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TL Chapter 18


Chapter 18 ( This Is A Kiss )

Asrazan sat still, Lariette moaned and tried to unbutton the button. But soon she failed again and looked at him.

Lariette’s white face suddenly turned red like a rose.

She stared blankly at Asrazan for a moment, then quickly moved and approached him.


Asrazan unconsciously leaned his upper body back and swallowed dry saliva.

“Lariette, why all of a sudden… Are you drunk?”

Lariette didn’t answer, but reached out and grabbed his shoulder. And in an instant, he slammed and pushed him away.

It was a weak force, but in embarrassment, Asrazan’s body could not be used and fell backwards. Soon he was completely lying on the sofa.


Lariette, who sat on his lower body, raised the corners of her mouth and said with a smile.

“Are you going to finish what you were doing back then?”

A seductive touch passed Asrazan’s chest.

Thump. With that his heart pounding.

His whole body stiffened with tension. The strength in the thighs she was sitting on was stiff.

‘You have to be patient. Lariette was drunk….’

Asrazan thought desperately and tried to suppress his desires.

No matter how much he declared that he would not look after him next time, he could not act recklessly toward a drunken person.

It was precious, so it didn’t mean that I would protect it for the rest of my life. But at least the first touch, she wanted to do it when she really wanted to, while she was sane.

Suppressing emotions was something Asrazan was accustomed to. So, I believed that I could easily do it this time as well.

However, the moment Lariette slowly moved her hips and bowed her body, Asrazan realized that this was absolutely not the case.

“What, you didn’t say anything…”

“Lariette, get out of the way.”

“Ugh, I don’t like it….”

“Get out of the way.”

Asrazan bit his molars and said in a desperate voice.

I felt like I was going crazy. If she moved a little more, she might touch it, which clearly reveals its presence.

And if that happened, it seemed like I couldn’t control it at all.

It was enough to grab her by the waist and set it aside, but Asrazan, who was in embarrassment, did not notice the simple method.

“Then, let’s see… Can’t you just do one favor? huh? Then I’ll get out of here!”

Lariette, not recognizing the crisis, said with a smile. Perhaps it was because of drunkenness, her back was particularly droopy, and her voice was mixed with a seductive voice.

Even the appearance was so cute and provocative for Asrazan, he groaned briefly. Then, as if giving up, he opened his mouth.

“What do you mean? I will listen to anything, so get out of the way.”

“Kiss me please!”

Asrazan wiped his face again with his hand. She was definitely trying to drive him crazy.

Lariette continued to swarm with her innocent voice.

“Not a long kiss, but a brief kiss. huh? Just one kiss and I’ll get out of the way! Take it easy, take it easy!”

She bowed her head and held out her little finger in front of Asrazan’s face.

Asrazan looked at her face like that with rolling pupils. It was a troubled expression.

He reached out her hand slowly, as if determined. Suddenly, a large hand wrapped around Lariette’s face.

“… Promise, keep it.”

Lariette stared at him with big blinking eyes. Asrazan’s perfect face was getting closer and closer in sight.

She shut her eyes tight. And then she felt the soft touch of her lips.


It was a shallow touch, as if a bird had passed by.

But there was one problem.

It was just that the touch was felt on the cheek.  

“… Are you okay?”

Asrazan’s ears blushed as if he had done an amazing thing on the subject of just kissing the cheek.

Lariette was absurd even in the midst of being intoxicated, and smirked.

“What kind of kiss is that?”

If I took a step away, it was enough if I approached him.

Lariette thought so, and grabbed his face with both hands at once. Then she grabbed him and kissed his lips.

Thick, soft lips and thin, rough lips pressed each other tightly and touched each other. A thumping heartbeat was transmitted through a thin membrane.

The lips went back and forth between the borders as if they were about to open every second. After sharing the warmth for a while, it fell with a moist and embarrassing sound.

“This is a kiss.”

Lariette put on a happy smile on her face, which was red from drunkenness.

And at that moment, Asrazan’s patience ran out.

Asrazan immediately grabbed her wrist and raised his body, changing the posture. In an instant, Lariette’s vision was reversed, and she was lying beneath him.



Asrazan opened his mouth in a growling, scratching voice.

“You should have done it appropriately.”

When he showed patience, she should have restrained herself. Asrazan muttered in his mind and looked at her.

Lariette, who looked at him with a surprised face for a moment, twitched her eyelids with blank eyes.

‘Lying down… Makes me feel sleepy….’

A sleepiness that was not appropriate for the situation suddenly came upon her. It wasn’t strange because she was a woman who always fell off after getting drunk.

She thought there was no reason not to sleep, so Lariette closed her eyes. And fell asleep instantly. The sound of breath spread quickly.

