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TL Chapter 31


Chapter 31 (Long first kiss)

The beginning was a light kiss like a short kiss in the bathtub.

Asrazan’s lips touched Lariette’s lips as if they were rubbing against each other. It felt rough and soft at the same time.

As if hesitating for a moment, the lips that had been held in a slightly touched state soon overlapped without a gap. It was a natural movement, as if it was finding its place.

Asrazan carefully sucked her lips through the gaps that overlapped at an angle.

There was a damp sound.


Lariette frowned slightly and let out a moan. It was a moan with multiple meanings.

My injured lips also sting, and… There were other reasons. It was a shameful reason to tell Asrazan.

“… Does it hurt?”

Asrazan bit himself with a self-blaming face. Driven by his instincts, he forgot she was hurt and kissed her like a fool.

However, as soon as Lariette saw him pull out, she hurriedly grabbed his collar. Now, the pain was not important.

“No, it’s still not enough.”

It’s a kiss that I finally got, and I can’t let it go like this! Lariette thought so and stared at him with a determined gaze.

“… But.”

“Is that enough for Asrazan?”

For something like that, I had a lot of energy in my body. Lariette muttered as if snorting.

Asrazan clenched his strength in his hand on the blanket, trying to bring back the patience that left his body. However, there was no way he could find patience with her beautiful and lustful purple eyes.

“Not enough.”

It was a voice that sounded like a growling beast. Asrazan gripped her slender waist tightly again.

“Not yet, for a long time.”

And their lips met again. He sucked the tender flesh through her overlapping lips as if to quench his thirst.


Hot breaths entangled and intertwined. It was an unbelievably dense and erotic kiss that was unbelievably the first kiss of her life.

Lariette found it difficult to breathe, so she placed her hand on Asrazan’s thigh.

And that small contact became a big start for Asrazan.

“Hey, Lariette.”


Asrazan called her name in a low, subdued voice. When a voice full of lust reached her ear, Lariette let out a sound of pain involuntarily.

He grabbed Lariette’s waist with both hands and lifted it up. Then he sat her down on his thick, hard thighs.

Another wet kiss followed.

Lariette grabbed Asrazan’s shoulder as if holding a lifeline. Because of her long nails, Asrazan’s shoulders stinged, but even that came as a pleasant stimulus.

“As, Asrazan.”

Lariette took a deep breath and panted. But Asrazan swallowed her lips without giving her time to speak. It was a tenacious movement, as if not a single breath would be taken from her.

“Lariette, are you having a hard time?”

Asrazan asked if she was out of breath. But his gaze was so deep that it seemed to eat her at any moment.

Lariette was so panting that she couldn’t even answer. Suddenly, her moist eyes looked at him pitifully.

Asrazan was very satisfied with the way she looked at only himself, so he rolled up the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“I am still lacking.”

He pulled her waist tighter and closer to him. The soft female body and the muscular body touched without a gap.

“Can I kiss you more?”

Please don’t spit out the words of rejection. His eyes said so.

Judging from Lariette’s condition, it seemed like she should stop at this point, but his instinct wanted a deeper and deeper kiss.

But Asrazan wasn’t foolish enough to force her lips to meet even though she was sick. If she said it was difficult, he would quit without hesitation.

It’s a pity, but it’s because Lariette’s condition was of course more important than his dirty desires.


Lariette finally caught her breath and called out his name.

Asrazan was silent for a moment, waiting for the next word. Her lips looked swollen, which made him even more concerned.

However, Lariette has always exceeded expectations.

“I like you.”

Lariette’s eyes gently curved and drew an arc. There was also a faint smile on her red lips.

It was more of an elegant smile than usual. Despite her face with scratches everywhere, she was infinitely confident and beautiful.

“I like you, Asrazan.”

Lariette spoke once more, as if admitting to herself. It was a different word from the ‘I like it so much!’

It was a word and emotion that she thought about for a long time. During a contract relationship, I didn’t know if I could dare put it in my mouth or embrace it.

But the emotions were not blocked by trying to stop them, and the words flowed out of my lips against my will. It came out as if the door to a closet full of things was about to open.

