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TL Chapter 16

Chapter 16 ( Can I do whatever I want? )

Lariette looked at Asrazan with eyes full of anticipation. Since we have crossed the big mountain of starting a relationship, I have no doubts that we will do skinship soon.

However, contrary to Lariette’s expectations, Asrazan was in a very embarrassing state because he had no contact with women.

Is it just embarrassing? His heart was pounding and his body was pounding.

He still had an indifferent face, but a hot fire burned inside. Only his ears were burning red, revealing his honest feelings.

“We’re here!”

At good timing, the coachman announced the arrival with a loud voice. And as soon as he heard those words, Asrazan opened the door of the carriage and ran away.

Yeah, he literally ran away.

Without holding Lariette’s hand, without returning to the mansion with her, he left her alone in carriage.


Lariette, who was left alone in the carriage, muttered with a bewildered expression.

Was the bathroom urgent? Or did you have paperwork that you had to keep busy with? She worked hard to find other reasons.

However, within a few days, she realized that none of her expectations were the real reason.


“Are you here?”

It was breakfast time together like any other day.

Lariette, dressed in her new dress, appeared elegantly and called out his name. However, Asrazan, the pronoun of expressionless expression, greeted her with the same face as usual.

The only thing that changed from him after we started dating was that he became a little kinder. For example, taking out a chair for her.

But other than that little thing, there was no big difference. Even the name that was called at the time of confession was often omitted.

Lariette, who believed that they would spend a sweet time after dating, sat down with a sat face. Asrazan looked at her with a puzzled gaze.

“Where is bad?.”

“Yes. I sprained that wrist. I can’t really hold a fork, can’t Asrazan feed me?”

Lariette shamelessly lied in a charming voice. There was nothing she couldn’t do to develop a relationship.

“You mean both hands?”

“Yes. Uh, I mean… It was the maid! It was so heavy that I sprained it.”

Lariette quickly shook her head and continued the lie. But even for a moment, she soon regretted her actions.

As soon as she finished speaking, the air around the asratic subsided coldly. The sharp eyes were torn more thinly and the blunt face was crushed with anger.

Lariette felt the dark aura and trembled in surprise. It was because I was worried that he might notice my lie and get angry.

“What kind of maid is she?”


“Who is the maid who dared to hurt you without knowing their place?”

He seemed to want to find that maid right away and cut off her wrist. In fact, he was the one who cut off Marquis Segreb’s wrist without any hesitation.

That is why Lariette confessed her sins with a trembling voice.

“Sorry! I’m lying, I didn’t hurt my hand!”

“… What.”

“I just said that I wanted Asrazan to feed me. Sorry for lying.”

She pursed her plump lips with her eyebrows drooping down. It was a very dead expression.

Asrazan, who had just been determined to find the maid, gave a bewildered look.

Do you want me to feed you? why? It was an act that could not be understood by him, who had never eaten food from someone since the age when he gained the strength to hold a spoon.

But anyway, it was what his lover wanted. There was nothing impossible, so Asrazan carefully picked up the salad with a fork and placed it in front of Lariette’s mouth.


Still, the conversation was dry. But he moved his hand carefully, lest a fork pierce her throat.

After receiving the salad, Lariette had a very moved expression on her face. Her purple eyes fluttered more and more, and the speed of his flickering was fast.

As soon as she chewed and swallowed what was in her mouth, she quickly moved the chair and approached Asrazan.

“Asrazan, I love it!”

Then, at once, she grabbed his two hands and shook them. Interlace between his fingers.

Asrazan felt his heart beating again as her soft fingers touched mine. He bit his lower lip and barely calmed his pounding chest.

But Lariette didn’t stop there, and placed his removed hand on his lap. It was something she was not very conscious of.

But for Asrazan, that small touch was a tremendous stimulus.

His lower body was aching and hos body was getting stronger again. Blue veins spurted out of his strong arms.

Lariette’s neat eyelashes, plump lips as red as roses, and the nape of her neck as soft as a deer came into his sight one after another.

He clenched his fists to hold back something boiling. Short fingernails dig into the callus-studded palm.

He doesn’t know what to do if he stays close. Only this one sentence filled Asrazan’s head. So, he again chose to get up.

“I have a lot of paperwork to process, so I have to go first.”

“No, Asrazan, wait a minute!”

“Lariette, see you later.”

Asrazan cut off her words and hurriedly moved on. Then he quickly disappeared from his seat. It was a speed that could not be followed by Lariette’s eyes.

Therefore, Lariette, who was left alone again, looked at the place where he disappeared with a sad expression.

And Halstein, who was happily serving the meal, grabbed his head behind the pillar and moaned.

