ISTHHG Chapter 95


Emily grabbed her pounding chest and looked at Adelia surrounded by the priests.

The one who willingly reached out her hand to her who had lost everything.

I didn’t expect the viscount to be the guardian of the torch. It’s not what I expected, but… I’m rather happy.

Emily was very excited to be able to support Adelia in the upcoming Selcred.

A voice shattered Emily’s joy.

“No way. The saint is not the guardian of the torch. Something is wrong with this!”

Rowena fiddled with her pigtails, complaining in a shrill voice.

Emily’s eyes trembled when she heard her. It was a sound that could not be ignored. Emily said in a voice that could only be heard by Rowena, with her eyes fixed forward.

“There is no reason not to. There is no reason why the saint must put the torch on the altar, right?”

Rowena turned her head at her. A sharp look pierced Emily’s cheek. But Emily didn’t budge. Emily’s behavior further stimulated Rowena.

“There’s no reason? You should check her qualifications. How dare you have a saint…….”

Rowena’s family lined up with the Valkyr family from the time Hestine was mentioned as a saint candidate. Rowena naturally followed Hestine. The owner of her little world was Hestine Valkyr.

The sight before her now was contrary to the doctrine she had firmly believed in.

“This is an insult to Vishna.”

Emily clenched her fist at Rowena’s more sincere words than ever. She felt as if she had been insulted.

However, he could not show his anger clumsily. Emily knew her situation better than anyone else.

If I make a fuss here, it might cause trouble to the viscount.

She hates it more than dying.

“Let’s put up with it for now.”

Emily bit her teeth to the point where her jaw is stiff

I should never do things that will put the Viscount in a difficult situation.

She already received a lot from her. It was so much that it makes her worried if she will be able to pay her back. So, she didn’t want to cause her any trouble.

Yes. I’ll hold it in. There’s a saying that there will be light on those who endure.

Emily endured a time of patience, repeating to herself the words of her mother, who was no longer here.

That’s how the morning service ended safely.



The clashing sounds of the sacred things rang loudly at the altar.

Emily turned her head and looked at Rowena. Then she saw Rowena with a sullen face.

Emily said, frowning softly.

“Take care of it. If it breaks, we can’t even take responsibility.”

Rowena’s eyes turned sour when she heard the advice. She grinned and muttered discontentedly.

“This Selcred is superficial anyway. But what difference would it make if I work hard?”

“…Selcred hasn’t even started yet, so we can’t discuss the ups and downs.”

“You’re stupid. Don’t you feel it? The moment that woman became the guardian of the torch, this Selcred is ruined. My poor Saint……. She’s been deprived of the honorable position.….”

Emily imagined herself squeezing Rowena’s forehead. If it’s possible, she would have hit her 100 times, but she couldn’t. She swallowed her anger towards Rowena with a dry mouth and forced herself to speak.

“But if you treat things carelessly…….”

“Huh? Dad!”

Rowena suddenly shouted before Emily’s words were finished. The face full of dissatisfaction disappeared and a bright smile covered Rowena’s face.

Rowena, forgetting her dignity, ran toward Count Haven, leaving Emily. In a sudden situation, Emily had no choice but to follow Rowena’s footsteps blankly with her eyes.

“Oh, You’ll fall down. Take your time.”

“Hehe. I missed my dad so much that I couldn’t help it!”

Count Haven’s eyes were gently bent by the outspoken youngest daughter’s cuteness.

“I heard the news. You’ve been chosen as a reserve priest to assist the guardian of the torch.”

“Of course. Who would do it if it wasn’t me?”

“As expected of my daughter. You will be an important person who will lead the country. Do your best, even if it’s a superficial Selcred. I have high expectations for you.”

Count Haven’s trusty voice made Rowena’s face even more excited. She cried out, stretching her chest.

“I’ll do my best to make the family name shine!”

Rowena not only has no sense of burden, but is full of confidence.

Do your best? The dog passing by must be laughing.

Emily, who was watching the scene in real time, almost laughed.

How dare she say that as someone who threw away the sacred things she is supposed to manage. How can her words and actions be so different?

