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ISTHHG Chapter 84


From the early morning of the first imperial banquet in a long time, a long procession of carriage continued in front of the Imperial palace. Fortunately, Adelia and Ivan were able to enter the Imperial Castle without waiting, as they were subject to special treatment. Ivan and Adelia entered the Imperial Palace through the back gate and were assigned a room.

“Then I’ll be back before the banquet begins.”

The servant bowed to both of them and left the room. Adelia checked her watch immediately. There are four hours left until the banquet starts. If I start preparing now, I think I’ll be relaxed.

“I’ll help you get ready.”

The maid entered the superior room. Adelia took off her hat and placed herself in the hands of the maids.

“What kind of dress would you like to wear?”

Adelia looked at the three dresses she had brought. A subtle purple dress, a bright yellow dress, and an intense red dress.

It’s better to make a strong impression.

It is the first ball she will participate in after coming back to the capital. A place where she should surprise everyone. The beginning had to be intense.

“Let’s go with red.”

“Yes, I’ll help you get ready right away.”

At the hands of skilled maids, Adelia changed rapidly.

Ivan, who was reading a book, looked at Adelia and asked a cautious question to Adelia.

“It is highly likely that Marquis Sorne and his son will also attend the banquet.”

Adelia looked at Ivan through the mirror and smiled quietly. Ivan’s face in the mirror looked worried.

“I guess so.”

“Will you be okay?”

“There’s nothing that can be done. It’s been a long time since I became a stranger to them.”

Adelia answered in a calm voice, bringing out the blurred memories.

Her eyes and voice were so cold that you won’t think she is related to them by blood.

There was a time when she cried so much in front of them. She wants them to look at her and love her. But when she thinks about it now, does she really have to suffer because of them? She has some questions she wants to ask but they are not worth it anyway. 

Despite using the same surname, she could not become a member of the family, and was eventually thrown out.

If they know that she has returned to the capital as a prophet, how will the two react?

Will they call her back in, like they did when she was mentioned as a candidate for the saint or will they turn away? 

There’s no way they’re going to stay still.

Adelia realized it was a useless worry. It was obvious what those people would do anyway.  She should turn away from them coldly. Unlike before, they can’t touch her with the emperor on their back.

“Then I’m glad.”

“Still, there is one thing, we have to be prepared.”

“Shall we strengthen your escort?”

“I think it’s better to keep the escort. They’re all very talented people.”

At Adelia’s words Ivan simply nodded and accepted.

Before she knew it, Adelia’s make-up was over.

“Now I’ll help you prepare for your Highness.”

Ivan was next. Ivan put up with his troubles and put himself in the hands of the servants. Adelia sat comfortably in the chair and watched Ivan change his clothes.

There was a clear scar on his exposed back.

Adelia crumpled her brows looking at the scar she was now used to seeing. She couldn’t ask when she first saw it, but she thought she could ask now.

Adelia’s lips moved cautiously.

“How did you get that scar?”

Ivan looked at Adelia in the mirror. He soon explained the reason for the scar in a calm voice.

“I told you before that I was kidnapped by an illegal guild when I was a child.”

“…I remember.”

“This is the wound I suffered from resisting back then. I couldn’t avoid getting scarred because the treatment was delayed.”

Adelia scoured Ivan’s scar with a complex look. Ivan, who felt the gaze, said with a smirk.

“Aren’t you staring at me too intimately?”

Adelia felt a fever on her face. Trying to hide her red cheeks, Adelia sprang up.

“…I’m going to take a walk.”

Adelia stormed out of the room with a wild gait. The servants, who were quietly watching the two, smiled happily.

“You’re mean.”

When the servant, who was getting his hair done, spoke in a laughing voice, Ivan replied with a smirk.

“I didn’t believe the saying that people change when they fall in love, but I think I understand.”

Ivan recalled the back of Adelia’s neck, which turned bright red. She doesn’t have to hide it like that. Of course, Ivan also likes Adelia’s shy side. He looked pleased. 

He changed after meeting Adelia. It’s amazing even to feel it himself. How far will this change continue? The important thing was that this change was pleasant.


As she stormed out of the room, Adelia strolled aimlessly down the long corridor.

Wake up, Adelia. This is the imperial palace.

