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TL Chapter 35


Chapter 35 (A Demon like Priest)

Duke Blanche’s expression brightened indescribably. The anger that had filled his face up until now was gone.

“Are you saying that the high priest himself will heal my son?”

The Duke of Blanche confirmed it again with an excited voice. As Doha smiled softly and affirmed, Duke Blanche’s mouth opened as if it was about to tear at any moment.

“It would be such an honor! Raon, come on and thank him!”

It was something to be happy about. High priests did not easily heal unless they were the emperor.

But the healing of Mikhail Doha Bellion, the most outstanding among the few high priests!

In Duke Blanche’s opinion, even the powerful Duke of Kandel would never have received it. In fact, Doha was coming and going to the Duke of Kandel almost every day, but no one knew it yet.

It was also an opportunity to make a connection with the next Pope, hopefully. If that’s the case, it would be quick to regain Duke Blanche’s power.

Raon, who was on the servant’s back, looked at his father’s servile behavior with dissatisfied eyes. He seemed to have already forgotten that his son was ill.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

Raon pouted his lips briefly and greeted Doha with his eyes. It was fortunate that I did not have to bend my back because I was carried. Because his pride didn’t allow him to do that.

“Then, only the Duke of Blanche son will follow me.”

“Yes? My son? alone… What do you mean?”

Duke Blanche’s eyes widened at the sudden condition. It was because there seemed to be no reason to send Raon alone.

Then, in an instant, Doha wiped the smile off his face and continued.

“Yes. Because I am reluctant to be interrupted during healing. Do you not like it?”

At the sudden cold attitude, Duke Blanche shook his head in amazement. There was no reason not to let Raon go alone.

“No! How can I hate it! Raon, come and go!”

He was afraid that Doha would change his mind, so he answered hastily. Then he urged the servant who carried Raon to move quickly.

Doha smiled again and turned around and took the first step. Upon seeing this, Duke Blanche quickly approached Raon and whispered in his ear.

“He is going to be Pope. Be respectful!”

“… Yes.”

Raon replied reluctantly. It was then that he realized who Doha was. I heard the rumors, but I didn’t know that he was such a young man, so I was too late to figure it out.

Upon arriving at the small room inside the temple, Doha ordered the servants to leave as well. The servant carefully set Raon down on the sofa and then left the room.


There was the sound of the door being locked.

Doha slowly turned his head and looked down at Raon, who was leaning on the sofa. Facing the subtly sunken golden eyes, Raon swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.

Oddly enough, I felt goosebumps on my skin. It was his body’s last warning, but unfortunately Raon didn’t notice it. It was just unpleasant to have to be polite to a guy who is going to be the next Pope.

“How did you get hurt like this?”

Doha looked at Raon’s body with a soft face. The two legs, which were swollen due to broken bones, were the first to be seen.

“Hmm, I’m tripped…”

Raon coughed in vain and answered as if making an excuse. It was because I was embarrassed to tell him that I had to roll down the stairs by myself, frightened by the eyes of the knight.

Doha reached out and unleashed divine power in his leg. Unlike when he healed Lariette, it was a very rough hand gesture. It felt like a stabbing pain, but as a warm energy wrapped around his leg, the pain went away in an instant.

Raon frowned slightly. His legs seemed to heal quickly, but he was strangely unwell. It also seemed a little dizzy.

Is it because the power of the high priest is too strong? Raon tilted his head, as it was a feeling that he did not usually have when receiving healing from a lower priest.

“Is this a wound too?”


When Doha mercilessly grabbed his injured finger, Raon couldn’t contain it and let out a scream. It wasn’t too much of a stretch, as he gripped his fat fingers tightly.

“Oh, excuse me.”

Doha put a sly smile on his face as if it was a mistake.

Instead of apologizing properly, he smile. It was a very angry attitude in the eyes of the victim.

However, it was too difficult for Doha to hold back his smile. It was because the scars that these marks were inflicted was so funny. Of course, it wasn’t actually a funny level of injury.

‘Rie bite marks are so cute.’

My body heated up with excitement at the thought of having bitten hard with that tiny mouth. But at the same time, anger toward Raon rose.

What did he do that made Lariette bite him? He kept a smile and slowly made eye contact with Raon.

“Heal me. You talk a lot in front of patients.”

Raon replied with a huff. Although he had listened to the advice of the Duke of Blanche, his tone was very sarcastic.

‘A man of low origin became a high priest…!’

As soon as I realized Doha’s true identity, a lot of rumors about him popped into my mind. There were as many and varied contents as his fame, but they were basically based on one fact.

-The next Pope, Mikhail Doha Bellion, is the son of a prostitute who rolled around on the street.

When he first heard this story, Raon didn’t believe it was possible. A prostitute and a Pope. Because it was a word that was too distant.

But they all agreed and insisted that it was the only truth. The person involved in the rumor also did not say anything or deny it, so it was clear that it was true.

No matter how talented he was, how he had brought such a lowly man into the temple, the Pope’s intentions were questionable.

Doha looked at him with contemptuous gazes, rolled up his lips and smiled. Because the eyes were so familiar.

Then whispered slowly in a capitaving voice.

“The Duke of Kandel is very soft.”

“… What?”

Raon couldn’t believe what he had heard, so he asked blankly. It was a name he never expected to come out of his mouth.

“How dare you hurt a woman who you shouldn’t have even dared to touch. At least the limbs should have been cut off.”

He’s acting softly without answering. Doha added with a face that was too bright for something cruel.

Raon, who was delayed in accepting the meaning of the words for a moment, stared at him with a blank expression, and then his face turned red.

‘How dare you ignore me?’

His father’s advice was now completely gone from his mind. Only the hostility towards Doha remained and simmered.

