ISTHHG Chapter 90


“The question of the Lord is reasonable. Certainly, the saint is the closest thing to God, so she is the most suitable person to be the guardian of the torch.”

Hestine. The closest person to Vishna at the moment.

The emperor had no objection to this fact. The only problem was that she was a member of the Duke of Valkyr.

“Then please tell me why you put someone else in that position, Your Majesty.”

Giorgio stared at the emperor like a faithful dog looking at its owner. However, behind the faithful mask, there was a blind dog that would always bite the owner’s neck.

Seeing through this, Theo bent his eyes and comforted the duke.

“The health of the saint is the biggest reason why I made this decision. The duke was worried about the health of the saint, so he had a hard time turning down the hand that needed help. The saint is very important to the whole continent beyond the empire, so we can’t waste her energy for this festival.”

Theo stabbed Giorgio’s weakest point sharply. The result was successful.

The health problems of the saint stemmed from Giorgio. It was a problem that could not be blamed on anyone.

Realizing that there was no way out, Giorgio secretly clenched his teeth.

“……I am at a loss for your consideration.”

“Yeah, I’ve been paying attention to Valkyr because he looks so busy these days.”

“……is that so?”

The sound of his teeth clenching together was sharp. The nobles around Giorgio sighed inwardly. They prayed earnestly that the sparks would not hit them.

“I am very grateful for your consideration, but I am worried that the temple might not accept it.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Theo leaned his back against the throne with a relaxed expression. Such a calm appearance made the shadow on Giorgio’s face darker and darker.

“Because the temple has already given us permission.”

“…the temple side, you mean?”

“Yes, now that the Pope is away, the cardinal is in charge. I’ve already talked to the cardinal, so the duke has nothing to worry about.”

Giorgio’s mouth firmly shut. He couldn’t find the key to change the game.

“…I see. I guess I was worried for nothing. I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

Giorgio put his right hand over his chest and lowered his head. Theo, who was looking at the scene satisfactorily, waved his hands.

“No, raise your head. It was nice to see the loyalty of Duke Valkyr.”

At the insincere remark, Giorgio’s face, covered in shadow, was mortified.

“If there are no more objections, let’s finish this. Are you alright, Duke Valkyr?”

“…Of course.”



Giorgio, who entered the study and kicked the door, released his cravat roughly and called for his son. Soon after, Berkian entered the study.

“I heard you called me.”

“What the hell are you doing?”

Berkian’s face hardened by the sudden cry. Giorgio’s temples throbbed seeing his expression as if he could not understand what’s going on. 

“You should have told the temple to make Hestine the guardian of the torch no matter what!”

“…didn’t the emperor choose Hestine as the guardian of the torch?”

Giorgio’s jaw was strained by the naive question of Berkian.

“You stupid…! The emperor is keeping the Valkyr family in check right now. Would the emperor choose Hestine as the guardian of the torch?”

“…my thoughts were short.”

“Of course!”

With Giorgio’s sharp eyes, Berkian’s eyes turned to the floor.

“I’ll make up for it somehow….”

“It’s too late. It seems like words have already been exchanged between the cardinal and the emperor. The guardian of the torch became that girl’s possession.”

“If it’s that girl…?”

“Tsk. Adelia, that girl.”

Berkian frowned when Adelia’s name came out. Berkian thought to himself. The unpleasant name holds them back until the end.

For a moment, Berkian remembered that the priest of black clothing mentioned Adelia.

“Come to think of it, one of the priests in black clothes said he wanted to meet the girl.”

When Giorgio heard that, his eyebrows crumpled and expressed his curiosity.

“What? Adelia Yurpheon? Do you know why?”

Berkian replied, shaking his head.

“No, he didn’t tell me why.”

Giorgio clicked his tongue briefly and touched his forehead. Originally, he couldn’t tell what they were thinking, but now he can’t tell even more.  Why the hell do you want to meet that woman?

What’s certain is that they’re up to something without my knowledge.

It’s a relationship of using and being used anyway. Then he can use them for himself.

“If there is no space, create one.”

“Do you have any plans?”

“The guardian of the torch has already been decided, but it cannot replace the saint’s position. As Selcred is a special festival, we can’t miss Hestine. Hestine cannot be left out. Berkian, contact the bishops and make sure Hestine will make the congratulatory address at the end of the festival.”

“I understand.”

“And… I will make the priest of the black robe an assistant priest of Hestine.”