‘I’m in trouble.’

Lariette still smiled and furrowed her eyebrows. It was because she was already starting to fear the upcoming parting.

On the other hand, Asrazan’s handsome face was a rare blank expression. His lips were slightly opened and his enlarged pupils trembled subtly.

That figure was cute again, so Lariette laughed softly.

Latter is later. For now, you should enjoy it.’

As she vowed to do so, she grabbed Asrazan’s face with both hands.

And this time, she kissed his lips first.


Until now, it was a suspiciously short kiss to see if it was right to kiss dirty and sexy.  More like a brief kiss.

But even that alone, Asrazan felt his body heat up. Her confession, that smile, just everything about Lariette made him excited.

“So do I.”

Asrazan answered in a voice that was supremely satisfied. Then he opened his mouth to add, but didn’t say anything.

I wanted to express my feelings for her properly. It was a feeling that could not be expressed with just ‘I like you’.

Every night, thoughts of you float on the bed.

I look forward to seeing the sun rise in the morning for the first time in my life and the next day to come.

It was the first time I realized that every day is so precious.

Every word from you makes me feel like going back and forth between heaven and hell, and seeing you hurt makes me feel like my whole body has been ripped to pieces.

I can kill anyone for you.

However, no matter how much I searched for words, I couldn’t find anything that could express all of this. Because any expression was too shallow to express my feelings.

So Asrazan just kissed her.

A tender kiss continued as if precious and precious. His strong arms supported her back and the back of her head, and Lariette hugged Asrazan’s thick body tightly.

The breath came and went again, and the kiss became deeper and deeper. A moan leaked through Lariette’s lips. It wasn’t a painful sound.


At the same time, Asrazan’s forehead was deeply wrinkled. Tendons grew in the arm that was holding her, and strength went into other places as well.

And because of his sitting posture, Lariette was able to feel his change very vividly.

In fact, I didn’t express it, but it was something I felt clearly from before. However, now it has no choice but to express itself.


Asrazan let out a low sigh and removed his lips from her. If he kissed her more, he had to let it go because he thought it would be a big deal.

But when he looked at her lips, he was left with regret. He looked at Lariette with a serious gaze.

Two eyes filled with the same desire met. However, the depth was incomparable to that of Asrazan.

Lariette swallowed her saliva with her eyes that seemed to tie him tightly. Her lips seemed to have burst more and it tasted like blood, but he couldn’t care less about that.

A dizzying tension lingered around the two of them. My skin felt tingly and I felt a chill. If there was even one more signal, it seemed to move on to the next at once.

At the same time, they were alone in a dark room, also on the bed, overlapping each other. Too fit to go to the next step.

Thinking of ‘next’, Lariette immediately felt a bloated stomach. All the skin he touched was hot.

Lariette suddenly became ashamed of this strange state and wanted to back out. She lifted her stiff body slightly and slid backwards.

But this only had worse results.


“Ugh! I, I’m sorry!”

Lariette’s lower body pressed against him. Even if she intentionally tried to provoke it, there was nothing to say.

Asrazan let out a small moan, Lariette was very embarrassed and quickly spat out an apology. She gasped and took a deep breath when she met his blue eyes full of desire.

And in an instant, the world turned.


Asrazan grabbed Lariette’s body at once. As easy as holding a glass of water.

And when Lariette, who had closed her eyes in surprise, opened her eyes again, she was already lying on the bed. And Asrazan was looking down at her from above.


Lariette eventually started hiccups that she didn’t want to do in this situation.

‘Is it working? Is it finally working today?’

A feeling of not knowing whether it was anticipation or anxiety engulfed her. Her body was trembling and her heart was pounding loudly.

‘What underwear am I wearing today? Did matching? Wouldn’t it be better to wash up first?!’

Realistic worries quickly ran through her head. Besides, when she thinks about it, her body is now stained with scars, and it must have been dirty because she couldn’t wash it. The pain was tolerable now, but it was embarrassing to show it like that.

And Asrazan said calmly, as if he had read her mind.

“I won’t do it.”