Asrazan watched all these scenes and felt indescribable emotions.



“… Lariette.”


“… Hah.”

Taking a long sigh, he slowly stepped out of the top of Lariette. Then he hugged her and laid her on the bed.

After that, Asrazan stood in the cold water for a long time.

For a very long time, until his lust has completely subsided.

* * *

“Asrazan! Asrazan!”

Lariette called his name again in a clear voice and opened the door to the office. And she found Asrazan with a much darker face than usual.

“Are you up?”

Asrazan was watching the government affairs with his finger on his forehead.

The corners of the eyes were particularly sharp, and the under-eyes were even darker. He had a tired face.

The night before, he couldn’t sleep because of the thoughts of her that kept coming to his mind, so he ended up staying up all night. He stayed up all morning to process the paperwork, and it was enough to give him a migraine.

Asrazan raised his gaze slightly and checked Lariette’s expression. She had an innocent face, as if she knew nothing.

‘No way…’

He brushed his hair and licked his lips. I wanted to ask her if she remembered what happened last night, but he couldn’t speak out of embarrassment.

And Lariette smiled brightly and put a dagger in his chest.

“When did I fall asleep? I remember saying that I would continue treatment with Doha….”


“I really drink a lot, right? The cocktail must have been strong. Ugh, hangover.”

She patted her the chest and gave me a gurgling look. It felt like the scent of alcohol was coming up from under her throat.

Meanwhile, Asrazan seemed to have been betrayed.

You took my first kiss, don’t you remember?

His heart was racing and he couldn’t even sleep properly, but the person who actually committed the incident couldn’t remember it, it’s so unfairness.

She even remembered the information that was favorable to her. The sight of her calling out the priest’s name casually brought his teeth together.


“So this morning, something warm… yes?”

Lariette was joking about having onion soup for breakfast, and when he called out her name in a very low voice, her eyes widened.

And soon, she found a cold and hot flame in Asrazan’s eyes.

“In the future, drinking with other people is prohibited.”

“Yes? Why all of a sudden!”

“… It’s forbidden.”

Asrazan, unable to tell the reason, repeated the same words.

Lariette furrowed her eyebrows in embarrassment and began to protest.

“Why are you doing this? Up until now, other people have said that they’re fine with my drinking habit…”

“… Other people?”

Lariette closed her mouth without speaking.

Come to think of it, the people who drank with her were mostly ex-boyfriends. To mention my ex in front of my current boyfriend, there was no other mistake like this.

As Lariette’s eyes fluttered, Asrazan’s eyes narrowed even more. Once again,  jealousy rose from the depths of his heart.

“Other people. Interesting.”

Who did you drink with? Jealousy was evident in his mumbled voice.

Embarrassed, Lariette slightly turned her gaze away and looked something else. In her heart, she was blaming herself for having said useless words a minute ago.

It was also unfair. Asrahan must have had so many lovers that it was hard to count, but I had only two or three lovers.

Of course, this was a complete misunderstanding, but Lariette did not know.

“By the way, are you busy today?”

“… I have quite a bit of paperwork to deal with in a hurry. It looks like I will have some free time tomorrow.”

Instead of questioning her, Asrazan decided to accept a striking change of topic. It was because her eyes, which were shaking with embarrassment, were very pitiful.

Lariette secretly sighed a sigh of relief over the joy that she had barely escaped the situation.

But then, Halstein came in and added an ignorant voice.

“Excuse me. Lady, a priest has come to visit.”

Asrazan, who was reading the document with his head bowed, slowly raised his gaze and stared at Halstein. Suddenly, wrinkles appeared on his handsome forehead.

‘Why now!’

Lariette also looked at Halstein with a tearful face. The timing was not so good.

Halstein, who knew nothing, faced the two resentful gazes and quickly put on a bewildered expression. Then he asked carefully.

“… Do you want him to go back?”

“No. Please guide him to the drawing room.”

“Ah, even if we do it in my room… I don’t think it will be. The drawing room is perfect.”

Yeah, sure! Lariette quickly added with a thumbs up. It was because Asrazan’s eyebrows twitched when I mentioned my room.

* * *

Doha was sitting on the sofa with a relaxed look. Like the last time I saw him, he had long silver hair neatly tied and he was wearing glasses.


“Lady, it’s been a while.”

Doha smirked and bowed his eyebrows in greeting. As if he had been kicked out, he looked strange as if he had never had to leave the Duke’s residence.

Meanwhile, Lariette lowered her eyebrows and expressed her regret. It was because she was really sorry to even think about it.

Doha to Lariette was the first close friend he met, and the benefactor who connected Asrazan and me.