At Giorgio’s decision, Berkian asked cautiously, swallowing anxiety.

“…Can you?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do. Didn’t they say they wanted to see Adelia, the girl anyway? If Hestine’s around him, he’ll meet her naturally. He probably won’t say no.”

Berkian still couldn’t understand Giorgio’s decision. But he had no choice but to bow his head.

“I see. I’ll take responsibility and finish the work.”

“Of course, you should. If you want to keep this family safe.”


Berkian saluted Giorgio with courtesy and immediately left the study. The first place he headed to was the Vishna temple in Valkyr territory.

“I must see Bishop Hebra right now.”

“I’ll guide you.”

Berkian was immediately escorted to the bishop’s office. But there was already a guest there.

“Welcome, Prince Valkyr.”

“…Bishop Berg is here.”

“Oh, please don’t mind me.”

How can I not care?

….it doesn’t matter because he’s with us anyway.

Berkian swallowed a sigh and sat down in silence.

“You must have already guessed what I’ve come here for.”

When Berkian spoke, there was clear tension on the face of Bishop Hebra.

“…it must be about the guardian of the torch. I’m very sorry about that.”

“Yes, Thanks to you, the duke is very upset. This is difficult for me and for the bishop.”

At Berkian’s thorny words, the Bishop of Hebra averted his gaze with a troubled face. Seeing that, Berkian felt his blood pressure rise. How much did the bishop made so far? The gold coins that the Valkyr family poured into his pocket would be enough to buy five great mansions in the capital. But how could you not handle this well? 

Berkian took a deep breath and calmed down his anger. He almost lost his temper. At times like this, he had to be cautious.

“…it’s done, so I won’t hold you responsible.”

“I can only thank you for your generous generosity.”

“Instead, there’s something you need to do.”

“…please tell me anything.”

Bishop Hebra’s eyes were tinged with tension.

“It doesn’t make sense if the saint is absent at selcred festival. It’s ridiculous. Hestine must be at the end of the Selcred.”

“You’re right.”

“So, I would like to ask the bishop. On the last day of Selcred, after the torch is transferred to the altar, let the festival end with Hestine’s blessing. As a saint, she must do this.”

The words were a request, but it was actually more of an order. Bishop of Hebra could not refuse.

“…I see. I’ll work with the other bishops.”

“That’s given. Your authority should not be tarnished.”

“…Leave it to me.”

As he watched the conversation between the two, Berg opened his mouth gently.

“I’ll do my best.”

“…I look forward to it.”

Berg’s eyebrows crumpled up by Berkian’s arrogant words and actions, but he tried to keep a smile.

“And I’ll have to appoint one of the priests in black clothing as Hestine’s assistant priest.”

The priest in black clothes stood out in the eyes of Berg.

Can we finally get a clue?

Berg, who infiltrated the anti-Pontifical faction under Adelia’s orders, was able to quickly infiltrate the group thanks to his sharp past with the cardinal. Making up hatred was too easy for him.

In this process, Berg was able to learn one fact. It was this mysterious group.

“I can make one recommendation.”

“Oh, well, then Bishop Berg…?”

“Yes, I will recommend the priest of the black robe to be the priest at the throne.”

When Berg came out actively, satisfaction filled Berkian’s eyes.

“Then I’ll leave it up to you two and go.”

“Go ahead.”

Berg and Hebra stood up and saw off Valkyr’s little tyrant.


Adelia’s gaze turned out of the window of the carriage.

“It’s white all over.”

“It’s the biggest feature of the Holy Land.”

At Ivan’s calm response, Adelia turned her head out of the window again.

When she first saw the Holy Land, she thought that this pure white city was beautiful, but when she kept looking at it, she felt a strange sense of familiarity.

Have I ever visited the Holy Land before?

Adelia struggled to recall memories of the Holy Land through her head. However, no matter how much she thinks about it, she was not interested in it, let alone visiting the Holy Land.

It must just be an illusion.

Adelia took her eyes off the window and drew the curtains.

“When the Selcred begins, the guardian of the torch must hold a purification ceremony. You’ll be busy from now on, so it’s better to keep your eyes closed for a while. Since the disaster, the inspection has become strict so it will take a long time.”

Adelia couldn’t help smiling at his friendly words.

“Thank you. Then I’ll take a nap. “

Ivan also spoke in a laughable voice to her smile.

“I’ll wake you up when we get there. Don’t worry and sleep tight.”

Adelia fell asleep listening to Ivan’s soft voice.


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