Lariette’s face turned red at the resolute voice. It was because she felt ashamed because she thought she was the only one who had a crazy imagination.

“What are you not doing? hiccup! I don’t know anything?”

She deliberately pretended not to know. Asrazan smiled a little because it was cute. And that smile made Lariette even more embarrassed.

Anyone who sees it would know that I’m the only one who’s anxious! Lariette mumbled in a low voice.

Asrazan smiled quietly and answered the murmur.

“I am much more anxious than you. You must have felt it.”

Her face was now as red as a tomato as the firm and heavy sensation came to mind. Because I didn’t know you would say something like that.

Asrazan continued to speak calmly, unaware of any shame.

“But it’s not yet the time, so we just have to be patient as much as we can.”

Lariette’s body wasn’t good, so he couldn’t put his desires first.

Not only that, but his body was still broken by the curse. He didn’t want to hold her like that. Because he was afraid that his own dirt might get on her.

Lariette glanced at Asrazan, who suddenly had a sad face. It looks like he won’t go  more than this today.

I was relieved, but also sad. So she decided to do something else.

Lariette raised her upper body slightly from the bed and asked the question confidently.

“Then can I kiss you more?”

When we were doing it, it was hard because it was so erotic and dark, but after we finished it, I immediately wanted to do it again. At Lariette’s reaction, Asrazan finally couldn’t bear it and burst into laughter.

“It seems like it will be hard for me to bear if we keep going.”

“That’s a pity.”

Lariette replied with a clever smile. Suddenly, their faces got closer, and he rubbed his nose with her as if jokingly.

“Please be patient.”

With those last words, Lariette pulled him on top. Kissing while lying down seemed like a terrifyingly good thing.

And it was the moment when our lips were about to overlap again.

“Master! Lady! The priest has arrived!”

Halstein’s loud voice echoed through the door. There was also the sound of gasping breath as if he had jumped in a hurry.

“Halstein… ”

Asrazan frowned at the reckless behavior, and Lariette muttered his name in a resentful voice.

But Lariette’s healing was more important, so that’s how the long first kiss ended.

* * *

Lariette and Doha faced each other in the drawing room without a single servant. It was because of Lariette’s firm insistence on doing so.

Asrazan shaded his blunt face and expressed that he did not like the opinion, but it had no effect.

The reason Lariette came out so resolutely was simple. It was because I did not want to show Asrazan my wounds.

Even if Asrazan is in a real state right now, she doesn’t know what will happen if he sees all the wounds.

“… Who else did this, Rie?”

However, what I hadn’t thought of was the fact that Doha had a very dirty personality.

Doha checked Lariette’s condition and at the same time distorted his pretty face. The voice that asked the question was terrifyingly eerie.

Even so, Lariette’s appearance was almost miserable.

One side of her face was severely injured, and a long wound ran across her cheek, and her limbs were nowhere to be seen.

Even both wrists were swollen as if they had been broken.

Thanks to Lariette’s long dress and shawl, it was completely invisible to Asrazan.

“What kind of bastard, dare do this to you?”

Unable to answer, Lariette smiled awkwardly. Doha smiled bitterly as if he knew that.

“I think I told you not to get hurt.”

I think Rie listens very poorly to me. Doha added in a cool voice.

His vision contained Lariette’s empty wrist. Somehow, he said it was strange that there was no response. She didn’t seem to even wear the gifts he gave her properly.

“Ah, it’s so pretty that I was take it…”

Lariette, who saw his gaze, clapped her hand with a sore hand in embarrassment.

Come to think of it, if I had worn the bracelet that Doha gave me, it would have had a slight healing effect. I didn’t want to show such an expensive item to Blanche’s person, so I left it behind. Even if I regret it, it was a late thought.

Doha was not very happy with the current situation. It was attractive not knowing where to go, but it was very uncomfortable to get hurt in a place you didn’t know.

And especially, her swollen lips were so annoying. Really.

That’s why he decided to give up his kindness to her for a while.

“Come here, Rie.”

Because I have a lot to heal today. Doha murmured and pulled Lariette’s body.

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