It was the one who extorted love by giving dating advice to her who knew nothing.

Still, she couldn’t stop him from being kicked out, and she didn’t even call him up and apologize. What came this time was also the same.

“Doha… I’m really sorry… ”

Lariette bowed her head and apologized sincerely. My heart throbbed with guilt.

But Doha rolled up his lips and smiled as if she was apologizing for something like that.

“What are you sorry about? There is nothing you will feel sorry for.”

He tapped Lariette’s forehead with his long index finger. It meant smoothing out wrinkles.

Truly, there was no reason for Lariette to apologize to Doha.

She misunderstood Doha’s intentions for good, but he had never really helped her.


“I’m really sorry, how about a lady coming to see me next time? It’s too burdensome here.”

There are many eyes who see. Doha muttered in a low voice like a whisper.

The reception room in the center of the mansion was often visited by servants serving tea and refreshments. It looked like hospitality, but Doha knew well that it wasn’t.

‘I mean, they all monitoring…’

He looked at her with satisfaction, nodding that she understood, and stroked her chin with her hand.

There was no way he could not have noticed the gentle gazes of those who had not even been trained.

“You’re acting cute.”

“Yes? What did you say?”

“No, I’m just talk to myself. Rie, shall we start with treatment?”

“Ah, that’s what…”

Lariette pursed her lips and glanced at Doha. In a pure sense, even free treatment, I was sorry that I asked for too much.

However, respect for Asrazan was more important than that. There’s no one like when his lover puts their foreheads together with another person.

“How about changing the posture? I think it’s a little too tight.”

“… Did your lover make you do that?”

“No no! It’s just that I care. I have a boyfriend, but that kind of contact… That’s right.”

Lariette waving her hand and hastily denied his words. It was like Asrazan did indirectly, but it was natural as a lover.

Doha kept his smiling face, but there was a subtle emotion in his golden eyes.

To confirm what he had already expected, he asked if they were secretly dating, but when he heard it in person, he felt dirty.

But I couldn’t make it obvious. It was because it was clear that the little beast would notice and run away.

“Yeah, if you wants to, let’s do it. Efficiency will decrease a bit, though.”

“Hehe. Thanks, Doha.”

Fearing that he might be hurt, Lariette smiled pleasantly at the unusual reaction. But Doha wasn’t the only one to quietly retreat.

“But, Rie. Please pay more attention to your friend. Will you be blinded by love and abandon your friendship?”

Doha clasped her hand with a tickling hand and made a sad voice.

Lariette’s eyes widened at the sudden touch, but soon after seeing white light flowing into her hand, she understood why.

She groaned and answered hastily. It was because she did not want to be the person who easily gave up on friendship.

“No, it can’t be! It can’t be, Doha.”

“Isn’t the outing with me only for the operation of jealousy? I’m upset…”

Doha gently lowered his silver eyelashes, making a gloomy expression. In order to survive in the temple, acting skills like this were essential.

“I’m sorry, Doha. I didn’t think of that. What should I do, I’m sorry.”

Completely deceived by Doha’s acting, Lariette was restless and continued to apologize.

Doha kept his pitiful appearance and gently threw the bait.

“Then why don’t you go to the library with me, lady?”

“Uh… today?”

“Yeah, now. Why? Are you going to say no to the library?”

Doha’s eyes twinkled sadly again. Seeing his look like a fox in the rain, Lariette let out a moan without realizing it.

Maybe going to the library with a friend would be okay. She thought so. Then she nodded slowly.

“Yeah, let’s go together. Anyway, Asrazan said he was busy today…”

“Okay, lady. I’m so glad about this.”

As the prey picked up the bait, Doha smiled contentedly. It was actually a mockery of the Duke.

It’s just that the servants end up watching. It was an awkward decision.

All he had to do was be careful about his actions, and there was no way for the Duke to interfere with this suggestion.

‘Well, since you have eyes to see, it would be unreasonable to come directly.’

Doha thought as he softly curled his eyes.

No matter how lovely his lover, he was the owner of this mansion and the Duke of the Empire. If he showed jealousy even toward a Priest who visited his lover, it was only for a moment that his dignity would drop.

However, what Doha did not know was that Asrazan was not a person who judged his status or fame.

Lariette was the only true friend and savior Asrazan found throughout his life. There was nothing he couldn’t do so as not to lose her.

“Then I will go with you.”

At the sudden voice, Lariette and Doha turned their heads at the same time and looked at the door.

And there was Asrazan stood with a cold expression on his face, with his bandages waving here and there.

“Is there any problem?”

She’ll go to the library with another man after taking my first kiss. You can’t do that.

Looking at Lariette with a surprised face towards him, Asrazan smiled bitterly.

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