‘I should’ve given him more dating education!’

Busy teaching how to survive among the nobility, he forgot the most important thing. He wanted to grab hold of the former self who taught Asrazan and shake him up to teach him love.

Meanwhile, Lariette, who sat down with an empty face, slowly replayed his actions.

The way he avoided when she tried to hug him in front of the boutique, the way he ran away when she asked him to kiss her in the carriage, and even the way he is now.

And it was only then that I realized what this line was meant to mean.

‘Asrazan… You are aiming for platonic love…!’

It was a completely wrong prediction, but it seemed very reasonable to Lariette. Otherwise, there is no reason for Asrazan to run away.

Numerous thoughts passed through her tiny head, messing around. In fact, she also had very little experience with a man, but she had a dream romance about a sweet kiss.

Just a kiss. She was full of desire to do this and that everywhere. However, she was in danger of having to give up all her dreams.

‘You can only smell the sweet honey jar right in front of you!’

Lariette finished the meal with a grunt and a desperate face.

* * *

It was the day of the purification.

After thinking about it for a long time, Lariette fixed the curse and decided to check it out for the last time.

If he still showed a reaction that he hated being touched, no matter how much they were lovers, she could not try to touch each other carelessly. Because being a lover doesn’t mean you can touch it at will.

She wanted to protect the will of her man. If he insisted on platonic, I too would swallow my tears and give up kissing.

‘True love, true love.’

Lariette muttered repeatedly in her heart, but she knew very well that she didn’t really love him.

It was nice to be together, and when I saw his face, my heart was pounding, but it was a feeling I would give up anyway, and the relationship was going to end soon.

Lariette is a woman who will die after three months, so it was even more difficult to respect his will. Because I want to do a lot of things before I die.

But at least she was a reasonable person. She firmly believed that respect should be respected even if it was someone she would only meet for three months.

Knock knock.

“Come in.”

Lariette opened the door and entered at the calm voice of Asrazan. He looked a little redder than usual, as if he were conscious of what was going to happen today. His ears were also slightly red.

The figure of Asrazan in a white shirt with a couple of buttons on the top was untied, even though she had seen him often, he was still as handsome as a sculpture. As if he had just finished taking a bath, there was still water in her dark hair.

Lariette bit her molars tightly at that seductive figure. The desire to touch that handsome face soared, but she pushed it hard.

Asrazan looked at Lariette approaching with a trembling gaze. It looked solid.

“Today, it is in your upper body. You know?”

“Yes.… I will take it off.”

Asrazan answered with a sullen voice, like a patient who had been sentenced to death. Then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

As his muscular body was exposed through his white shirt, Lariette swallowed her saliva involuntarily.

‘It’s so perfect, I can’t believe I can’t touch it.’

Tears seemed to flow at any moment. Big breasts, curvy abs, and strong sides were not in her favor, but all of these could only be appreciated with her eyes.

Asrazan, who had completely removed his upper body, sat down in a chair pretending to be calm. Lariette sat down next to him and stretched out her hand slowly.

His chest muscles twitched and trembled as her hand drew closer. Soon, a white finger touched the edge of his chest. Asrazan bit his molars tightly.

The familiar white light flickered and permeated his upper body. The blue marks that looked like broken glass began to fade.

The tickling touch gave him more strength in his arms. Lariette seemed busy using the power of purification.

‘It’s a face that doesn’t know anything.’

With a single gesture of her hand, Asrazan reason repeatedly left and came in. In comparison, Lariett looked so innocent and selfless.

At that, Asrazan felt a subtle sense of guilt. But it was a feeling of guilt that had to be felt at all.

This was because Lariette was deliberately sifting through Asrazan’s muscles even while concentrating on purification.


After a few minutes, the light soon faded. Lariette, who was exhausted, sighed a little and leaned slightly against his body.

Asrazan grabbed her body and supported her as if by instinct. The arm that came into his hand was so thin compared to his strong arm that he was worried.

“Lariette. Are you okay.”

“Oh, better than last time. It’s not to the point of fainting. More than that, it’s rough.”

Instead of answering, Asrazan looked at her. Rabbit-like eyes swung wildly towards him.

“I’m dizzy. Can’t you give me a hug?”

Before hearing his answer, Lariette rested her head on his chest. Then she reached out and put his hand on her waist.

Asrazan, who had been hardened like a stone, moved his hands at a very slow speed, holding her back and supporting her by the back of her waist. It was in a state of being so weak that it might break.

But it was such a shallow touch that it was embarrassing to call it a hug. It was because their upper bodies didn’t touch each other at all.

Lariette, who didn’t like it, tried to provoke.

“What’s wrong with this? It’s no different from Doha’s treatment posture.”

