ISTHHG Chapter 86


There was a great stir in the noble society. The turbulence that began at the empire capital spread throughout the country through people’s mouths.

“The sun will rise in the west. I can’t believe that the Sorne’s young lady is a prophet….”

His voice was full of confusion, as if he couldn’t believe it. Agreeing with her words, the ladies of the group nodded in unison.

“Oh, she’s not a Sorne anymore. Did you say she is Viscount Yurpheon?”

“That’s right. By the way, Marquis Sorne has become ridiculous.”

“Did Marquis Sorne not know?”

“Maybe, he would not have removed her from the genealogy if he did.”

“He wasn’t very interested in her in the first place.”

Each of the ladies made a negative comment about Marquis Sorne. Serajin suppressed his laughter as she saw those laughing at Marquis Sorne.

I can’t believe they changed their attitude in a second. Well, that’s what noble society is supposed to be like.

Serajin shook her mouth slightly while covering it with a fan. Her eyes, peeking over the fan, were curved sharply. They were nobles who had cursed Adelia only a few days ago. She likes the positive reaction to her, but there was nothing good about it.

The subject changed quickly. Each of the ladies bragged about their family in well-wrapped language.

“Come to think of it, I wonder when Madam Tegris will return to the duchy.”

“That’s right. Please hang out with us longer this time.”

“After she went back to the duchy, the parties became boring, so I went back to the mansion early every time.”

Saying things, you don’t mean.

Everyone was talking as if they were disappointed, but there was something else they were really curious about.

Now that the location of the fifth disaster has been confirmed as Rodriza, they were going to check Rodriza’s response through Serajin.

“Oh, You like me so much that I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s because it’s fun to be with Madam Tegris. So, when are you going back?”

“I think I’ll have to stay in the empire capital a little longer this time.”

“Oh… Is it because of the problem in Rodriza?”

As expected, as soon as Serajin gave them a chance, the ladies immediately began to dig in. She didn’t feel bad or anything. It’s just a natural phenomenon in the social world. Serajin did not show impatience and anxiety. Showing her relaxed appearance was something she was used to.

“Well… there’s also a problem in Rodriza.”

A lady who became impatient with Serajin’s lukewarm response asked a question.

“Did Count Rodriza decide to get help from Duke Valkyr?”

Well, how do I respond?

Serajin thought hard, flapping her fan slightly.

I received something fromViscount Yurpheon, so it’s right to return it.

Serajin’s troubles were not long.

“No, I wish I could get the help of Duke Valkyr, but I’m sure he’ll be busy with a lot of work and I don’t know what I should give him in return, so I couldn’t ask for it.”

In other words, she was worried that the Valkyr family would ask for too much in return for help.

“But isn’t Rodriza’s level enough to handle it?”

Serajin almost clicked her tongue for a moment. As they said, Rodriza was a wealthy family. But will Duke Valkyr demand be reasonable?

No. He’s going to demand something as far as Rodriza can go for the estate. Whether it’s money or real estate.

“Well, it can be overwhelming depending on what the reward is.”

“…but, I understand.”

“Right, I would have thought about it too.”

“So, what did you decide to do? Did you ask the royal family for help?”

Three pairs of sparkling eyes turned to Serajin.

Serajin folded her fan with a simple gesture. There was a significant smile around her mouth.

“No, we’re going to get help from the Duchy.”

The unexpected answer surprised the ladies. 

“The duchy?”

“Yes, I can’t tell you the details, but I can tell you one thing.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Serajin.

“Viscount Yurpheon helped me a little.”


“Come to think of it, Viscount Yurpheon said that the Grand Duke had given her the title. Then she must be staying at the duchy.”

“Do you know Viscount Yurpheon?”

“I met her a couple of times during parties.”

“Then is the rumor true?”

“What do you mean by rumor?”

The lady with her long brown hair tied high said in a secret voice, sticking out her upper body to Serajin.

“There’s a rumor that Your Highness and Viscount Yurpheon have a deep relationship.”


The corners of Serajin’s lips moved upward for a moment. She hurriedly lowered the corners of her lips and narrowed her eyes.

This is a sensitive issue.

For nobles, love history was a sensitive subject that could turn into a scandal.

The relationship between the two was already confirmed in secret only in the Duchy, but even Serajin, who is good at socializing, did not know what kind of repercussion it would have in the Empire. 

“Well, I don’t know about that.”

Serajin skillfully told a lie.

They don’t know but just by looking at it, you can see that there is something between them.

The faces of the ladies were both regretful and suspicious. Like hyenas seeking prey, they thought fiercely about whether there would be anything more from Serajin.

Serajin felt the need to change the subject again. Just in time, Hestine Valkyr came into her sight.

