt.

It was a hundred times better for him to have suffered than to hurt her, so Asrazan could not say anything in the end.

So they slept together that night. No, to be precise, only Lariette fell asleep, and Asrazan stayed up all night with her sleeping habits.

And the day after four days of Asrazan’s sleeplessness.

“Asrazan, Are you sleeping already?”

Lariette asked in a surprised voice. But no answer came from her.

Asrazan, who had reached the peak of his fatigue, finally laid himself on the bed and started sleeping like a dead person.

He literally looked like a dead person. His breathing was not loud, and his body hardly moved.

Lariette even checked if his heart was beating just in case.

“You really sleep…”

Lariette opened her eyes wide as if in a strange way and muttered. She took a little nap when Asrazan went to work earlier, so she was alert until late at night.

It was a very strange scene for Lariette. Up until now, she always fell asleep before Asrazan and woke up late, so I never saw him sleeping properly.

In fact, He had never actually slept, but of course she didn’t know.

“Uh, you’re handsome.”

How can my lover this perfect when he sleeps like this? Lariette looked at Asrazan who was sleeping and began to tremble again.

When I sleep and wake up every day, I may get tired of it, but I never got tired of such a handsome face. Rather, I would be more tired of the fact that humans had to sleep.

‘It should be designated as a national treasure.’

Lariette thought with a serious face. He was so good-looking that it was designated as a national treasure and deserved to be treated as gold or jade.

The figure of Asrazan appearance when he woke up was subtly decadent, languid, and sensual, but his sleeping appearance was like a statue and cute. It was also sexy and cute.

Lariette gently looked at Asrazan, who was sleeping with her chin on the bed. Even his straight eyelashes looked so pretty.

If he had only been handsome, she wouldn’t have given him so much heart. No matter how good-looking he is, she dislikes a man with a bad personality.

However, Asrazan had a beautiful heart as well as his face. Because of that, Lariette fell deeper.


While I was looking at the national treasure for a long time, suddenly Asrazan groaned. Lariette was surprised to bite herself, wondering if her gaze was too stinging.


Are you telling me to stop staring at you? Lariette flinched and looked at him because she was being stabbed.

Asrazan’s expressionless face was already contorted a lot. Cold sweat ran down his forehead, and his complexion was particularly pale.

It was like having a nightmare. He kept muttering, ‘Stop,’ and his body trembled.

As soon as Lariette tried to wake him up, Asrahan murmured in a very mournful and cold voice.


Lariette stiffened in the position where her hands were outstretched. It was a word she never thought would come out of his mouth.

After meeting Asrazan and entering the Duke of Kandel’s residence, Lariette never once asked him about his family. Because I had already heard about him.

It is said that the Duke and Duchess of Kandel passed away when he was very young. After that, I was told that Kandel’s wealth and power were deprived of other distant relatives, and that he wandered the battlefield in a cursed state.

However, despite such a cliff-edge situation, he was unable to recover what was lost after winning dazzling victories in most wars, so he was able to further strengthen Kandel’s power. He’s really great.

‘How difficult was Asrazan in the process?’

Lariette reached out again and stroked his fine hair. After that, as she gently rubbed his face, Asrazan’s face seemed to get better.

She still remembered Asrazan’s reluctance to go to crowded places. Whenever he goes out, even for a short time, he puts a bandage on his already healed upper body and wears a coat even on a hot day.

Perhaps the curse tormented his mind more than his body.


Lariette spoke in a calm voice.

“I’ll make sure to purify it all up.”

I gently stroked his face with my fingers, as if comforting him. From the rough skin texture to the sharp chin.

“The Body and mentally.”

More than just healing the curse of his body, she wanted to help him get along with others and share happiness without any worries.

It was because Asrazan had become so precious to her before she realized. It was because I loved h.

“Even if I leave, so that you can continue to be happy.”

Lariette smiled sadly and finished her speech. This was her goal for the rest of her life and her final bucket list.

And at that moment, Asrazan’s eyes, who she only thought he was sleeping like a dead man, opened his eyes.


Lariette’s heart fell as she faced the cold blue eyes.

“What did you say?”

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