And it became a catalyst for breaking the reins of Asrazan, which was barely maintained.


“Huh? why?”

At the low voice calling out her name, Lariette raised her head and looked at his face. And soon she discovered a bitterly seething emotion in his blue eyes.

“I am, very, very patient.”

Asrazan continued speaking with an expression on his face as if he was going to eat her at any moment.

“Your existence itself is a great stimulus for me.”

“Uh, I….”


Larriet mumbled as she became the heart of a herbivore standing in front of a beast. Without waiting, he opened his mouth with a ferocious look.

“Don’t call anyone else’s name in front of me.”

Gulp. She swallowed dry saliva.

“I don’t know how long I can stand it.”

It sounded like growling. My body trembled when I met the gaze that seemed to get me at any moment.

Upon discovering this, Asrazan quickly gathered energy and got up. Then he walked towards the bed and moved away from her.

Although that was his last concern, Lariette again began to rush in fearlessly.

She jumped up and followed him to the bed, holding his hand at once. And he said something he would soon regret.

“I can’t stand it.”


“You can do whatever you want.”

Just imagining a sweet kiss, she showed an enviable and proud attitude. And in an instant, the world turned.


Lariette opened her eyes and looked at the changed position in an instant. It was only a blink of an eye, and then she was lying on the bed.

And Asrazan sat on top of her. Still with the shirt off.

A thick fire blazed in his blue eyes shining beneath his messy black hair. His gaze was so hot that Lariette tensed her body.


“Did you say whatever I want?”

Asrazan said in a simmering voice. Then he leaned over and whispered low in her ear.

“Can I really do what I want?”

Are you sure you won’t regret it? His eyes were asking so.

Whispering lips seemed to touch Lariette’s ear. She flinched and trembled at the tickling and subtle touch.

‘I’m doomed.’

Lariette thought to herself. She only expected a romantic first kiss, but she didn’t expect such a wild situation.

Of course, since it was a meeting of an adult man and woman, it wasn’t that he didn’t even imagine it, but she didn’t know it would happen.

It was a mistake to think that he might not have much experience when she saw him wandering around because of unfamiliar feelings at the time of his confession

‘After all, this face can’t be inexperienced!’

I thought he was a platonic, pure person, so I provoked it, but things went unexpectedly.

He looked like he was going to eat her at any moment. Perfectly, without leaving a single piece.

Thinking that if she didn’t run away now, she would be end, Lariette decided to make a humble decision in the end.


“It’s nice to call me by my name. Please tell me.”

Asrazan answered her by grabbing her wrist and kissing her finger softly. A moist touch tickled each finger over and over again.


Suddenly, Lariette’s eyes became moist and she began to cry. It was because she was so surprised.

Although the appearance stimulated Asrazan’s heart even more, he managed to grab his reason and get up.

However, his body was still very hot. Asrazan bit his molars tightly and barely suppressed that desire.

“… What should we do next?”

“I’m not going to touch you….”

Lariette smirked and replied obediently. After a short sigh, Asrazan brushed her hair, wiping her eyes with his stingy fingers and stood up.

Even the messy hair was carefully trimmed. It was because he felt a strange sense of guilt at the thought of making her cry.

“Next time, there will be no interruption. It would be good to remember.”

“Yes Yes. I will remember it hard.”

Lariette nodded desperately. It was a calm look that she had never seen before.

Asrazan was relieved by the answer, but at the same time, his heart ached. In fact, from the bottom of his heart, he wanted to follow up right away.

Lay her under me, take those sweet lips… As his imagination continued without realizing it, he hurriedly stopped thinking.

‘Still, the stimulation will be less for a while.’

After taking a short break to calm his burning body, Asrazan put on his shirt and thought as he led Lariette to her room.

So far it’s been overly irritating, but I believed that it wouldn’t be the case for a while since she has been through it badly. It must have been so, since she was surprised to the point of whimpering.

But he forgot again. Lariette has always been a person who completely deviated from his expectations, and it was this time as well.

* * *

It was only a few days later.

Lariette stared intently at Asrazan, with her white face dyed pink like her hair. Then, step by step, she slowly approached him.

“Lariette, why all of a sudden….”

Are you drunk? As soon as it reached him, Asrazan, bewildered, muttered in a low voice.

However, Lariette did not respond and pushed Asrazan’s body with great force in her own way. He was so embarrassed that his body, which had lost all his strength, slipped backwards as she wished.

Soon he was completely lying on the sofa.


Lariette, who sat on his lower body, raised the corners of her mouth and said with a smile.

“Are you going to finish what you were doing back then?”

This time, it was Asrazan’s turn to whimper.

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