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ISTHHG Chapter 130


A never-ending nightmare ensued. She wanted to escape somehow but Vishna let her face this hell.

A darkness-filled prison. There, Adelia Sorne was imprisoned.

It’s funny how Marquis Sorne cut Adelia off as if he had been waiting for the temple to brand her a witch. Adelia unavoidably ended up in “their” hands.

Is there anything new? He is already that kind of person.

Adelia was fully exploited as a tool. She had been robbed of her divine power.

“Wake up, it’s time to extract.”

Again they came. This was like the beginning of pain. Fortunately, Adelia was no longer one with ‘Adelia Sorne’.

Since “Adelia Sorne” became imprisoned in this mysterious location, Adelia has watched her as if she were watching someone else.

If I were still in that body, I would…….

She probably wouldn’t be able to endure.

She wouldn’t be able to think clearly. She will also pass out alongside her.

Is this Vishna’s bare minimum?

That’s funny.

Adelia waited for the imminent scream to end.


It was a terrible scene. But she was powerless to intervene; all she could do was observe. She’d never felt so helpless before.

When is the nightmare going to end?

“Please, please let me go.”

With a husky voice, Adelia Sourne pleaded. Her sincere appeal, however, was completely ignored by them. Instead, only contempt and mockery are returned.

“It’s noisy.”

“I suppose you haven’t given up yet, but I think it’s time for you to.”

“Tsk. It’s better not to have pointless hopes because your father isn’t looking for you and even if you leave this place, you won’t have anywhere to go. But that won’t happen.”

Even though it wasn’t intended for her, Adelia’s heart seemed to break.

Right now, she wanted to cover that man’s mouth. She wished she could get out of this place. She yearned to get away from this despair. She desired to inflict the same suffering upon those who had wronged her.


Adelia realized at that precise time.

That this is not someone else’s memory. This is her story.

You wanted to let me know this,


Adelia was able to come out of a deep dream as soon as she realized it.

The nightmare is over.


Adelia slid her eyes open. Her eyes were illuminated by the brilliant light that came through the stained glass.

“You’re up.”


“How did your trip through painful memories go?”

In Severance’s body, Vishna had anxious eyes. With a deep sigh, Adelia stood up and responded to Vishna’s query.

“It was the worst.”

“……it was something you had to go through someday, no matter how difficult it was.”

Yes, it was something I would eventually have to experience. Never in my life should I be ignorant.

Adelia was still unsure of a few things, though. It is the memory of her ‘previous life’ that she remembers.

“Then what was the life of ‘Yoo Sun-woo’?”

When Adelia asked, Vishna smiled bitterly and satisfied her curiosity.

“That’s because I had to temporarily relocate your soul to a safe location in order to change the course of the world’s time. For that reason alone, your life as “Yoo Sun-woo” must have been unstable.”

No doubt, Yoo Sunwoo’s life wasn’t all happiness. Now, Adelia understood the reason. It was because her soul never belonged there.

“So, what was the story of this location that I read there?”

Vishna’s face flashed with complicated emotions, and Adelia realized that God could also display that look.

Adelia’s eyes slowly followed the movements of Vishna as she slowly rose, causing the white hem of her clothes to flutter.

A gentle voice eventually revealed the world’s secret.

“What you saw was the end of this world that once occurred; this world has already been repeated many times.”

Adelia’s eyes trembled. There have been numerous previous iterations of this world? Does that imply that we have already reached the end?

The end. That implies…

Vishna gave Adelia a tender glance. Her softly glowing eyes consistently read Adelia’s thoughts.

“That’s right. Chaos finally woke up.”

“Why weren’t you able to stop him?”

Vishna answered, folding the corners of her eyes.

“To my shame, being called God is not as omnipotent as you think. It’s because we can’t escape the law of causality.”

When Adelia heard God’s voice, she bit her lip. What will happen to the conclusion of this story if not even God can stop the destruction?

“Can you stop the destruction this time?”

“This time, I staked everything on the line.”

The way Vishna said it was very adamant.

“Either I might vanish, or I might be put into sleep for a considerable period of time.”

