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TL Chapter 38


Chapter 38 (Can’t we kiss one more time?)

After dinner time, Lariette and Asrazan went back to their own rooms.

Even if they sleep together, it was to prepare separately before that. Because they couldn’t change clothes and wash themselves in front of each other.

Of course, Lariette was expecting them to be together someday, but it was still a long way off when she saw Asrazan, who was terribly surprised when she touched him. Before she left, I wondered if it was possible.

Asrazan returned to his room and hurriedly prepared to sleep with his face reddened. He was finished too quickly, so there was quite a bit of time left until Lariette arrived.

He sat down at his desk to fill up his spare time and started reading the papers. He believed that he would be able to concentrate quickly because it was something he did as a habit whenever he had time.

However, no matter how much he read, the content never came into his head. The white ones were paper and the black ones were just text.

His head was already filled with thoughts of her, and there was no way he could concentrate on anything else.


In the end, Asrazan sighed deeply, sat down on the chair, got up, and repeated back and forth between the bed and the sofa.

If anyone else saw it, it would have been shocking. The Duke of Kandel is restless!

After repeating the action ten times, the person he was waiting for arrived. Of course, he couldn’t read a single line of the document properly.

The door opened with a clear, light knocking sound. Asrazan sat on the sofa in a position as natural as possible, watching Lariette come in.

“Asrazan, I’m here!”

Lariette entered the room with a bright voice. Asrazan briefly greeted him with ‘Are you here?’

She was wearing a long nightgown dress with her hair pulled to one side. The pajamas had an elegant design, but the revealing of the pure white neck was strangely stimulating.

Asrazan tried hard not to focus on it.

“I brought this too! Ta-da!”

Lariette was holding in her hand something beautifully wrapped with ribbon, and it looked like the cake she had bought earlier.

Asrazan wasn’t the type to enjoy eating at night, but remembering that she bought it for him, he could chew even if it’s steel.

“Would you like to eat now?”

“Yes! What kind of cake would you like?”

Asrazan was silent for a moment at the playful question. It was because he knew so few types of dessert that he couldn’t remember the name.

So he pulled out the sofa so that Lariette could sit comfortably and mentioned the most famous and easy cake.

“Whipped cream cake?”

“Wow! How did you know? To be precise, it’s a strawberry whipped cream cake.”

Lariette naturally sat down next to Asrazan and laughed. When she untied the ribbon and opened the box, he saw a couple of slices of cake topped with large strawberries.

“Do you like whipped cream cake?”


“Really? thank god.”

In response to Asrazan’s answer, Lariette gently wrinkled her eyes and smiled softly. It was because I was worried that he wouldn’t like it very much.

In fact, Asrazan had no particular preference for any dessert. It was the same with food or anything.

But he has decided that from today onwards he will like the whipped cream cake. Just because he saw her smile.

Asrazan lifted a fork and cut off the front part of the cake. Then he said, raising the fork carefully so as not to spill.

“Lariette. Have some.”

Lariette opened her eyes wide and looked at his perfectly handsome figure just before going to sleep and the cake in his hand. It seems that it was an act that reminded me of what I had said before that it would be nice to feed him.

Seeing him not forgetting even the smallest details tickled my heart and lifted my spirits. At that, Lariette smiled brightly and opened her mouth slightly.

The problem, however, was that Asrazan overestimated the size of her mouth. It was a bite-sized cake for him, but it was too big for Lariette.

As a result, the whipped cream surrounding the strawberry inevitably got stuck next to her red lips.

Strawberry, something on Lariette’s lips. It was a familiar combination.

So he thought of the same situation at the same time.

-Originally, these things are cleaned by a lover.

– Alright, now it’s your turn.

Lariette’s actions, wiping away as if licking near her lips with a playful sound, were still vivid to Asrazan. He still remembers that moist feeling.

Lariette stared at him, blinking her eyes without saying a word, and Asrazan also looked at her in silence.

A subtle tension revolved around them again.

‘Hold on, you have to be patient!’

Lariette clenched her fists and muttered in her heart. The memory of Asrazan running away after she hit him like that was still vivid.

Besides, it was only a few hours ago that I proudly said that I would not do anything today and that I would never touch him.

Also, if you break the promise and rush in, you never know when Asrazan will run away. With that thought, Lariette barely endured the desire. Then she smiled a little as a sign of reassurance.

Lariette reached out to grab the tissue.

But before her fingers could even touch the tissue, a strong force pulled her arm.

“… Originally, it was said that a lover would clean it, didn’t you?”

A low-pitched voice rang in my ears. At the same time, Lariette’s heart is pounding!

Asrazan grabbed Lariette’s arm with one hand and grabbed her face with the other, pulling her closer to him.


And in an instant, their lips overlapped.

Unlike last time, it was a sweet and gentle kiss. He absorbed his plump lips without impatience, and licked the whipped cream on his lips as if it were tickling.

However, even after the whipped cream had completely disappeared, he did not take his lips off of her. A soft thing penetrated between his lips and entangled with Lariette’s, sometimes biting her lower lip as if holding back his passion.

As the kiss continued, the tendons in Asrazan’s arms grew firm. It was because the more they kissed each other, the tighter their body got.


Asrazan barely persevered in the desire to dig deeper and deeper, and pulled his lips apart.