“Now that we’ve met, let’s have a meal. Your cheeks have gotten very thin. You can’t do a great job like this.”

“Even if I want to eat it, shouldn’t I eat something that doesn’t even look like food?”

“There’s a way. Do you think I’m going to feed my child such a terrible thing? You have plenty of time, right?”

When asked by her father, Rowena turned her head slightly and looked at Emily standing still. Rowena and Emily, who met Rowena and her gaze, gave strength to her eyes. 

Do you know what time is it? We have to move everything before this evening!

Did Emily’s desperate cry reach her? Rowena’s lips went up at an angle. She stared at Emily and answered brazenly.

“Of course.”


Before Emily, in shock, could catch her, Rowena grabbed her father’s hand and disappeared.


Emily swallowed curses that had risen to her chin and clenched her fists. But soon Emily’s hands lost strength.

“I’m the only one who loses if I get angry……. Didn’t you expect this to happen”

A friendly voice followed Emily’s murmur, feeling the futility of her life.

“You look troubled.”


Emily slowly turned her head to identify the owner of the voice.

Adelia Yurpheon.

Her loving protector and benefactor

Emily bent down in a hurry, bewildered by her sudden burst of tears. Then the sacred things piled up in her arms poured down.

Oh, I forgot I was holding sacred things!

The situation did not help her either. Emily felt her tears well up even more. She felt as if the tip of her nose was getting hot with sadness..

“You don’t have to be so upset. After all, it’s just an ordinary object that has been consecrated.”


This sweet voice. This is the voice that she missed thousands or tens of thousands of times during her intense academic life.

Emily lowered her head, shedding tears like chicken poo.

Seeing Emily like that, Adelia carefully approached her and picked up the sacred things that had fallen on the floor. And with her remaining hand, she gently wiped away Emily’s tears.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time. Won’t you smile?”


Emily could only smile brightly then. The hard barrier she had built to defend herself had crumbled. At last, she finally looked like her age. Adelia swallowed her bitterness at the sight.

“I saw you a while ago, and it’s nice to see you like this. I missed you, Emily.”

“I missed you, too!”

Emily’s trembling voice reflected her genuine welcome.

Adelia took a close look at Emily.

I felt this earlier, but you really grew a lot.

Adelia couldn’t easily forget the shock she had received from her, the moment she first saw Emily. Thinking about it, it hasn’t been that long since they were apart.

“I think you’re going to become an adult in a blink of an eye.”

For Adelia, Emily was like a real sister. Someone she needs to protect. Adelia knew at this moment that she wouldn’t have much time to take care of Emily.

“You seem to be in a bit of a difficult situation.”

Emily’s eyes turned to the things in Adelia’s arms.

There’s still a lot left in the warehouse to move today. If there are two of them, they can finish it quickly, but if she’s alone, it’s a different story. No matter how quick she moves, it may be impossible to finish it by today if she’s alone.

My feet might wear off today.

Although she clearly expected it would turn out like this, Emily tried to pretend she’s okay.

“Oh… I can’t help it. I can just sort it out by myself.”

Adelia’s eyes folded thin in Emily’s response.

I can roughly guess what’s going on.

There are two kinds of things in the world. A person who puts the burden on others and tries to go comfortably, and a person who forcibly takes over the burden. Emily belonged to the latter.

Adelia was proud of Emily for trying to complete her job somehow, but she didn’t want to see her suffering alone.

“Emily, put off moving the things for later. I need you to help me out today.”

“What…? I’m okay, but I wonder if it’s alright …….”

There was a faint smile on Adelia’s lips when she saw Emily’s hesitating reaction.

“Don’t worry. I can coordinate the schedule of reserve priests who will support me. Yes, I can ask the child Rowena to clean up the mess, and you can follow me around and help me with the purification ceremony.”

“Ah……! Yes, please leave it to me!”

“Okay, then put the thing back in its place and come to my place. There’s a lot to do.”

Emily’s face showed the firm will to perfectly assist Adelia.  She took the sacred things from Adelia and walked off to the warehouse.

Adelia also showed a satisfied smile and went to Ivan who was waiting for her.


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