Disappearance. It is absurd to think that the god Vishna will vanish. Adelia had a difficult time guessing what Vishna was up to.

“My child, I’ve been waiting for this time; you’ve grown up enough already; you’re not the weak you were in your previous life.”

She can handle the pain of loss at this time.

Adelia became terrified at Vishna’s words. The pain of losing. The only reason she suffered from loss is…….

“Vishna! What are you thinking?”

Adelia attempted to stop Vishna in a hurry. Vishna, however, embraced Adelia before she could mention it.

It was like she was comforting her about the difficult path Adelia would take in the future.

“You can blame me for this as well, but it won’t fall apart. If you give up, it’s all over. Collect the last relic and go back to the past. You could do it. And get rid of it, the spark of real disaster that will end this world. The cult of chaos. His name is Lasette. The traces of sin we left behind.”

Severance’s body eventually fell to the ground defenseless. Adelia realized that Vishna had disappeared on her own.

Going back to the past. She couldn’t understand it at all.


Adelia started laughing as she stood by herself in the temple. She was thinking about a lot of things.

Revenge? Of course she wanted to. Lasette, was the leader of those who subjected her to excruciating suffering in a previous life.

If I could get rid of him or muck with his plans, I could do anything.

But to travel back in time.

Can that be done?

What Vishna said had been on her mind. She can’t believe she grew up enduring that kind of pain. She seems to be predicting that she will undoubtedly suffer a significant loss in the future.

How foreboding.

However, Vishna abruptly vanished without responding appropriately. As usual. She was being effectively utilized.

“Damn God.”

Adelia took the relics that had fallen from the Pope’s arms while openly cursing God.

First, her initial goal was achieved. She also confirmed that the Pope was alive, so she planned to leave when Bishop Berg and the Pope came to their senses.

“Please be safe until then.”


Demalo held onto the tension tightly. Others felt the same way.

Sandstorms were always blowing in the desert because of its dry climate. They had a hard time maintaining visibility because of this, but they raised their eyes even higher to scan the area.

Then, Lensley caught sight of something.

“Everyone, pay attention. Someone is coming.”

Those manning the entrance to the sacred ground quickly drew their swords when they heard his signal. A black figure soon appeared in front of them.

“Until the very end, the killifish are interrupting us.”

It was terrible; the person who approached them was not one of their allies.

“Is the saint among them?”

Montras spoke in a slightly worn-out voice as he looked over at the pillar that Lensley and his group were protecting. Demalo firmly grasped the sword’s handle to reveal its expertly crafted blade.

“The opponent is worn out.”

In addition, there is only one. They managed to stop them just enough. No, they have put an end to them.

“It’s been a hassle, and we were delayed because of you, but I’ll finish this in no time.”

Montras’ hand exuded black energy. The hazy energy that resembled smoke soon took on the form of a razor-sharp sword.

He focused his first shot on Melinda. It happened quickly.

“Melinda Orca!”

Melinda collapsed without realizing she had been beaten.


Melinda didn’t realize she had been attacked unexpectedly until just before she passed out.

Melinda was the smallest of her colleagues. Because of this, she was the target of the enemy’s initial fire. She was therefore accustomed to surprise attacks and was always prepared for them.

Even though she was that kind of girl, she was instantly taken in. He exceeded her expectations in a big way.

“One of you has been taken care of already. Next is…”

They will suffer if they continue in this state. The ideas of Lensley and Demalo coincided. The two decided to work together.

“Ho-oh. Did you think it was worth a try? That’s not even funny.”

Unidentified black thorns surged from the ground and rushed toward Lensley.

“Damn it!”


Fortunately, Lensley was able to lessen the damage with the aid of Demalo, leaving only a light graze on his arm. But Lensley was unable to move. Even though he was only slightly hurt, his entire body tensed up.

“Damn! Is it poison?”

He had to tell him that it was poisonous, but as soon as he opened his mouth in that way, a gush of black blood emerged from his lips.



Lensley collapsed as he heard Demalo’s cry. Lensley saw Melinda lying down with her skin dyed black just before he lost his mind.


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