Lariette looked at him like that with a hazy gaze. The way he frowned and stared intently at her was so ferocious. Even the low breath looked sultry.

It made her rarely shy. His stern gaze on my lips was strangely embarrassing. It felt like my cheeks were trembling.

“I, I, I will stop eating now. I’m full.”

Lariette turned her head to the other side and muttered in a low voice. It was a lie that no one would believe to say that she was full after eating just one bite.

But she couldn’t help it. If she had eaten here more, it seemed that she would have deliberately put whipped cream on her lips without realizing it. Or, forcefully apply it to her lips and then wipe it.

Terrible thoughts kept running through her mind.

No matter how many things I showed him, I couldn’t even show him making such a silly comment. In fact, she has already shown a lot of silly comments, but Lariette did not think they were just seduction and silly comments.

“I’m also full.”

Asrazan replied with a satisfied smile. I ate what I wanted to eat the most, so I was full.

‘Without eating even a bite of the cake!’

Lariette blushed at his meaningful reply and jumped up from her seat. Then she hurriedly threw herself onto the bed saying she was going to lie down first. It was because I wanted to bury my face in the pillow.

This was very good for Asrazan.

He couldn’t get up right now, and if she was away for a while, he could calm it down. Being too healthy was also a problem.

Lariette, unaware of this situation, mistook him for taking a moment to be considerate of her.

‘My boyfriend is very considerate…!’

He has a handsome face,considerate and kind, has a lot of money, and is good at kissing. There seemed to be nothing missing. The sadness that I wished I had known him before hearing the time limit.

Asrazan tried to stabilize the body and mind by thinking about the recent situation and war-related matters as much as possible. The afterglow of the kiss remained and the excitement did not subside easily.

After a reasonable amount of time, he got up, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

Lariette’s heart was pounding for a bit as she saw a large body approaching in the dark.

Soon she could feel him coming onto the bed. They had slept together yesterday too, but strangely, they became particularly tense today.

Not to mention, Lariette was busy with thunder yesterday, and today, lying in the same bed after kissing, made her nervous.

Lariette slowly turned to his side and lay down. Even the outline that was revealed through the gloomy darkness was a handsome man.



Asrazan also turned slightly and looked at her. Lariette blinked a few times and continued speaking in a whisper.

“Be, before we go to sleep.”

Lariette gently reached out and touched Asrazan’s hand with her finger as if it were tickling. Taking it as a sign of wanting to hold his hand, Asrazan grabbed the back of her hand with his large palm.

At that, Lariette let out a small laugh and opened her mouth again.

“Can’t we kiss one more time?”

I just loved it. Lariette added in a playful voice.

I promised not to touch him, but never promised not to seduce you. She thought with a brazen attitude.

Asrazan remained silent for a moment. It calmed down, but I felt like my body was heating up again.

He bit his lip to hold back his cravings, and then answered firmly.


“You’re mean, why?”

Lariette pouted her lips as if dissatisfied. But this time, even Asrazan could not yield.

In his answering voice, there was clearly a desire that could not be hidden.

“I can’t stand it if we do it here.”

Asrazan took her hand in mine and grabbed it with strength. It wasn’t painful enough, but it was a century that showed how much patience he had.

I could feel my heart pounding in my clasped hands. Hot gazes entangled as if burning in the darkness.

After swallowing one dry saliva, Lariette said, pretending to be calm.

“I need to finish purification soon.”

“You don’t want me to be patient?”

“I do not know? I don’t know anything.”

Lariette tilted her head exaggeratedly, then giggled and laughed. Asrazan also let out a low laugh at her playful reply.

“Just get some sleep.”

“Yes, Asrazan sleeps well too.”

Lariette clasped Asrazan’s one hand with both of her own and closed her eyes. It felt like I was falling asleep when I felt the  warmth.

After a while, she let out a low breath and fell into a deep sleep. Asrazan stared at her with a smile on his lips.

There was no place that wasn’t beautiful.

Thin and neat eyebrows, long eyelashes, round nose and thick lips. A couple of dots on her neck and round ears were all lovely.

It was just because it was her.

When you sleep, your lips slightly open, and when you startle, your eyebrows rise. The appearance of a Lariette jumping when she finds him, her bright smile, and her confident appearance in front of rude people.

It was more lovely, beautiful, and wonderful than anyone else.

To the extent that I don’t want others to see it.


Asrazan muttered her name in a low voice.

With the same heart, he wanted to own everything in Lariette only to himself.

I wanted to tear up and kill the guy who dared to call her by her nickname and meet her often, whether it was a friend or something.

Duke Blanche, her family, who had made Lariette ill, wanted to turn her servant into ashes without leaving a single servant alive.

In particular, the Duke of Blanche and his son wanted to be tortured forever by cutting off limbs and burning their bodies, torture enough to beg for death.

But if he did, she would hate him.

“My, Lariette.”

The cold and hot blue eyes tenaciously captured Lariette’s appearance.

As he vomited the words in his heart, an indescribable satisfaction filled him.

The situation in which she hated him was more terrible than anything else. I didn’t even want to imagine it.

Therefore, Asrazan suppressed and suppressed the ferocious possessiveness and jealousy that occasionally soared.

“Stay on my side.”

Yes, if you do that, I will be able to endure it forever.

As long as you do that.

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