At the time, the wound on the leg was completely healed, and there was no difficulty in moving. Raon realized this and threw himself at Doha at once.

“You punk!!”

Raon’s fists cut through the air and rushed towards Doha. He was so excited that he didn’t even think to use magic.

However, Doha looked down at him with cold eyes and turned around in a relaxed manner. The white priest’s uniform fluttered gracefully.



In the end, Raon could not even touch Doha’s collar and fell to the floor in a stupid position. Doha clicked his tongue as if he had seen something dirty.

Is he a priest who’s only lived in a temple? Raon thought while moaning at the pain in his knee.

“How can a man who was rolling on the street not avoid such an attack?”

Doha replied as if he had read Raon’s thoughts. For him, it was funny to see him attack him with only such skills.

Before entering the temple, he had done so many things to survive. It was nothing like a street fight.

Raon bit his lip and tried to get up. But, strangely, his vision was blurry and his body was extremely heavy. I also felt dizzy.

Step, step. The sound of footsteps drew closer. When I barely lifted my head and looked up, I saw Doha sitting down in front of me.

The face of a god-like beauty was overflowing with fierce madness.

“Are you dizzy?”

“You… what are you doing…!”

Raon let out a rough breath and muttered. It was clear what he was doing when he was healing my leg earlier.

Doha slowly crossed his arms and smiled. Then he replied that it was nothing.


“I twisted your mana circuit once.”

“… What?”

“If I leave it as it is, it will explode and you’ll die within a few months. Bam-! What do you think, isn’t it fun?”

Raon’s face suddenly turned pale. Because he knew that Doha was not joking.

“Hey, cra, crazy…!”

It felt like blood was draining out of my body. My head was spinning with fear and my lips were trembling, making it difficult to spit out a word.

Doha smiled and spoke slowly.

“Healing it would be impossible unless it’s stronger than me.”

And, of course, there is no such person. He whispered softly in Raon’s ear.

“You’d better be wise, Prince Blanche.”

“How, how, how do I…”

Raon finally understood the situation and shook his head. The conversation was even more sullen.

The fear that his body might burst and die weighed all his pride down. It was because he knew that nothing would change if he left this room and tried to tell the world what Doha had done.

Mikhail Doha Bellion was considered to have more power than the current Pope. If he wanted to, he would have turned himself to ashes right now.

The reason he was so arrogant despite knowing that he was the next Pope was because he didn’t know he was such a madman. The rumors about his cruel nature were only a lie when he looked at his kind face.

“If you touch Rie one more time, you’ll die that day.”

Doha took off the mask of a good priest and revealed his bare face. His face was so cold and terrifying.

More like demons than gods.

* * *

As it turns out, a handsome man was always good to see.

Lariette felt that fact deeply after meeting Asrazan. No matter what we did together, seeing that handsome face made me so happy and full of feeling even if I didn’t eat.

But today Lariette realized a better moment than ever.

That is, as soon as she got up and opened her eyes, she saw Asrazan’s face in front of her nose.

“Are you awake?”

“Thank God…”

Her blurred vision became clearer, and Asrazan’s radiant face was also clearly revealed. He must have just woken up, but he looked handsome without missing a single place.

Lariette sang to God and expressed her gratitude from the depths of her heart. It meant thank you for creating such a perfect work.

Asrazan, unaware of this, considered that she was a devout believer and prayed to God every morning.

“Asrazan, did you sleep well?”

“… Yes. Did you sleep well?”

“I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep well because Asrazan was next to me.”

See, my hands are still shaking? Lariette deliberately dropped her hand and added it naturally.

“… Is that so.”

Asrazan gently rolled up his lips and answered with a smile. It was just ridiculous for him to know how quickly and well she slept yesterday.

“Asrazan, you look kind of tired. Have you not slept well?”


“You just slept an hour or two, didn’t you?”

“No. Please don’t worry.”

Lariette looked at Asrazan with suspicious eyes. His face wasn’t as good as usual.

Asrazan slowly got up and moved away from her. It was the sign of getting ready to go to work.

In fact, it was not a lie to say that he only slept for an hour or two. He slept less than ten minutes, let alone an hour or two. At first, Lariette was lying next to him, and there was no way he could fall asleep.

It was a hellish night.

He knew he shouldn’t do that, but he kept getting conscious and hot, and when he tried to go to the bathroom to calm down, how did he know, Lariette grabbed his hand while sleeping and stopped him. As a result, he had to endure several hours in that condition.

It was so painful that now my thighs were aching. I was nervous all night, so that was enough.

“What are you planning to do today?”

Asrazan cleared his head and struggled to speak. I wanted to change, but I couldn’t take off my clothes in front of her.

Lariette slowly lifted the blanket off her body and stood up. As soon as Asrazan saw her like that, he quickly turned his head.

It was because the pajamas that had been rolled up to the thighs came into view. He avoided her gaze as quickly as possible, but her white, pale skin remained like an afterimage, tormenting him.

“After making some plans, I’m going to visit Doha. Can I?”

“… Do as you please.”

“Thanks. Then….”

Asrazan answered with his eyes tightly closed. Normally, he would have felt jealous of meeting Doha, but there was no time for that because his mind was still captured.

Lariette made a muffled, thought-provoking expression. Then she smiled brightly and spoke.

“I will sleep with Asrazan!”

“… Yes?”

Asrazan’s eyes lit up.

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke. Puhaha!”

Look at that face! Lariette laughed and teased him. It was very cute to see him in shock.

Asrazan blushed in embarrassment, but inwardly swept his chest. Because that happy and painful moment last night was enough.

However, Asrazan at this time did not know.

Today, tomorrow, and the next day.

They’re going to keep sharing the same bed.

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