She continued to gleam Ivan’s properly tanned skin before her eyes. Taking a deep breath, Adelia finally stopped walking. Before she knew it, she was quite far from the room.

Adelia thought of going back, but decided to look around the Imperial Palace a little more. Honestly, if she went back now, she thought she would only blush without seeing Ivan’s face properly.

Crack, crack.

The sound of a shoe heel banged over the quiet hallway. Adelia soon heard the sound of the heel, which was not hers, approaching from the other side.

Naturally, Adelia’s gaze turned toward the sound of shoes.


She wonders if there are other coincidences like this in the world. She didn’t know she’d run into Hestine right now.

Adelia, wearing a false mask of kindness, stood still. It was the same with Hestine.

You look surprised.

Hestine looked at Adelia in disbelief as if she was looking at someone who shouldn’t be here. Adelia’s smile deepened. 

“It’s been a while.”

It was Adelia who first began talking.

“…It’s been a long time. Adelia.”

Hestine, who was surprised for a moment, collected her expression and greeted her. She no longer spoke formally to Adelia.

“How did you get here?”

“How di…. You sound like I’m in a place where I shouldn’t be.”

Hestine added hastily, embarrassed by Adelia’s cold voice.

“Well, that’s not what I mean… It’s just… it’s unexpected.”

“Oh, well… It is unexpected. I’m officially listed as a dead person. Still, it’s been a while since I met you. Will you welcome me? We have a deep connection.”


Hestine’s confusion grew even more. She said, staring at Adelia with trembling eyes.

“D, don’t be sarcastic.”

“What do you mean sarcastic? Did I sound sarcastic?”

“A, aren’t you being sarcastic? Did you show up to harass me again?”

She had a horribly shaky voice and expression. A laugh came out of Adelia’s mouth.

Indeed, her figure was always pitiful. If there was anyone seeing them, they would definitely think she is picking on sweet Hestine. It was fortunate that it was just her and Hestine here now.

Adelia burst into laughter. Hestine’s brow was faintly distorted by the smile.

“… You’re overreacting. Don’t worry, Lady Valkyr. I didn’t come here to see you today.”

“Then why did you….”

“There is only one reason why nobles are gathering in the palace today.”

“Don’t tell me…”

Adelia’s eyebrows curved gracefully. She placed her hand gently on the edge of her chest and then opened her mouth gracefully. She has no choice but to answer kindly to the ignorant Hestine.

“That’s right. I’m going to attend the banquet today, too

“As expected, you were going to bother me.”

Adelia laughed at the sight. She couldn’t understand why no matter what she said, it was always concluded as bullying.

My father said that today’s banquet is for me….

Hestine carefully examined Adelia’s movements. She was wearing a gorgeous dress that would attract everyone’s attention. Hestine, on the other hand, wore a plain white dress to emphasize the purity and quietness of the saint.

She felt as if she had lost her place as the main character.

You always do that. 

Hestine’s soft fingers trembled finely.

You’re always jealous of me even though you have everything.  Of course, you lost everything right now.

So, I am even more anxious. Now that you’ve lost everything, maybe you’re more desperate to take what’s mine?

Doubts dominated Hestine’s mind.

Adelia was just dumbfounded. It was not pleasant to be accused as an assailant.

“I don’t know why you think so…. Well, think whatever you want.”

You’ll be more confused in the near future anyway.

Adelia turned away with a smile on her face. Dealing with her is not really worth it. 

Hestine murmured quietly as she watched Adelia go back to the room.

“…now I know why the Marquis of Sorne made that decision.”

Adelia stopped at the sound. Her eyes were filled with displeasure.

“Reason… Let’s hear what the reason is.”

“…You are too selfish.”

Her voice seemed to be deeply filled with anger and hatred, and there were many ugly emotions.

“The Marquis must have had a hard time taking care of his only daughter.” 

Adelia’s eyes sank more and more, quietly listening to Hestine.

“Is it because you’re a saint? You’re very understanding.”

“…I don’t understand. Why do you hate me so much?”

There was a dry laugh in the quiet hallway.

Me? Hates you? 

Adelia turned her head to check Hestine’s face. You know how to make that face, too.

“Well, it’s too late to find a reason now. Just make yourself comfortable.”

You’re not going to believe me anyway. 

Adelia added, then slowly left. Hestine stood in place for a while and remained motionless.


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