“Oh, the saint.”

At Serajin’s words, the ladies’ eyes simultaneously turned toward Hestine.

“It’s been a long time since I saw the saint.”

As the ladies, including Serajin, approached, a beautiful smile came to Hestine’s lips. Serajin was amazed at the sight.

It’s the essence of a saint. It’s the standard.

She didn’t know that a person could smile purely like that. She’d seen her a few times from afar before, but it felt different when she saw it so close.

“Greetings, saint. My name is Serajin Tegris.”

Hestine also answered in a clear voice as Serajin greeted her with an elegant smile.

“You’re Madam Tegris. There’s a rumor that you’re a witty person. As you may already know, my name is Hestine Valkyr. I hope you’re doing well.”

“Of course.”

Serajin’s smile deepened. She could easily feel Hestine’s innocence with just the short conversation.


Serajin knew well that innocence was not just good. Sometimes it can be more poisonous than poison.

“That’s a relief, by the way.”


“The saint won’t need to carry such heavy burdens.”


Hestine’s smile disappeared for a moment when she realized that Serajin was talking about Adelia. Serajin didn’t miss it.

“Viscount Yurpheon, I’m afraid she doesn’t like me.”

In Hestine’s nervous voice, the lady around said in agreement.

“That’s understandable. But she’s mean to everyone, so maybe she doesn’t hate you.”

“That’s right. Why don’t you have a conversation? It’s better to get rid of any misunderstanding since both of you are involved in the great affairs of the empire.”

“R, right.” 

Hestine nodded, unable to hide her difficulty.

Then, a low voice penetrated through the women’s conversation.

“That’s up to Hestine.”

Berkian Valkyr.

He approached Hestine and stepped forward as if to protect her.

“Excessive advice is meddling.”

At Berkian’s prickly attitude, the ladies stiffened. 

“…I apologize for meddling.”

Hestine was unable to do anything behind Berkian. She just looked up at Berkian with troubled eyes.

“Hestine, let’s go.”

“…Yes, brother.”

Berkian grabbed Hestine’s wrist and left. She looked back with troubled eyes. The atmosphere became awkward at Berkian’s appearance. But there was nothing she could do about it.

Hestine had no choice but to return to Valkyr’s mansion.


“Here you are, Viscount,”

As Adelia got out of the carriage, butler Dylan greeted her. Adelia smiled quietly and asked Dylan.

“What about Your Highness?”

“He’s waiting in the dining room to eat with you.”

“Oh, my. How long has he been waiting?”

Dylan answered the worried Adelia’s tone with a gentle smile.

“It hasn’t been long.”

“That’s a relief. Let’s hurry up and go in.”

Adelia hurried her steps, handing over her gloves to Dylan.

Entering the dining room, the image of Ivan sitting caught Adelia’s eyes. Adelia walked to the seat next to him.

“Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes. I thought it would be simpler than I thought because it was a hotel party, but it was beyond my imagination.”

“The Minuek Hotel is the property of Baron Siris, so it’s spectacular.”

“Let’s go together next time.”

“If you allow it.”

Adelia smiled softly at the slightly sulky voice. He didn’t like the fact that she went to a party alone today.

Adelia sat down in a chair, leaving a kiss on Ivan’s forehead.

“Yes, let’s go together next time.”

“…Oh, I really can’t win.”

Ivan’s head moved from side to side with a light smile. The kiss must have warmed his heart.

“You’ve been bombarded with invitations.”

“Oh, I got another invitation?”

“There are 40 more.”

“It’s a lot more than I thought.”

Ivan sighed and spoke.

“You got busier than I thought.”

It was a voice full of discontent.

“You expected this to happen, right?”

“…yes, that’s right. But I can’t help but have the desire for you to spend some time with me.”

Adelia finally burst into laughter at her lover’s grumbling. At the sound of her high-pitched laughter, Ivan’s right eyebrow went upward.

“Then I will make time tomorrow. I want to go back to the flower garden we went to before.”

“It’s an honor.”

Only after accepting Adelia’s request Ivan smiled contentedly.

Then he rummaged in his pocket and took out a letter. It was a faint blue letter. What letter is it? Adelia’s eyes narrowed.

“I put this aside because I thought you should read it right away.”

In a curious voice, Adelia hurriedly received the letter.

Bishop Berg…….

Adelia checked the letter with a little urgent movement. Adelia’s lips, as she quickly checked the contents, slowly stiffened.

Ivan, who noticed something was wrong, asked.

“What’s going on?”

Ivan looked carefully at Adelia. Adelia murmured after taking her eyes off the letter.

“…I think I should send a letter to Cardinal Eustaf.”


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