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ISTHHG Chapter 85


Back in the room, Adelia sat still and looked out the window. Ivan looked at Adelia and quickly noticed that something had happened outside. He sneaked up on Adelia who was sitting by the window. As Ivan approached, Adelia took her eyes off the window and turned her head to look at Ivan.

“What happened?”

At Ivan’s question Adelia lowered her gaze and bit her lips tightly. Ivan carefully swept Adelia’s lips. It was a very gentle touch. Adelia opened her mouth at the worried stare toward her.

“I met Hestine.”

“Hestine Valkyr?”

“Yeah. We are very consistent.”

Nothing changed. She and I.

Ivan denied her words with a serious look at the self-help Adelia’s voice.

“No, you’ve changed a lot.”

There was a strong determination in his calm voice. There were no lies, only sincere words addressed to him. Adelia’s eyes widened for a moment. If she has changed then he is very consistent. She soon burst into a small laugh.

“Yeah, I changed a lot. My name has changed.”

“It’s not just your name.”

“Yeah, a lot has changed.”

Ivan didn’t speak any more. She only gave Adelia his arms with a careful touch. Time went by and finally it was time for the banquet to begin.

The steward returned to their room.

“I’ll show you around.”

After a short break, Adelia and Ivan followed the steward to the main hall.

Arriving at the huge door that separates the hall from the lobby, Adelia looked down at the hand of her lover. Fortunately, she had someone to rely on at an important moment. It’s different from before. The small tremor that existed has completely disappeared.

“Let them know.”

At Ivan’s words, the heavy door began to open slowly. A bright light poured through the gap that widened little by little.

“Grand Duke Hamilton and Viscount Yurpheon are entering!”

At the voice of the servant, the eyes of the nobles who were seated in front of the hall focused on one place.

That Ivan Hamilton showed up with a partner?

Maybe everyone here was looking at the door thinking the same thing. They have one common interest. Who on earth is the partner who took the seat next to the Grand Duke?

Adelia stepped into the banquet hall with her shoulders straight. At that moment the curiosity of the nobles turned into astonishment. The woman who has been abandoned by her family is back as the Grand Duke’s partner!

Only one thought lingered in the minds of the nobles.

The worst villain in society is back.

“It’s an unexpected development.”

“Did they say she IS Viscount Yurpheon. His majesty has given her a title?”

“I don’t think so? If His Majesty had given her the title, we would have known.”

“Things are going to be fun. Anyways, why did she come back to the Capital?”

“I’m more curious about the relationship of Lady Sorne, no, Viscount Yurpheon to the Grand Duke.”

The ladies hid their astonishment with a gentle smile, and each questioned their own group. It was a natural order of the banquet.

“Everyone is looking at you.”

“That’s right. I shouldn’t have worn a fancy dress.”

“But it doesn’t matter because it looks good on you.”

Adelia smiled quietly and headed for the top seat with Ivan. The nobles paved the way for their movements.

“Greetings to the Emperor.”

The emperor smiled and nodded at the greetings of the two.

“What a well-matched couple. I made this place today to honor you.”

The nobles roared at the emperor’s words. What in the world are you talking about?

“Baron Silicans. Come forward.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When Baron Silicans joined, the nobles looked more curious.

“You have successfully defeated the disaster in the midst of insufficient support. It’s an achievement that I can’t help but praise.”

A strange stillness came to the banquet hall. Everyone calculated the situation and looked at each other.

What the hell is going on here?

If it’s Baron Silicans, I think it’s about the fourth disaster..

I understand the Grand Duke Hamilton being there, but… Why is Lady Viscount Yurpheon there?

Adelia struggled to contain her laughter. The sound of speculation among the nobles was heard starkly.

“I will give 100,000 gold to each of you. And I will give Baron Silicans an additional 50,000 gold as compensation for the estate.” 

The corners of Adelia’s lips rose at the more generous compensation than she had expected. The emperor who gave the reward got up. At his movement, the nobles swallowed their breath and watched him.

“I recently confirmed another hope for the empire.”

Another hope? What is he trying to say?

The nerves of the nobles were on edge.

“In the meantime, I’ve put too much burden on a little girl. I can’t deny that I relied too much on the temple….”

The nobles glanced at the people of the Valkyr family. They were trying their best to pretend they were okay, but there was no way they were going to be okay. 

This is because the Duke of Valkyr’s mouth has been boasting that the emperor will soon hold a banquet to celebrate their achievements.

He must have drunk some crap.

Giorgio turned his head to someone’s words. His eyes were as fierce as an investigator searching for the criminal. However, it was not easy to find someone hidden in the crowd.

“There’s been talk of a prophet in the empire recently.”

Breathtaking sounds poured from here and there. It was not so difficult to predict who the prophet would be. 

“Adelia Yurpheon.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“As a prophet, will you help us defeat the shadows of the disaster that covers the continent?”

The emperor said what he had set in advance. Adelia bowed her head, making up a determined look.

“I accept your orders.”

It was the birth of a new prophet.

Adelia had to hold the same glass for an hour. The glass was already empty. As such, a solid wall of people was built around her.

“I didn’t expect that at all.”

“The prophet was Viscount Yurpheon.”

“Haha. The future of our empire is bright.”

“Viscount Yurpheon. There is a meeting that I personally host, please come and visit me.”

“You’re always welcome in our family as well.”

All those who gathered beside Adelia were those who disapproved of Duke Valkyr.

“Be careful, by the way. Viscount Yurpheon.”

A lady quietly advised, covering her mouth with a fan. She didn’t elaborate on what to watch out for, but none of the people gathered didn’t notice what it meant.

As if to agree with her, others added, shaking their heads.

“It’s a precious body, so there’s nothing wrong with being careful.”

“That’s right. If you don’t have enough knights in your family, I’ll recommend you a good mercenary guild.”

Adelia grinned and reserved her answer. It was such a ridiculous situation.

The first woman to advise Adelia to be careful. She hated Adelia just a few months ago. No, it’s not enough to say that she hates her. She despised Adelia for profaning her nobility’s name.

It’s funny. Are you trying to gain my favor just in case you need me? 

Well, almost everyone that gathered around her has the same goal. People who can change their attitude at any time for the benefit of the family are driven solely by gain.

Noble society was such a place.

“Viscount Yurpheon. Are you having a good time?”

Adelia’s eyes naturally turned to the owner of the voice as she heard the gentle voice that penetrated the crowd.

Serajin Tegris.

“Madam Tegris. It’s been a while since I saw you.”

Adelia’s eyes widened as she confirmed the owner of the voice.

“I don’t know what to do with everyone saying nice things. Thank you so much. Well, I hope to see you again.”

Adelia slipped away, sorting things out in moderation. The nobles surrounding her showed signs of regret, but failed to catch Adelia leaving.

Silence came as she stepped out of the noisy banquet hall and came out into the hallway lined with balconies.

Adelia naturally headed to the empty balcony. She heard the sound of heels chasing her.


Serajin, who followed Adelia into the balcony, asked with a laugh.

“Are you satisfied?”

Serajin opened the curtains and asked, covering the balcony Adelia smiled quietly and answered her question.

“Of course. Thank you. You spread the gossip perfectly.” 

Upon hearing this, Serajin shrugged and returned Adelia’s thanks.

“There’s nothing to be thankful for. I’ve just faithfully fulfilled the contract.”

Adelia looked at Serajin with a contented smile in her voice.

“By the way, you better be careful.”

Serajin, who had been consistent with her mischievous attitude until now, hardened her expression and worried about her. Adelia opened her mouth, thinking she was getting a lot of advice like this today.

“The Duke of Valkyr?”

Serajin smiled in vain and affirmed when she mentioned the Valkyr family without hesitation.

“…Yes, I overheard a group of aristocrats talking to Duke Valkyr on the way. Everyone was grinding their teeth.”

“That’s right. The advent of the prophet will be a catalyst for lowering the value of the saint’s name.”

Adelia recalled Duke Valkyr and his son, Prince Berkian.

Even if it was a duke, Berkian was undoubtedly a coward.

The calm response of Adelia deepened the worries on Serajin’s face.

“Don’t worry. They won’t be using their hands right now. If anything goes wrong now, the culprit is obviously the Valkyr.”

“…but you have to be careful. There will be moments when power will be more important than dishonor.”

Serajin was right. One day, if not immediately, he will surely try to make her fall.

It’s strange. I’m not afraid even though there was a threat on my life.

Is it because I’m not alone anymore?

Countless faces passed through Adelia’s mind.

The Knights of the Grand duchy, the Return of Demalo, and the support of Ivan.

Yes, I am no longer alone. That fact alone is enough to give me courage.


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  1. onewhiteblossom

    I don’t quite understand what she’s going for. Why is she willing to be the Prophet now but not the Saintess before?

    If she had accepted her divine powers from the beginning, her village and all the people who died in the second and third disasters because of the Valkyr family’s bias and corruption would not have happened. She’s running around conspiring and doing things behind the scenes but there’s no real need for it — she was already the chosen one from Chapter 1. She’s treating people lives like they’re just collateral damage to ‘taking down the Saintess and the Valkyr’.

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